(1940-04-16) In the Air Tonight
Details for In the Air Tonight
Summary: After a walk around the grounds, Terrance and Melody make a fragrant discovery.
Date: 16 April 1940
Location: Grand Moving Staircase, Hogwarts

The sun was still shining brightly in the early spring sky as Terrance and Melody made their way back in from the grounds. "So, have your classes been enjoyable since you have been back?" Terrance asked, his eyes dropping slightly to the smaller Abernathy, his lips held in a smile and his chocolate eyes gleaming by the beams of the spring sun that broke through the cracks of the windows.

Melody loves the castle, but she loves being outside on the grounds even more, so the invitation for a walk with Terrance was immediately taken up. Even the relatively short time outside has her brighter than she was just an hour ago, as if she literally soaked up whatever sunshine could be found to store until she can venture out again. She beams up at Terrance, her smile broad and toothy, "Oh yes, they've been brilliant. We've been working on the Confundus charm, and I think I'm really getting it. Have you had a quidditch practice yet since we've been back?"

Terrance grinned at her enjoyment of class, and enthusiasm at her new charms, "Oh, well that one has to be complex! Just no practicing it around me!" he said with a playful tone and a teasing grin. Then at the mention of quidditch his grin grew, of possible, "Well we have not had any team practices yet. But I did take the time to hit the sky on Monday. It had been forever it felt like." he said, almost dreamily. Though this would be expected of Terrance who seemed to live for the sport. "I cannot wait till our next game. I have been practicing some more maneuvers to try out around the hoops."

Melody's saucer-like eyes widen just a measure more as she hastily reassures Terry, "Oh no, I'd never use that charm on you." But the alarm is very short lived, and she tilts her head as a thoughtful frown tugs at her lips. "I think I would use it on Bulstrode, though," she says, referring to one of their Slytherin yearmates in class with her. "He's dreadful. He said he would practice it on me, but someone already has." This makes her pout for a moment as they walk. She knows some think she's short a brick or two, but most don't outwardly say it to her. Her feet scuff lightly as they approach the stairs, another sign of her hurt by the comment, but she shrugs it off and returns to the topic of quidditch readily enough. "I'll come watch you play." Says the girl who doesn't even know which house is pitted against which in the next scheduled match.

Terrance smiled down to her, chuckling ever so softly as she said she would never turn her wand on him. "Oh, I doubted you would.. you're too sweet." he said looking to her. Then as she said she would use it on Bulstorde he began to laugh, which was quickly stopped as she then said someone had used such a spell on her. His lips also turned into a small frown and he lifted a hand to rub at her shoulder, "Well, stick with me and we will make sure no one else tries such nasty tricks." he said, trying to offer an encouraging smile. He then turned his attention to the steps as they began to climb, grinning widely as she said she would be there to watch him, "Well, now I expect to see you!" he said just before a foul smell reached his nose. He paused and began to look around, "What is that smell? Did Peeves left off stink pellets again?"

The reassuring pat has Melody's smile returned and she nods her head, "Alright. Ta." Apparently she's taking his suggestion to stick with him. As they start up the stairs she matches his pace, but she can't be as simple as just walking up the stairs. Putting her left foot on the first tread, she brings the toes of her right foot to tap lightly on the riser before settling it on the second tread. Then left foot taps the riser before it settles on the third step, setting her into a distinct *tap* *tap* *pause* rhythm as they start up. It likely matches some tune playing in her head. She goes one more step up as the Gryffindor pauses, then she stops and turns to look at him curiously. Already sniffing as she starts to ask, "What sm… ugh!" it hits her and her nose wrinkles.

With a crinkled nose Terrance began to turn on the step to look for the item that seemed to be radiating the noxious smell. It was after a few moments that his dark brown gaze fell upon a pair of adult sized boots were spotted a few steps up. "I think it is those!" he said in disgust as he pointed toward the boots, lifting his robe to cover his nose. He slowly made his way up, looking closer at the pair. "Aren't these Pringle's?" he asked, glancing back to the Hufflepuff with a raised brow.

It's unlikely that with such a malodorous signature the boots could have been there very long without someone else finding them, and far more likely that Peeves is still moving Pringle's things around the castle as the whim takes him. Melody follows after Terrance a bit reluctantly, her nose not unwrinkling as she keeps a distance of a few more steps than the brave Gryffindor. She leans to look around him, as if using him as a barrier between herself and the aroma, peering at the boots for a few seconds. "They might could be. They look big enough. And dirty enough."

Offering a nod back to Melody, Terrance turned back to the boots. "Should we take them back to him?", he asked in a torn voice. Pringle was far from a favorite member of the Hogwarts staff, but he knew it would be better to return them then do anything rude. His house had already lost points because of a younger year because of such. Looking back to the Hufflepuff, who hid behind him, he asked "Wanna join me?" he asked and scooped the boots up off the ground, his face obviously showing the displeasure at having to do so.

Having been a witness to The Bagpipe Incident, Melody isn't exactly eager to put herself on Pringle's radar in any way, but she couldn't let Terrance face that alone either. "We ought to take them back," she agrees, "It's the responsible thing to go." However, when the boy dares to actually pick up the boots, she backs down one more stair. "Do you think a bubble-head charm would help? I could cast one on you." Would it work on stink the same way it works on water? But it's the first spell she can think of right off the top of her head.

As soon as Terrance straightened up, his face held the image of his distaste. "Oh please! Anything would be better than a direct line for this stench.." he said almost pleadingly to Melody as she offered to cast the bubble-head charm for him. He held the boots out in front of him as far as he could as he waited for the charm before making his way to Pringle's office.

Melody's wand is in her hand as quickly as her flute is on other occasions, and she squares her shoulders, all pretense of absent mindedness leaving as she focuses on the task at hand. Her voice is lilting but steady and sure, her wand a graceful flick toward Terrance's head as she says, "Spiranabulla." The young witch's talent for charms shows itself in the form of a perfect bubble encasing Terrance's head, protecting him from the offending smell. She smiles brightly, proud of her accomplishment. "There. Only… I'm going to walk just a bit away from you."

Terrance winces a bit, but for no reason as the charm works perfectly. As he now has a bubble charm he takes a nice deep breath of clean air. "Ah, thank you!" Then as she says she will be walking a few feet from him, Terranceoffers a light laugh and nod. "Very understandable." he says and begins to lead the way to Pringle's office.

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