(1940-05-23) Fairy Godmother
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Summary: Stepping away from the Newmarket Race crowds, Rena has a quiet word with Brandy
Date: 1940/05/23
Location: Newmarket, Suffolk
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With Faulkner minding Bacardi - and hopefully not telling him more about 'debauched morals' - Brandy and Rena are off to fetch what food they'd brought with them for the day. "I've got my own picnic basket tucked away in my bag," Brandy remarks in a quiet voice. But she can't very well pull that out in front of so many Muggles. "So we don't have to worry about making what you brought stretch. Mum made us up a real feast. And of course I have flask - and a jug of juice for Bac."

"Your family," Rena remarks with a faintly wistful sigh, "Everyone always looks out for one another. And your mum always were grand. She was so appalled at how thin and tiny I was when she met me the first time. The way she kept trying to get me to eat, it was like she was trying to make up for lost time." She adds, laughingly.
"Sorry about Birdie cutting loose a few of those words back there," Rena then offers a hasty apology with a blush. "He really is a good man. I promise."

"That's just her way," Brandy agrees. "Always has been. It's her job in life - looking after the little ones. I guess I had to get it somewhere." She lets out a snicker before adding, "You may recall - Birdie wasn't the one who told the horse to move its bloody arse." She shakes her head then adds, "It's fine. As many older sibs as he has - Bac hears stuff, time to time."

If at all possible, Rena blushes even harder: "S-sorry," she stammers through a sheepish smirk. "I'd better learn to watch my language better. Not just for the company Birdie tends to keep in his realm of society, but for…" The young woman stops herself short and looks somewhat troubled.
"Honestly, Brandy, I was really hoping I'd get a few minutes alone with you. There's something I've got to talk to you about. It's very important." The other woman has known Rena long enough to see the sincere worry behind her eyes. And, she is not one to lie or exaggerate the importance of something.

As Rena trails off into silence, Brandy glances aside at her curiously - concern growing on her features once the woman speaks again. "What is it, Rena?" Does it have something to do with her application? Rena knows she can't really talk about work, though, either! "You know if I can help I will," she adds helpfully.

Rena would give absolutely anything to be able to ask about her application to get Faulkner vetted; but, she knows that that is the one thing she cannot do. It wouldn't be proper, and it goes against procedure in about six different ways. That will simply have to keep gnawing away inside.
"It's about us - Birdie and me, I mean. And I couldn't talk about it with him around, let alone with all those other people." An anxious glance at their surroundings, and Rena says: "When we get to the car, let's 'ave a bit of a breather and sit down where we can talk in private. I promise - it's not exactly work-related."

Oh, great, it is about the application. Or at least - that's what Brandy believes - until Rena says it's not work related. "Well… sure, Rena. Everything's going alright, isn't it? If he's not treating you right - well - I'll smack him around with a frying pan for you, if you like. I wouldn't mind doing it."

That lightens the mood slightly. Rena breaks out into a fit of nervous laughter, which she quickly stifles back for the sake of decorum: "Lord love you, Brandy - never was there a finer gent. He treats a former showgirl like a bloomin' queen, he does. He says I make him happy to be alive. We've been nothing but good for each other, and I think things will stay that way."
The two women reach the car - a refuge from prying ears and eyes - where they can shut themselves away for a few minutes in peace and quiet. Once they've settled in, Rena sighs and tries to think of the best way to break the news to her friend. Maybe girls with mothers learn these lessons. Unfortunately, that was one privilege she did without as a child, and she never had a woman's hand to guide her. "Brandy, I… I'm going to h-have a baby."

"Well, if that's the case, I'll have to find another target for my frying pan. What a pity," Brandy remarks lightly, flashing her friend a smile. Once they reach the car, she slips in, closing the door behind her and looking to her friend as she spends a few moments fumbling for words. Once she finds them, though, a huge smile starts to bloom across her features. "Cor - is that right? Well, that's marvelous, Rena! It is marvelous, isn't it? I mean, I suppose it'll mean taking a break from your work…" She sidles over to Rena to wrap an excited arm around her friend.

As for Rena, she is still a bit unsteady with her own emotions. She constantly vacillates between joy and outright fear. Everything is so uncertain for her. Babies and all that they entail are so very normal and natural in the Sweetwater family. But, poor Rena, on the other hand…
"I'm so happy - and scared at the same time, Brandy." She admits, laying her head on the other woman's shoulder when she is pulled in for a hug. "I don't even know what happens when the time comes. I don't suppose the stork actually drops them off, after all, does he?" She kids the other, feebly.

"Oh, gracious, no," Brandy answers - doing her best not to laugh. She mostly pulls it off. "Rena - you're going to be fine. No need for fears - but no, no stork. Though that'd be lovely. I was there when Bac was born - which I often remind him of, much to his chagrin, I promise you. Missed it for Lu, I'm afraid. But - look, anything you need to know about babies, you can ask me - or better yet, my mum. She knows just about everything."

Just a teeny bit crestfallen at being assured that the stork would not be involved, Rena's shoulders slump slightly. Oh well, she wasn't holding out much hope for it to begin with. But still, that would have been nice.
"I know I can count on you and your mum to help me get ready for… for things. I don't know who else I could go to. And you've both always been so kind to me…" Hesitating, Rena lifts her head and asks rather abruptly: "Would you maybe like to be the baby's godmother? I know I'm asking an awful lot, and it's a great deal to hand you at once with the news being so sudden-like."

"Any day and any time," Brandy confirms firmly. "We'll help you out," she promises. The question, however, catches her a little off guard. "Godmother?" she asks in surprise. "To help raise 'er up in the church? Or you mean - so as to take 'er in, if it were ever needed? I know plenty about the church - but you know I wasn't raised terribly religious-like."

Rena can't help but laugh a little wryly. "The man I've got picked out for Godfather ain't exactly the most religious of men, either. I just… I mean, in case something were ever to happen to me - to us - I can't think of anyone more better suited to helping. And… I can't think of anyone I'd rather have. Because I know you would always give them love and care, for my sake and theirs." It's not an easy or comfortable thing to have to ask, but they both understand the seriousness and danger of her job. Despite her feather-headed nature, she has always been very well-grounded in the fact that she faces uncertainty and death every day. She has to know her baby will be cared for if she dies - even this early in the game.

"If you ever get holed up in St Mungos for a little stay - well. Your brood can stay with me for as long as they need, and I'll look after 'em like my own. You know that, Rena. I'll even make sure they eat more 'n sweets for dinner, and that they brush their teeth, and know right from wrong. 'cept on their birthday, when they're allowed to have cake and ice cream for dinner. It's a rule," Brandy reassures her friend. "I'd be delighted to be godmother."

Rena swore up and down inside of herself that she wouldn't cry. But, it takes absolutely all of her combined willpower to stop herself from letting any tears slip past. They are tears of relief, however, judging by the grateful hug she then gives Brandy.
"Thanks awfully," she says thickly, sniffing slightly. "I can't ever thank you enough." A pause, and she seems to remember something else. "Oh… don't mention it to Birdie yet? Because he doesn't know. I … I haven't found the right time or place to tell him, yet." Well, that's awkward.

"Mum's the word," Brandy promises, giving Rena another squeeze. "You got my promise," she says seriously. And - as if it weren't awkward enough she adds, "Now - would it set your mind moe at ease to now how babies do get into the world - or should we hold onto that one for later, hrm?"

The question breaks any residual tension that might have been lingering in the air, and Rena laughs. "No… no, I think I'd prefer to wait a little longer, if it's all the same to you. I've a feeling I'm going to come over all green if you tell me, and then Birdie will wonder what's come over me when we go back." Despite being an Auror, she needs some time to get used to the idea of… everything.
"Speaking of, I suppose we really ought to get back to him," Rena muses. "He'll be wondering where we went. And heaven only knows what nonsense he's been filling Bacardi's head with while we were gone."

"Can't have that! Filling Bacardi's head with nonsense is my job!" Brandy protests. She grins at her friend as she adds, "Congratulations, Rena. Really. This is just marvelous. I can't wait to meet the little tyke!" Reaching into her bag now - she pulls out a picnic basket that has no business fitting inside, then reaches for the door to the car, to slide back out again.

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