(1940-05-07) Sloth Brain
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Summary: While studying for NEWTS Gerald proves to be having a bit of a sloth brain himself and not just studying them.
Date: May 7th, 1940
Location: Tucked Away Niche in the Serpentine Maze at Hogwarts

With several bottles of luminescent potions around them, Soleil and Gerald occupy their little tucked away niche in the dungeons. Squished up close together so they can both fit on the small stone bench that's mostly just one of the stones in the wall that juts out a foot and a half from the wall. Soleil's turned with her legs over her boyfriend's lap with a book in her lap. One arm is around his shoulders with the hand up in the back of his hair while the other hand keeps the book in place and turns pages. "When you crack open the skull, at what angle do you want to make your incision from the eyes and how far back from the eyes do you go when harvesting the Sloth Brain?" Studying together, so romantic? Mmm sloth brains.

Gerald yawns lazily. The glow, the dark and the hand in his hair are all playing super villain against what should be a very informative study session. Girl in lap doesn't help. His arm tightens around her back as he forces his eyes open to look down at the book, squinting in the bad light. "Half an inch? Down the center?" He's guessing of course, and his smirk says as much. "I should probably review the whole chapter…if I'm totally honest."

Soleil smirks dryly at him and gives him a little squint and 'mmhmm' to his confession. "One quarter of an inch behind the socket at a forty-five degree angle down towards the bac of the skull. Thus allowing the face of the skull to be removed giving great access to the brain itself. A quick delicate jiggle to loosen the membranes and the organ should slide smoothly out when the remainder of the skull is tilted over the working area. Which is recommended to be a silver basin." She finishes reading the answer and smiles up at him. "Would you like me to read the rest of the chapter to you? Though I fear my love, that you will fall asleep. Would you like to go fo a walk outside? Stimulate you some?"

Gerald snorts at the answer as she so eloquently reads it to him. "That's what I said." He lies with a lazy chuckle, tilting his head back to rest against both her palm and the wall behind them. It's so he can yawn again, though it's followed by a nod. "Stimulation." A faint cheer that brings him forward again. "I'm sorry. I'm just having one of those days. Everything's just blurring by. I suppose I didn't sleep well."

Soleil makes their place and closes the book and leans just enough to slide it into her book bag. She doesn't dare move away her other hand that's in his hair. As much as he enjoys her hand in his hair does she enjoy doing it. His face when she does it is one of her favorite expressions of his. "Stimulation it is. You don't have to apologize darling. You have the most taxing work load there is in NEWTs. I might also say that you are handling it admirably. Of course I'm completely biased." She leans in to give him a soft kiss before her legs slide away and finally her hand comes away from his hair to slide down his arm into his hand. Once tangled with his she stands up. Slings the book bag over her shoulder and taps the potion bottles so they lose their glow. Ready to follow him where ever he would like to lead them.

"Yeah, I didn't really think things through." He admits with a small chuckle in regards to his NEWTS. In reality, it probably makes him a prime candidate for an insanity plea when the world becomes politically correct enough for such things. For now he's expected to study, skip sleep and panic inwardly. Or ignore it. For now he ignores it and focuses on climbing to his feet as she tangles their hands. He lingers for her to tidy her things. "Would you love me even if I fail /everything/ and have to go work in pub somewhere?" he grins of course. "You would have to love me for my charm and wit." Poor dear.

Soleil tugs him closer inside the mouth of the niche, not yet out where anyone can see so that she can land a whopper of a kiss on his lips. Then it's a tapering of smaller and smaller kisses before she states dryly. "I'll love you, I just won't marry you." It's clear that it's because of her parents that that will be the case. "But having a lurid affair with the bartender has always been a dream of mine." She giggles silently and leans in for one last kiss before she's ready to go if he is.

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