(1940-04-14) Off Campus Snack

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Details for Off Campus Snack
Summary: Jude has apparated out of Hogwarts for off campus snack where he meets a new friend.
Date: 04-14-1940
Location: Sip and Sonder

Alas, alas. A calm springs evening has come. It is warm, and getting to be so every day now, it's slowly dancing into summer where the sun shines and the air is hot. But for now, the evening brings a lazy sort of rain down upon them, pattering against streets windows and umbrellas. The Sip and Sonder isn't overly busy, most here are sipping from coffee, or tea, which is also an option, and enjoying a light snack in the warmth of the little coffee shop. It's there perfect place to kick up ones feet and relax.

That is what Clara is doing. A chair near a window she sits. Her shoes had been removed shoes like required and put on a pair of slippers. Before her on a small table is a cup of Indian spiced coffee, not that she drinks it much but it's a nice treat once in a while. For food, there is none, many baked goods here are sweet and given that she tends to hate them there is no sense in buying one.

On her lap is her art book, in her hand is a pencil, like she can often been seen doing, the witch draws idly even now and then taking a sip of her drink.

A loud crack sound fills the air suddenly just outside the little coffee shop. In the next moment the door to Whimzick Alley opens and in walks a young man adorned in robes that are emblazoned with the Gryffindor Crest. Jude walks in a clever grin on his face as he walks over to the counter to place order. Before he is attended however, his eyes dart over to the young lady in the corner, and then back to menu, but not without a new grin, one less clever and more of intrigue.

Well enough the crack is heard, Clara looks up with a slight start, and that is when Jude enters all “Gryffindored” out. Ah, a student! When he looks her way she would him a friendly smile, as it is her nature, and then look back down to the art she is working on, reaching with her pencil free for her coffee to take a sip while her pencil filled hand etches into the paper.

Jude pays for his order, and takes a seat at a table next to the one where Arla sits, he glanced at her artwork briefly before sitting down, his tea, and an apple in tow. He takes a bite of his apple and looks out the window, at the gentle rain falling on the ground and the various people walking about before relaxing his posture and sighing contently. He then looks to his tea and takes a sip, his sea-green eyes, looking deep in thought.

Though her big silver eyes are looking down, or so one would think, to her drawing, every now and then they would move up to Jude who has taken a seat beside her. There is a strong smell of spices from her coffee, given that it's quite a unique blend, it can also be pleasant in it's uniqueness. With her cup put down Clara would address the student with a warm smile. "Okay there sweetie?" She'd ask, tone as kind as the look in her eyes.

Jude looks up as Arla speaks to him, his eyes meeting hers. A slick grin forming, on his face. "Oh yea I'm fine," he says his sparkling a bit, "Well as long as no one tells Dumbledore that I'm having a little off campus snack here." He pauses a moment and looks at your drawing, "You won't tell him will…whoa, that's an amazing sketch there!" He says looking back up to her.

"Oh, you're not the first nor the last to sneak away, I assure you. You're secret is safe with me." Clara replies with a touch of humour in her tone. The bright grey eyes she houses reflect a touch of surprise as her drawing was noticed, her grin widens all the more. "Aw, thanks darling. Just some idle work I'm doing." Pencil between figures it's wiggles back and forth idly. Leaning forward her free hand is extend, if he takes the handshake offer, her hand is soft and warm, her grip having the right amount of pressure. "Clara Prewett." Introduces the witch.

"Judah Moody" he says taking offer politely, "You can call me Jude though." He stands and places his hand on a free chair at her own table, "Mind if join you here?" he says a friendly smile on his face before taking another bite of his apple. "I would've stayed at my own table, but the pencil wiggling back forth said you needed someone to sit by and gawk at your work." he says as he waits for an invitation.

The door opens and another enters. He is dressed rather formally far too much so for just a walk out though he does have the jacket part to his suit drapped over his arm. Graham is able to take in the smells and sights of the place as he steps further in. The auror spots one he knows quite well and he'll decide to look at the menu before he orders moving towards the table. He gives a nod to Jude before speaking "Well hello once more lovely sister." he smiles.

"A pleasure to meet you Jude." Clara says with a bright smile and nod to the chair. "Please do join me, company is always welcomed." Happy for it the pencil would touch paper again, her laugh is sweet and there is a shrug. "Oh, there is no need to gawk at my work really, it is a simple thing." A simple thing to her, but a massive amount of talent to others.

Looking up as Graham walks in she gives her brother a small wave, inviting him over to sit with them. "Well not seen you till now, which is rather odd brother. So what has kept you busy? More bad guys at work again?"

Jude smiles at at the remark of the drawing being simple and takes his seat, he then notices Graham walking in and greeting Clara, and then upon further listening realizes they have a seemingly sibling like relationship with one another. He sits there sipping his tea quietly eyes flicking back and forth between the two.

After a few moments of chit chatting and taking in the two of them telling some jokes and what not, Jude's watch begins to beep. He stands and says, "Well I've got to go unfortunately my friends, Hope to catch you all later!" He says walking to an open area of the room. He then winks before suddenly apparating back to Hogwarts, leaving behind a loud pop and nothing more.

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