(1940-04-17) A Son's Love
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Summary: Signe presents a new piece she's been working on to Wolfgang, despite her trepidation over how he may react.
Date: April 17, 1940
Location: Flat above the Natrix

It's afternoon - much too early for the little songbird to take the stage - and Signe has made herself comfortable on Wolfgang's couch. Her barefeet are tucked up underneath herself as she looks at some handwritten sheet music in one hand, and periodically sips from an Italian vermouth she'd poured for herself as a bit of an aperitif. Though she's silent most of the time, every so often she hums a few lines, testing out variations in notes and rhythms.

Wolfgang strolls down the hallway from his bed room in his silk pajamas looking like he's strolling right off the front page of Witch Weekly. It's like a stylist took hours to create the perfect just out of bed look for the crooner. His house coat is on, but left open and it swishes about dashingly as he moves. "Good morning Sinny." He calls towards the kitchen for a cup of tea as he decides against making it himself. A House Elf gets to work and eventually once it's ready magically appears on the coffee table in front of the couch. Before he rounds the couch to sit with her he leans over the back of it to kiss the top of her head and then just lazily rolls over the top of the couch to lay over her and give her a nuzzle and kiss. "That's pretty. Working on something new?" His words a bit muffled as she nuzzles face first into her bosom.

"Morning, Wolfgang," Signe greets the man with a warm smile. She returns the kiss, and lets him nuzzle in against her, as she tilts her head to rest it against him, in turn. "Erm… yes. I've been working on it for a while, actually. Here and there." Though it's a bit tough for him to get a good look at her - given his current position - she does seem a bit nervous when he asks about the music.

Wolfgang continues to nuzzle as they shift and settle until they are both comfortable. "I don't recognize it. Must be a secret. Sing it for me?" He lifts his head to smile up at her, though his head does tilt a bit and he studies her face to see if the nervous hint in her voice remains and also is verified on her face.

"It has been a secret," Signe admits, and the invitation to sing it only seems to make her nervousness worse. "I can sing it - but you won't get the full effect. It's in three parts, and the flute part relies on dissonance… It's…" She trails off, not sure what to say, and instead simply tries to press her cheek up against his.

Wolfgang chuckles softly as he gazes at her in her increase of nerves. "I adore how nervous you get about a new piece." He kisses the side of her neck and then trails up to her lips. "I don't mind if you don't. You could hum some idiotic jingle and make it sound like gold." Her talent and creativity as always gets him In the Mood as his buddy Glenn would say. So it's more nuzzling and shifting about to attempt to have his way with her right there on the couch. His tea that's appeared ignored for the moment.

Signe is more than willing to be sidetracked - she was nervous about bringing this particular piece of music over at all - and, well, a little bit of fun could only improve his mood, which could only help. She returns his advances - though at some point she ends up laughing - seeing as she's still holding a glass in her hand. "My vermouth!" she protests when it nearly spills, handing it over to him to set aside.

Wolfgang has his way with her and afterwards in a tangle of silk, vermouth and bodies he kisses her between the eyes and asks again with a romantic smile. "Canta per me?" "Sing for me?" He strokes her cheek looking into her eyes with those puppy dog eyes that melt the heart of thousands! His other hand slyly slides her work back over so that it rests over them, tilted up at a good angle for her to read and see from where they lay entwined.

Signe nods - hoping she doesn't seem too nervous as she does start to sing. She knows the themes pretty well - she's been working on them long enough. There are two major themes in the piece - the one that starts off is in a minor key - haunting and sad. As the song progresses, though, it's slowly replaced by a tune in a major key - one that falters at times in the piece, but wins out in the end. As much as is possible in music, it's meant to convey a feeling of support, and love - and anyone with a musically trained ear would recognize it as a variation on the piano line in the Sonata Signe had written for Wolfgang. She watches Wolfgang as much as her sheet music as she sings, as she tries to see if he has figured out from her voice alone what had inspired the song - even if he isn't getting the full effect.

Wolfgang closes his eyes as she sings the score that has hints of his theme woven within. A soft smile on his lips and his head subtly sways along with her tune. He sighs content and when she is done he lays aside the music so he can hold her closer so that he may kiss her and applaud, clapping his hands together, arms around her. "After all the retooling you've re-written my song?"

"Not… exactly," Signe answers. She seems pleased by his response - but still a little uncertain. "This one's not about us. It's about you… and your mother. When I see you together… there's pain there, but so much love, and beauty too. It practically begged to be set to music. No one knows that I've been writing this, though. No one's heard it." And, in fact, each page has the word 'untitled' scrawled across the top - rather than put even a temporary name to it.

With them so entwined as they still are, and with how relaxed he just was, it's quite impossible for Signe to miss the fact that Wolfgang does tense up some more when the actual theme to the beautiful music is revealed. There is a very long pregnant silence, and then, "Do you intend for it to be lyrical?" His voice is very even, it's clear he's reserving any further reaction to the news until she answers that question.

Signe shakes her head promptly. "Instrumental only. And if you want… it never needs be made public. No one has to ever see or hear it again - even you - if that's what you want." Her arms around him tighten as she adds softly, "Please tell me I haven't upset you," she asks in a worried tone.

Wolfgang does seem to ease when it's confirmed that there is no plans to putting words to his mother and his relationship. "She will love it. I'm not upset, so long as there's never mention of the inspiration. It is a beautiful piece Sinny, you are so very talented. I like it very much." He lifts up his chin so that he can kiss her again to hopefully ease any further worry of hers. "I would burn in the fiery pits if I were to be so selfish as to say that that couldn't see the light of day and move other as it has me."

"No - of course not," Signe reassures him. "You were perfectly clear that it's a private matter." The kiss melts the tension out of her - and she looks distinctly relieved that she hasn't caused offense. "I'm glad you like it. It's left me with a bit of a naming conundrum, of course… But then, I've never been very good at naming songs."

Wolfgang smirks softly and kisses her once more and then suggests, "L'amore di un figlio?" "A Son's Love". His tea is spotted and with a soft grunt he presses against her so that he can stretch and reach beyond her to pick it up so that he can get his morning caffeine. It's Friday, a busy night for the Montague.

"That would work," Signe agrees. She wouldn't have dared give it such a name, if he hadn't suggested it. "Though…" she says after a moment's thought - some concern creeping into her voice. "The other is named Wolfgang's Sonata, and the piano themes are clearly related."

Wolfgang hmmms. "Vita Insieme." "Life Together" "It is more esoteric and vague." He offers her a sip of his tea, to moisten her throat after their latest primal chorus.

Signe accepts the sip, then nods in agreement with the title. "That might be better," she agrees. "The other makes a better title, but…" The last thing she wants to do is risk his privacy. "I'm glad you like the song. I did worry - how you would feel about it. But the way you are with your mother… I think it's beautiful." Painful, obviously, but beautiful nonetheless.

Wolfgang grows serious a moment, "If you were anyone else…" It's clear he would feel very differently. "But you have earned our trust, and it is a thing of beauty that you have done. Thank you." To further dispel any worry she might have a wolfish grin appears on his face as he sets aside everything again and slides over her to physically express just how much he cares about her. Love might never be spoken aloud, but it's there in his actions.

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