(1940-05-11) The Warlock's Hairy Heart: Open Auditions
Details for The Warlock's Hairy Heart: Open Auditions
Summary: Gilbert holds first round auditions for his new play ending the night with Ethan and Gwen's auditions.
Date: 1940-05-11
Location: A Midsummer's Night Stage, Whimzick Alley

Extra lights have been added to the stage so that it is brightly lit. People on the stage barely cast a shadow and many people have walked across it today, some for longer than others. Gilbert is sitting at a table that is directly center stage with a stack of papers full of notes, a few more clipped to a Muggle style clipboard.

Once the most recent 'actor' has left the stage Gilbert takes a moment to lean back in his chair, squeezing his eyes shut and pinching the bridge of his nose in a pose that is part exasperation and part fatigue. After taking a few moments spent like this he sits back up, takes a slug from the pint glass of dark ale sitting next to his notes and calls out, "NEXT!"

Its been a while and Ethan was very near the back of the line to start with. Now its his turn and it only takes him a second to take a deep breath and stride out from where the remainder of the line is. He is confident and completely at ease as he walks out onto the brightly lit stage looking quite at home. He offers Gilbert a charming smile and a polite dip of his head waiting a few minutes to see if the man has anything to say to him before he begins his attempt to try out for the part of the warlock.

Gilbert looks up from his notes as he hears a voice he recognizes. Frowning for a moment as he searches his memory he comes up with the proper names after a second or two. The name comes with a slight frown, "Mr. Ethan Moody. I must say I am somewhat honored by your presence. But are you sure that you want to work for a Muggle born, Muggle lover, Preservationist? Would that not risk your social standing somewhat?" The commentary comes out in the smooth voice of a trained actor and matter-of-factly, with very little emotion carried with the words other than some light wry amusement.

Ethan begins his act but he doesn't get two lines in before Gilbert is talking and he falls silent to listen. He tilts his head to one side regarding the man carefully. His expression is polite or at least a perfect polite mask. When he replies to the question his tone is confident but he does his very best to keep most of the arrogant snobbery out of his tone. He remains polite and calm as he speaks. "Mr. Sullivan you are a man of talent. Yes you may be muggleborn and I confess that does bother me a bit. I am a purist as I'm sure you know. However in some cases I feel one must put aside ones personal beliefs and work with other talented individuals if one is to get anywhere in this world. Quite frankly I am a terrible playwright…I can act though and that is why I am here. Now may I humbly request the chance to try out despite our differences of political opinion?"

Gwen slides in obstructively, like a mouse. She heard… argument. The correct response to argument is waiting, quietly, for the argument's resolution.

You know, unless someone says something really stupid. Then you attack them, obviously.

Gilbert smiles slightly and waves a hand at Ethan to continue, after saying, "If you are willing to set political issues aside, so am I. Am I correct in guessing you will be auditioning for the role of the Warlock? What piece would you like to try this with?" Reaching out he snags his pint and takes another, smaller sip from it as he cedes the stage to Ethan, literally.

You have my thanks for that Mr. Sullivan." Ethan dips his head politely and then looks up again before he speaks. "Yes I will be auditioning for the part of the Warlock. I had planned to do the part where the warlock was deluded into thinking that he was envied for his solitude and discovered that wasn't the case, that he was being mocked and pitied instead." He takes a deep breath and readies himself before beginning the scene that covers the warlocks delusion, discovery, and the dent to his pride that followed it. His expression and his tone fit the mood of that scene almost perfectly and its clear he took the time to actually learn his lines and familiarize himself with the part. The arrogance and confidence at the beginning of the scene bleed into confusion, shock and anger as he discovers he is pitied and mocked rather than admired the final words are said with determination, conviction and a look that matches it as Ethan finishes the scene.

Well, there was basically a zero percent chance Gwen would be able to manage /that/. Without practice, at least. Presumably with hard work she'd be able to accomplish anything. In light of that knowledge, she begins applauding quietly. Not too enthusiastically, but enough to show approval.

Gilbert applauds appreciatively as well. "Excellent job, Mr. Moody. I do think we have found our Warlock. As long as you are agreeable to the contract of course." Looking behind him and seeing Gwen is the last person waiting to audition he waves her over, "You might as well hear this too Ms. The same deal will apply to the actress that is selected for the Warlock's Bride."

Ethan offers a graceful bow and then straightens back up smiling rather happily when he hears Gilbert give him the lead role. "Thank you Mr. Sullivan. I will give the role my best effort provided I can agree to the terms of the contract. I don't think that will be any trouble however." He glances to Gwen giving her a charming smile and a polite dip of his head before looking back to Gilbert expectantly waiting to hear what else he has to say.

Gwen starts, glancing up from her thoughts. "Right, contract," she says. "Do you expect that there's anything objectionable in it, or are you just saying that for the obvious legal reasons?"

Gilbert smiles as he looks around the theater, "As you can see this is a new venture. Which means a lot of my capital went into putting it together. So for the opening play I can pay a very minimum wage /but/ I will also be offering a percentage of the take. 15% for each of the leads and 5% for the supporting players." As he speaks he looks back and forth between Gwen and Ethan, carefully paying attention to their reactions. Finally he asks, "Thoughts or questions?"

Ethan looks thoughtful but accepting of the idea. He seems confident that he can make do with those terms. He nods to Gilbert. "I have no problems with that. It sounds quite reasonable to me for a new venture. Here is hoping its a success. I have no questions." He looks to Gwen curiously. "Though perhaps its time for me to vacate the stage and let the lady have her turn?" He offers a playful smile to Gwen as he heads off the stage and moves to one side of the theater so he can watch her a moment before he takes his leave.

Gwen nods, calmly. "Not like I have anything tremendously more valuable to do," she says. "So, unless there's some other pressing issue, I believe I will take the stage now?"

She gets up, walking casually towards the center of the stage.

Gilbert waves a hand in offer to Ethan, motioning at one of the tables next to his own. Then he waits for Gwen to take the stage saying, "Good evening. If you could please tell us your name, what part you would like to audition for, and what piece you will be using for the audition."

Ethan offers Gilbert a faint smile and moves over to take a seat at one of those nearby tables. He settles into his chosen seat with grace crossing one leg over the other and looking up towards the stage with curiosity as he waits to see what part Gwen will do.

Gwen finds herself in center stage. "Good evening, sir. I'm Gwen Giles, I'll be trying out for the part of the young love, and the scene I will be using is that of her literately inevitable and mildly tragic death," she says.

It comes naturally, a bit roughly, but naturally. She brings to her voice pitch terror, the dark, dark feeling of betrayal and the fear of death. She stammers the parts that should be stammered and shrieks the parts that should be shrieked and in all other ways does a perfectly acceptable job of it.

Gilbert watches Gwen's performance attentively, his face an emotionless mask. Once she's done he applauds, nodding slightly, "Well Ms. Giles. You are clearly not a trained actress but I do think there is some natural talent there that we might be able to work with and nurture. I would like to see you again tomorrow night before I make a final decision." Turning to Ethan he adds, "Mr. Moody, would you be able to come by tomorrow night as well, so I could have you read some lines with the possible paramours for the Warlock? See what the chemistry is like with the various options?"

Ethan applauds for Gwen as well smiling faintly. When Gilbert addresses him he looks that way and nods. "Of course Mr. Sullivan. I will come by tomorrow night." He dips his head politely and offers both of them a smile. "Now I do believe I should be going. I will be back tomorrow night. A good evening to you both." He will turn and begins to make his way out with confident strides.

"Oh, really?" Gwen says noncommittally. "Thank you, Mister Sullivan. I'll show up, sure, not a problem," she continues, turning on her heel to leave.

Following in Ethan and Gwen's footsteps Gilbert sees them out then locks the front doors. With a weary sigh he goes back to his table, sinks into his chair and starts to review his notes and get things ready for tomorrows auditions.

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