(1940-05-21) Five for Tea
Details for Five for Tea
Summary: A group of people talk over tea
Date: 05.21.1940
Location: Cafe Tasseo

Cafe Tasseo

Named for the art of Tasseomancy (Tea Leaf Reading), the posh Cafe Tasseo offers complimentary tea leaf reading to its customers. The cafe has a sort of French elegance to it, but it is much less flagrant, which makes it pure British. The chairs are all padded dining chairs of mahogany and golden embossed fabric one would expect to find in a Louis XIV style without all the pomp of leaves and flanges, just smooth curvaceous lines of mahogany. The use of mahogany, gold and pristine white is throughout the spacious room.

The ceiling is a floral mosaic of white and gold with chandeliers and light fixtures dangling from the mosaic in appropriate places. The gold gilding continues into the walls, accenting raised relief panels on the columns between the windows. The panels share the floral motif of the ceiling, intricately crafted down to the last detail. The windows themselves are just as magnificently turned out; the top quarter is draped in gold shades, the bottom half covered by white sheers, allowing the patrons privacy yet letting ample light through the uncovered section of glass.

"Something different," Beckett is saying to the man behind the counter. "Impress me." His lips quirk up at the corners. "And bring the kettle, with a few extra cups." He pays what he owes, and is still in the process of retying his coinpurse and tucking it beneath his robes as he walks to a large table and claims it - sitting not at the end, as one might expect someone playing host to do, but in the middle chair on one of the longer sides.

The door swings open with a slight flourish and Ethan saunters in looking both graceful and confident. Stepping out of the doorway he glances around the cafe and spots Beckett, a warm smile appears as he makes his way over in that direction. "Hello again Beckett." A charming smile is offered to the other man and he studies the large table with many empty seats thoughtfully. "Is there room enough for me to join you then?"

Being that time of day where everyone is taking a step back from work or whatever takes their attention, to take a breather and perhaps have a nice cuppa and a light snack, which makes the tea shop a good place to be. It's not long after the two fellows enter that Antimony herself is arriving, folding up the little parasol that protects her pale features from the late afternoon soon. As she glances around the dining area she spots familiar faces and waves gloved fingers in the direction of Messers Nott and Moody and heads up to the counter to place her own order.

Annie is fresh off of work and, knowing she'd be going home to only the company of Bowie, Tim's house elf, decided to stop in at the Mysticked District to run some errands. Her tasks complete, the redheaded witch makes a final stop for a nice cuppa. She wears robes that are similar to the students of Hogwarts, but different enough to mark her as staff to alumni. Having first stopped at the little witch's room, she queues up behind Antimony, already withdrawing coins from a pocket to count them out and make sure they're knuts and sickles and not pounds and pence. A quick glance around shows her no faces that she knows well, but some that might tickle her brain as being vaguely familiar. But that isn't unusual in the tight-knit wizarding world. The coins jingle lightly in her hand as she looks up to try and decide if she wants anything with her tea.

Regulus was on his way to his usual escape of tea and finery, and Tasseo seemed to be his go-to haunt as of late. Entering the shop as one who knows all that he wants in life, he inhales deeply of the comforting scent of exotic teas and spices, taking but a millisecond of reprieve before giving a nod and smile to the acknowledging clerk at the counter. While he would have placed his usual order, it was at the time that he noticed a familiar face, sitting at a long table and seemingly expecting company. His lips curling into a charming smile, he turns and strides towards the table with a subtle swish of his coat, approaching the man he knew. "Mister Nott," he greets him with a slow nod of his head. "What a pleasant surprise. Taking a reprieve from the usual chaos, I presume? I wouldn't blame you, what with things as they have been… I wonder if I may join you?"

Beckett beckons those at in line towards his table while he tells Ethan drily, "I think room might be made." Then he sees and hears Regulus. Much more formally than how he greeted Ethan, he gives a nod that is unmistakably a small bow. "Mister Black. Today has been quiet; it is enough to make a man suspicious." His smile shows he does not mean it seriously. He gestures towards a chair across from him. "You may join me, of course. I will even have enough tea to share, though I do not know what variety, once it- ah, here we are." The kettle and several cups arrive at the table, with an undersized pitcher of cream and a tiny bowl of sugar cubes.

Ethan raises a brow at Beckett's rather dry response. "Well then you have my sincere thanks for such a warm welcome." His own response is perfectly polite but with just a touch of snark to it. Regulus's entry catches his attention before he can respond further and he offers a low and respectful dip of his head to the Black. He doesn't say anything just yet waiting for Beckett to answer the man’s question. The actor will wait for Regulus to pick his seat before he too will take a seat at the table.

At the non-verbal invitation Antimony moves over toward where the men are gathering, "Good afternoon gentleman." she greets the three with a warm smile, even the one she isn't familiar with, "I hope it finds you all in good spirits."

Annie catches the beckon from the dark haired wizard, but assumes the invitation directed at the willowy blonde ahead of her. Still, there's a smile if she catches anyone's eye, before her attention returns to getting herself some tea. She steps up as Antimony moves toward the table, confirming Annie's assumption. Her tea is ordered, plus a little sweet snack. As she pays a knut slips from her fingers, rolling on it's edge across the floor toward the occupied table. "Bother," she murmurs under her breath, completing her payment before turning to chase down the coin.

Regulus smiles cordially and takes the seat opposite Mister Nott, picking up the tea kettle and pouring out for Beckett, himself, the blonde-haired gentleman and the newly invited woman, Antimony, whom he looks over with an eye of delicately masked appraisal before flashing her a warm and sincere smile. "One lump or two," he asks her, preparing her cup to order and placing them all gently around the table with soft 'clinks'. "Now then," he says, nodding to Ethan. "I do believe introductions are in order. Sir, Madame, I am Regulus Black, of the M.A.C. Division… It is my pleasure to meet any acquaintances of Mister Nott," he says with a distinguished smile and polite bow of his head, glancing sideways to notice the woman who has suddenly begun chasing coinage down the floor in their direction. Stooping slightly, he catches the rolling knut, his brow ticking up slightly before he chuckles a bit reservedly and holds it out to the frantic-looking newcomer. ".. Your runaway treasure, miss…"

"The afternoon treats me well, thank you, Antimony." Beckett rises to pull one of the chairs next to him out for Antimony with a smile, a bit of courtly courtesy. This almost backs a chair into the woman chasing her coin. "Excuse me, miss - I nearly caught you there-" He pauses and a look of half-recognition passes over his features. "Do sit. One doesn't need to be a seer to recognize such obvious guidance." Once Antimony is safely seated and her chair pushed in, Beckett makes the introductions requested. "This is Ethan Moody, Mister Black, an actor, and this is Antimony Blishwick, an actress. And this- if I am not mistaken," Nott says, looking to Annie, "-is a former classmate of mine who I have not seen since graduation."

Annie is a bit ruffled from the unexpected 3 meter dash, but her smile is unguarded and friendly as she reaches to accept the coin back. "Ta," she says, her speech as informal as her demeanor. "As if money isn't tryin' t'fly out of yer hands as it is, here I am droppin' it." Her accent is decidedly not posh, being of the North London sort, but she is dressed fairly well, her work robes neat as a pin.

Blue eyes shift to acknowledge all of those around the table and she steps back easily to avoid the chair Beckett pulls out. "Pardon for th' interruption." Her eyes linger on Beckett a moment, and she places him as an older student who brought in notes for access to the restricted books fairly often. "Beckett Nott," she says aloud as the name comes up in her head. "Lovely t'see yeh. Mister Moody, Mister Black. Miss Blishwick." Each gets a nod and her friendly smile in turn. "Annie Moody," she returns by way of introduction, her surname not the same as when she went to school, although she doesn't expect Beckett would remember that. "It's very kind of yeh. I'll just be after collectin' my tea." She steps away to do just that, waiting a moment at the counter.

"One please." she answers Regulus as she sits gracefully in the chair pulled out for her. She holds a gloved hand out to the man as they are properly introduced "How nice to meet you Mr. Black." she greets him properly and nods her thanks for the tea. "I'm pleased to hear it Beckett." she tells him after the welcoming is out of the way. Her gaze goes to the other woman that has come over through unusual means. She doesn't recognize Annie, but there were quite a few years between them and with Anitmony leaving Hogwart's after fifth year…it's to be expected.

"And your day?" Beckett asks Antimony, with a small smile, as others converse among themselves. "A charming parasol. Hard to believe it is almost time for the heat of summer." He picks up his teacup, holding it where the aroma will find its way to his nose, but he lets it cool for now. "Nothing but a drunk wizard waving his wand about this morning, for me. Fortunately he didn't shoot for the sky."

"It has been splendid so far." she gives her tea a stir to speed it to a drinkable temperature. "I had an audition this morning. It went very well. There are several very nice parts, so I'm looking forward to call backs on that." she smiles at the compliment to her accessory "Thank you." she then nods "I know, it seems like winter just ended and here we are in the middle of May." the telling of his day leaves her looking slightly aghast "Fortunately he wasn't shooting at you as well, or anyone else.

Beckett nods in agreement. "Yes. I wondered if he was reliving a memory. I believe the hit wizards had him by the time I got there. Not many witnesses. Most of them think they saw an errant flare, now, and the few things he broke are fixed. No victims. I don't think he even had malice in what he was doing. Maybe he mixed potions that shouldn't be mixed. Who knows?" He follows Antimony's example in stirring his tea to cool it off.

Antimony ponders the situation a moment "Or perhaps hallucinating?" she offers as an alternate explanation, "It wouldn't be the first time a wizard has had a bad reaction to a potion and started seeing dragons and wisps, and who knows what as a result." there is a sense of releif though "Well it all ended well and now you have an amusing story to tell your friends."

Collecting her tea and a small plate of biscuits, Annie returns to the table to take up the invitation to join the group. She catches a snippet of the conversation as she sets her things at an open place, looking to Beckett curiously, "You're with the Ministry then?" Always exciting things going on there, heaven knows.

"The M.A.C., yes. An Obliviator." Looking at Antimony, Beckett adds with a broad smile, "And unlike the Mysteries people, we actually get to talk about it. So," to Annie, "Miss Moody, your outfit indicates you either very much liked official Hogwarts dress or that you have found a place there."

Antimony sets her spoon aside and takes a tentative sip of her tea as the other two exchange pleasantries "Exciting enough not to cause people excessive drowsiness, but not so exciting that you scare people away. It's nearly perfect." from a stories of work and career talk perspective. The expression she gives Annie when the clothing is brought up seems to say that she hopes it's the latter of the two.

There's a smile for Antimony's observation, and Annie chimes in with good humor, "Although, there are those who like a lot of excitement." She continues on to answer the question posed to her, "Me not bein' one of them. I work at th' school, Assistant Librarian." There's a little bit of pride in the position, but it's not said as if it's the greatest job in the world over any other possible job. Annie looks to Antimony again, "An' may I ask, are you at the Ministry as well?"

Beckett seizes the moment to take a long sip from his cup, while Annie questions Antimony. "Someone has to keep the children out of the Restricted Section," he says with a thin smile.

"I would guess those are the ones who get the /really/ exciting jobs. Like dragon keeper." now there is an exciting and exceedingly dangerous career choice. She isn't sure if she should be horrified or amused at the assumption she works at or for the Ministry, Antimony though seems to lean in the amused direction "Oh no, not the Ministry for me. I'm an actress,"

Annie's brows lift, but her expression is more impressed than surprised. "An actress, that's lovely. Have yeh been in anything around town, or will yeh be yet t'come?" She's always looking for ways to get Tim away from work and out of the house. An amused glance goes toward Beckett, "I was so good at it, they hired me on." Her attention finally turns to her tea, but only for a second as her eyes are back on Antimony with interest.

Beckett waits for Antimony to answer, as well. He takes a sip of his tea, and his right foot begins to silently tap out the time to a song only he can hear. He does not appear impatient or fidgety - at least not above the waist. "We should enjoy the summer theatrical season," he says. "If the Muggles don't get it together-" He shrugs his shoulders, an understated and aristocratic gesture, a question about the future of the performing arts in London.

"I have been in a number of shows locally and others scattered across the U.K." Antimony answers with humility, false humility of course. She is far from being truly humble. "I'm between shows at the moment, but there are plenty to audition for." her gaze moves to Beckett "It should be a splendid one. Many new shows coming up." his mentioned of muggles has her nearly eye rolling "Do they ever have it together?"

"We'll keep an eye out for yer name in advertisements," Annie says to Antimony, "It would be lovely t'see yeh up there an' say 'I've met her'." A semi-sober cast dampens her smile for a moment as she nod. "But then, those bombings by those S-Plan people last year hardly kept folks in." Several public places, including movie houses and train stations had been targets of the Irish Republican Army. "We British just carry on." And keep calm. She doesn't comment on Muggles specifically, but doesn't seem offended. She's fielded plenty of Pure-blood contempt for her people, and with the Moody surname now, she isn't often quick to point out her heritage. It makes life so much easier.

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