(1940-06-07) Sisterly Advice
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Summary: Unetta stakes out the Three Broomsticks on a Hogsmeade weekend, hoping to spot her littlest sister. Things aren't entirely smooth.
Date: June 7, 1940
Location: Three Broomsticks Pub

It's early afternoon on Sunday and Hogwarts students are out in full force. The streets and the shops are filled with students getting their last bit of Hogsmeade before the weekend is over. Likewise, the Three Broomsticks Pub is filled. Sitting at a table near the middle of the cacophony is but a single woman, red hair falling down past her shoulders, adorned in a simple dress and heeled shoes, while her purse sits on the table next to a teapot and a cup which rests on a saucer. Unetta faces the entrances, glancing over to it every now and then as it permits entrance to new patrons.

Miranda enters with a couple other older students, the others clearly from Ravenclaw, while Miranda's own Hufflepuff kit is quite evident. She's in the process of scoping out a table when her focus lands on an unexpected face. Recognition is instantaneous, of course, though she hesitates before moving toward the older woman. "Unetta," Miranda says, nodding her head slightly. "I certainly never expected to see you here today," she adds, fighting a moment of uncertainty. "Are you waiting for someone?"

Lifting up her cup as the door opens once more, Unetta takes a sip of her tea. The tiniest of smiles tugs at her lips as she sees Miranda amongst the little group. "Miranda! It's good to see you." Her smile widens slightly. To the question, she answers, "No…well, I mean to say…yes. Sort of. In a way." She clears her throat. "I was hoping I'd run into you here. Would you uh…would you care to join me?" She glances toward Miranda's friends. "If you're not busy, of course. I'd hate to tear you away from your friends. I know Ravenclaws can be good company to keep. Especially with NEWTs. I can't tell you how helpful some of my Ravenclaw friends were at keeping me focused." Yes, she knows how good they are to study with. Not that anyone wants to be thinking about that on a day set aside to relax.

Miranda glances toward the Ravenclaw girls, who seem to be waiting for her to join them, but she shakes her head a little before taking a seat across from her sister. "To be honest, they're driving me downright batty. All day long, it's been nothing but revision. I figure, if I don't know it by now…" She trails off awkwardly as she studies the other woman. "It's weird to think I'll be done at Hogwarts forever in just a few days' time," she admits, fingers pressing into the top of the table as she fidgets. "Not really sure what I'll do next. But… anyway. How are you? And married life and all that?"

"Well, yes. There's that. You know, I also know a great prank to pull on Ravenclaws, if you're able to get past that knocker of theirs…" Unetta clears her throat and shakes her head. "What am I saying? You're probably tired of all those pranks. And I'm not here to talk about them." She smiles softly. "I wanted to see you. It is amazing to think that you'll be done Hogwarts soon. I'll always remember my last day. It was amazing. Make the most of it, it will never come again!" She takes another sip of her tea. "Would you like something to drink? Tea? Butterbeer? Something a bit harder?" She waggles an eyebrow. "I'm paying."
"It can be hard to decide what to do after school. It really can. You've got your whole life ahead of you!" Unetta tilts her head slightly. "Oh, me? I'm good. Married life is just fine. Coakley's doing wonderfully. The Prewetts are a generally good people." She chirps off happily. "I don't think I'll ever get used to Coakley's sister's nosy ways, but that's just Muriel." She chuckles. "How about you? How have you been? You're the last of us Goshawk sisters to make it through Hogwarts. It's amazing! Excited to see what your NEWTs exams will be like?"

"Butterbeer would be lovely," Miranda is quick to pipe up. She's seated across from her older sister Unetta near the centre of the busy pub, while the din of students and locals makes it hard to make out conversation. "And… I am rather done with the pranks at the moment," she concedes, though there is a tiny smile that follows. When conversation moves on to the NEWTs, the smile falters. "It's… difficult to take it too seriously, I think. I mean, the others," gesturing toward the Ravenclaws at the bar, "seem to have their whole lives planned. I don't even know what I want to do with the summer, much less the rest of my life." She fiddles with one of the tassels of her scarf for a moment, then shrugs. "Not that I won't try, of course."

The door bursts open, and in comes Madeline Evans. "Alright, guys! What're we gon- oh." She pauses, turning slowly to look at each and every table in turn. "…they're not here, yet." Some of the titter - wondering who's stood poor Madeline up.

"Butterbeer it is!" Unetta holds up her hand to wave down a server. Once the drink is all done and ordered, she focuses back on Miranda, though there's a quick glance, and sympathetic smile, to the girl who just entered and appears to either be looking for either a seat or for specific people. "Take it from me, Murmur, don't let their incessant talking about exams, revisions, careers and all that get to you. All of that? It's just the Ravenclaw way of worrying about what's going to happen next. They often focus on all of that to hide their worries." She shakes her head and sips her tea. "You know, a lot of people travel right out of Hogwarts." She suggests. "But, if you'd rather try something else, just let me know how I can help. I'd be more than happy to help you on your way. Anything you need, just let me know."

Miranda is momentarily distracted by Madeline's entrance. She does, of course, recognize the Gryffindor, and grinning, she offers the other girl a wave before she turns back to Unetta. "True. But traveling in Europe is right out at the moment, and everywhere else is so far away." She gives up fiddling with her scarf and shrugs her bony shoulders. "Anyway, I thought I would go to London for a while and just… see the town. Maybe find a shop in Diagon Alley to apprentice, or at least work for the summer."

Madeline waves back at Miranda happily, since the girl greeted her. "Oh, hi! Umm… umm… err…" Nope. She can't remember the girl's name. "HI!" she repeats. After another look around, she decides to stake out the table next to Miranda, and wait for her friends to arrive. When she server brings butterbeer for the next table she asks cheerfully, "Do you still have those jammy thumbprints? I'd love a plate. My friends are coming!"

"Well, that's true, I suppose. What with Gellert Grindelwald causing all that havoc." Unetta sighs and shakes her head. "Some of it's even spilling over here, which is a shame." She shrugs. "I'm sure someone at the Department of Magical Transportation could get you a Portkey to Canada? Or America?" Her whole face brightens up. "OH! I hear Brazil is just fabulous!" She takes a moment to just take in her younger sister. "You know, I think I know someone on the Committee on Experimental Charms at the Ministry of Magic, if you'd like to possibly get an internship there." She knows her sister, much like herself, has a talent for the subject. "And, if you want, I could always use help on some of my more difficult jobs."

Looking over at the next table, Unetta smile widely. "Those jammy thumbprints are delicious. I absolutely love them. I'd have them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I could!"

"Oh!" Miranda replies to Madeline with a cheerful smile. There's a pause that's half a second too long before she adds, "That's good!" She glances toward the door expectantly, but then turns back to Unetta. "That seems like a lot of trouble for just me. And I'd need to find a way back after that, too." She goes quiet, however, mulling over her options before her concentration is broken by a group of Slytherins in the corner who have just broken into song about one of her classmates. It's really rather catchy, too. "I suppose I don't really want to jump right into work, though," she adds a couple seconds later. "I'll have the rest of my adult life for that. There's so much that even Hogwarts can't teach us."

"But it can teach us all about the power of Peace Babies!" Madeline chimes up from her table next to the two sisters, beaming cheerfully. She, and the other Pirates, had handed out 'Peace Baby' candies after the end of the whole SCUMS and Magijugend fiasco to try to re-establish peace at the school.
"They are really great cookies, aren't they?" she adds towards Unetta. "I had some yesterday - but I could definitely use some more!"

"I suppose that's fair." Unetta shrugs ever so slightly, amused for a moment by the singing students. "Well, if there's anything I can do, as I said. Even if it's just helping you get a summer job. I remember what it was like." Scratching her nose idly, a thought pops into her head. "Maybe Tangtang could get you a summer job at Gambol and Japes Joke Shop! The two of you could be salespeople together!" A wide grin crosses her face at the thought. 'Tangtang', of course, being her little nickname for their sister Tangwystle. "I know you said you're kind of done with pranks and such, but imagine how fun that job is! And then you two could give me discounts and we could…I don't know…put together something with items from the shop and send it as a prank to Shiney at the Ministry! Goodness knows she could lighten up a bit." Shiney being Sioned. "Oh, that'd be marvellous!" That idea certainly seems to have gotten her going!
"Peace Babies? Well, at least there's that!" She chuckles at the young Gryffindor. "This place does make some delicious ones. It's always been a favourite place of mine, since my days at Hogwarts. Everything here is just so delicious!"

Miranda has to grin at Madeline's unending enthusiasm. In reply to Unetta, she can only shrug again, back to the awkward littlest sister. "I… think I might try to find my own way," she admits, toying with the Butterbeer right after it's delivered. "At least for the first little bit," she's quick to add. "I mean… maybe travel abroad is out of the question, what with the war and everything, but there's nothing to say I can't tour our own country. There's still so much to see. Like… like Stonehenge!"

"I love Gambol and Japes!" Madeline interjects to the conversation beside her. "And I'm going to Avalon this summer! Colton is taking me, and my uncle is going too. And my friend Adam. We've never been and I just can't wait!"

"Are you absolutely sure? Because I've also got an in at the Auror's office. One of my cousins through Coakley works there. I'm sure she could use help with paperwork over the summer." Unetta can't help but at least offer. After all the pranks she's pulled, it's the least she could do! Especially if she plans any more pranks in the future. Yes, she might be an adult, but she likes pranks as much as the next gal! "Stonehenge…nice place, Stonehenge. Spent some time in that area, trying to find something for a client. You know, I could swear that Professor Binns said something about Stonehenge once, but…well, I could never concentrate in his class!" And she wasn't the only one. "If you need any suggestions of where to visit, just let me know. I could point out a few places on a map for you." She says with a small smile.
Nodding to Madeline, she smiles some more. "It's a wonderful shop, isn't it? One of our sisters works there. I do envy her quite a bit!" She chuckles. "Avalon? Isn't that an island?" Has she been there? She's been so many places!

"Oh, Avalon would be lovely," Miranda replies to Madeline, brows raised in interest. "I do hope you have a lovely time. If I do decide to take a tour this summer, perhaps we'll run into each other there!" As she turns back toward Unetta, she pauses slightly, then folds her hands on the table, leaning toward her sister slightly, the age difference seemingly much greater than their seven years with Miranda's childlike face. "I appreciate the offer Unetta. Really I do. But I need to go out on my own for a while. See if I can survive outside my sisters' shadows." She stops then, gnawing on her lower lip for a moment, but before she can say more, the friends she'd arrived with stop at their table, one of them miming tapping at a wristwatch. "So sorry. I really do need to get back. Exams begin tomorrow." She stands, buttoning her jacket. "It really is good to see you, though. If I change my mind, I'll be sure to send you an owl." Cue yet another awkward pause, but then she grabs the butterbeer and all but flees out the door with the two Ravenclaw girls.

"Ummm - yes! Avalon is an island! It's in some of the King Arthur stories I've read," Madeline explains. "Or that my mum's told me. I can't believe it's real! I hope I do see you there!" Madeline beams brightly at Miranda, and then adds a cheery, "Goodbye!" as the older girl leaves. She waits until she's far enough away, and then whispers, "I forgot her name - what is it?"

"Pish posh! You wouldn't be under my shadow! Believe you me, working under Shelley would be anything but being under my shadow." Unetta shrugs and shakes her head. "But, I respect your choice. I just want what's best for my baby sister…who I remember getting to hold when she was only a day old." She grins and winks at Miranda. "Oh…right. Of course." She murmurs when Miranda says she has to leave. "I completely understand. Keep in touch, though! I look forward to hearing how well you actually did. From you, mind you. Unless you want mother gushing with pride about how well her baby girl has done." A very tiny grin crosses her face. Turning to Madeline, she smile. "OH! That place. Yes. Merlin supposedly spent a lot of time there, right?" She chuckles. "That's Miranda Goshawk."

"Oh, right! Goshawk!" Madeline repeats - looking about ready to slap the middle of her forehead. She should have known that! "So you're Goshawk, too? Hello! I'm Madeline Evans," she introduces herself with a broad smile.

"Pleasure to meet you, Miss Evans. I'm Unetta." Unetta says kindly, smiling. "And yes, I am a Goshawk. Or, I was born Goshawk. I'm married now, and I took my husband's last name. So now I'm Unetta Prewett!" A lengthy explanation for something so simple. "So, what year are you in, Miss Evans?"

"Oh, I'm still a second year. But I'll be a third year next year!" There's a momentary pause. "As… normally happens. Gosh, sorry, I'm not usually such a spa- oooo! The jammy thumbprints!" When the cookies are delivered to her table, Madeline eagerly picks one up and takes a bite. "…want one?" she offers with a mouthful of cookie.

"A second year? I remember second year. Though third was much more fun! Getting to take electives and such!" Unetta nods, sipping her tea. She can't help but be amused at the eagerness at which the girl reacts to the jammy thumbprints being delivered. "Oh no, I'm fine, thank you. You've got to save some for your friends, after all. I'd hate to deprive them of having some!"

"I'm going to take Ancient Runes and Care of Magical Creatures!" Madeline confirms eagerly. "And Colton says if I wanna be a Cursebreaker and travel the world finding lost treasure with the Merpeople to guide me to undersea booty - why, I'll need Arthimancy, too. She grins at Unetta as the woman refuses the cookies, and nods.

"Ancient Runes, Care of Magical Creatures, and Arithmancy? Tough, but interesting! Especially regarding finding lost treasure with Merpeople! They've always seemed so exotic and strange to me!" Unetta giggles softly. "I took Ancient Runes back when I was at Hogwarts. Helps with what I do. Now, I'm no cursebreaker, but I do go searching for lost treasure, in a manner of speaking. People hire me to find things for them that they really want! Or that they've lost." She explains.

"So - it's kinda like cursebreaker only you don't work for the goblins?" Madeline asks curiously - in the sort of voice that implies this notion very much appeals to her. People can DO that?!

"In a sense, yes." Unetta replies, sipping her tea. "I took my NEWTs in Charms and Ancient Runes and Defence Against the Dark Arts." She tells the girl. "But from what I understand, there's plenty a person can learn by working for the goblins."

"Well, yes, I suppose," Madeline agrees. "I'm not sure I'm gonna do that yet, but I'm definitely going to look for treasure!" she asserts. "I'm going to find Merlin's wand."

"Merlin's beard!" Unetta looks surprised. "You're going to find Merlin's Wand? I've always heard whispers, but nothing confirmed about its location since he was alive!" She is definitely impressed by the gumption of this young lady.

"Well - somehow," Madeline answers. She's not entirely sure how, yet. But she's going to figure it out! "I mean - maybe the merpeople know something we don't know? And Mister Gamp is teaching me Mermish. I had a lesson just earlier today! Or I might be able to find something useful in the Hogwarts library. Or at Avalon!"

"Would merpeople knows something about it? I've never thought to ask merpeople for help in finding things." Unetta ponders that thought. It's not often she's given the merpeople consideration, in all honesty. "You're being taught Mermish? Wow…you know, I bet Professor…professor um…Kettleburn, isn't it?" She never took the subject, and it's been a little while since she's been in school. "Well, I imagine he'll be impressed!"

"You think he will?" Madeline asks, sounding both curious and hopeful. "Well. I suppose he might - though Merpeople aren't really creatures, are they, on account of being people?" She grins eagerly before adding, "Mister Gamp said he might take me down into the lake to meet them - if my mum 'n da'll let me!"

"I'm not really sure what merpeople are classified as. But maybe the professor, or this Mister Gamp, will know?" Unetta chuckles. It's hard to remember ever being this excited about anything. Except for maybe pranks, when she was younger. "If you get a chance to meet the merpeople, don't forget to ask them about whether or not they know about Merlin's wand!"

Madeline can't help but giggle. "Like I'd forget about that!" the girl exclaims. "I can't wait to ask them!"

"You never know! I once met a vampire and nearly forgot how to talk!" Though that may have been because Unetta was a tad bit scared of said vampire. "While your on Avalon, though, it might not hurt to…well, do some searching. Maybe take an adult around to some ruins known to be spots where Merlin spent time? And you may even see some runes inscribed that you can make note of!"

"And then I can ask Anthony what they mean!" Madeline concurs. "He knows loooooads of stuff about runes. You know - I found that door, down in the dungeons, in Hogwarts. The one Flint had put all those runes on an hid the chest where the Magijugend's contracts were and then Colton watched the door for me, and I went and got Rena, and she and her friends tried to open the door, only they got trapped in the room and it started to fill with poison gas! It was very exciting."

"Flint." Unetta mumbles. "I never liked Flint. Too grumpy. Granted, he taught me about Ancient Runes." She sighs and shakes her head. "He did seem to be somewhat nicer to those of us who were pure-blood. Which isn't saying much. I'm glad he's out. I was not pleased when I heard what happened at the school."

"It was reeeeeally horrible," Madeline agrees. "But Flint is gone now, and Dumbledore's in charge, and I even got invited to the Slug Club now! Which I guess is nice - I mean, my friend Josie goes. And I really like potions, so if the Potions teacher likes me, I guess that can be useful."

"Professor Dumbledore was always nice. I liked his classes." Unetta nods along to what the girl has to say. "I never quite understood Professor Slughorn's Slug Club. But maybe that's just because I was never invited." She grins, chuckling lightly.

"Well, I haven't been yet, so I don't know what it's like except for what Josie's said," Madeline answers. "I'm just hoping I get more time trying hard potions in the potions lab next year out of it."

"If you'd able to figure out potions, all the better for you, I suppose. I could never get the hang of it!" Unetta doesn't seem too disappointed by that, however. "I was always good at charms, though."

"Charms are okay. But I'm loads better at potions. And looooousy at transfigurations! It's just so haaaaard," Madeline complains.

"You'll get no arguments from me regarding transfiguration!" Unetta agrees. While she liked Professor Dumbledore as a teacher, she wasn't nearly as good at the subject. "You know, Miranda's good at charms too. I'm sure if you need help, there's always going to be someone around. "What's known as 'the blasting curse', Confringo," it's a good thing she wasn't holding her wand just then, "has been amazing in my line of work!"

"Blasting curse…?" Madeline muses. "I don't know that one yet. But it's a… curse? Are we supposed to learn curses? I know the bubblehead charm. I'm really good at that one."

"It's got the word 'curse' in it, but it's not really a curse. It's extremely strong, though." Unetta pauses for a moment, thinking about when she learned it. "I…I think I learned it in fifth or sixth year?" She chuckles softly. "The bubblehead charm is amazing. I love that one quite a bit. "You know which spell is just plain fun? The leek jinx. Causes leeks to grow out of a person's ears!"

"I like the antler jinx," Madeline says eagerly. "Last year - there was this student who was just being awful to one of the kids who was, umm, at that Holiday party. Last year." The one at the Sykes estate that went oh so bad. "And I went up to him, and I kicked him in the shins, and he threatened to give me antlers. And so I tried to make him made enough to do it! But then he only gave my book antlers instead. So then I got one of my friends to give me antlers, and then I got my picture taken holding my book, with antlers on my head, and it's just great!" she gushes.

"Ah, the antler jinx! A fun one, though I found it difficult to master! But definitely worth it!" Unetta chuckles. "Sounds like you've got an interesting life! Learning mermish, planning adventures to find lost wands, having antlers!"

"You forgot the best part! I also foiled Professor Flint's Evil Schemes," Madeline points out. "I'm a Junior Auror, you know. Rena made me one. For having honor, courage, and duty."

"That is most certainly noteworthy! Noteworthy indeed." Unetta grins. "A junior auror? Well, it should be you I'm offering to help get an internship at the Auror's office, then!" She chuckles. "Well, I'm afraid I must be going. I've got treasures to find, after all!" Digging through her purse, she places some coins on her table. After a moment of consideration, she also reaches over and places a couple on Madeline's table. "To help the future Miss Treasure Hunter. The jammy thumbprints are my treat."

"Oh, gosh, you don't need to do that. Thanks awfully!" Madeline says gratefully, grinning at Unetta. "Have a great night - goodluck finding all those treasures! Except for Merlin's wand. That one's mine!"

"Don't worry, Miss Evans. The wand is all yours. But Merlin's teapot…the teapot is all mine." Unetta grins. "Good day, Miss Evans." She says as she makes her way to the fireplace to Floo herself away.

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