(1940-05-13) Breaking the Rules
Details for Breaking the Rules
Summary: Badboy Gavin sneaks away from his post for an hour to climb up to Katie's window.
Date: 13 May 1940
Location: Hind Residence - Katie's Room, Waterloo

This has seemed like the longest day ever in Katie's life. It's been a fairly typical day, but the difference is that Katie has high hopes of seeing Gavin tonight. As casually as she could, she tried to encourage her parents to have a night out to themselves, with the time honoured method of saying 'you work so hard, you deserve it, we'll be fine'. It might have worked at one time, but since Daniel took on duties as an Air Raid Warden it's been hard to tear him away from his duties. Needless to say, the family all had dinner together and an evening in. As the curfew comes and the blackout drapes are drawn, Katie excuses herself to go read in her room.

The first thing she did was unlatch the lock on the window in her room. Then she tried to decide what to be wearing if Gavin found a way to sneak off to see her. She's as worried about him getting in trouble as she is about what to wear, but she's a girl in love and couldn't bear to tell him no. She finally decides to just keep what she's wearing on, and settles across her bed to pass the time with one of Gavin's Agatha Christie novels. As the hour grows later, she eventually has no alternative but to change into her nightdress, because her parents will question her still being dressed when they say goodnight. She's just in time, as Mary knocks and enters for the nightly routine. Finally, everyone is in their own rooms. Mary and Daniel are likely going to sleep, Jack is probably reading with a towel stuffed under his door so his parents won't see that his light is still on.

Wearing a long, modest cotton nightgown, Katie is stretched out on top of the bed covers. The book she was reading has fallen to the side, and she herself has fallen asleep while waiting.

Gavin has noticed that the blackout drapes are drawn in Daniel and Mary's windows. So he takes his time working his way up the fire escape so it doesn't creak or groan and give himself away. He doesn't come in, not yet, he sits on the sill and tickles his girlfriends cheek in the dark with a long stemmed rose. He's turned off her light so they won't get a warden yelling at them because the curtains are now open so he can get away quickly if it comes to that.

It takes a moment for the tickle to penetrate into Katie's dream, moving her from the Gavin there to the real deal. Pushing to sit up, she rubs her eyes with one hand, her smile immediately curving her lips as she focuses on the shadowy form at her window. "Gavs," she breathes softly, scooting over to lean expectantly for a kiss.

Gavin whispers, his grin wide and his teeth picking up the moonlight above and behind him to the side. "Sorry to wake yew Duckie." He's barely at a whisper he's speaking so softly. He's in his full uniform. His pack, rifle and turtle shell helmet is on the landing behind him. It is most certainly obvious that he should probably be on duty right now.

As Katie leans to press her lips to Gavin's, she glances aside, catching a glimpse of the equipment he's shucked. Still, she doesn't spoil the kiss, giving that one moment of irresponsibility, letting it linger in a soft press as she strokes his cheek lightly with her fingertips. When she finally pulls back it's with a soft sigh, and it takes a second for her eyes to open again. "I didn't expect t'fall asleep," she whispers back, "An' th'last thing in the world that I mind is yeh wakin' me."

Gavin leans after her, not ready to stop the kiss just yet, but he lets it go eventually. His fingers grip at the cotton of her nightgown and draws her down to sit on his knee. "Did a favor for Lefty. So he's taking an hour of my watch. See, no trouble this time. Well unless his officer finds out, but should be fine. God yew are a sight for sore eyes." He leans in to try to snag another kiss now that he's hopefully put her worries to bed.

There's barely a chance for a breathy protest, "But, Gavs…" before another kiss comes. Her whisper turns into a soft moan as she presses close, sliding her arms around his neck, fingers raking lightly on his scalp through the strands of his short hair. It's a long kiss that Katie doesn't pull back from, her pulse quickening not just from the daring of this clandestine meeting.

Gavin holds her close to him, squeezing her tightly and lightly digging his fingers into her curves as he rubs her while kissing. "Cannae be helped. I just needed yew." Those exploring fingers of one hand to slide towards her chest. Just a little something to tide him over. His little red headed duck has become quite the addiction. Switching out of a watch is just one of the many poor decisions he would make to be with her, even for a minute.

There's no attempt to stay his hand, Katie only has so much strength of will and she's chosen a different battle to put that toward. Her murmur blends into the kissing, "If yeh get caught, yeh'll get in trouble. An' I'll get in trouble. An' Da won't trust us any more."

Gavin comes in to try to silence her with another deep and passionate kiss. He is nodding a bit at first to show that he did hear her. "I know. It's the last part that holds the most for me. I cannae bring my self to give a shite about gettin' into a bit of trouble for these lips and eyes. I just wanted to come and tell yew something that's very important that I dinnae think would be good in written form. I love yew Katie. I'd take a firing squad for yew if it came to it. Yew and your family mean everything to me. But I want these words to be something spoken. It breaks me to just write them. So will yew forgive me if I don't write them any more. I want it to be something special, that yew hear every time from these lips in this voice. Is that alright?"

The kisses taper off as Katie pulls back enough to look at Gavin's face. Her brow is creased in consternation, light trouble in her eyes even in the dim light. "I love readin' 'em," she whispers, unable to keep disappointment from her tone. But she tries to find that reserve of will, and she nods. "But if it means that t'yeh, Gavin…"

Gavin cups one hand on her cheek and continues to whisper. "Know that every written word has I love you written within them. I just don't want yew to think that if I don't write it as often as many a young buck in love might, it's only because this old soldier is deeply in love with yew and he can't bear to say the words without seeing your eyes light up with his own eyes. Like so, Katie Hind, I am madly in love with yew." He of course is looking into her eyes as he says the words. He did not this disappointment, but it does mean a great deal to him.

Katie's face stays solemn as she listens, but by the time he's halfway through her brow has relaxed, and disappointment is replaced with understanding. The last words have her smile back, and she nods her head. "I love yeh, Gavin." A glint of humor returns to her eyes as she whispers, "An' I've already got the evidence on letters, so when I feel th'need t'see the words, I have them."

Gavin gives her a nod as she remembers she still has those letters. "When yew wear those thin, I could be persuaded to write it again. It's nae like I won't ever write them again. If yew really need them I'll write them. Course I will. As I said, I'll do anything for yew Duckie. Anything. Just say it and I'll do it." His hands start their caressing slow wander again. Nothing that would get him killed if they did get caught. He meant what he said, that Daniel's trust in them is paramount to him.

"No," Katie says softly, hushing him with a kiss. His touch makes her shift on his leg, and she pulls back to speak again. "Yeh'll write it when yeh can, an' when yeh don't I know it's still in yer heart." She pauses, her whisper taking a deeper note of affection as her fingers caress his cheek. "Don't yeh know that I'll do anything for yeh too, My Monkey? Anything t'make yeh smile, anything t'make yeh happy."

Gavin briefly gets something in his eyes, it's similar to the one he had as he admired her form when it was bared to him. But the look in his eyes is a much more intense than before. But it's only a passing look across his features and he exerts plenty of willpower to not make mention of what would make him really happy. He's not about to put that sort of pressure on her. He smiles and points to it. "There yew are. See, don't even need to lift a finger to make me happy Duck. Lucky man that I am."

He schools himself so well that Katie doesn't catch that flash in his eyes, and surely the dim light from outside doesn't help. "Yeh mean t'world t'me, Gavin. I love yeh." She leans in, her lips just barely brushing his before she stops abruptly. In the pause there's a light protest of a board in the hallway. Katie is up at once, whispering frantically to Gavin, "It might be Jack, he has bad dreams sometimes. I love yeh, but yeh've got t'go."

Gavin blows her a kiss and in a simple and quite elegant swirl he disappears outside with a fluttering of the drape. One tiny peek in and he mouths the words, "I love yew." Then he's gone. There is a soft groan from the iron bolts in the brick of the building as he's a bit more rushed to get down and hidden behind a large garbage bin. He does have a few minutes to spare so he stands at the end of the alley looking up towards her window having a cigarette in the darkness.

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