(1940-05-23) Hogwarts Quidditch 1939-40, Game 06 - Ravenclaw versus Gryffindor
Details for Ravenclaw versus Gryffindor 1940
Summary: The sixth and final Hogwarts Quidditch match of the 1939-1940 school year pits Ravenclaw House against Gryffindor House. Final Score: Ravenclaw - 210, Gryffindor - 40
Date: May 23rd, 1940
Location: Hogwarts - Quidditch Pitch & Stands

Gryffindor Team


Ravenclaw Team


In the Stands


Akilina might be soft spoken, but she has that specially made 'air horn'. As the game gears up to starting she holds the small can with a large earhorn shaped horn above her head and presses the button. A loud eagle's cry sounds with a blast of blue and bronze streamers over her fellow Ravenclaws.

The time was here, and Terrance could not help but feel his heart hammer at his chest. The cup could be theirs today, he thought as he makes his way down onto the field with the Gryffindor team. At the command he mounted his broom, giving a jolt up and darting off to the Gryffindor side to circle his hoops.

Victoria makes her way out onto the pitch, taking up the rear as Ravenclaw makes their way out. She waves to those cheering in the stands, smiling. She looks up at the sky and nods, hoping onto her broom and taking off, heading to her position.
Gabriel walks onto the pitch looking a little sleep deprived. Which is backed up by the big yawn he lets out right before rubbing his eyes with the back of his wrists. Getting on his broom he kicks off then almost drifts up to playing height, slapping his own cheeks lightly as he goes.

Josie walks with the rest of the Gryffindor players out of the dressing room, as usual a bounce of excitement in her step. She has a grin on her face as she mounts her broom, and says to the others, "Let's win this!"

Abraxas is in the Slytherin section, as he always is for Quidditch games, though he seems to clap a bit more loudly for the Ravenclaw team than for the Gryffindors - after all, one must have standards.

Hooch soars about on her famous broom. The rather infamous whistle in her lips and wand held to her throat. With a blow of the whistle she signals the form up beginning of the game. "Welcome to the Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw Quidditch Match, it's the last game of the season so let's go out with a blast. Keep it clean and keep it fun. Playing today for Gryffindor, Keeper - Terrance Green, their Chasers - Josephine Davies, Angus MacMillan and Gryffindor's Team Captain, Ignatius Leonius Prewett! Here are their Beaters, Eamon MacCaille and Donovan Gallagher. Seeking for the Gryffindor Team today is Colton Higgins."

"Here comes the Ravenclaws! Elise Harper as Keeper. Victoria Summerbee, Ameinocles Mulciber and Gabriel Ward as Ravenclaw's Chasers. Myrus Lowe and Carolyn Goyle at bat today. With their Captain, Elspeth Rosen seeking! I bid you all a good game! Ready…" The whistle is given a good blow and with a wave of her wand the quidditch box on the pitch below her comes springing open and the snitch zips off to who knows where. The Quaffle pops up an curves in angle to the Gryffindor side of the pitch. The Bludgers growl into the air and clash at each other a few times in a iron ball style high five before they barrel off hunting for young bones to crush.

Loudly, Sierra is here for an obvious reason - it's her brother's last game, and nothing would make her miss it. As the players start to take to the field, she stands up, cupping her hands around her mouth to shout loudly down at the field, "Got this in the bag, Colton!" Never mind that if her brother catches the snitch - her house loses the cup. She's willing to lose to Gryffindor. …this year.

As the whistle blows Gabriel comes alive. Bending low over his broom he zooms after the quaffle, doing a barrel roll under one of the bludgers, leaving it open for one of his Beaters to take care of behind him. Edging out the Gryffindor Chasers he manages to snag the quaffle and pass it on to Victoria before having to dodge another well aimed bludger from a Gryf Beater.

Colton spends a bit of time just soaking it all up. He hams it up for the audience and does his best to get everyone riled up. Kissing his fingers and waving them into the air he playfully acts like he was the King or summat!

Abraxas applauds again. The game is about to start. How very exciting. He claps, and tries to look interested. Maybe it will be easier once bludgers start clobbering people.

As soon as the whistle blows, Josie makes a dive for the quaffle… and misses, as one of her best friends gets to it ahead of her. Looping around, she turns and starts giving chase to Gabriel, then Victoria as the quaffle is thrown.

Levi is running late to the match or well normally he's way earlier than many. The seventh year goes sitting in really the first good seat he can find. It seems he's just here hoping for a good match to watch between the two teams as he follows things just beginning.

Victoria has the qaffle and zips through past a pair of sleepy Gryffindor chasers, Josie hot on her heels. Holding the hot potato, she spirals towards Terrance, hoping to confuse him tossing the quaffle towards I'm at an odd angle.
Loudly, Akilina once more presses the button on her Ravenclaw Airhorn. A loud eagle's cry sounds with a blast of blue and bronze streamers over her fellow Ravenclaws. She is 'shouting' which is about as loud as everyone elsees speaking voice. So it's really drowned out by the other cheering going on. But that's why she has the airhorn!

Terrance gripped a bit hard on his broom as the Ravenclaw chasers made their quick advance up the pitch towards him. He hovered from edge to edge of the center hoop, eyes locked on Victoria. As she made to take her shot, he dived into action. He stretched out, just able to get a grip on the quaffle. With the shot saved, he straightened up with a wide smile before sending it forward to the Gryffindor chasers.

The control by the Gryffindor team was a short lived one though, as soon Gabriel would come darting from above, performing a crisp tackle to take the quaffle. Now it was his turn, darting up to Terrance, feinting to the right before hurtling the ball through the left hoop.

Loudly, Sierra cups her hands to her mouth again and calls, "There's only one Colton Higgins, we know he'll get his digs in! He's fast and clever - he's the best seeker ever!" It looks like she took a pointer from her brother's own cheering at her last game. Being ridiculous is good.

"Heya, Higgins." Levi says as he at least knows one of the students nearby since she's in his house and all. He'll focus also on the game of course as things will start to heat up no doubt as the players find their rhythm and everything. He grins at her encouragement for her brother just glad and hoping for a good game no injuries ect.
Josie frowns as the Ravenclaws score another goal, but when Ignatius gets the quaffle after, she's grinning again speeding down to follow after him in play. At the last moment, Ignatius passes her the quaffle, which she seems ready for, and she goes from catch to throw instantly to throw it through the Ravenclaw centre hoop.

Erica is in the Hufflepuff stands with all of her fingers crossed and all of her toes most likely crossed as well as she prays out loud that the Gryffindor's don't score so that the Badgers have a chance at the Quidditch Cup. She looks like she could pass a kidney stone with how hard she is praying and wishing under her breath. Red faced and a few moments away from sweating bullets.

"Hello Levi," Sierra greets the boy, before nudging the girl next to her. "Com'on, Erica. Cheer for Coltn with me." Is that mischief in her gaze. She knows exactly what Erica is hoping for, ever all.

Hooch blows her whistle at a lull in the game play so long as to announce the current score, "Ravenclaw ahead with 20 points! Gryffindor only just behind with 10 points! Short and sweet because there's suddenly a flurry of action as Colton and Elspeth are in a tangle of brooms and arms as they stretch and try to get ahold of the snitch that teasingly zip before them. Colton is just a touch ahead, but suddenly the snitch puts on the breaks and Colton misses the catch. The breaking put itself right in Elspeth's face. But just as soon as she can swat-grab at it, it's zipped back into action through the light drizzling rain and disappears in a bit of mist above the seekers. The game is back and a whirlwind!

Erica opens her eyes long enough to whimper at her friend. "But Sierra! Yay Colton and all, but Hufflepuff!! Though if Ravenclaw wins, man they are so so so going to wipe the floor with the House Cup. But we have a chance at the Quidditch Cup if they win, and it's our first year playing, don't you want to win the Quidditch Cup!?"

"We can get the Quidditch Cup next year. But this Colton's last-" Suddenly Sierra's on her feet, jumping and shouting. "GO GO COLTON GET IT GET I-" Her expression and eyes widen into a gasp as Elspeth almost catches it- and then the snitch is gone, and Sierra drops back into her seat. "Wow. That was close."

As Round 2 begins, Ravenclaw gets the quaffle. Victoria, Gabriel, and Ameinocles work together in perfect unison. Their heart-wrenching loss to Slytherin must've been the catalyst to put these folks into high gear. The quaffle gets tossed from one to the other and back. Bulldoggers zip back and forth, looking to damage the chasers, yet they can't seem to catch them. Victoria zips through and tosses the quaffle through the left ring, and then Gabriel catches the rebound, sending it in through the right.

He chuckles a little "What about my last year?" Levi says looking between Erica who gets a friendly smile and Sierra who he's clearly teasing he doesn't hold to such things being extra important it's be nice but he's just in it for a good match all te same.

Abraxas is on the edge of his seat, then standing up and leaning over the edge of somebody else's. So close but then… Groan. He sits back down. "Not that easy, I guess…"

Akilina blows the horn again just as Colton was reaching for the snitch. Her magnified eyes by her glass lenses make her innocent look all the more innocent.

"I'm afraid you aren't my brother, Levi. Sorry." Sierra flashes him a smile that doesn't look at all sorry. "But we have had a really great season! And I suppose if Colton doesn't catch the snitch, I won't be too heart broken about getting the Quidditch Cup. I think the worst case, here, is if Gryffindor scores four goals, and Colton doesn't get the snitch - but what're the odds of that?"

Erica beams over at Levi, "I care." Yes, she's perhaps still a tiny bit moony for Levi. A heart attack, that's what it looks like Erica is having when the exchange for the snitch happens. "It's too soon! I wonder if they missed on purpose?" She looks to her team mates. Really she's trying to get a better mind for the game.

Terrance attempts to shake off the early two scores from the Ravenclaw chasers. While the teams would perform daring tackle and deviant smashes to the bludger, he would just sweep in and out of the three posts, his eyes locked of the quaffle as it passed form player to player.

Josie does her best to keep up, flying after the quaffle as it goes, but she can't stop them from scoring again. She starts to loop around to be in position to take the rebound,only to have a bludger from Cara almost knock her from her broom, only barely holding on.

After another two quick goals that came early in the second round, Terrance was in position for the next few advances. And now, as Victoria streaked in on the hoops, Terrance seemed to be more prepared. He dived from the far right hoop ot the far left, making a fantastic fingertip stop. Straightening out he rocks his arm back, looking to Josie…but then his face dropped as he watched the bludger come out of nowhere to smash into her. Adjusting his throw quickly, he forwarded the quaffle up to Angus, who with a few quick dodges was able tolob the quaffle through the right hoop in an attempt to close the gap.

Levi shakes his head "No, no I am not fair enough." He says with a chuckle to Sierra he's quiet as he spots the seekers strike into motion wondering if the match is to be a short one but the snitch gets away. "Oooh close one." He looks over to Erica and smiles "Thanks its appreciated Erica." the seventh year says though looking back to the match.

"Oh, come on. No seeker would ever pass up the chance to catch the snitch. Certainly Colton wouldn't." Sierra scans the sky as if she can spot the snitch herself - and point out where Colton should go. There maaaay be a few people sitting next to her that would try to stop those shenanigans, though.

Melody doesn't have a real interest in quidditch, but she promised Eoin that she'd see all the games with him this year. The pair are a bit late in arriving, because she made him finish his charms work before accompanying him to the stands. As she expected, as soon as they arrive Eoin scampers off to be with his friends, not really caring if Mel stays or not. The girl sighs softly, pushing her blonde hair back behind her ear as she squints and looks up at the on-going game.

"Just depends, if the seeker thought their team could score enough points to have the snitch caught mean winning they just might hold off on catching it, but that's risky for sure." Levi says he looks at the new arrivals and smiles friendly over to Melody if he can catch her glance he'll wave and motion her over to join him if she wants to.

Colton is after the snitch! Pausing a moment to wipe his goggles it's just in time to see Josie get hit. It's early in the game and they need a score of forty before he'll really get down to brass tacks. He flies over to Josie and can't really help her back up onto her broom or he'll get a foul, so he cheers her on. "You got this Jo! Come on, up you go. You okay?" When she proves to be alright enough he once more turns to the crowd to wave his arms and clap about to urge them to cheer for their little trooper Josie! He checks on Elspeth and dodges a wild bludger. The other seeker seems to be in hunt mode and seemingly hasn't spotted the snitch again yet so Colton is back to schmoozing the crowd. Blowing kisses and waving to some of the crowd, randomly and not so randomly. His sister is aimed a grateful wink too.

Loudly, Sierra rolls her eyes at her brother's antics - but she's grinning as she does so. "Stop wasting time and find the thing! Don't let Rosen get the drop on you!"

With her eyes up on the game, Melody doesn't so much try and puzzle out what's happening as much as who's in the air. One player is unmistakable, and his antics are rewarded with a glare before Mel immediately looks away. Her gaze sweeps over Levi, then returns as she registers his wave. Her smile is back and she makes her way over to her housemate, greeting others as she goes, until she settles next to him. "Alright Esmond?" is her usual casual greeting. "Have I missed much?" It's a question she's heard others ask so she knows it's relevant.

As the third round begins, Terrance gives a light sigh as he watches the Ravenclaw chasers once again take the lose quaffle. He braced himself once more, hands up as they passed back and forth before taking their close-range shot, which seemed to be nothing special. Looking up he would spot the open Josie, targeting her with a lob pass.

Soleil has a silk head scarf in slytherin green and silver wrapped around her raven tresses and her clapping is made perhaps awkward by the umbrella in her hand. She and Lillian are both huddled under the cover of the umbrella because a drizzle is the worst on their hair, and they aren't playing, both of their prim style sense is right out the window when the two get on their brooms. But off of them they are quite the British young ladies as they clap and call out, "Good show! Nice attempt!" They've played their last game ever for Hogwarts and now they are simply interested to see who is going to take Quidditch Cup. There is a moment when Soleil is concerned for Abraxas when he leans so. "Please don't topple Abraxas!"

Hooch blows the whistle to announce, "Ravenclaw with 40 points, and Gryffindor with 20 points."

Josie grins to Colton and nods, "I'm fine." She's holding her arm as if hurt, but she's not going to admit it when the game is still on. She flies back into the action, catching the toss from Terrance and flying forward fast. Zigging and zagging to dodge bludgers and attempted interceptions, she makes it down the field and throws the ball through the left hoop.

"I won't topple." Abraxas says, with a laugh, "Though they might. It's been a while since we had a game this defensive." He gives a small nod to the soon-to-graduate Slytherin, but applauds when Ravenclaw is announced as having the lead.

Levi turns to Melody as she sits beside him and the score is announced just as he opens his mouth to tell her. he laughs a little "Both seekers saw the snitch earlier but it escaped tricky little devil at the best of times ya know?" he turns back to the game not wanting to miss something but asks. "How about yourself? Doin alright?"

After missing their shots at the beginning of the round, Victora and Gabriel are at it again. Ameinocles flies cover of the other two, looking to intercept anything coming towards the two. Vicky's straight hair is damp and slicked back due to the drizzle. She wipes of of the moisture from her face as the pair catch the quaffle again, this time Gabriel sends in his shot, and then Victoria catches and gets in another. She cheers, waving to the crowd, looking in the Ravenclaw stands.

The almost catch of the snitch caught Elspeth's attention and focus right away, and it brought her more sharply into the game. She peers through the drizzle, as she zips off in the direction she last saw it. It's the first time she's played Seeker, and she's hoping that her change in roster will pay off, after a disappointing season. Shaking her head, and giving a blink of her eyes, she freezes for a moment, then she zips upwards, swerves to follow, then reaches out her hand, and… suddenly there is something fluttering and squirming in her hand. She pulls up on her broom, and then looks down. Now she knows why so many want to be Seeker. She opens one finger. Looking around, she raises that hand and waves it. She cheers and flies back towards the middle of the field, waving her hand.

Sierra groans, sinks back into her seat as the snitch is caught, and then looks around at her team mates. "Alright. What was the score? Someone at least tell me we won the cup? Did we win the cup?"

Madam Hooch seems extremely excited by the game going on around her. It's certainly one of the more neck in neck games of the year. When Elspeth comes up with the snitch the whistle is turned just so that the Final Whistle tone is sounded. "Ravenclaw wins! Ravenclaws with 210 points. Gryffindor with 40 points!"

Victoria cheers as she sees that Elspeth has the snitch! "We won!!" She cheers, hugging Gabriel and Ameinocles as they're all nearby on their brooms. She waves to the cheering crowd and then waits to congratulate Gryffindor on an excellent match.

Abraxas claps again for Ravenclaw. He doesn't give Elspeth any particular kudos - muggle borns, and all, playing a wizarding game. Then he begins to gather up his things, "Ah, well, next year for us, I suppose. This one has not been a banner."

"Oh yes, just lovely," comes Melody's answer to Levi's question. "Ready for the end of the year so we can get back home for a bit." That dreamy smile is in place on her lips, and she looks about to say something more when the whistle is blown by Madam Hooch, stealing Mel's attention. "Is it over already?" she asks anyone who will answer, looking a little bit hopeful for an affirmative answer. She's wasting the lovely drizzle, sitting here in the stands when she could be out walking the grounds.

Terrance was watching the skies as Colton and Elspeth took after the snitch. But then, his face sunk, watching Elspeth's fingers slip and clasp around the little golden ball. The game was lost. But as he listened to the score, doing math quick in his decent his face lit up again. "We did it! We did it!" he shouted tot he other Gryffindors, "The Quidditch Cup is ours this year!!" he said with a bit of a disbelieving laugh and a punch into the air. As he slowed tot he ground, he would call out to the Ravenclaw team, "Great match." he said truthfully as their chasers seemed to be on point, and the seeker a bit luckier.
Josie blinks as she hears the whistle, looking back, then her shoulders slump as Hooch declares Ravenclaw the winner. But then… wait, "40 points? We did it!" She cheers as well, flying back towards the other Gryffindors.

"End of the year feels weird. I wont be back next year." Levi says though he smiles bravely looking back up at the gasp from the crowd and the whistle. The score announced. He looks back to Melody nodding "Yep its over. We lost the cup." He sighs looking crestfallen. He looks down at his shoes a moment but back up not TOO much longer after and claps and does mean it not one to let things keep him down. "Well done both team well fought."

"Oh for the love of- this is because of that bee!" Sierra remarks. A bee had gotten into her dorm and, much to her horror, one of her roommates had smashed it. "That always brings bad luck."

After landing and swapping hugs all around with her teammates, Elspeth walks over to the Gryffindor team and offers her hand to all of them. She can't help but smile even broader at the other team's exuberance. "Time to be going to our common room for celebrating," she tells her teammates, and leads the way from the field, waving to the Ravenclaw stands, then sending a smile towards someone in the Slytherin stands briefly before continuing on the way.

Even as detached as she can be, Melody can see Levi's disappointment. One hand comes up to pat him on the shoulder briefly, and she tries to look sad herself as so many of the Hufflepuffs do. "I should go find Eoin, make sure he's not plotting any mischief with his friends," Melody says, leaning slightly sideways as she tries to spy her brother in the seats below. Her eyes shift to Levi, "I'll see you back in the commons before dinner." With that she turns to make her way through the crowd now shuffling dejectedly out of the stands.

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