(1940-06-23) Not Happily Ever After
Details for Not Happily Ever After
Summary: Rena drops by Graham's house to deliver some case files and finds him in a bit of a state over Sorcha
Date: 1940/06/23
Location: Cohen Residence

Rena had to turn herself in. She could have gone another month or so (probably) before anyone truly noticed that she was pregnant. But, she promised her husband that she would take herself off of active duty for the sake of safety and she kept her word. As a result, she has been relegated to desk work, interviews and the occasional less strenuous footwork. And so, it is footwork that brings her to Graham's door one cool summer evening. Important case files to be delivered, because he managed to forget them at the office and she volunteered to rectify the situation.
With her usual cheery aplomb, Rena marches up to the door and raps on it like any cocksure Muggle, beating out: Shave-and-a-haircut…

It would normally be that the door would knock he'd be up and at em quick fast and in a hurry but this evening it isnt the case. Graham looks up from the couch a bottle of whiskey which had started out full its nearly half-empty now and he drops back the current glass before standing up slowly catching himself on the couch and moving forward a bit wobbly on his feet. The young man finally reaches the door peeking through he smiles as he sees who it is. He reaches to unlock the door and open it. "Evening.. Rena." his words aren't as clear as usual.

Seeing as how everything is going so swimmingly in her own life lately, Rena has been full of bobbins and bounce. To some people, it probably gets a little irritating at times.
"'Ello Gr…aham," Rena's words draw out slightly, and her overtly cheery expression shifts into one that is slightly perplexed. It takes her only a moment to realize that her friend has been drinking - possibly quite a bit, judging by the look of him.
Leaning slightly to peer into the house past Graham, the little redhead wonders if anyone has been there with him. "I erm - I'm sorry, did I interrupt something? I can come back another time if it's a problem…"

Graham steps back from the door and bumps into the wall behind the door. "Ooof." He looks back it like it jumped out at him before looking to his friend and shakes his head. "No…no.. come on in just me." He motions for her to come in or well hopes she does anyways he'll wait to close and lock the door behind her as per his usual.

Rena grew up with this sort of thing from her father on a fairly regular basis. She's rather used to the general foibles of others' inebriated states. Nothing can really surprise her.
Entering the house, she pauses beside Graham to help him hold steady if need be: "So, what are we celebrating?" She asks facetiously. It could seem like an insensitive question, but she is trying to keep things light until she finds out the cause of his drinking.

The auror looks back with the door shut and locked and he'll move over with her assistance back to the couch and flops hard down onto it. Graham looks back taking a deep breath "Sorry…" he says appologizing for his state most likely though he reaches out to pour another glass unless stopped he does reach over and grab some parchement and offer it over to her. It more or less states that Sorcha took a perminent job in the states and wont be coming back except to visit and that they are done.

While Rena would very much prefer that Graham not make himself sick on his poison of choice, she does not prevent him from pouring another glass. She does, however, continue to watch him with a measure of concern and suspicion as he settles in. The smell of alcohol is a bit strong and problematic for her at first; but, she soon gets a grip on the momentary queasiness .
Taking the parchment from him, Rena gives Graham one last long, hard look before easing herself onto couch to read it. Truth be told, she reads over the last bit twice before lowering the paper onto her lap: "Oh Graham, I'm so sorry. You don't deserve it at all - you don't." She says sorrowfully.

Graham sighs he takes a drink from the new cup. "Im done this time.. Rena.. not again. Still bonded tho.. stupid phantom feelings." he mumbles and at least he seems to have gotten that far that there wont be any more "tries" for it though he looks over taking another drink before setting the glass down on the table with some effort. "How are you? I'm happy to hear… about the baby.." he comments trying for a proper warm smile but he's a bit wobbly sitting up.

Rena is truly sad for Graham's sake. No one could have tried harder to hold things together with Sorcha… and she just never tried in return. Her feelings toward the woman are less than charitable just now. However, all she really cares about is her friend.
Reaching over to rub his arm sympathetically, Rena says: "I know it probably don't feel like it right now, but you didn't do anything wrong, you know. I'd say you did everything right. It's not your fault… I just wish I could say something to make it better." She adds remorsefully.
At the mention of the baby, a self-conscious blush colours her cheeks, and Rena smiles in a subdued, almost shy way: "I'm alright… getting used to things being so different. Scared as hell about everything in general. I 'aven't even set about getting a room ready, yet."

He sighs to her words nodding. "Thanks, did try yes." Graham takes another drink and sets the glass down. "Dont understand.. terrified that her father wouldnt like me.. petrified. Just didnt want to be tied down like I was weighting her down." he shakes his head after getting that off his chest. He looks back after a bit of silence. "Well yes.. big change… happy for you. Let me know if can help with anything?" the last statement could be laughable in his current state but it counts for longterm.

Anger and annoyance flashes in Rena's dark eyes. Weighing her down? What kind of bull was she trying to hand off to Graham anyway… Perhaps understandable cowardice regarding his job was the truth underlying everything. It takes gumption to marry an Auror, knowing the dangers of the work. Who knows, though. Only Sorcha could say.
'I know it ain't what you want to hear right now, Graham - but, you know there's lots of other girls out there. This one hurts, and she didn't work out. But… it's not the end of the world. You know what kind of girl you're looking for, and you're going to find her. I just know it." Rena says warmly, putting her arm around Graham's shoulders and giving him a fond squeeze.
As for help with the baby, the young woman laughs a bit wryly: "I'm at a loss about the whole thing. I 'ave to work up the nerve to ask Brandy what to expect. Birdie says when the time comes, it's got absolutely nothing to do with a stork." Talk about a crushing blow.

Graham sighs and nods to the words spoken "I know it. You know what's worse?" He comments pausing and meeting her gaze a moment. "I turned down, lost my chances with at least two good woman while chasing her." He says truthfuly he wobbles a moment leaning into the hug his head lands on her shoulder a moment and it takes trying to right himself. He chuckles at the last bit though it fades "Sirawen.. she works at the maternity ward at St Mungo's one those girls. You'll be a great mother Rena you know?"

"Maybe not all lost…" Rena says, trying to be encouraging to her friend and feeling just awful for him. "You never can tell. Sometimes things change overnight."
Pausing briefly, she smirks and tries to offer something to perhaps give him a good chuckle: "Do you know, I thought Birdie was an awful stick in the mud when I first met him? I thought he was a stuffy, upper class toff and didn't think another thing about it. But, as you can tell, things turned right 'round in the other direction." One never knows how these things will work themselves out.
As for the healer at St. Mungo's, Rena bites her lower lip and looks somewhat scared. "I… I wish things weren't so complicated, Graham. I'd rather - when the time comes - stay with Birdie's family. But if I do that, I'll not be able to 'ave a healer with me. Oh, I don't know what I'm to do."

He winces and scrunches his nose "Maybe so, gotta get a grip on myself first." Graham smirks drunkenly at least he has some awareness that he's not at all in orderly fashion at the moment its a start right? The young man turns towards her when she speaks again nodding to her words he smiles more warmly "I am glad things have worked out for you both so far." he arches an eyebrow at the last bit "Try and get him vetted before then.. healer.. please?" he is open minded on muggle stuff enjoying a lot of it himself even but medicine.. isnt one of those things..

"I'm working on that." Rena answers quickly. "Or, rather, Brandy is working on it. I put in a request for Birdie to be vetted properly. It's just a bit of a waiting game, now. Things got delayed because he was gone in France for so long during… that nastiness over there at Dunkirk." Her gaze falls. Dunkirk was the first blow, according to Birdie.
"Graham, I know you ain't exactly in fit shape to talk about seriousness, but Birdie is awfully worried about what's coming." Rena says, laying her hand on Graham's arm. "He says Germany's going to attack us next. Thinks they may even bomb London, 'e does. Made me promise to get out of here quick sharp if anything does 'appen, to keep myself and…and the baby safe. But, how can I keep my word? I can't abandon everyone, can I?"

Graham finishes off the glass he'd poured and shakes his head. Hmm drinking more doesnt clear your mind? What now… He does nod to her words however about the vetting process somewhere he knows that can take time and likely no rushing it. He does listen and tries to follow along doing an admirable job of it. He looks to the hand on his arm reaching over he'll pat it lightly before griping it gently as he speaks. "Yes you can Rena.. you and the baby important. Go to Hogsmead muggles cant see it." he comments he's silent a moment "I'll bring Birdie there myself tell him about my house."

"I know… And that's what I told 'im. I couldn't explain how to him, but I told him that I could get as far away as Scotland in little more than a blink of an eye." Pausing, Rena sighs before adding: "That all depends on his getting vetted though. They won't allow floo access until that's done, so I were a bit premature promising that. But he was so worried…" She had to tell him something to ease his mind.
"I'm afraid that man will never accept that kind of help, Graham," the young woman says sadly. "The way 'e sees it, it's duty to king and country. If Germany really does attack us, 'e will stay on right in the thick of it, no matter what. No matter…" Her voice breaks, and Rena struggles to prevent tears from overflowing. Why did she have to marry a patriotic pilot?

"Its best he knows, he'd just worry otherwise." Graham says a little bit he ponders a moment "I didnt mention i'd do it by the book, anyways his life is at steak.. anything goes." The young man says the next part he smirks. "I can stun him? Well the one in the middle right?" he says teasingly.. well hopefuly anyways. The sadness isnt missed even in drunk head and his arm will reach around her shoulders to give her a squeeze hug.

At least the attempt at humour causes Rena to smile - if a bit wryly. Accepting the hug briefly, she sniffs and sits up: "Really, Graham - you ought to get yourself to bed and sleep the bottle off." She admonishes him forcefully. "Either that or I accost you with Muggle methods to sober you up so you learn your lesson!" Graham of course may not be aware of the nasty ways Muggles cure hangovers and the like. They can be rather awful.

Graham will look at her and arch a brow but shakes his head "Think this time, i'd rather not know, i've only ever heard about coffee straight black." he cant fathom trying it mind you. He looks up to her. "Thanks for coming, I know it was for work, but for staying and listening and talking." he winces "Beds upstairs. Mind help?" he hates to ask.

Rena chuckles ruefully and rises to her feet: "Don't thank me. That's what friends are for, ain't it?" She asks rhetorically. "Besides," she adds, tugging the hem of her suit jacket straight, "I'm just returning a favor I owe you - from that time I lost my head and got a bit pickled when you took me here to sleep it off." Bending down, she hefts his arm over her shoulder and says: "Ally-oop!"

The last glass of whiskey did Graham no favors and he will push himself to standing with the help of Rena. "Was glad to help, even if I was a bit of a jerk." He chuckles its as they reach the stairs after a wobbly walk that the odds seem stacked against him. "Apparate would be bad yes?" he looks over to her drunkenly as if considering it cause stairs…

Rena eyes Graham critically, and then sweeps her gaze up the stairs. This could be a problem. She may be little and tough, but she can't haul him up the stairs herself… and she really can't risk losing her balance and taking a bad fall. She has to be so careful of everything now. "Oh dear, per'aps I should've left you on the couch and gotten a blanket instead." She mutters, annoyed with herself for not having thought the situation through.

He looks from her to the stairs again and then back. "Could go back to couch?" Graham offers since stairs might be dangerous he is quite wobbley in some proper part of his brain he knows the baby is fragile needs not to be squished or tossed downstairs and he'd never forgive himself for it. "Could sleep on stairs?" he comments but the couch is likely the better choice.

Rena rolls her eyes at the suggestion of sleeping on the stairs: "That ain't even physically POSSIBLE," she chides Graham, half shoving and half pulling him back over to the couch. Allowing him to drop back down onto it, she shakes her head and goes to look for a decent blanket to tuck around her friend. "Cor, you really do need taking care of, don't you?" She murmurs as she goes about her task. Once he drifts off, chances are she's going to linger around and try to tidy things up a little bit. It's just her way.

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