(1940-05-18) Impromptu Encounter
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Summary: To get away from a dull woman at the Natrix - VIP, Beckett calls on Antimony's acting skills.
Date: 1940.05.18
Location: Natrix -VIP Lounge

The performances are downstairs tonight, as usual. Currently an attractive woman sings something slow, circling and running her hands along a grand piano. The pianist there is not singing, but providing dramatic notes and emphasis to the singer's sultry tones. Many of the wizards and witches up here are listening and watching through the enchanted walls, but others talk on, oblivious. Beckett is not oblivious, though he is sitting at the bar, and there is a woman half-blocking his view of below. His eyes are narrowed, not focused on seeing so much as listening, but the witch has mistaken his looking past her for interest. He remembers to smile politely upon occasion, but is mostly looking down - past the stairs and to the performers.

Because of rehearsals and other commitments, Antimony doesn't get much chance to enjoy the nightlife like most actors and actresses do, but one does not get ahead in life by partying all night, despite how fun it is. Tonight though she is free of all that so her flatmates and fellow actresses have brought her along with him to have a night of revelry. The small group of women come to the top of the stairs, swanning past the bouncer and after a look around at what tonight has to offer in entertainment begin to make thier way to the bar, "No, I am positive he dropped in curtain on poor Lacey on purpose." one of the girls says to the other as Antimony stops at the bar to wave down the bartender "Four gimlets please." she tells the drink slinger.

Beckett seizes his moment to escape. "Do excuse me," he tells the woman sitting next to him. "I have news to share with a friend who just walked in. Have a good evening." He takes his scarcely-touched old-fashioned and joins the gaggle of actresses. He smiles broadly, introduces himself to the group with a little bow, and says, "I need to borrow Antimony," in a voice Antimony is certain to hear. He comes up next to her, in full view, and asks in a quiet voice with a mischevious smile, "Miss Blishwick, how good to see you. How do you feel about a minute or so of impromptu acting?" He adds, "I have a prompt."

As the bartender makes the drink Antimony chats with her friends as she occasionally sends a glance to the woman singing. "You can't be serious?" she says and then laughs along with the others at whatever it was that was said, "Oh, Mr." there is a beat as she pulls his name from her memory, "Nott." she is surprised to see him, but not surprised that he remembers here. His familiarity with Antimony has the other actresses looking amused but it just leaves her looking slightly confused as she is separated from her group "Likewise." his question slices through her confusion and she smiles at him "The world is a stage Mr. Nott. Who is my audience?" her eyes don't wander when she questions back, but stay firmly on him so as not to give anything away.

Beckett doesn't turn to look, either. "The woman four bar-stools down, trying to make a mostly-white outfit happen and failing. Blonde. She might be sulking, and you can't tell from here, but she is a terrible conversationalist." He grins. "The prompt: you've been waiting to hear something you very much want to hear, and I am finally able to pass on the news. Perhaps 'you got the role?'" he suggests. He says with a grin that has a bit of a smirk in it, "You are doing a good deed. We are sparing her feelings."

Well looking directly at the woman in question would totally give it away so instead she reaches for her drink as it is handed to her and takes a sip, this of course aids her in getting a cursory look at the blonde in white "Someone should definitely tell her she would look better in warmer colors." apparently she goes straight to it, her blue eyes widening in pleased surprise as her face lights into a smile, "Oh that's wonderful news!" she exclaims, reaching out a free hand to place it on his arm, "You must give me all the details. Spare nothing." she hooks his arm with hers and takes a few steps further away to a couple of free stools, where she urges him to sit as she does, she lifts her drink to take another sip "How long would you like me to keep this up?" she asks in a hushed tone.

"I think that was enough," Beckett says. His smile is small, the one of a man with secrets. He tilts his head to one side. He reaches over to place his right hand on Antimony's right as he separates their elbows. "We were discussing roles the other day, Miss Blishwick - may I call you Antimony? I thought I'd share a play that is currently being prepared."

She is quite willing to keep the charade up for as long as possible, but Antimony gives a nod when he basically calls cut on her performance "Yes, a quite pleasing discussion, one of which I was put out to get pulled away from." her lips form a little moue at recalling the other day. "That would hardly be proper, not unless I am allowed to call you Beckett." because propriety an all "Oh, a play..do tell..please." she sets her drink down so she can listen without that as a distraction.

"Yes. Beckett, please." The Nott smiles, continuing, "The theater next to my flat is playing host to 'The Warlock's Hairy Heart.' You may have heard from Mr. Ethan Moody about that," Beckett says. "But I have not heard of anyone as well-known taking any of the other roles. I doubt open casting is still in progress, but it would be an excellent chance to take on a leading role, when you outperform whoever is currently cast as the Warlock's Bride and they have the good sense to realize it. At the least," he says, with a small smile, "I will take you over to a nearby coffee shop afterwards. The Sip & Sonder is very good."

"I would have loved to audition for that one. My performance schedule didn't allow for it though." Antimony replies regrettably "I did hear that Mr. Moody had auditioned, but I haven't heard the results of them." her brow arches upwards at his scheming "Why Beckett, are you suggesting I go speak to the director and see if I can get him to toss the current actress for me?" she gives a sly smile, and might be just ambitious enough to do that. "Do I still get coffee if I don't?" her tone takes on a more curious note

"That is exactly what I am suggesting." Beckett smiles knowingly. Ambition knows ambition. "You have nothing to lose but the goodwill of the current actress - if there even is one. I will look into that, if you would like." He nods. "It would be wicked of me to mention it like that and then refuse," he says, adopting a serious expression marred only by the slight curve of his lips. "I will take you whenever our schedules allow. Tell me, do you play an instrument, too?"

"I wouldn't stop you if you wanted to look into that, but it isn't necessary." she once more takes up her drink, taking another delicate sip from the glass, "Perhaps I will go over there tomorrow afternoon to have a talk with the director. I don't suppose you know who that is?" she nods at the open ended invitation "That would be lovely." and then a shake of head "I do not play an instrument." she makes a gesture to the singer "And voices like hers tempt me into taking voice lessons.

Beckett shakes his head slightly, once. "I am afraid I do not. That theatre plays host to different companies." He gives Antimony's hand a slight squeeze as He listens to the singer for a few moments. "She is good. The owner was performing the other day. He has a riveting stage presence. I do not always enjoy … 'crooning?'… but he makes it irresistible." He looks back at Antimony. "Do you think it would open up more possibilities?"

Antimony hmmms in thought a moment, "Well perhaps I will be lucky and I will be someone I know, or have worked with before. That will make it so much easier." or not depending on different factors, "Yes, not many woman can pull of husky without sounding to masculine, but she makes it sound sultry." she looks to the singer briefly and then back to him "I have not heard him, maybe I will have to come back on a night he is performing." the question has her briefly touching his arm "Any skill is a good skill when you are an actress. Singing most certainly counts. I went for dancing though instead. Singing can be faked easily enough on stage, dancing not as such.

"True." Beckett nods. "I chose the violin over dancing - so to speak. You would think a duelist would have better footwork, but I have never had the knack." He looks back at Antimony. "Perhaps I should learn."

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