(1940-05-15) Club Hoppers
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Summary: Groups out at the club listening to music catching up with old friends and having a few drinks.
Date: May 15 1940
Location: The Natrix Dance Hall

Wolfgang is up on the stage currently in one of his famous zoot suits that are even excentric in certain details than the normally outlandish suits by muggle styles, the colors are more vivid and the lines of the cuffs and lapels are more whimsical. The Big Band is playing behind him and he's banging away at the ivories of his piano. A suave smirk on his face as he tilt his head so he can sing into the microphone next to his piano bench. But very often as he plays he lifts of the bench in a crouching stand as he keeps his eyes on the crowd and the always 'reserved' corner table as he sing a rather upbeat confessional love song with the Big Band backing their leader up. ~"…I can't shake you!"~ ~"I can't forget you!"~ He settles down and croons, ~"You're a part of me."~ To the blond sitting in his favored table in the corner he gives a little wink to, a brief little thing because he doesn't want to get anyone else too jealous. The dance floor is filled even though it's rather late at night.

On a friday night things don't wind down at the Natrix, there's always ways the need for the bouncers to herd the remaining club goers out. Up the stairs in the VIP section very brief glimpses of what must be a costume party is going on. There always seems to be a costume party going on upstairs. The only way to get upstairs is a secret pass that's called a wand. Mostly though it's impossible for whatever is going on upstairs to be seen down below, but up above can still enjoy all the entertainment going on down stairs. The service is quick and friendly, five bartenders are behind the bar and that doesn't include the wait staff in their formal dress. It might look posh, but the atmosphere for the most part is youthful and a revery!

One young man at the bar either got kicked out of the costume party or he's trying to make a look happen that refuses to come together. Beckett has doffed his cap, but he apparently didn't trust anywhere else to hold onto it: a slouch-hat with a wide brim and feather, it doesn't fit the outfit either, which mixes the best of working-class London, the Italian Renaissance, and Mungo's-escapee fashion. He adjusts his purple velvet bathrobe, a classic Old-Fashioned in a forgotten tumbler in his hand, as he listens to the music with his eyes half-closed. One of his Oxfords is tapping out the beat as musicians do.

Signe is quite enjoying having an evening to rest her voice, and just take in some jazz for a change - though there would probably come some point in the evening where she ends up doing a duet with Wolfgang. There generally is. She holds a bees knees in her hand - a cocktail she has always been particularly fond of, and sips from periodically. She's dressed in a dark grey dress, with the fabric gathered at her shoulders, and plunging down into a V-shaped neckline. Pipping in blank flare out from the bottom of the v, and around her waist, turning into pleats at the back of the dress. She also wears saphires tonight - the stones gleaming at her throats, wrist, ears - and even in a dainty clip in her carefully pinned up hair.

She catches the look Wolfgang shoots her way and smiles back - what woman wouldn't enjoy having such a song crooned at her? Signe certainly never tired of it.

Katie had told her friends about the posh club she'd been to around Christmas, and on a girl's night out, what better way to end the evening than with a quick stop? The four girls that enter are all dressed nicely, if not expensively, and represent the variety of blonde, brown, black and red in hair colours. The redhead, which would be Katie, and the blonde each sport a regimental pin near their collar.

Stepping aside so they can look around, the four spend a moment as Katie points out certain things, ending up with the direction of the powder room. "Alright then," says the tall, brown haired young woman. "We'll just be a tick." The brunettes move off, weaving through the cloud and leave Katie and the blonde behind. "I don't remember it bein' this crowded, Pru," Katie observes, looking around. "Of course you don't," Pru responds with a grin as she clasps arms with Katie and they step toward the bar, "you were here with Prince Charming. It's a wonder you even remember you were here at all."

Ethan is currently on the dance floor. A pretty brunette woman in a dark blue dress is his current partner and the pair are spinning and twisting about to the music with rather effortless looking grace at least on Ethan's part. He seems to have impressed his partner a few people in the crowd as well. The young man's movements are fluid and graceful and he manages to pull off a rather impressive lift and dip move that has his partners eyes widening as he slowly brings her back up to her feet and continues the rather flashy dance. It matches the upbeat music rather well and Ethan certainly seems to be enjoying himself as well.

There is a collective sigh when Wolfgang steps away from the piano, tenderly cups his microphone and continues to serenade, ~"As the rain murmurs over the mountain wind,"~ ~"I hear you whisper my name to me."~ ~"We are entwinded, always on my mind."~ ~"Wether it's jasmine or pine,"~ ~"Your scent fogs my thoughts like something divine."~ It's one of Wolfgang's hits that is safe to sing to his entire fan base, muggle and witch alike. He touches as many of the outreached hands as he can before his eyes click back to the blond having a night off. ~"Baby you're every place to me."~ ~"I just can't break free.

Graham it seems isnt going to be the bookworm tonight. He know having run into his friend that she may have a bit to hang out. It may just be he's wanting to try something new. He's dressed in his muggle best for going out though something he can move in though. In case he hits his head and thinks he can dance all of a sudden. He will look around to the club at large to see if he knows anyone here as he steps through into the main hall stepping off to the side.

He does know how to play a crowd - Signe's smile widens in a silent laugh at the antics of the girls at the edge of the stage. She glances away briefly - a bright splash of color at the corner of her eyes catching her attention long enough to distract her. She stares at Beckett and his remarkable outfit for a few moments - unsure what she could even begin to say to that poor man. In the end, she decides to leave it be, and looks back to the stage in time to catch Wolfgang's gaze again. She knows by now which lines tend to prompt the man to look her way.

On cue, Beckett looks at the door. He is not so gauche as to wave, but he does his level best to catch Graham's eye and nod, after glancing over the women who just walked in. When Signe looks his way, he flashes a smile, but then his gaze flits to the dance floor, and he watches Ethan for a moment as he sips his drink. His eyebrows are lowered slightly as he stares. Then his eyebrows rise and he nods slightly, taking another drink and waiting for the song to end.

Ethan will dance till the songs end but his eyes do watch his surroundings as he dances. The stare from Beckett is noticed as he dances the brunette around the floor. The mans outfit earns him a charming grin and wink when Ethan notes that the man is staring at him. Then the young man goes back to dancing for now showing off just a bit now as he twirls and spins his partner around doing some rather fancy moves and footwork in the process.

The crooner continues, ~"No matter where I go."~ ~"To the highest peek… or even the moon."~ ~"To deep with the fishes in the bluest lagoon…."~ Here is where the music swells back into Swing and the horns blast as Wolfgang does a little in place shuffle (something some southern yank called Elvis will rip off later…) and while one hand holds the mic the other beats the air in time to the music from the full band behind him as he really belts it out, ~"I can't shake you!"~ ~"IIIIII can't forget you!"~ Then all is quiet so that it's just Wolf, his mic, and puppy eyes locked on Signe again as he takes notes and makes them feel like satin sheets as he sings, ~"You're a part of me."~

Katie and Prudence put their heads together, commenting in low voices to each other about various things. Katie makes a discreet motion toward Signe, "That's her, that I mentioned came in the chippy." "Oh? Is she very?" Pru asks her companion. Katie nods to that, some sort of shorthand in speaking, "Oh yes, quite." Despite the shortness of words, their expressions might tell fairly clearly that whatever the exchange meant it's pleasant. Prudence looks away first, and her eyes stop on a man at the bar near them. The arch of her brows is enough to shift Katie's attention, blue eyes falling on Beckett, her face holding a rather admirable benign calm. Her gaze lingers for a beat, but, mindful to not stare, flickers away again in short order. "Bevvy then?" she asks Prudence, completely changing the subject.

Graham turns nodding to Beckett in greeting as he moves further in he spots two at least being Katie and Signe which he'd hoped to see here. The auror moves further in and over near Katie's group "Well good evening Katie." he says with a smile to her if he can catch a glance from Signe he'll wave to her in greeting as well if not he will eventually make his way over thataways.

At the moment, Signe is paying more attention to the stage than anything else - and who can really blame her, with the owner singing for her (well, and the crowd, too). At the last line, she touches two fingers to her lips, and blows the crooner a kiss, before tilting her head slightly towards the empty seat beside her. Surely it's almost time for a set break…?

Beckett raises his right hand and motions with his fingers, beckoning Katie, her friend, and Graham towards his section of the bar. There is room - people are giving him a bit of room, really.

At the familiar voice Katie turns, her smile coming in full force to find Graham approaching. "Alright, Graham," she returns the greeting casually, well familiar with the regular chippy customer. "Havin' a bit of a night out?" Katie asks. Remembering her manners almost immediately, she introduces, "Graham, this is my mate, Pru. Pru, Graham is one of our favorites that comes 'round." Prudence gives a greeting, then notices the wave from Beckett, and she looks to Graham, beating Katie to the question, "Friend of yours?"

Wolfgang sings the rest of his song and then closes up with, "To all the Boys in Uniform here with us tonight. Myself and the staff and band here at the Natrix, salute you and your bravery. We are all Britain souls here." Perhaps a bit of affirmation that while the Italians have made marching noises to join the Germans that this italian restaurant is for Britain, all the way. He hops down off the stage blowing kisses to crowd and even giving a kiss or two to an eager fan. Slow and steady he makes his way towards Signe, though he doesn't fully reach the table, instead he extends a hand to her to call her down and join him on his rounds to check on the customers.

Ethan continues dancing but he takes notice of a large muscular man in uniform striding towards him. The mans eyes are locked on the woman he is dancing with for a moment and then the actor gets a death glare. Time to exit the stage. The woman is twirled off to another gentleman and Ethan makes a beeline for the safefty of the exit where there are no angry boyfriends or husbands.

Signe rises to her feet in a smooth, graceful motion, leaving her drink behind on the table. She takes Wolfgang's hand as she rises, and siddles in close against the man. "You do know how to make a girl's heart flutter," she murmurs against his ear, while her arm slides around behind his back.

He looks towards Katie and her friend giving a perhaps too formal bow. "Its good to meet you Pru." he looks to Katie "Something like that its good to see you outside the chippy. Perhaps if you dont value your feet too much we can have a dance at some point?" he chuckles though looking back and spotting the other. "Hm sort of we work together." he comments though he'll wait to see if they wish to go over or not.

He looks towards Katie and her friend giving a perhaps too formal bow. "Its good to meet you Pru." he looks to Katie "Something like that its good to see you outside the chippy. Perhaps if you dont value your feet too much we can have a dance at some point?" Graham chuckles though looking back and spotting the other. "Hm sort of we work together." he comments though he'll wait to see if they wish to go over or not.

Prudence is the adventuresome sort, where Katie would rather err on the side of caution, and so the blonde is the first to speak up. "Then it would be impolite if you didn't introduce us," she says smoothly, turning to smile at Graham. She may be wearing a sweetheart pin, but she's not above trying to charm her way around. With the encouragement, though, Katie proves game. "Yes, lets." She is burning with curiosity about his singular attire, that's for sure.

Wolfgang has spotted Graham from the stage as well, so he leads signe over towards the man, "Look who I spotted…" He lets Signe greet Graham while he gives an apologetic nod to the ladies he was ushering and Beckett as well. "Forgive the interuption. Just coming over to say hello. Are you enjoying yourselves tonight?" Spoken like any business owner looking for feedback from his guests. The little Don making sure his people are happy people.

Beckett sighs a little sigh at everyone's deliberate not-staring and glances down at his get-up. It was quite dashing, he thought. Who understands Muggles? He finishes his drink and sets it on the bar. He turns to step away from the bar - and finds himself meeting Pru and Katie and Graham well before his intended target of the door. His mouth curves up into a smile, and he makes an old-fashioned quarter-bow, adding a bit of flair by moving the hat to accompany the bow. "Good evening." He spares a glance to Graham before telling Wolfgang, "Yes. A sublime performance, if I may say so." He nods slightly towards Signe, indicating he means the mixed public-private element of the show, too.

"Oh - I missed him entirely," Signe remarks - perhaps a little chagrinned at the oversight, but then it is a busy club. She steps towards Graham, reaching out to take his hand in both of hers and clasp it warmly. "Graham - so glad you could find the time. You don't come by the club often enough, you know," she remarks. She glances at Katie and Pru next - and she studies the ginger curiously. She did seem familiar - but she was having trouble placing her. "Friends of Graham?" she asks.

Graham turns and nods he stops when he spots Wolfgang and Signe. He smiles to the later as she moves over and nods "Yes i'm sorry work's kept me busy lately, but I will try to do better at visting more often." He looks over "A fine evening Mr Montague." the auror says pleasently. He looks back "Katie Hind, think you've seen her at her families chippy at some point." He says smiling though he looks like they are headed over to the table it seems the group has grown which isnt bad.

Katie wouldn't expect someone of a better social standing to remember a girl she'd seen one at a chip shop, no less. She inclines her head toward Signe, "Mum." The gesture and murmur are echoed by Prudence, before the little blonde looks past everyone and her attention settles on Wolfgang. "It's no interruption at all," Pru says. That gets her a light nudge from Katie's elbow, before the redhead speaks up easily to Wolfgang, "It's a lovely place yeh have here." She's quite fond of it, but it has little to really do with the club itself. Before she can say anything more, her brown haired friend appears at their side, pulling Pru a step away so the pair can exchange quiet words after a quick 'Excuse, me.' Pru nods, then steps back up next to Katie as the third girl goes off again. "Katie," she says with little inflection in her tone. "One forty-three." Then there's a smile as she lets Katie explain. The redhead glances around at the little group, her eyes apologetic. "Beggin' yer pardon, but we have t'see to a friend. Graham, I'll come back around before we leave. Thank yeh all, it's been a pleasure." The two young woman offer last, apologetic smiles, but their heads are already together, whispering as they make their way through the crowd in the direction the brunette had gone.

Wolfgang seems to enjoy Beckett's ensemble, but he's a swing kid, so he likes the flashy avante gaurd stuff. Besides, there's been customers who where innertubes for swimming and snokle gear with a sailor top in here trying to 'blend-in' Beckett is league better than all that. The other man's praise of her performance does win him over all the more and he reaches to give Beckett a hearty hand shake. "Thank you, I'm Wolfgang, you are my new friend?" He requests the name and then gestures for the bartender in such a way that has Beckett's drink being refilled on the house. "How about you Graham, and your lovely companions. You all looked so parched. Tsk. Let's remedy that. How about a bottle of bubbly to share. Someone has something to celebrate somewhere, right? You can take a bottle to your friends!" The benevolent host! Any friend of Graham's and all that, perhaps he's going a bit overboard to show Signe that he can get along with Graham, see, see!

As he shakes Wolfgang's hand, the Obliviator introduces himself: "Beckett Nott. Charmed!" He smiles. "I have a friend to meet upstairs about now, but I'm very glad I caught this set." With a nod to the proprietor and his companion, he turns and moves toward the 'VIP Lounge.'

Truth be told - it's all rather a relief to Signe, who smiles to see everyone playing so nice. She does so loathe aggression. "Oh, yes. Hind's. It's rather good there - I knew I'd recognized you from somewhere." She smiles at the other women - and actually looks a bit disappointed when they must abruptly take their leave. "I think some bubbly sounds grand. And I am never short on things to celebrate." As the man introduces himself as a 'Nott,' Signe siddles a touch closer to Wolfgang once again. "Enjoy your evening, sir," she responds politely as he excuses himself, as well.

Graham nods to the Obliviaotor. He looks back to Katie and Co "Of course if i'm not here i'll stop by the chippy soon." The auror looks back to the club owner "A drink would be great sure." He says though he looks to Signe a moment "I seem to use the same joke about still having ten fingers and eleven toes for it being a good day he speaks to the two of them laughing a little bit though he seems to be the only one who thinks that particular joke is funny.

Wolfgang has desprately tried not to too outwarld squint about the word Hind's bandied about. A doe, a deer? Signe is easily tucked in against him and he passes her a flute of prisseco before taking up his own. He chuckles at Graham's joke. "Isn't that the truth." Seems it's not just Graham's job that is hazardous. Realty, a cut throat business. "So…" He leans in towards his companions and lowers his voice some. "A Chippy is a fish and chips restaurant, right?" He knows Swing Kid Slang and other Muggle tropes, but he feels he has to double check with this one and that it's not some mulcher that makes wood chips, or something. It does sound to him like some place his father would take a disrespectful goon!

Signe takes the offered flute, and soon an amused smile is tugging at her lips. "Yes, Wolfgang," she confirms. "And I still fully intend to take you to one. There is nothing more British than a good chippy," she adds, with a nudge - gently jibbing at his recent comments on the stage.

Graham will accept a glass as it passes and takes a small sip from it before nodding in agreement to Wolfgang's comment to his joke. He lets signe respond to the what a chippy is comment. "Hinds is one of he best i've tried, Katie's parents run the kitchen and she severs tables. Great fish and chocolate sponge." he advises seems he's rather a regular there himself.

Wolfgang mutters in a playful sort of way. "Fine, I'll go. It'll probably help my publicity to see me in the 'nothing more British chippy." The restaurant part of the business has been taking a toll, as has his chart numbers. 'Wolfgang Montegue.' Oh look a German AND Russian sounding name. With all the bad press those coutries are providing even the most patriotic of people like Wolfgang are getting eyeballed. If it weren't for the fact that the Ministry would rescue him, there has been some fear that some soldiers are going to march right in and take him and his family to the Alien Encampments. But it's all showmanship smiles right now. "Sounds delicious." He lift his flute in a toast before sipping. "To the best in British fish."

"It certainly couldn't hurt," Signe agrees. "And if you're not careful, you may even find yourself having a good time." She raises her glass to toast to chippies, and takes a sip. "And next time I'll take you out for jellied eels," she adds teasingly. "Where else should I drag him, Graham?"

The auror will raise his glass to the toast and sip a little more. Graham listens between the two as they speak about the chippy he wonders if the place will benefit too a club owner eating there and all that would be worth it to him. He looks to Signe and smiles at the question thinking a moment tapping his chin. "To the zoo, or teach him to ride a bicycle." speaks the first things which come to mind.

Wolfgang lofts an eyebrow at Graham as he takes a sip of his bubbly. "I know how to ride a bicycle and I know that the elephat's name is Mary, I simply prefer a Bently and when you have a restaurant in the family, especially my sort of family, that's where you eat." He smiles and then takes anothe drink from his flute. A kiss is placed to Signe's temple. "Time for me to go the rounds, coming or keeping Mr. Cohen company?"

"I'll come along," Signe answers. "I'll catch up with Graham in a bit." She levels a mock-stern look on Graham as she adds, "Don't leave yet." Leaning in towards Wolfgang as the pair starts to move off she adds, "I think I saw Ethan Moody here earlier - he's an actor. Do you know him? We'd met a few nights ago. I don't see him now, though…"

“No offense meant Mr Montague I didn’t know how to ride a bicycle until Signe taught me, and the zoo is one of my favorite places to go in the city. Graham says trying to keep the air clear. He nods “Enjoy your evening.” He looks to Signe’s mock stern look and smiles “I’ll be here promise.” He says finishing off his glass he will hang out at the table until his friend comes back so they can catch up better.

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