(1940-05-08) The Ravenclaw Way
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Summary: Andrew and Cara have a few laughs as they chat before the evening meal
Date: May 8, 1940
Location: Ravenclaw Common Room

It's been a long day for the students of Hogwart's, with both OWLs and NEWTs just around the corner the teachers are encouraging students to buckle down and study. Of course whether the students take the advice of their elders is up to the individual, odds are that a majority of the Ravenclaws are, which is probably why the common room only has a sprinkling of students at the time. You'd probably have better luck finding them in the library or great hall studying. Over on the window seat is Cara, using the last of the light from the setting sun to illuminate her book as it shines through the glass beside her. As she reads she absently chews on a licorice wand.

When Andrew stumbles in late he looks like he's just stepped out of the shower his normally curly and bouncy hair matted down and soaked along with the top section of his robes. He wanders over towards the seating with a pile of books in hand sitting them down onto the table with a somewhat heafty thud. He looks almost as if he'd started trying to shower before realizing he was still wearing his robes but that low sigh tells a different study, the Ravenclaw student having already missed a good deal of the study time.

Cara does a double take when she sees the dripping older Andrew come in. The candy wand hangs from her teeth a moment before she grimaces in sympathy, and sets her book across her knees "Oi," she says to gain his attention, "You're going to get your books all damp if you study like that. Hope none of those are library books." she points to the books with the bitten off wand "May want to use a spell to dry yourself off first."

Andrews face goes a bit red as he comes to the realization that not everyone is off in the library studying like he'd hoped. He stammers and sputters for a moment before managing to say. "No, they, they're mine." Obviously not entirely happy to be seen quite like this, but he does back away from the books to try and wipe his face off with his robes, getting a bit dryer but not much. "I don't- oh" The older student quietly saying "Aridus" causing his hair to be slightly drier then before but still all around quite damp. He pauses for a second. "Why aren't you in the library? Everyone's down there studying for the big test."

"Well at least you will not get in trouble with the librarian then." Cara comments her tone suggesting that she may have been in that position herself once. "Yes, everyone is in the library, which is why I am here instead. Where I can sit here, ion a comfortable padded cushion instead of on the floor because some burly Slytherin decides to take my chair."

Andrew has to cast the spell once again, doing those same motions from before, and thankfully this time the water actively evaporates right off of his clothing right before Cara's eyes, as he's able to finally shake that very damp feeling toilet water can provide. "That is true, the chairs are pretty comfy here." The sixth year trying his best to give a smile as he holsters back away his want, now nice and dry.

Cara head tilts at his choice of spell to assist in his damp situation, she's familiar with both spells and isn't good at the other one, conjuration is not her strong suit and she just learned the charm this year but has had little opportunity to use it, "And will be more so now that you aren't getting them all wet." she flashes a grin, "Not to mention that you don't have to put up with all the whispering and the librarian shushing people every few minutes." talk about distracting. "What are you studying?

Andrew offers something of an almost uncomfortable smile at the joke before moving back to find himself a seat, and crack open one of his many books piled high. "Oh, I already finished my studying this morning" Calmly said with a more natural smile, the pages of this particular book well worn and used as it turns out to be something more of a journal. "I like to get my studying in early, when I'm getting ready for classes."

"So when everyone else is sleeping?" or more than likely when Cara is still sleeping, she is more of a night owl than an early bird, "I can't get my brain really going until after breakfast. But I suppose if you want to study in peace and quiet the morning is a good time to do it." she nods at the common sense of that. "No crowds in the library either I would guess.

"Yeah, and you get to watch the sunrise." Andrew's smile not fading as he pulls out a quill and vial of ink to get down to the important task of writing. "I'd say more people should try it, but then I'd have to find a better time for studying." His quill speeding along the paper gliding about as he jots down his thoughts with wonderful calligraphy, and varied language. "So what are you studying for?"

The expression on her face might infer that Cara isn't sure what the big deal is about watching sunrises but she speaks nothing of it, "The same could be said of a lot of things." trying new things that is, she herself has had to do that sunrise thing a time or two for quidditch practice…she doesn’t like it, "Herbology." she lifts the book from her lap to show that it is the class text book, "I'm pretty sure I have a black thumb." she sticks a thumb up, wiggles it around and then gives it a dirty look as if it were to blame for her abysmal herbology skills.

Andrew scratches the back of his head trying to think for a few moments before finally being able to say. "I'd offer to help, but my thumb is not much greener" Stopping his writing just long enough to let out a bit of a chuckle, before diving right back into the writing in front of him. "Though there's probably a slytherin or two out there who have thumbs for the taking."

"Ewwww," Cara wrinkles her nose "I don't know about you, but I would rather not. You never know where those thumbs have been." she taps her chin with the previously forgotten candy wand "Perhaps the thumb of a Hufflepuff." she shakes her head then, not that she was actually all serious about it "I'll just have to study and hope for the best."

"That's the Ravenclaw way." Andrew concurs after a few moments of silent listening and scribbling his face practically shoved into that little journal of his. "All it takes is hard work, and dedication and we can do anything." Added on, as he flips from one page to the next in his book.

"Yeah, I tried using it as a pillow, that certainly didn't work out very well." Cara's tone is dry, though she is clearly joking, "Just ended up with a sore neck in the morning." she slides off the window seat to move over to where he sits writing "You seem to have quite a lot to write about."

"Well it helps to organize your thoughts if you can just write them all down." Andrew giving another small smile, not really sure if he feels entirely comfortable with someone watching him write in his book. "I uh wouldn't recommend using this one as a pillow either" He pauses to close the book and turn it to an angle putting a finger on the binding. "Sharp edges." A smile coming across his face.

"That sounds like a hazardous thing at best." Cara doesn't go so far as to look over his shoulder but she does look at it curiously for a few moments before taking a seat in closer proximity. "Paper cuts are awful. Paper cuts on your face, even worse." she sniggers "Could you imagine having to explain that one to the nurse.

Andrew lets out a bit of a chuckle, looking back down towards his book. "Couldn't imagine." His own face going a bit red for a moment before he just goes back to smiling. "I mean it'd have to be really embarrassing, might even make a guy almost think about just living with it till it healed on its own." But he can't really hold it in and lets out another quiet laugh.

"The horror." she gasps out as she could easily imagine it, and has probably done it loads of time. She has no masculine pride to protect "I guess in cases like that we girls have it much easier. It's nothing a little powder can't cover up."

"Swings and roundabouts right?" Andrews smile just falling back into a bit of a smirk, as he holds that book of his close for a few moments longer before he manages to bring himself to crack it back open and get right back to writing. Even without actually being able to read the words clearly they are done with a good deal of care almost to make it a pleasure to look at as it is to read. "I mean I guess a man could do that as well but it might look off."

Cara nods, settling back in her chair for a brief few moments, glancing in the direction of the window where the last light of the day is fading, which means the bell ringing them all for the evening meal can't be far behind "Yeah, you would be better passing it off as getting into a scrape with an owl. There are a few up in the tower that would scratch you as look at you. Like that small tawny one with the strange mangled tuft." she lifts a finger and wiggles it near her head for significance.

Andrew nods his head slowly fallowing along again while writing but he does look back up from his book long enough to say. "Come on, they don't mean to hurt anyone." He pauses for a second to blink a few times. "Alright that one might, viscous little thing."

"That one almost bit my finger off once when I was trying to send out a letter last year." Cara says to him. It's probably an exaggeration, but the creature has probably done much worse to someone else. "I try not to pick any owls near him anymore." she gets up out of her chair and moves back to the window seat to gather her books "I'm going to get cleaned up for dinner. It was nice chatting with you." she flashes another smile and makes her way toward the stairs leading to the girl's dorms.

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