(1940-05-26) Whispered Conversation
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Summary: Beckett finds Antimony running lines, a brief conversation is had.
Date: 05.26.1940
Location: Midsummer Night's Stage

Midsummer Night's Stage

As theaters go this is a small one. A 20' by 20' thrust stage is surrounded by four person tables on three sides creating total seating for about 50 people in its normal setting. The oak flooring has been stained a dark cherry and left rustic and unpolished while the walls and ceiling have been painted a dark rust color. The light from the ever-burning candle lighting the dining area from the small chandeliers hanging over each table combine with the colors of the floor and walls to create a warm and welcoming, if slightly dim environment. Hanging from the walls are piece from local artists that change frequently along with the table cloths, which are picked to match the wall decorations. To the right of the room is a small bar with a large selection of both Wizarding and Muggle drinks dominating the wall behind it.

The front and sides of the stage, which is raised about four feet from the main floor, are decorated with magnificent carving depicting all the characters from Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' gallivanting in throughout a forest. The stage is floored in the same way as the main room, with the upstage half and the backstage spaces separated from everything else by black velvet curtains.

There has been a lot of activity surrounding the Midsummer Night's Stage today. Lots of people coming and going, some obviously actors and actresses, still others harder to pin down, perhaps set workers or props people or the various other positions that need filling to put on a successful show. What exactly is going on is questionable, it could be call backs, or rehearsals or any number of things really. There are groups scattered throughout where the audience sits, running through lines so some kind if practice is going on. Stage hands criss-cross the stage at random intervals on some errand or other.

Sitting toward the back is Antimony, script in hand, following along as a few people in her 'group' go back and forth reading lines.

The bustle within is not matched by security without. No one blocks or questions Beckett's entrance into the theater, though whether his relaxed demeanor is disarming or his confident bearing deters interruption is unclear. The activity and preparation brings a small but genuine smile to his face. When his eyes find Antimony, the smile widens. He steps to the bar area, collects several glasses, fills them, and puts them on a tray. A few of the paintings and drawings along the walls arrest his passage as he examines them, but before long he has reached the group. He waits for an appropriate pause before asking quietly, "Water? The work parches the throat." He extends the tray to where everyone can reach it a glass.

The page of the script is flipped and Antimony looks at her fellow thespians as she throws out a line full of worry about the character's love interest or some such. The interruption grinds the reading to a halt as four faces turn to focus on Beckett. None of them are upset by it thankfully and Antimony seems pleasantly surprised by his being there, "Why thank you Beckett." she gives him a warm smile as they are help themselves to a glass, "I didn't expect to see you here. Curious about it all are we?"

"It's hard to catch most art in the middle quite the same way you can a theatrical production," Beckett says with a nod, returning the smile and sharing it with the others of the little group, though he doesn't interrupt trains of thought further with introductions. "I am in the neighborhood and thought I would enjoy seeing you perform. Though I do not want to impose an audience where one is unwelcome." This statement is accompanying by a slight tip of the head towards her companions. Once everyone has taken a glass of water, one remains: Beckett's. He claims it and takes a sip, setting the tray down on a nearby table. His brief absence should give enough time for the group to weigh in.

Antimony seems amused by the statement, "This is true. A painter, sculpter or other artist would be quiet put out if you sat and watched them at work." she starts out saying "We actors on the other hand tend to enjoy an audience." and her even more so "No imposition at all." she glances at the others breifly, they are pretty non-commital on the subject not knowing Antimony that well and not knowing Beckett at all "Your company is always welcome." by the time he returns the others have gone back to reading and she has shifted a seat over not wanting to disturb them overly with conversation.

Beckett returns to sit next to Antimony. He leans his head over his shoulder to whisper towards her ear, "So what am I interrupting?" His smile tries to tug wider while his voice drops to an even lighter whisper, "And how did speaking to the director go?"

Sipping her water, Antimony leans closer to hear the whispered question "Everyone you see here is part of call backs. We are just practicing lines before the second wave of auditions begin." she keeps her tone whispered as well, "Splendidly, but not really necessary. I managed to get in on the last day of auditions.

Beckett nods slightly, turning his head back to address himself once again to Antimony's ear. "Then it seems I owe you coffee for both the pleasure and the bait." He is deliberately still watching the other actors and actresses out of the corners of his eyes, rather than trying to make eye contact while so close. "I hope he was perceptive enough that you can make lead actress. Quite the opportunity." He pauses before asking, "Do you know anything about Muggle fashion, or at least fashion that doesn't turn their heads?"

"I seem to recall there was an offer of coffee in that mix somewhere." Antimony replies thoughtfully as he brings that up. Her own gaze wanders, but it is clear that she is paying attention to him the most, "There are only a few of us reading for that part." she nods in agreement "Mr. Sullivan has a very good reputation. I think he will know a good choice when he sees it." the off topic question kind of throws her, "Muggle fashion?" she gives a slight shake of head, "I don't know much about it, no. Any questions I have about muggles I usually ask my cousin Clara about."

"I only ask because I need to take a shopping trip to Muggle London." Beckett's nostrils flare slightly at the final phrase, and a bit of distaste is obvious in his voice. "I am told I should dress more subtly among them. If you have an interest in any of their sartorial innovations, you are welcome to come." He raises an eyebrow. "Clara Prewett? Of P&F Imports? Is she a Muggle expert?" He returns to the prior subject. "I hope that he does know a good choice when he sees it. I know /I/ do." He grins broadly, gradually shifting back to a more upright posture, looking over the gathered performers again. "I should not keep you from your practice," he says, with a touch of regret.

Antimony ponders his situation for a few moments "I could certainly try to help you pick up a few muggle outfits. Or at least I am capable of pointing to a mannequin and asking the shop keeper about the appropriateness of it." she hmmms "The very same. Her father and my mother are siblings. I don't know if she is an /expert/ but she was raised by them," yeah she has no problem throwing her cousin under the proverbial bus, "half-blood, you know." her tone goes even lower and if it's any indication she finds that a bit scandalous and probably a bit distasteful herself. At the flattery she gives his arm a playful touch, "You flatterer." she smiles briefly and then sighs dramatically when she is reminded that she should be working on lines, "Yes, I should get back to it. It was lovely seeing you again. Please send an owl regarding when you want to meet for coffee." she offers her hand in parting as she gets up.

Beckett nods as he rises as well, taking her hand and bowing over it without quite breaking eye contact. "I will. The pleasure is mine, Antimony." With a last smile, he turns, steps to the table he stowed the tray on, and brings it back to the bar. As he opens the door, he half-turns, nods again in Antimony's direction, and steps out, closing it gently behind him.

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