(1940-05-22) Give a Little, Give A Lot
Details for Give a Little, Give A Lot
Summary: The S.D.S is out soliciting donations Nova and Bobbie run into one.
Date: 05.22.1940
Location: Central Diagon Alley

Central Diagon Alley

Diagon Alley is the largest collection of Wizarding businesses in the United Kingdom so it is no wonder that people always come here for their shopping needs. Especially just before school starts this crooked little alleyway is filled to the brink with people, vendors and even a few charlatans.

At this central location of the alley is some of the more important buildings that deserve the central placement. The cobbled street itself continues to crook off to the northeast towards the northeastern area of Diagon Alley, as well as it continues back to the southwest towards the alley entrance and the Leaky Cauldron.

It's a lovely afternoon in the wizarding community and this brings out all the wizards and witches that have places to go and things to do. The fact that is the beginning of a weekend certainly helps. The main throrough fare of Diagon Alley is certainly bustling with people going about their various errands. This makes it a perfect opportunity for witches from the Society for Distressed Witches to be out on corners shaking their little donation cans. They are spread out throughout the streets of Diagon Alley, but they are mostly prevalent here. The work in pairs, standing on corners, with their little sashes across their chests that say the societies name, so people donating will know where there money is going. Antimony, in her modest whimisical green dresses a pill box cap stands with an older witch near the entrance of Merlin Square, she has the donation can in hand and along with her companion, call out politely to passerbys "Give a little, give a lot. Every knut helps.

Nova is dress unlike most folks. Being a wizard helps, she does have the stand out eccentric thing down, but it's but ethnicity, not some other reason. The short dark skinned woman walks down the street with an air if annoyance. To be fair, some of that is justified, several people are whispering and pointing at her. If a width were to follow Quidditch, Nova may be recognized(Fame) as one of the Chasers on the Appleby's team two years ago when they won the World Cup. After that she disappeared and hasn't really been heard from…till now. The young woman, has her hair braided in one very long tail, and there are several feathered decorations hanging from it. On her neck is a beaded choker with a snake wrapping around it. And her clothing is for travel. She Glances at the burned out sweet shop, frowning as she makes her way towards the bank.

Anyone that passes the pair of witches near Merlin Square gets hit up for donations and they are pretty successful at it. With Antimony's winsome smile and the older woman's badgering, most drop at least a knut or two in the cans the women carry "Help your fellow witches. Every little knut helps." the younger of the pair says to the unique Nova as she passes by. There may be some recognition of the quidditch player, but the actress doesn't know from where, and being quite familiar with how touchy some can be about it she doesn't ask from where and pretends ignorance, for now.

Nova frowns, "Help witches with what?" She now stands out even more, her american accent is loud and brach against everyone else's. She stops and glances at the two woman, and then at the others around the square, unsure if this is a war effort, or….what.

"Get free from the chains of poverty of course." Antimony answers, her own accent marking her as something besides a Londoner, she's welsh! Gasp! "We are taking donations for the Society of Distressed Witches." a free hand smooths the sash across her chest "We strive to lift improvished witches out of the gutter of their existence and put them on the path to self-sufficiency."

Nova stands there, a rather unimpressed look on her face at the explanation. and then her tightens slightly, annoyed. Strangly though, she jams a hand into a pocket and pulls out a handful of coins, definitely more than just a few knuts. "This is for all witches right, not just a select type of impoverished?" She's asking about blood purity, without saying it. She's a rather well known half blood.

Antimony just blinks at Nova's annoyance, unsure where it is coming from, her companion though seems to know "Miss Tiva," she recognizes the quidditch player as well "I don't know what you have heard, but we at the Society of Distressed Witches do not discriminate. /Any/ witch that comes to us for assistance gets it no matter the purity of their blood." apparently she is a little putout by the assertion.

Nova's not been around, so how should she know. A curt nod and the money is dropped into the can. "Good." She glances again to the burned out candy shop and then back to the two ladies, "Is there much need for this?" She really has been gone for 2 years, rez life is very different.

Both witches smile as the coins are dropped in tin, the clink, clink of metal on metal clearly heard "Great need. Very great." the older woman says gravely, to which Antimony adds "Hardship can hit anyone at anytime, those we help today may be the same ones that will be helping us should we fall onto hardtimes. And with the war going on, it seems more and more witches are in need of help. There is nothing like a war to create a deluge of improvished widows with young children to feed."

Nova's nose wrinkles, mating her face briefly, "Yes…war never seems to have any kind of positiveness, does it?" The Player shifts, putting all her weight on one leg, her dark eyes scan the area. "I can donate more, after everything is settled. Do you have a home office?" For not caring, she seems interested.

"Except in giving an excuse for a diverse group of people to come together to deal with a common goal." Antimony replies after thinking about Nova's comment for a few moments "Oh yes dearie." the older woman replies to the question about an office and digs a card from her reticule and hands it over to Nova, she then moves to accost some fine dressed gentlemen for donations. "Mrs. Clearwater seems to know you," or at least her name, "and you are familiar but I can't put my finger as to where. Clearly we did not go to school together. May I inquire as you your profession? Have you been on stage perhaps?" since she is an actress herself, that's the first thing that springs to mind as to why the other woman is familiar.

Nova resists the urge to roll her eyes. Having been where she was for 2 years, nothing her seems that desolate. The card is taken with a nod, Nova can do a little more, once her salary starts up again. A dark eyebrow raises and Nova laughs at the idea of her on a stage, "No…No stage. The Pitch. I played for the Appleby's a few years ago." Does now again, but she doesn't say that. She's not sure if the team will want to make an announcement or not.

The afternoon finds Diagon Alley a bustle of activity. Witches and Wizards going about their daily business while the good weather still lasts. Dotting the random street corner are a variety of witches, both young and old, wearing sashes across their chests marking them as members of the Society for Distressed Witches. They rattle tins asking passerby for donations. One of these is Antimony paired with an older woman with a similiar sash. The older woman is soliciting donations from a pair of fine dressed Ministry workers, while the younger Antimony seems to be speaking to Nova, "The stage of the sporting variety." Nova may not be an actress but she puts on performances in her own right, "I can't say I have been to many quidditch games recently, but I always go to the world cup." but who doesn't.

The short Chaser quirks an eyebrow, "Yeah…I suppose it is." A stage of sorts. "I haven't played for a while." There's a shrug as she looks around again, "World Cup can be exciting." Her eye come back to the well dressed lady in front of her, studying her slightly.

Bobbie is among those Diagon Alley goers today, her light trench coat folded over an arm, attire, as always, far more bloke-ish than witch-ish. She's ducking around a couple near the sash-wearing party when she has to sidestep once more. Busy street today. That's when she spots Antimony and Nova. The first gets a look of hazy recognition, but the second gets a head-jerk as Bobbie suddenly stops short, making those behind her have to do their own side-stepping. "They 'ave you un'er a rock all this time or what, aye?" she asks the fellow Chaser, grinning lightly.

"No," there is a beat "Miss. Tiva was it?" having heard the older woman address her as such, "I can only assume that was by choice and not because of scandelous behaviour." not that she pays much attention to the sports news and the fact that whatever the cause it happened a couple of years ago, long since forgotten "Exciting is an understatement, but I guess as a player you see things from a different perspective." a glance is given to Bobbie as she approaches, there is recognition from her as well, but again she can't place it, it could be from their few shared years at Hogwart's or the Qudditch thing.

Nova 's been glared/oggled at all day, so she tightens when she hears Bobbie speak. But then it register who as she spots the woman. "Bobbie!" There's a flash of the elusive smile. "The rock has been removed, yes." The other girl gets a shrug, Nova's usually in some kind of scandal, to be fair.

"Tiva," Bobbie is too happy to answer, giving Animony a wide, bright-eyed grin. To the former Arrow, she adds, "Comin' back to us, then? Or're ya jus' here visi'in' or some such?" Turning to the actress again, Bobbie thumbs a gesture toward Nova. "Used ta play wi' 'er, years back now, i'n't it?"

Antimony looks between the two woman as they greet each other, she seems moderately amused by the reunion of the pair "You played on the Appleby Arrows team as well then?" she asks Bobbie when she brings up how they know each other.

Nova offers a hand to Bobbie to shake, "Just finished talking to upper management. So yes…I am back." She smirks, "It wasn't that long ago." Her arms fold, making her look a little bit like she's pouting…or being stubborn.

"Hey, in our sport it is," Bobbie replies to Nova, gladly taking the offered hand and giving it an enthusiastic shake. Still in the process of that greeting, she grins at Antimony. "Still do. Though can on'y guess why." She kids. Really. Coming just short of uttering an obscenity in public, she adds, "Oy, i's goin' ta be good havin' ya back, Tiva." Back to the actress, "Ever see 'er fly? Jus' beua'iful. Hey, wha's wit' tha tins, anyway?"

Nova's nose wrinkles again, slightly annoyed now. "I have kept up." In case that was a jab at her abilities. But then she's bragging on the american and Nova seems a little surprised, "It is good to be back…I have missed it." The tin is given a small nod, "They are collecting money for people who need it. To help." Vague, but true.

"I would guess it is because of the way it makes you feel. That rush of energy and exciment when you are about to take to the stage…I mean pitch." Antimony is obviously comparing her profession of acting with theirs, "I have seen the Arrows play a few times over the course of the years. Could I say if I recall her flying exactly," there is a shake of head "no." When Nova gives a brief explanation of the tin she nods "For improverished witches, no matter the circumstances their birth." she smooths her sash with few free hand as she rattles the tin at Bobbie "Every little knut helps." and she beams her best winsome smile, which probably works a lot better on the men folk.

"Wouldn' look like ya do if ye didn'," Bobbie replies to Nova with another eye-twinkling grin, apparently agreeing, even if she's never been the most eloquent witch ever. When Antimony adds to the description of their purpose, Bobbie nods a couple times, stuffing hands in the pockets of her trousers, very nearly dragging the trench coat on the ground at that point. "Oh yeah… 'eard o' yer group, time 'r two." She purses her lips slightly, pondering… whatever it is that goes through her mind. What comes out is, "Squibs too, 'r just th' witches?"

It's probably why Bobbie and Nova got along. Neither really were eloquent. No harm at not remembering Nova, she just shrugs again. Bobbie gets a grin at Antimony's spell, nudging her teammate with her elbow. "I already asked that it was for everyone…" Her eyes narrow and she looks at the actress, "Squibs too, right?"

At the questioning of the Society's practices Antimony looks around for Mrs. Clearwater to answer, but the woman is no longer in easy range of communication having gone further into the park area, "I am unaware of any discrimination when it comes to Squibs." her tone is a cool neutral, which may indicate that her own views may differ from that of the S.D.S "I'm sure, at the least, if the improverished squib in question had young children, we would assist them in whatever way was necessary." especially if those young children showed magical aptitude, but that is more implied than said outright.

Bobbie is unconvinced, and she's not even bothering with a poker face. She stares at Antimony, then glances briefly toward Nova, though she doesn't say anything right away. Probably for the best. Her shoulders hunch a little as she goes back to staring at the actress, then at her sash, then at the collection cup. Her mouth works for a moment, but do not fear, she doesn't actually spit into it. That would be highly unprofessional, after all. With that altercation averted, she meets the actress' eyes again and draws herself to her full height. "Righ', well." There's supposed to be more to that statement, but again, she manages to keep it to herself. She turns to Nova and tips her fedora slightly. "Be seein' ya at practices, Tiva. Wicked good news, mate." Then, with a last glance toward Antimony, Bobbie heads back into the throng.

Nova sighs, frowning at the words from Ant, "Well then." She's about as eloquent as Bobbie. "Later, Bobbie. We'll catch up over a mug."

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