(1940-05-15) Making New Acquaintances
Details for Making New Acquaintances
Summary: When meeting her cousin Arla for tea, Antimony and her are joined by others
Date: 1940.05.15
Location: Leaky Cauldron

Stepping into the Leaky Cauldron is a bit like standing in two places at once. As the doorway between Muggle and Wizarding London, this establishment strives to maintain a cheerful air of welcome and conviviality. Wooden surfaces are clean, brass is polished to a bright shine, and the smell of great food and even better beverages wafts through from the kitchen and behind the bar. The owners of this wizarding establishment have clearly gone to great lengths to create a hallowed neutral meeting place where politics are kept polite and fights are not permitted. However, despite all the enlightened neutrality, the technology and substance here is all Wizarding. There are floating candles and lanterns, wizarding beverages, wizarding food. There's a table or two of wizard's chess and an enchanted dart board up against the far wall that alternates colours and even shifts the bull's eye around.

Clara, having decided to meet her cousin for lunch - and possibly being reserved about it, as they can be so touch and go, comes strolling into the Cauldron. Given that it's such a nice day she has no jacket to remove, just her satchel that is typically carried along with her. Stopping a few steps from the doorway the witch glances about and in doing so, spots Dominic. Well, surprised but glad when she seems him she relaxed and grins, going to head over to him while taking off her satchel. "Didn't expect to see you here hun," Says the woman softly, going to place a kiss on his cheek. "Why didn't you say you were coming for lunch?"

Ethan strolls into the Leaky Cauldron with slow confident strides coming from the door that leads out into Diagon Alley. He glances around breifly at those here and then moves to find a table. Clara is noticed and he smiles faintly at her offering a polite nod to her and the man she is speaking with as he makes his way over to an empty table in the corner.

The Leaky Cauldron probably wouldn't have been Antimony's first choice of places to meet her cousin, but with it's central location it seemed the most convenient place. As she swans in, on time even instead of her usual habit of being fashionably late, she sends a cool glance around the pub patrons. Not her, not her, defiantly not her, Oh my…may be going through her head as she looks for her cousin. And then Arla is spotted and the young woman makes her way over to where the other stands apparently greeting a man with affection.

As his girl would come over and place a light kiss upon his cheek, Dominic would smile. "Ah, hello darling. I just thought I would hop out for a quick bite to eat. I was not sure if you would be busy at the shop is all." he said to answer why he had not mentioned anything to her. Then as more people began to arrive, he would let his bright eyes shift to offer soft welcoming smiles before letting them trace back to Carla. "Care to join me, since you are here?"

People come and go, and Clara keeps watching this from the corner of her eye. That is how Ethan is seen. The actor is given a smile and a wave, but this time it's to wave him over to their table, which she goes to sit at, pulling a chair up to sit beside her man, looking to him with her bright grey eyes. "Well, I'm glad I ran into you then, makes my day! I'm here to meet my cousin." That's when Antimony arrives with that ever critical look in her eyes. She knows this well and even if they are family, but don't often act it, she still gives her cousin a smile. "Hello sweetie, please join us."

Ethan spots the wave inviting him over and smiles turning to head over to join that table. He eyes Dominic and Clara a moment and a breif look of understanding shows in his eyes. He looks amused by something and then settles rather gracefully into a seat at thier table. He settles across from the pair and looks between them with a smile. "Hello again Clara. I don't believe I have met your friend yet though. Ethan Moody." He offers his hand to Dominic. Once hands have been shaken he glances over at Antimony as she to is waved over, she gets a warm and rather charming smile and a polite dip of Ethan's head in greeting. "Well that is two people I have not had the pleasure of meeting until now…though I must say you look rather familiar. Do you work in the acting business by any chance?" Antimony is studied a moment as Ethan tries to remember where he has seen her.

There is the sound of apparition if it can be heard it's outside of the Alley-side door. It isn’t a mystery long for any who notice as it opens after a moment and in steps Graham he moves towards the bar offering a wave and a laugh at something passed there. He accepts his cider and chips after and will survey the room a moment of course standing out his sister and Dominc as people he knows moving his way over "Heya bluebell, Dominic mind if I join?" he asks smiling to each.

At the greeting from Arla, Antimony paints a smile on her face, it could even be a genuine one given the mixed company she finds herself in. "Arla dear." she leans over to give her cousin a very European air kiss on each cheek. Mixed company also means she will be on her best behaviour for once. The men at the table get appraised "Good afternoon gentlemen." she greets with casual warmth in her tone. "Antimony Blishwick." she introduces herself, holding out a hand "Why yes, I have been treading the boards for quite a few years now. As have you if I am not mistaken." she recognizes Ethan's name at least "You were at W.A.D.A as well, were you not?"

"Hello again darling." Clara says to Ethan when he comes over. "All well?" She grins and looks to her cousin a moment, returning the greeting. A hand motions for them to sit, if they've not yet done so. The two speak of acting, this makes her smirk.. as if thinking over something. Graham wonders over and there is a nod to her brother with a smile. 'Please join us."

Graham smiles "Thanks." he pecks his sisters cheek and will pull up a chair for himself. He looks across though isn't sure he knows the others setting the chips in the middle to be shared as always and sipping his cider. "Sorry I had to bolt from coffee Clara, work is a menace sometimes." the auror says honestly about his work finding him no matter where he hides. "So catch me up properly now what's been goin on." he grins.

Ethan's eyes light up in recognition as Antimony gives her name. The offered hand is accepted with a gentle touch and lifted to his lips for a soft kiss to the knuckles before it is released and Ethan offers a nod. "This is true yes and yes I was at W.A.D.A as well. Its a genuine pleasure to finally meet you in person Miss Blishwick." He gives a charming smile and glances back to the rest of thier company. Clara's question draws a smile from him. "All is well yes. I hope you have been doing well yourself?" Graham is given a curious glance and while he speaks to Clara Ethan chances a breif glance back at Antimony.

"Likewise Mr. Moody." Antimony sits gracefully in a chair "Perhaps one day soon we will have the pleasure of working together." she says to Ethan before turning her eyes to Arla and the new comer Graham "How are you dear?" she asks of her cousin "I do hope your parents are doing well." she looks from Arla to Graham, obviously waiting for a proper introduction before greeting him.

Dominic had politely excused himself to go change up his order, or something with it, and thus left the table (to be back soon?). Clara watches him go with a smile for a moment. Looking back to Graham she chuckles some, giving a bit of a shrug and reaching out for one of his chips he so freely offers around the table. "You're lucky you're my brother," Says the Prewett to the Auror. "Else you'd not get away with things so easily."

Setting her big grey eyes to Ethan there is a nod, and a continuing big smile to him. "Well I'm glad to her sweetie." Arriving a second after is a server, to which she orders the special and some tea herself, the server then waiting for the others patiently in case they also wanted something. "I'm well enough, darling." Comes the reply to her cousin as a hand casually sweeps through her hair. "Oh they are great, getting excited about the upcoming renewals. I'm assuming you got a dress for it already right? Then we'd just need to get you a date." She says sweetly."

"What am I getting away with now?" Graham asks curiously though he looks to the others and figures he's being rude. "I'm sorry to be rude. I am Graham Cohen. Clara and I sorta adopted one another as brother and sister." He introduces and explains offering a hand to each in turn to shake if they should wish to do so. He doesn’t mind the chip taking clearly she knows the rules by now that's why he gets the chips for the table at large. "Feel free to have some chips, I always get some for the table at large."

Ethan offers Antimony a nod. "I certainly hope we get the chance at some point. I have a feeling that between our combined talents it would be a show to remember" He looks back to Clara briefly and then the server comes over. He orders tea and a salad for himself glancing around the table and offering Graham a faint smile. "Ethan Moody. It’s nice to meet you Mr. Cohen." He leans back in his seat a bit casually observing those around him.

Ordering a tea for herself as well as some light meal, Antimony gives a nod to Arla, of course she has a dress already, but her noise wrinkles ever so slightly "Must we?" she says mimicking the sweet tone of Arla. Matchmaking may be a sore subject for the young woman. "It would certainly give the reviewers something to truely write about." she seems to agree with Ethan that any show they would be together would be a remarkable one. She once more provides her name to Graham "I'm Clara's cousin. It's good to meet more of my dear cousin's friends.

Clara had reached into her satchel, and as per habit, pulled out her art book and a pencil. The book is rested on the table and she sits back fiddling with the pencil in her hands. The other resting on the arm of the chair casually. "Sorry what?" The woman asks Graham with a lifted brow. "I must have misunderstood. Sorry." She looks back to Ethan, and then to Anti, smirks a bit again and regards her cousin with the most casual of shrugs. "Well, it was just an idea after all. I mean, shouldn't everyone be happy like myself and Dominic? I'm sure I can help you arrange that." Maybe it's just her plugging at the other woman, because she knows it'll get under her skin.

"It’s a pleasure to meet the both of you as well." Graham says of the two and smiles at meeting a family member "Ah excellent." He looks to Clara moment eyebrow raising a moment "No worries bluebell." he says taking some of his cider and a chip of his own while he looks over those at the table. It’s easy just to listen and watch and such.

The shop hand comes walking in, Clara looks up and sees the very young woman rush over. She gives her pardons to the group, and mentions that someone is waiting for the owner in the shop. Sparking her interest the witch sighs and nods the woman off before going to pack up her things to follow. "Sorry," She says softly, warmly to the group while going to stand, her things being put back into her satchel. "Marcy wouldn't of came to get me if she didn't feel it was important, I owe you all one. Have a good day!" With a bright chipper smile and a wave, she rushes out to go attend to work.

Antimony waggles her fingers at Arla is her cousin is pulled away only to be followed by the leaving of Ethan to go grease the wheels with some director or other. This leaves her alone with a complete stranger who she looks at with what could be trepidation not knowing exactly what has been said of her to the man, "You are Clara are close then?" she asks after a short bit of silence.

The young man will nod to his sister "Go sell some stuff sis." Graham comments with a grin and nods to Ethan as he move away turning back to Clara's cousin "I think we are, we met at school but didnt really know one another until she moved to London. I helped her find a house, and after a while it just sort of evolved into being brother and sister." he comments smiling "I suppose asking since your family seems odd, so instead what sort of work do you do? It sounded and sorry for listening in you'd been talking about WADA?"

Antimony listens to Graham as he speaks, she asked so she must be interested in hearing the answer. Her eyes lift upward in thought a moment, "You were in her year then?" she asks curiously, nodding thanks to the server as her order is set before her, "I was a year ahead of her in school. It's odd how someone you barely spoke to in school can suddenly become a good friend after ward, is it not?" she doesn't seem at all put out at the admission of eavesdropping "Yes, after OWLs I left Hogwarts to go to W.A.D.A instead. One of the best decisions I have ever made."

Beckett steps in from the door to Muggle London, black cloak swirling. It is not ominous in any way, however, as he smiles, unclasps his cloak, and hangs it on a peg. Beneath he is not as drab: silver satin, red pinstripes, and trim of emerald green and Imperial purple would make any Muggle do a double-take. He nods to a few people who greet him as he makes his way among the tables. He pauses as he passes by Antimony and Graham's table. "Pardon me," he says, "But you both look /terribly/ familiar." He has a grin ready. "We are all either related or classmates, really." He nods. "Beckett Titus Nott." He seems to think you might recognize the name, but he makes no matter of it. "May I join you?"

Graham nods to her question "I am or should say was indeed." He tries to place her face though he's been known to have kept his head to the book-stone during school like a hyper-Ravenclaw. It does bring a laugh "I find more and more people who knew me in school, but I kept to my books its as if i'm meeting them for the first time." he pauses to take a drink of cider "That is excellent, i'm glad it's worked out so well." He looks at the new arrival though he cant place him other than he remembers "I've seen you about the Ministry I believe, and sure fine with me."

A bare bit of sugar is spooned into the tea a stirred delicately, "Well it was a large school. I would hardly expect you to remember everyone, especially those not in your year or house." she spoon is set aside and a tentative sip of the tea is taken as Beckett approaches. "Thank you. It has worked out quite well." A smile is given to Beckett on being recognized, "Antimony Blishwick." she introduces herself as she holds a hand out "If I am related to the Nott family it is quite distantly." but aren't all purebloods related distantly in some form or fashion? "Housemates more than likely." lots of Notts and Blishwicks get sorted into Slytherin and that is where she was "Or perhaps you have seen one of the plays I was in."

Beckett takes Antimony's hand and bows over it appropriately. "You were ahead of me, but yes, housemates, indeed." Releasing her hand, he crosses to sit next to her at the table, where she is to his right but he has full view of Graham. "And I have. In the one before last, you excelled in the role of Orphea. Underrated by the Arts section, if you ask me. Traditional takes on classic works still have a place, if I have anything to say about it." To Graham, he asks, "Which department? I'm an Obliviator - when I'm not competing. Are you in the M.A.C., too?" He purses his lips. "Surely not, or we would have worked together."

"I joined the Ministry myself. You also are quite right about it being a large school. I find it fun meeting old/new schoolmates though." Graham says leaving department and job out of it, he's not really one for boasting not to mention sometimes there's odd reactions to it. He listens a bit about the arts he isn't completely clueless having seen a friend perform recently in opera but that was in Muggle-land. He remains quiet until he's spoken to after setting his cider down. "M.A.C is a good department for sure, though no. I am with the M.L.E, Auror's office." He says simply.

"Indeed. Not every part needs to be modernized for the audience. And that one was such a classical peice with it's own eloquence that not playing it traditionally would have been a tragedy." Antimony doesn't quite gush but comes close, "But thank you for the kind words. It is nice to hear when your hard work is truly appreiciated." not knowing much about the internal workings of the Ministry she says little about the men's chosen careers, which is just as well since she is beckoned over by the same person that Ethan went over to speak to. "If you will excuse me a moment gentlemen." she gets up gracefully and heads over to speak with the man a moment, probably about some auditions coming up.

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