(1940-06-22) The Times of London - The Military Heart of London
Details for The Military Heart of London
Summary: Overviews the unveiling of a new military base in the heart of London.
Date: June 22, 1940
Location: London

London has become a lot safer with the completion of a major project originally put in motion by Prime Minister Chamberlain. What was once the Knightsbridge Barracks has been converted into a full military base, complete with an airfield.

The Knightsbridge Military Base will serve as a joint location for select membership of all branches of His Majesty's military forces. It will house a special unit, the 22nd Commando Brigade, previously located at Biggin Hill, that will be able to respond more quickly to immediate threats to the city from enemy aircraft.

"Knightsbridge Barracks is now a true symbol of British unity," said Prime Minister Churchill in an opening ceremony of the new base. "Every branch under one roof. Grass will regrow. Until then our home is a safer place because of the 22nd Commando Brigade. To these fine men, I salute you."

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