(1940-05-08) The Children Are Our Future
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Summary: Zephyr and Clover talk over the future of the children in their household. Including Naming Conventions and Politics.
Date: Friday May 8th, 1940
Location: West End London - The Macnair Mansion

It is a spring night. The weather is cool and fair.

The Macnair mansion is grand, spanning over several floors and boasting nearly fifteen bedrooms. Walking in the front door to the manor gives just a taste to what is in the rest of the house. The drawing room boasts high ceilings and recessed lighting, with white paneled walls and minimal furniture gathered around the fireplace. Across the hall is the formal dining room with a long wooden table that is covered with a stark white linen table cloth. Toward the back of this floor is the study, where the men usually convene after a dinner party.
The floor below houses an expansive open kitchen, with an informal dining room for smaller gatherings. There are large skylights in the room to let in natural lighting during the day, and hold more recessed lighting for when the sun sets. Off to the left is a more informal sitting room that is furnished with cushy and overstuffed couches and a warm and welcoming fireplace. To the right is Clover's personal work area, for when she needs to refill her stock of potions. This floor also holds the Maids bedrooms, and Zephyrs personal study.
The basement has the rare feature of an indoor pool. It is long a rectangular pool filled with clean and pristine water. More recessed lighting in the room, gives it a faint green hue, and the way the light dances on the ceiling, it gives the feeling of being underwater. On the opposite end of the floor is a grand ballroom, with polished wood flooring and a small raised area reserved a band.
The Macnair Mansion

With the weather finally becoming nicer, Clover has mae her way outside and into the garden. Forget how pregnant she is, or how close it is to her actually giving birth, she needs to keep busy. At this point, Mungo's says she has to be at home, so she's been nesting. Cleaning things that don't need cleaned, making sure all the rooms are tidy. Right now, she is moving around flowers, so that they'll look nicer next to the other flowers. Tristan is near by, running around the yard and chasing a butterfly, that may or may not just be an illusion Clover conjured to keep him busy. He looks like he's been in the dirt as well.

Zephyr is in a house with not one but three very pregnant women. It's safe to say that he and Tristan are often out of the house for some male bonding time so that they can counteract the strangling amount of estrogen in the Macnair Mansion. Och the hormones! At least it's past the stage of morning sickness and out of control crying at everything. No, it's just three women all nesting in the same house. The heavy thunk of the front door has Tristan dashing for who he can only assume is his father to leap upon him for his welcome home hug and mutter in mock exasperation just what crazy things the girls are doing again. "Hey hey! Look who I brought with me. "Donny!" Tristan claps and squirms down out of his cling of Zephyr so that he can take Donny's hand and dash away to play with him. When Zephyr finds his wife he approaches her softly and wraps his arm around her swollen mid section to rub the front of her belly. "I hear you have been busy undoing all the hard work Albert did in planning out this garden." He teases nuzzling into her hair, enjoying the scent of her. He does so love it when she's sweaty.

Clover is glad that Tristan has Donovan to keep him company, she knows they'll enjoy keeping eachother in trouble, while Clover is getting obsessive about her garden. Once she feels Zephyr behind her, she'll lean back against him, but her eyes stay on the flowers. "Because he did it wrong." SHe says, gesturing toward a row of flowers. "If those two kinds are near eachother, they cross pollenate and make this horrid yellow orange looking color, and if I wanted that color in my garden it would be there. It's far better to have it near the deeper reds, so it makes more of a sunset orange, which is what I was trying to achieve, but I don't think he understood that. Unless he's against me." Turning, she sets down the trowel she has in her hand and sighs. "He's against me, I know it."

Zephyr can't help a dry amused chuckle. "I'll dismiss him immediately." He really will too, if his crazy with hormones wife will feel better without Albert, then without Albert they will be. "Though I am sure it was only a miscommunication. No one in their wildest dreams would go against such a stunning presence like Clover Macnair." The side of her neck is kissed. "If he proves to be though, we'll just tell mother he's a muggle lover that stole your favorite seeds she bought you for our anniversary from the shed and she'll have him killed and used for fertilizer." He probably isn't joking about that either!

"No, I have a feeling we're going to need him in the coming weeks." Clover says with a frown. "Next time I will write down exactly what I want and I will be sure to let him know what flowers I don't want touching." Shaking her head she sighs. "I don't know how we're going to handle all of this. Tristan was a handful, and we had two extra pair of hands, now we're going to have three little terrors running around the ones we have already. I worry that they won't get enough attention, or when they grow old enough to look a lot like their father."

Zephyr sounds ver calm and sure as he states what is obvious to him. "We will get a nanny, an old prune that is well past her child bearing years. That should solve the problem entirely. "And if they do look like me? It won't be so terribly bad by then. I'm sure of it. Everyone will see eventually that nothing has changed. The Girls aren't out to get their claws into me. You're happy and fine with our arrangements. And we will have five of the most glorious children running about filling this house with laughter and fun.

Clover sighs, as she's been told this several times already, but she seems to have temporary memory loss when it comes to the impending children. "No we kept that open from the start, I think they're just happy to be a part of it… and the larger bedrooms arn't going to hurt." Since it seemed cruel to keep all the children in the lower level of the house. "I'm looking forward to it, but I have to say that I will be done after this one, I think five will be more than enough for the four of us."

Zephyr licks his lips, "Let's just make sure not to tamper with your already virile husbands wine again. Hmm?" He kisses her neck again and rubs at her belly once more. "It is a shame, you are some of the sexiest pregnant women I have ever laid eyes on. Come." He gently tugs her, "I hear you picked another color for Soph's nursery." It's nicely turned out that they have a couple of suite clusters of room so the girls can have a nursery to share between them and the Master suite of course has it's own nursery. Tristan is old enough for his own room near-by and of course they have another room for when Donny stays with them. Which is getting to be a more often occurance the older the Weaver's get.

"Well you can have children with the girls, should they want more, I just don't fancy getting this large again." Clover will narrow her eyes at him and swat as his shoulder. "Sexy is the last thing I feel right now, Darling, but I will accept your compliment." She says with a sly smirk and nods, walking toward the house as he suggests. "Of course I did, I believe this one is better suited, since we are all having females after all." Another thing she's been teasing the poor man about.

Zephyr mmhmms and nods as if the tease is exactly what he wants, he wouldn't mind all girls. He will just have to make more babies in hope they are boys. "There must be some potion you can invent that allows for the parents to decide the gender. We will be rich beyond imagining." He kisses her and then leads her into the sun room to get her in a chair and her feet up. "Would you like some wine? Tea?"

"Tea would be lovely, something light." Clover says as she settles into her favorite chaise in the sun room, putting her aching feet up and closing her eyes for a moment. "As much of a control freak that I am, I find it facinating how the body determines the gender. It just does it on it's own, I would hate to foce that on another human, it dabbles into things that are against my beliefs. Buckets of money aside of course."

Zephyr leans over to kiss the top of her head. "Mother would be dreadfully displease with you. But that is why I married you. Merlin help us all that you are our moral compass." He teases over his shoulder as he wanders away to fetch her the tea. He even returns with tea sandwhiches too. "So with all this UNITY nonsense it's not only the Italian Muggles clamboring again Britain, it's now the Italian Wizards as well. Remind me that I love my cousin and don't mind losing galleons by the galleon full because he's decided to give the big sod off salute to the rest of the wizarding world."

"Well if your mother wants that ability so bad, she should have focused her life on potions and their various uses." Clover says, and as he teases her she smirks. "And Merlin help anyone who I decide to ignore all of that morality keeping the rest of you lot in check." When he returns with Sandwiches, she'll grab one and nibble on it, while she sips from her tea. "You love your cousin, and murdering him would be frowned upon." Clover says with a practiced air. "It was bound to happen sooner or later, people just can't seem to get along, or someone decides they want too much power and abuse it. Honestly the whole lot of them needs to be slapped."

Zephyr tsks into his tea cup as he was drinking when she brings up killing his own flesh and blood. "No no, of course not. Murder I leave to my mother. Political sabotage, that is more my speed. No they can't it's bad enough with the worlds and politics separated as much as possible. The moment they collide twice as much drama all wrapped into one with moronic muggles pissing themselves and getting the stakes fueled up again to burn the witches all over again. Things really were the best they could be. Everyone thinks the grass is greener on the other side of their hill. The news flash is everyone is on the same hill and it's a stage prop, there is no other side." He hates politics, all of his favorite people and places besides Paris and France are on the 'wrong' side from Britain and it's put him in a terrible mood for the last nine months. The only thing that has kept him in good spirits are his pregnant girls.

"My only regret with our worlds being split apart, is the inability to share knowledge. Think of how many sick we could heal with what we know, and think of how far the Muggles and their sciences could help with our own ailments. Granted that fear would never go away, that some how we're superior beings and we're going to take everything away from them. Forget that we don't have the desire to." Seeing his mood darken just a bit, Clover reaches for his hand and places it on her belly, where it's easy to see that someone is moving about in there. "It will all turn out as it should in the end, it's just going to be a rough road ahead of us, for all of us, Muggle and Wizard alike."

Zephyr fans his fingers over her belly and it does soften his mood instantly. "There are ways of shredding the Statute. I'm not for it in any measure. I simply think bending the rest of the world over and buggering them hard and without mercy is not the way to go. I understand why my cousin is doing it. I simply don't wholy agree with his methods. That is all. I just would like my children to grow up in times like we did. When pure-blooded children hardly knew the Muggle world hardly existed. Without all of their blood polictics forgive the word, muddying things up."

"I fear darling, that your wish is not likely to be granted. Far too much has changed, the lines between our world have blurred. Surely, you would not give up your motorcar, that you love so dearly. Not everything is bad, but that line needs to remain, no matter how blurry it is. Cassius is… Well he is Cassius. I suppose there is little else to say about that." Clover smiles at him, reaching up to run her fingers through his hair.

Zephyr is like a serpent nuzzling into Clover's hand to absorb the warmth from it. He takes a drink of his 'tea' which is just scotch in a tea cup. A small smile grows when their second child gives a little roll under his hand. "You know I appreciate Muggles. I'm no purist or anything. Merely a traditionalist I suppose. Our children were supposed to be enjoying the benefits of our birth, without being biggoted little shits. Now, who knows what sort of world we'll have in a few months time. This Churchill seems to be a more decisive solid head on his shoulders. UNITY was just too much for poor Chamberlian. Hitler and Cassius combined is something I wouldn't wish on anyone. That is for sure. I must wonder what Churchill is going to think about all of this."

There is a twitch of a smile across Clover's lips at Zephyr's behavior to her attention. "I have a feeling that he will take his tea much like you do. I do not envy those who learn of who we are, and what a shock it must be to them. Than to know this world exists and yet unable to be a part of it. Granted he may be far to pratical to care for magic." When he mentions the mixing of Hitler and Cassius, she shakes her head. "I do not want to think of the two of them in the same country, let alone in the same room."

Zephyr turns his head to raze his teeth over the inside of his wife's wrist as her fingers slide through his hair. "Apologies for stirring up such imagery. I'll behave and change the subject. Politics is such a droll subject. Let's pick a more exciting subject, like, names for our second in line? Which are we solidly for this week?"

"I know what I am against, which is the third list your mother sent over. Honestly, who would voluntarily choose Hortencia, there is just no way that is going to well with our last name. Or any last name. Why was that name even created? I don't care how many witches in her family had that name I am not going to make another." Clover smirks, glad to be off of politics for the moment. It's not that it's over her head, but she feels it's a lot of things she cannot control, and everyone knows how much she loves her control. "I had a thought, that's been gnawing at the back of my head, but I'm afraid to voice it." She says, her tone growing softer for the moment.

Zephyr lifts up his wife's hand to kiss her knuckles. "Well that might be the first time I've ever heard that. What is the matter darling? You know you don't have to be afraid to tell me anything."

Clover bites her lip for a moment before she leans her hand against his face. "I don't know if it's a girl, but part of me wants to name it after Ivy if it is. I worry thought, that it might be a curse if I do so. Ivy was so ill and sickly, I do not wish that on anyone else. Granted I would do my best to keep that from happening to our own children, at least with in my own power. But I think it would be fitting."

Zephyr once more turns his face so that he can kiss her palm. "I think that it won't be a curse at all. Anything my mother comes up with, that's a curse. Naming a girl after your sister is an amazing thing. She was sick, yes, but our baby - if it's a girl - will live the life Ivy should have been given. I think it's a lovely honor. I agree. I don't want you worrying over such things like curses, promise me. That is what's not good for you or the baby."

"I wonder if your mother realizes that I could easily posion her and make it look like an accident." Clover says with an innocent smile, letting that bit of Slytherin out, before she nods her head and returns to the subject at hand. "Telling me not to worry is like telling a fish not to swim." Sighing, she'll lean forward to plant a kiss on his lips. "Ivy it is then, unless she is born, and I see her face and it's obvious that she should be named Hortencia."

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