(1940-06-12) Investigating the Heart
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Summary: Morgana finally sits down with Graham about that fateful night.
Date: 1940-06-12
Location: MLE Offices
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It's half way through the work day on Friday, about the time everyone mentally checks out, antisipating what they are going to do for the weekend. While it seems to be business as usual, what is unusual is the fact that one tall and darkly clothed Unspeakable is making her way to the desk, and politely asks after the person she seeks. "I'm looking for Auror Cohen, is he available?" She says loud enough to be heard past the desk.

Graham is at his desk working away on paperwork. It seems that he had a busy few days with reports needing to be filled out and such but also nearing the end of his shift. The desk clerk will point her over his way when she asks. The Auror here signs with one last mark placing everything in a folder finally.

Morgana quietly walks over to Graham's desk, thanking the clerk on the way as she does. She'll wait for him to finish writing on the file before she clears her throat. "Auror Cohen? I have a few questions I would like to ask you, if you have the time." He would recognize her as being the civilian at the Heart debockle a few months back.

He finishes the file locking it in the draw with the others before looking up at the approach. Graham takes him just a moment but he nods "Of course, it was Miss Rashley wasn't it?" he asks testing his memory which sometimes works and sometimes well not so much. He cant help but wonder why she's here but asks. "Hm.. here and my desk or would using one of the rooms be best?"

Morgana nods her head when he recalls her name. "Yes that would be me. I work a few floors down, in the Department of Mysteries." She has a badge, but for the moment she's keeping them in her robes. "What I have to discuss is probably not best for the whole room to hear, so if we can get a small quite and private room to speak that would be best."

Graham looks over and smiles "That can be arranged, interrogation room works best." He moves to stand grabbing his belongings, he's been in the department of mysteries a time or two neither really grand experiences but nothing awful either. The Auror moves along with until he opens the door to the room he'll allow her to enter first before doing so himself and shutting the door.

"Fantastic." Morgana replies, following Graham toward the interrogation room, and once she is inside, she'll sit herself in one of the chairs and pull out a black folder. It only takes her a second to get some ink, a quill and matching black parchment ready to write with. "I'll be quick, I don't want to take up too much of your time. I just had a few questions about the night of the twentieth of September, and the days that followed."

The date is a bit harder to gain from his brain but he decides to take a shot at what sounds right. "The raid on the warehouse and the heart of gold?" Graham asks for clarification though he will take the other seat across from here its kind of nice being here with an ally for once instead of dark witches and wizards.

"Yes, that very evening. The artifact in question was damaged during the raid, and I am looking into the effects of what has happened afterwards. I know what I have experienced, but I am curious to what has happened to the others that were there. Have you yourself had any side effects to your exposure to the Heart?"

Graham figures he knows what she means though he's surprised and hadn't thought about others I mean Rena didn't seem to have the issue. "I have, I've spoken to another unspeakable about it previously I believe the consensus though not enough was known about a soul-bond." He says before looking across the table. "I didn't notice it at first just thinking I was having mixed emotions on things, until well my girlfriend." he hesitates at the word though. "She knew I'd been in danger a night previously and shared a dream second for second. I only then realized that the emotions were hers not my own."

"We've begun to understand them more over the last few months." Morgana begins, as she starts writing her notes on the dark parchment. "So you are fully experiencing her emotions, and she dreamt of you in danger, what other ways has this Soulbond manifested between the two of you?"

"Ah, that was certainly after I'd spoken with your co-worker." Graham comments he nods in agreement "Well she can sense my emotions too both ways, but yes. Kind of on the danger she knew I'd been in danger but I mean.. its hard to explain.. we had the exact same dream."

Morgana nods her head as she fills out her parchment more, it almost appears as if it is some sort of questionnaire, however the black ink on black parchment makes it impossible to read. "So you've shared dreams, but have you ever dreamt of her going about her daily life while you slept? It has been rumored that in a dreaming state you can find your other half and see what they are doing."

Graham tries to think if this has ever happened between him and Sorcha. "Not in dreams though if I focus on her I can usually tell if she's okay and still feel her emotions even at a distance though obviously longer distance the harder it is. She is in America right now.. and even straining my hardest, I only catch glimpses and they are confused and sketchy at best."

"Really? America is quite a distance away, so I can understand it being hard to read from that distance." Morgana replies thoughtfully, and even pauses in her writing before she continues. "Well seeing that she is in America, it would be difficult to sit down and have the two of you do a bit of testing with us. Unless she plans to return to the UK anytime soon?"

He shouldn't have said anything the knot in his chest tells him this much but he nods about the distance. "She may be back, the feelings I have gotten.. I'm not entirely sure she will though. Least not permanently back. I can let you know if she does?" he ponders a moment the last time he asked no clear answer. "Um.. I asked this of your co-worker but they didn't know… is there a way.. a safe way.. to break a soul-bond?"

Morgana frowns as she catches an undertone to that conversation and shakes her head. "No I don't think that will be needed." His last question does cause her to pause and she shakes her head. "My research tells me there isn't, but I have barely scratched the surface. There is a difference between the soulbond that you have and one that would occur naturally. It usually happens a birth, between twins, or family members, and you have it your whole life. However you were exposed to an artifact, and it appeared to attach you to the one you loved. I don't know if another exposure to the artifact would do the same thing, but we're still learning what we can about the Heart."

Graham winces internally. "Sorry, don't mean to drag ya into all of that." He clears his throat trying to regain his composure properly. "Hm well I suppose we'll see either way. I guess it isn't he worst thing which could happen in the world, not sure I want to go messing with the heart on a maybe." he chuckles

"I know being in a Soulbond is difficult." Morgana admits finally stopping her writing and folding her hands on the desk allowing him the time to compose himself. "We wouldn't be able to walk in the same room with it on a maybe. Is it something you want to pursue? Allowing the bond to be disconnected? There could be side effects you haven't taken into consideration yet, and it may be worse than trying to go on with it."

"Heh, I didn't mind it actually." Graham comments about it being difficult there is a huge but laying over the words though and he continues. "It actually helped her and I get back together from the last time we'd split." he explains. "Yeah if it would be dangerous for either of us then forget it."

"Well it's good that it was able to help the both of you find common ground." Morgana admits, almost making a mental note for herself. Shifting a bit in her chair she'll frown just a bit. "Do you know if there were others who were exposed to the heart that had the same occurrence happen?"

Graham he nods to the first bit though he considers a moment or so on the second. "Not that I've heard of, though Rena and her husband split and Kat.. I'm not sure if she was seeing anyone but I've not heard either of them talk of similar things. So yourself.. too?" he wonders.

"Than it likely isn't the situation with either of them." Which limits her field of study, but Morgana hides her disappointment. "I would be amused if some of the dark wizards ended up becoming affected. To think of them with soul bonds amuses me sometimes." At his question she simply nods her head. "It's why I'm studying them, I have first hand knowledge."

"It was amusing at the time I'll admit at least in small proportions when they'd been hit with the heart of gold and they seemed to then have difficult time with harming us. I know even myself I had to really concentrate to cast even a possibly harmful spell." he chuckles though nods "I haven't heard from either that they experienced similar experience to us no." Graham nods "I appreciate that some one is looking further into them."

"Than I had the great idea of covering it up." Morgana says dryly, knowing that she had dampened the effects of the artifact by doing it." She'll finish up her notes on the black piece of parchment and slide it into the file folder. "I would have looked into it sooner, but it took me a bit of time to get accepted into the department. I don't know what will come of my research, but should you happen to apprehend any of the Dark Wizards you faced that day, I would like to speak with them." For science!

Graham chuckles "Its okay we caught them well two of them but with ones use of an unforgivable I believe he's already shipped off to Azkaban not sure on the other just yet, I was.. well having a bad spell casting night that evening anyways nothing I did seemed to work." Graham shakes his head at the remembering "Well gratulations on being accepted though all the same. I will let you know if it can be arranged though may need an Auror on hand." he says for safety sake.

"I'll let you know if I have a need to speak with them, but if you could forward a copy of their files down to my office I would appreciate it." Morgana responds politely ad she folds her hands on the table. "Thank you, it took a lot of hard work, but it has paid off, which I am grateful for." She'll start to set her things back into her briefcase before she raises her brow. "Did you have any further questions for me?"

"I'll have to clear it, but i'm sure it wont be a problem." Graham says about the files though he's a bit hesitant to send Vengel information outside the office given its almost certain they have a plant there already. "Well hard work pays off that way most times indeed." he looks across the table and shakes his head "Only one if you do find out that it is possible.. to break a soul bond. Absolutely safely for both parties will you let me know? Please."

Morgana notices his hesitation before she speaks. "I will be the only one overseeing this project, if you are worried about information spreading than I will be sure that I am the only one who sees the files. I can study them here if you wish." While she knows that she has to powers to access any information she wants, she figures she'll have an easier time getting to it if she's nice about it. When he ask the question she nods her head. "Should I find something, I will let you know. I warn you though, so far there has been little to nothing about what we've experienced. But if I find something experimental, would you be willing to try it?"

Graham smiles across the table softly "Its not that I don't trust you personally please don't take my meaning wrong. Its just these people they are quite dangerous and have a way.. of knowing things they shouldn't. Like oh say… the movement of a dangerous artifact." since that is what started this whole mess to begin with. He shakes his head. "Hm, I don't think so, not for my own sake but if it hurt Sorcha I couldn't stand it." he winces yeah will need to be moving on from that at some point.

"I understand your precautions, hopefully what I learn might be able to help you. If the information can be shared that is, I don't make any guarantees there." Morgana says in a rehearsed manor. When he is reluctant to play lab rat, Morgana nods her head. "Than I will only bring something to you when I am sure it will help you. I have found that using a dreamless sleep potion helps, when you really need to rest."

"That would be nice, any leads a good one." Graham comments about this case which has sort of been his bane since he took it on what seems like forever ago.. it's been a few years now though at least. "Its okay if nothing is found then so be it just wondering more than anything really." He moves to stand "It is good to know I'm not alone at least feel free to stop by anytime."

"I'll see what I can find, sometimes a pair of fresh eyes is all a case needs." Morgana says with a smile as she gets to her feet and does offer him her hand to shake. "You're not alone in this, we were all there, and if you nee someone to talk about this with I will do my best to listen." She can't always reply but in the end she can at least listen. "Same for you, our offices really are not that scary after all."

Graham chuckles a little he'll accept the hand and shake it lightly. "Thank you its good to know one isn't alone." He comments though he laughs a little at the last bit. "I'm not sure sure about that Miss Rashley, my visits two visits to your offices have cost me an unbreakable vow and a taken away memory. Pretty scary." he winks though he'll move to the door to open it for her.

Morgana chuckles at that and nods her head. "Than perhaps it is best that we meet in yours. There is less of a chance that we'll have to wipe your memory." Morgana knows that it is needed from time to time and she doesn't pity the people who have to do it. "One is never alone when they have a soul bond." She says with a half smirk. "Maybe we should start a support group?" With that parting joke, she'll excuse herself from the interview room.

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