(1940-04-18) Cup of Pringly Joy
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Summary: Angus, Eoin and Madeline search for Pringle artifacts… and discuss Bagpipes
Date: 1940-04-18
Location: North Wing, Hogwarts

Angus strolls down the corridor, whistling, hands shoved deep into his pockets, "Noo, if I wuz a no tae clever poltyguest, where would I put things? It's no like he hos the imogination tae put them on the flagpoles or doon the drains o' the teachers lavs."

Sure he has homework to fill out, but Eoin just can't get himself to sit still long enough to write. Instead, the child murmurs to himself as he ticks off the list of charms and how useful they would be in a duel, walking along through the castle as he explores. He's making a rather thorough attempt at it, too, not wanting to miss anything interesting or if he were to stumble onto anything the Caretaker might have lost. Stopping to examine a portrait, rising onto the tip of his toes as he cranes his head to peer behind, a rather indignant humph escapes the witch within the frame, fanning herself as her eyes flutter. "Er- Sorry," says the boy, looking down sheepishly. As he begins to walk again, he stops when he notices Angus, his eyes widening as they lock on the older boy. "Aren't you the one who can play the bagpipes?" he asks eagerly.

Angus gives a cheerful nod, "Aye! That's me! I pipe in th' haggis for Burns night, y'ken? Why? Are yehs wanting lessons?"

As soon as his question is asked, Eoin's gaze automatically drifts distractedly towards the walls. Beginning to move along the corridor, he asks aloud, but not to anyone in particular, "If there was a portrait you had to move, then quickly run and move another, and then speak a password, I wonder if it would open up into a secret room," he muses. "Huh, what?" Eoin blinks, suddenly remembering his question that he asked Angus, and turns his head quickly to look at the boy. For a brief moment he blinks, confused, and then shakes his head as he lets out an, "Oh." And he continues on as a smile breaks out onto his features. "Lessons? Learning an instrument could be fun…" He gives this a moment of thought as he glances along the corridor, slowly bobbing his had until he blinks, shifts and stands up straighter, and looks back to the fourth year. "Are they hard to play? Is it…" His eyes widen eagerly. "…Like a puzzle?"

You say, "Och, kin yehs pat your head whilst rubbin' yer belly? It's a wee bittie like that, y'ken? Loats o' things goin' own at once." He ambles down the corridor, and pauses at a suit of armour, pushing up its visor, "Och, will yehs look at that? Rust!" He lowers the visor again."

Eoin blinks, freezing in place as he stares wondrously at Angus. "I… ummmm…" And the child proceeds to test this out. Lifting a hand, he begins patting the top of his curly haired head, his other hand moving to begin… well, patting his belly. No, no that isn't right. His lips come out in a pout as he continues to focus on this task, one which he will not work on. With half his mind on the task Angus has now given to him - in his mind, at least - he distractedly blinks as he looks at the armour. "Oh, are you looking for a hidden button or just a treasure or…" he trails off, letting Angus finish the question of whatever it is he's doing. Meanwhile, as he hasn't really been thinking about it, his hand continues to pat his head while his other moves in circular motions around his belly. He doesn't even seem to realise he's still doing this, either, until he gives a start and an, "Oh." He shifts on his feet, bringing his hands around to look at them thoughtfully. "That wasn't too hard."

Angus grins, "Och, it'll be fine. I'm happy tae teach, if yehs want!" He pokes around, "Mostly I'm just lookin', y'ken. Gives me something…. tae….. " He gives a sudden grin, and leans forward towards one of the pictures. "Och. Thought I could smell something musty." The picture he's pointing to is a framed still life, of a table setting, including plates, a cup of tea, a teapot, and a bunch of grapes, which are well on the way to going mouldy. "Clever wee beastie. But no so clever as me. Did I no say? I'm ANGUS MACMILLAN!" And his hand plunges INTO the picture, to retrieve the tea cup and saucer

Eoin's mind wanders with thoughts as he stares at his hands, seeming to not hear Angus at all. "What?" Eoin blinks suddenly and stirs from his reverie, his deep green eyes trailing towards the fourth year. "Oh, I think I'd like that. To learn, I mean," he says, his smile widening as he bobs his head. "I haven't really played an instrument." He falls silent, dipping once again into his thoughts even as a grin begins to stretch across his features. As he slides his gaze to watch Angus distractedly, confusion is written on his face as he watches, shifting on his feet. "I think I'd really like to, but I don't have any…" He trails off, suddenly goggling as the older boy reaches into the painting. Eoin takes a step forward, looking enthusiastic and curious. "What is it? Does it…" He blinks. "Isn't the painting going to be upset if you take it out?"

Angus is wandering down the corridor, and has just sunk his arms _into_ a still life picture, bringing them out with a cup of tea. "It's no a painting, y'ken?" He pokes a hand in and out. "A wee frame put around a built in cupboard that's loast it's doors. Clever wee Poltygeest tae set it up like one though!"

There's running feet down the hall, and Madeline skids in - her book bag bouncing on her back. She slows abruptly as she spots two people unexpectedly present, and looks between them. "Oh - hi!" she greets the pair. "There isn't usually anyone over here. Angus! Why didn't you go to Hogsmeade? I'd've thought you'd be there." She comes closer to peer at the 'painting' Angus just pulled his arm out of and adds, "Huh."

Eoin follows, if a bit slowly, along after Angus. "It's not a painting?" he echoes. Eoin blinks, stepping even closer until he suddenly halts, reeling around as another student emerges. So instead he backs up a step, dipping his head to her as he offers her a friendly smile, stopping any approach of his own to allow Madeline a look first. His green eyes instead slide distractedly away, looking even more curious at the other portraits. "Did someone say Hogsmeade?" Eoin suddenly pipes up, looking back towards the girl, and then to the fourth year. "Oh, right. I should find my sister. Maybe she can pick up something for me." As an afterthought, he blinks, and offers politely to Madeline as he shifts on his feet, "I'm Eoin." His hand lifts in a small wave before looking to Angus. "Bye." And as he turns to walk along the corridor, it's a slow walk, his gaze sliding up to sweep over the paintings on the wall.

Angus gives Eoin a grin, "Aye! Dinnae forget tae speak wi' me or Maddy here aboot the pipes, y'ken?" And again he shows the party trick to Maddy. "Cupboard. Laid oot like a painting. Clever, aye?"

"Yeah, it's not bad!" Madeline agrees cheerfully as she studies it, then glances back towards the retreating Eoin with a friendly nod and a smile. "Learning the pipes, too?" she asks. "That's marvelous! I'm not very good yet - y'ken," she remarks. She giggles then adds, "That was so great when you walked in playing Pringle's pipes." She's said it before - but it's worth saying again. "I can't believe they took away points for that! But it was worth it."

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Angus flashes a grin, "Aye. It's temptin' tae say I foond his cup by treadin' own it. But nah. I'll nae stoop tae his level, y'ken?"

"He'd just dock you points again - and it wouldn't be nearly as good as losing points for strolling in, playing the pipes. I found his whittling knife, and I tried to loan it to Colton so he could make something with it before we gave it back - but he said no." Madeline lets out a huff of frustrated air. It would have been funny!

Angus gives a little nod, "Aye. I'll drop it in wi' the Head. I dinnae think Pringle likes me much, y'ken!"

"Can't everyone have good taste. It'd make for a boring world - don't you think?" Madeline says cheerfully. "Want to look for some more stuff? It's kind of fun, really! And I might feel just a weeeeeee bit sorry for Pringle, losing all his stuff." She's standing talking to Angus, near a 'painting' of a cupboard - with her book bag slung over her back.

Angus grins, "Aye. Mebees. But lets get this honded in, aye? Just in case someone thinks it's no my intent tae hond it in!"

"Oh. Right," Madeline agrees. "That's what Colton was worried about - that if I didn't turn it in soon 'nuff we'd lose points." She rolls her eyes. As if the points even matter.

Angus shrugs, "Aye. Well, there's folks for who it does. Me, I just think it's the right thing tae dae, y'ken?"

"Well, yeah, of course," Madeline agrees. "Let's turn it in - and then get back to searching. You know if anyone's checked the armory yet?"

Angus shakes his head, "Dinnae ken. Ah foond the others up own the roof, y'ken?"

"I found the knife in the workshop," Madeline adds helpfully. "Leaving pipes up on the roof where they can get rained on? That's just mean. They weren't damaged, were they? They sounded alright."

"I found the knife in the workshop," Madeline adds helpfully. "Leaving pipes up on the roof where they can get rained on? That's just mean. They weren't damaged, were they? They sounded…" She trails off and makes a face.

Angus nods, a bit morosely, "I'm no sure…. there did seem tae be somethin' a bittie owf wi' them." A beat. "Apart from the colour."

"They can't all be MacMillan pipes!" Madeline protests, letting out a quiet laugh. She gets a curious look on her features before she asks, "When I get my own set of pipes - well. There isn't an Evans tartan, of course. So what do I do?"

You say, "Aye? Well, look in your geneology, I suppose. If that fails? Aye, well, anyone can use the Black Watch tartan. Government no 1."

"You think a Scot might've married into the family?" Madeline muses thoughtfully. "Well, I guess it's possible. Can't just pick anyone I like, though, I imagine? Or, umm… be an honorary MacMillan or something?"

You say, "Only if yehs get married in, y'ken?!"

"Well, that's not honorary then," Madeline remarks, sticking out her tongue at Angus - then reaches out to give him a light shove as she adds, "'n I'm not marrying you! Eww, we're friends! Besides - then I'd be related to that daft brother of yours."

You say, "Aye! And b'sides…. I'm no sure how well it'd gae doon wi' the family, y'ken?"

"Can't go 'round marrying mudbloods," Madeline mutters, rolling her eyes - then gives Angus an almost apologetic look. "I know you don't think like that."

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