(1940-04-29) A Trip to the Alley
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Summary: Declan makes a friend while searching for a broom for his babies.
Date: 1940-04-29
Location: Diagon alley

A normal day in the Alley, with witches and wizards making their rounds about the place. Here is just one of the few places Declan manages to stand out, in his suit and bowtie he looks very out there and a few people have taken notice. With his hands in his pockets he makes his way from one storefront to the next, taking a look at the storefront for the Quality Quidditch Supplies. If he hears the occasional rude comment he certainly doesn't acknowledge it, counting out in his head a good strategy to try and afford the Cleansweep Three proudly displayed in the window. "That's just grand, have to dig deep for one of those"

Another busy day at the Alley, and if Clara were at work, she may be making some money! But, she isn't. And it's not because it's a lovely warm springs day, there is a note of panic and worry in her eyes. "Kingston. Kingston!" She calls out, loud enough for a few to look her way, giving her a strange glance. They are ignored as the sound of a bark echo's back to her. It's not far off, a few people away. With quick steps she moves that way, gently pushing through the people to the sound of the dog who, upon approach, is sitting not to far from the Quiddatch Supply Shop, chewing on a bone someone must of given him and happily wagging his tail. With a heavy sigh the woman walks over and looks down to the pup, who looks back up with the biggest doggy smile if there ever was one. Her heart melted a bit there is a shake of her head. "You' are going to be the death of me you know that Kingston." Kneeling down she goes to scratch his head, the dog woofing softly and happily.

Declan's already leaned down just to try and grab the attention of the little pup , but by that time it's owner's already arrived. "Lovely dog you've got there." He offers with a friendly smile speaking in an overly thick Irish accent that he's trying to hold back. His efforts make it enough for it to be understandable but he's very obviously not a native. Coming back to a stand he walks over to take a better look towards the pooch, hands in his pockets. "What kind's he then?"

Now Kingston is as friendly a pup as any may see, he spots Declan and watches him, tail wagging. But once Clara arrives he becomes a bit more protective of her. He still chews on his bone but watches the man for a few minutes, feeling after that that there is no threat he returns to his fun and wags his tail, rolling about with his little chew toy. Looking up herself a bright smile is given to the unknown man. "Thank you. English Sheeldog, darling." Comes the reply, big silver eyes moving back to the puppy. "Just got him about two weeks go, little bugger snuck out of my shop and ran away." A hand ruffs up the top of the dogs head, the hair everywhere. "I'm Clara Prewett, by the way." Standing, her hand would come out to shake his.

"Names Declan," A kind smile as he reaches out a hand towards completing the handshake, his hands a bit battered and calloused from a lot of hard work over the years. He's trying his best to hide the accent but it's a losing battle really. "Most folks just call me Shad." He gives a rather quick but firm handshake before taking it back to his side. "You know if I thought they'd take care of him I'd see about grabbin one for the little ones."

In contrast Clara's hand is soft and warm, her skin smooth and well taken care of. To the greeting she nods, bringing her hand back. Kingston jumps up and woofs at the bone, going forward to pretend to grab it and then back away suddenly. A fun little game he is playing, at least to him. "Shad? That's a far cry from Declan sweetie. Why Shad? If I can ask, that is." Her tone is just as kind as her eyes, but also without pressure. "And this is Kingston, by the way, my energetic little pup. You've got kids? How old?"

Declan places the thumb of his hand right back into the edge of his pocket shrugging his shoulder a bit."Middle names Shadforth" Being stated quite mater of factly as he looks over at the dog letting out a bit of a chuckle. "Hey Kingston, you do a good job of protecting Ms.Prewett here." Talking to the dog as if it can understand him which with the world of magic there's a chance he could. "Oh two most darling little ones, both of em just started up at Hogwarts, actually tryin to send em out a little surprise from home."

Clara nods to the reasoning why he doesn't go by his actual name. Her smile grows, knowing that world all to well herself. "Oh, oh sweetie, Clara is just fine as a name please. Ms. Prewett makes me feel a bit old, and I'm not that!" Humour dances in her eyes, indeed the woman is far, far from old. Looking to her pup as he plays his own little game with his bone she chuckles a bit. "Pet are hard to have when young," And with the mention of Hogwarts eyes dart back up to him. "Really now? Well that's exciting!" His Irish accent isn't missed either, and seems to be as accepted as much as the way the blue sky is. "Both kids, then? How old are they? Do you know what houses they were sorted into?"

"Only old as you think you are." Declan letting out a bit of a chuckle. Though he does pause a bit at the whole house question just shaking his head. "I don't really know one house from another, it's all a bit over my head." He looks back down to that little playful dog as it happily wags its tail."Only thing I know is that they're happy, and safe." Another pause. "They'll be turning twelve later this year, tell you Quin wasn't exactly happy I was sendin him off but I tell you they've been havin a right good time. Better then they would just hanging round their ol man at the office."

Clara laughs, a soft light laugh. "I take it you're a muggle then?" She assumes, taking this idea from his lack of knowledge of the houses offered at Hogwarts. "I know it's a big change, giving up all of that, sending them away, it's never easy to let go of your kids, but they will learn what they need there, and it'll help them. The last thing you'd want in your office is a magical child with no idea what to do and blowing something up." Again, that soft light laugh is made. "What is it you do then that would bore your children so?"

"Caught me red handed." Declan nods his head fallowing along with what's said with a bit of a quiet understanding, his idle hands staying that way back in his pockets. He picks the right times to just throw out a bit of a light hearted laugh or just fall silent again before she asks him about his job. "Oh, I'm the head of accounting for Decca Records, just a bit of a paper pusher."

She grins. "Must of been a big shock then, when you were told you're children had magical talent." Kingston goes and patters over to him then, sitting and wagging his tail, perhaps hoping for some attention. "Just a little shop you say? Well, it's something, and with the war going on right now, take what you've can. I've seen people outted through my travels. Pushing paper, is at least something."

"Could say that, but I suppose if it's the only thing Rikst ever hid from me, I can live with it." Declan leaning down to let Kingston sniff his hand before petting the dog behind the head lightly. "I've had my fill of war, just glad to be away from it here for the most part." Keeping his spirits high, as he looks back over towards the woman with a smile.

Happily Kingston accepts the attention, his tail wags and he bounces back bringing his head down and woofs, as if expecting to be played with. This makes Clara grin all the more. "Rikst?" Unaware of the name eyes move from her pup and up to him. "As for the war, well let us hope this one doesn't last all to long now. I know many are in servie, but I would hate to see more men called up to stop that ass-hat of a man."

Declan starts to say something but that language completely throws him for a moment. He hadn't exactly been expecting to hear that kind of language in a place like this, especially from London woman. Though it's not more then a single moment for him to regain composure. "I'm sorry, Riskt is my dearly departed wife, she was taken before her time."

Clara.. sees nothing different, goes and tosses the bone to Kingston, who takes it and goes to put it at Declan's feet, wanting it to be thrown. Her attention moves to Declan, and there is a frown. A hand moves up to her hair and tucks some behind her ear. "I, sweetie I am sorry. I'm sure she was, I hope all is well for you and your children." If allowed, she'd go to put a hand on his arm, in a comforting supportive way.

Declan takes the bone and throws it right up into the air for Kingston to catch, not really pulling away for that arm sat on his. He's had enough time to cry, and grieve about it over the last few years, but it's clear he's only in his late twenties. "Just wish she would have told me about all this sooner, given me more time to prep." Another laugh escaping his lips as the bone comes right back down. "Yeah it's not been easy, you types aren't always the most friendly, but you get by."

Her hand would squeeze his arm softly, and her smile is sympathetic. After a moment her hand moves away and returns to her side, eyes going to follow the bone fly through the air. Kingston is paying close attention, he shuffles backwards in attempt to time a catch. Pushing off his paws he is in the air and just misses it, the bone thunking to the ground. He turns quick woofs and attacks the bone, taking in his teeth and tossing as best he can, then picking it up and tossing it. His master Clara is watching this but most of her attention is upon Declan. "You're wife was a witch?" Now her brow raises, curious, though she knows muggles are often still denied information even with marriage. The comment on judgement makes her laugh some. "Anyone anywhere will judge," She sounds as if she knows this well. "You only win when you're happy with yourself."

"Aye," A slight pause "and I'm plenty happy with myself," Declan coming back to a proper stand and offering a bit of a smile. "Got one darling daughter and a hellion to look after, and wouldn't trade em for the world." Speaking in a bit more joking manner he adds on. "Tell you what though tween the English and the wiz's don't know which I'd rather have looking down on me."

Clara once again, laughs. "Well, isn't that the way of it? One of each. I'm sure if I had a blood siblings, then it would be much the same. Though, I am sure I would of beeen the hellion." She winks, though it may be hard to tell if she is kidding or not. "You do have a point there darling, it can be a hard one to seperate. It seems to go back to the not winning between either. Trust me, you may never." Again, it sounds like she knows how hard a fact that is to take.

"Tell yah he's going to wind up just like his grandad" Placing his hands right back into that familiar spot of his pockets in time to avoid having the door opened into him by someone who hardly seems to even acknowledge that he exists in the first place. Despite having it almost slammed into him he just steps out of the way, adjusting his dull grey suit jacket a bit. "Can't exactly change people, but you've got to at least try, right?" Another chuckle, Declan taking a bit of a personal understanding. "So what brings you out here then other then little Kingston?"

"Oh?" Asks Clara, curious over what this grandad had done that was oh so interesting. She grins, looks to Kingston a second and then returns to gaze to Declan, those big silver orbs filled with curiousty. "I don't know sweetie, depends who you are trying to change and why. But in my travels, I've learned you can't always change a person as easy as you can your perspective and understanding, and in doing that, that leaves you more free." She shrugs, brushing a hand through her long hair. Her hand then is used to point down the Alley, with a slight weight change on her feet as her position moves in motion with her hand, that is pointing north. "I own a shop down that way, import shop. Kingston got out, but I is a nice day, so it's a duel benefit."

Declan takes in a breath of that fresh alley air, fallowing Clara's pointing off to the distance. "Pa always said, 'never let a good day go to waste'," Then after a few moments. "You wouldn't happen to have any children's toys would you?" The door just about slamming open into his back again as more people ignore his existence. "might be easier for me to get them a toy broom then trying to save for the real thing."

Now, Clara smirks. "Well, can't say I ever let a good day go to waste, or a bad one for that matter." She chuckles and nods, whistling for Kingston, and the pup now use to the sound and from his training, hops over to her side and wags his tail. "I've got a few items that may work, and I do have some brooms.. None in which are in perfect shape, but if they are for learning I wouldn't suggest a new one anyway, it takes time to learn a broom." She looks past him, at the bumping without care and sighs, watching the people walk by. "Next time perhaps say excuse me or sorry!" That's said to the uncaring people just before they are out of ear shot. With a roll of her eyes attention moves back to Declan. "Come along, I'll show you what few I have maybe they will work for you."

"Well thank you" Declan tipping a hat that's not there, not paying much attention to the rather well to do wizard who gives a bit of a glare back at Clara, his wife doing a sort of hrmph and tipping her nose back up into the air. The Irish man just keeping on that smile, before walking off with Clara, a sort of calm expression on his face as he gets away from the door enough to say. "Damn tans" His accent slipping a bit as he speaks a bit more quietly to himself, moving along. "So you been runnin it long then?"

As they walk, Clara eyes the couple and seems more amused than anything else. Kingston walks in between them, hopping about happily and looking around at all the people. Every now and then he goes to far ahead, but a whistle brings him back. At hearing the word 'tan' she lifts a brow, eyes shifting to look at him. "Not a fan of the military then?" She asks curiously, then nods towards the shop titled 'Prewett and Fawley World Imports'. She takes a key out of her pocket and goes to unlock the door. "I've not had it all to long, I was traveling the world when asked to come be co-owner of it, and since I was ready for something new, I jumped at the chance!"

"Could say that about most all of Ireland." Declan taking in a nice deep breath of air, before looking back towards the building itself, even managing to pull his hands out of his pockets. There's a bit of a distaste in his voice when he says that, as he holds back from saying what's really on his mind about it. He fallows along behind when she goes for the door, taking a good look at the place. "Opportunities don't come knocking every day."

Maybe Clara picks that up, maybe she doesn't. The shop door is opened once it's unlocked, Kingston goes and runs inside. "Ah, yes, I see." Says the witch in regards to Ireland, maybe the full details aren't known to her, though many witch and wizard don't keep up with muggle life as much as they probably should. "No, they don't. It's a big change, I spent five years traveling the world, finding treasure, learning about cultures and people, it's a far cry from that, but I really like having something stable in my life again, it's come with many rewards." Here she smiles to herself, and holds the door open for him to enter before closing it once they have.

This is the norm for her, Clara enters and moves a little further into the shop, off to the side and waves a hand for him to come and follow. "It is quite the collection, rather proud of it. I get a lot of interesting things from my contacts. Benefit of knowing people across the world." Kingston has moved to his little bed, a pillow much bigger than him, for the pup is only a about two months old. On it is a few toys, but he isn't playing with them for curling up and sleeping is a better option. "You wanted brooms? I've got some here, old and used, but they will fly and provide good training for your kids. And yes, we accept muggle money, I can convert it."

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