(1940-06-26) Hogwarts End-of-Term Feast, 1939-40
Details for Hogwarts End-of-Term Feast, 1939-40
Summary: Hogwarts ends its first term with Albus Dumbledore as Headmaster.
Date: 6 June, 1940
Location: Great Hall, Hogwarts





Kimiko enters the Great Hall with a group of Gryffindors, literally bouncing with excitement, making it difficult to keep her pointed hat on her head. "I can't believe it's all over! This is amazing! It's the last time we'll see each other for-…oh gosh…how long will it be?" Tears suddenly welling in her eyes, she throws her arms around the nearest student in an emotional hug.

Melody and her younger brother Eoin are already seated at their table, having arrived a bit early with amidst a company of Hufflepuffs. To his credit, Eoin actually spent a minute or two listening to Melody attempt to convey the importance of this feast, but inevitably he was drawn by the siren song of his firstie mates. As soon as her attention turns, to cast a smile and wave toward the Ravenclaw table, the boy slides away, leaving the blonde girl in a cloud of dust. Not that she'll notice that for a few moments yet, she went from waving to looking around with interest at who is arriving.

Another Gryffindor seems determines to outdo Kimiko for sheer excitability. Felix Flitwick zooms into the hall, darting around several students before colliding directly into the back of an unfortunate older boy. Felix bounces off, sprawling to the floor (nearly causing a few tripping accidents). "Sorry! Sorry!" He is just as quick to bounce to his feet, brushing himself off.

Mr. Pringle gives Felix a fiery glare, which is enough to cow the young lion into slowing down. He glowers at the student as they enter, occasionally barking a sharp order. "Mind your feet and elbows! Eyes front! Let's move in an orderly fashion, ye great gaggle o' miscreants!"

Colton looks behind himself after he's been collided into. With a fond smile he turns about and crosses his arms over his chest. "One more collision for the road for me, ey Fee?" The graduating 7th year gives the younger lion a wink before he gets settled down at the Gryffindor Table. For the moment he looks, distracted, it all seems to only now just be sinking in that he's leaving the place he's been trying to get out of for seven years. He wasn't expecting himself to have this level of sentimentality about it.

It was an odd thing to be attending the feast. His last as a student here in the castle and it was bitter sweet to say the least. Levi moves over to sit beside Melody at the house table he smiles "Heya Melody." he comments looking her over and a wince internally though working hard to keep it from his face for the moment.

Another Hufflepuff entering for his last feast is Alexei, who steps over to the table with a bit of a thoughtful expression. Moving to find a seat, not too far away from Melody and Levi, he offers them both a grin as he sits down. "Hey."

Felix beams up at Colton. "Couldn't let you disappear wifout one more, could I?" The skinny kid clambers onto the bench, only bruising one shin in the process! "Ow."

At the head of his usual Slytherin contingent, Abraxas Malfoy enters the Great Hall, looking around at decorations. He leans over to one of his cohorts, and says, "Next year, we make sure the Slytherin banners are back." They haven't left yet, but the writing is on the wall in bold, all-caps, and underlined. He makes his way towards the Slytherin table.

The greeting draws Melody's attention to the side, and she smiles brightly, "Alright, Esmond." It's her usual greeting, and it's given, with her smile holding, to Alexi as well. "Alright Moscovitz." Her eyes wander again, and she observes, "I can hardly believe it's the end of another year already. It seems like we only just started a few days ago." Of course, there's a chance much of her life is like that.

Kimiko hugs her way through many a Gryffindor, finally reaching Colton and throwing her arms around him from behind. "I'm going to miss you so much!" Her squeeze is a little tight around the neck.

Akilina departs from her brothers side with a little squeeze of his arm. Sliding up her new pair of glasses it's out of habit now than necessity because these glasses to fit much better on her mousey little nose. She takes her seat that's not much changed since the beginning of the year in 'The Muggle-Born Section' she kept a spot there to remind and remember herself how dramaticly things were different between Opening Feast and End-of-Term Feast. With the person that usually speaks up for her, her big brother at the other table she sits quietly with her hands crossed. Patiently waiting for the ceremony that will take away her voice, her security blanket, her big brother. Her clasped hands worrying at each other as she tries not to live in fear of what next year will be like without him.

Colton looks like a cat in cream who also got the canary suddenly the moment Kimiko gives him a hug. "You will!?" He clears his throat and moves to turn around so he can give Kimiko a hug right back. "I mean, I'll miss you too Kimi. Make sure the Post knows where you live. I'll try to send you little somethings from all over. I'll pop in too when I can and when you probably least want me around. See, it won't be too different from here."

Levi smiles to Melody's usual greeeting. "Its alright, a bit much last feast ya know?" he nods to Alexei "Hey what plans? Taking a break?" He will look back to Melody leaning over and speaking softly. "Before returning to the common room, could I speak to you for a moment? Please?" he asks hopefuly

Abraxas swings his leg over the bench at the Slytherin table, chatting quietly with his housemates. It's been less of a banner year than they might have hoped, but at least the owl this morning brought good news. He raises his pumpkin juice.

Tom Riddle nods sagely to Abraxas, "We will recover and be strong once again. Let them have their moment. If it wasn't deserved, they wouldn't be having it. We had a great setback, we trusted the wrong person to lead us. That won't happen again. We are stronger for that failure and we will be better for it in the future." Tom learned a lot about what not to do as a leader from Flint, so he'll give the man that. The Knights have their own section of the Slytherin table, it's quite central and is on both sides of the table. He sits across from Abe flanked by Niles and Oberon to either side of him. Antonin gets a light shove and a point to sit on the end from Calig because he wants to sit next to Abe. Antonin settles down with a bit of a frown next to Vincent. But Antonin is soon distracted by Vincent showing his friend the new gobstone he 'collected' from some Muggle-born.

Kimiko rolls her eyes at Colton, shaking her head. But she goes right back in to resume the hug. "Silly boy," she sighs as she releases him. "Of course I'll miss you. And do send word if you're going to drop me. Mother likes time to prepare for a guest."

"Not quite sure yet," Alexei replies to Levi. "Maybe a small break, but not very long." Smiling, as he nods at both of them with a smile. "A bit different, this feast," he remarks. He also looks over in Akilina's direction for a few moments, offering a brief smile, before he looks between the others at his own table again.

Erica looks between the hopeful exchange for a chat between Melody and Levi her lips twitch a little back and forth before she looks down to her pristinely clean silverware. With a tsk she picks up a napkin and vigorously rubs it on each piece of cutlery around her, including both of her neighbors ware.

Colton slides a finger in a cross motion over his heart, "I will try my best, but Curse Breaker's don't often know where they will be from one day to the next. But for you, the cutest thing in the world, I will try. Did you want to sit with me? Make sure that I behave our last feast?" His brother is on one side of him, but the other is rather vacant as people are still coming in.

"Any system can be subverted, Riddle." Abraxas says, with a sly smile, "And we hardly had a choice. Though I suppose my own family had some voice in it. The outcome was sorely dissapointing. Sometimes, you back the wrong horse." He rests his arms on the table as he glances towards the front of the room. "What are everyone's plans for the summer?"

Professors Pettigrew, Mopsus, Slughorn, and Madam Hooch stroll up and down the tables of their respective Houses, making sure the students are all behaving relatively well. It isn't long before the House ghosts appear. Sir Nicholas and the Fat Friar casting friendly greetings about, while the Grey Lady and the Bloody Baron loom ominously.

Kimiko eyes Colton suspiciously…but that's par for the course. She settles onto the bench beside him. "Alright. Someone does need to keep an eye on you, after all." She leans forward to give a bright smile of greeting to Finley.

Melody looks back to Levi, her face pleasantly blank, also usual, and nods, "Alright." Without really thinking about it, she slides her silverware over toward Erica. "Mmmm," she muses, "Yeah. It's the last feast for you both." With that glorious bit of wisdom imparted, she falls silent again, looking up toward the ceiling as the Bloody Baron drifts by.

Levi nods to Melody though hang it all if he knows what he'll say and well just a tad bit late but he figures he has to do so. He nods back to Alexei "It is, its hard to belive not sure what to do with myself all told." he looks down the bench and spots Erica and waves giving a smile.

Madeline had been working on some last minute surprised for friends - cards and gifts to hand out before (and during) the train ride, and she had completely lost track of time. She comes careening into the hall at a run, out of breath, apparently having taken every single flight of stairs at a gallop. Seeing everyone still milling about and taking their seats, she lets out a sigh of relief. That's the last thing she would need - to be the last Gryffindor to lose points this year! She takes a moment to straighten her robes and hair, then starts bouncing her way towards the Gryffindor table, a huge grin on her features.

Felix waves his hand excitedly in the air at Madeline. "Maddie! Come sit 'ere wif me!" There's really no room on either side of him, but he smooshes himself into the student next to him to made space.

Sierra has slipped in with a few friends - feeling a strange mix of relief and dread. Relief that the school year is over and they'll be on their way home - and a bit of dread that this is the last time she'll be having a feast with her big brother. It shouldn't matter - they're not even in the same house! But somehow it does. She turns her head to find Colton near Kimiko, and flashes the eldest Higgins the best and broadest smile she can muster - then seeks out Finley to make sure he isn't causing too much trouble. She suspects Pringle has the same thought in mind, though.

Headmaster Albus Dumbledore clears his throat under the power of a Sonorous Charm, his cough booming loudly for attention.

Riddle gestures towards Niles, "The Avery's have invited me to stay the summer with them. One good thing has come from this Muggle War, that ghastly place has been shut down and all the children scattered to the country. All better off for it. Niles and I have discussed going sailing some. I do also plan for a Knightly Conclave at some point. So do check your post for invitations."

Josie makes her way in, near the end of the line of Gryffindors, just a few steps behind Madeline. She gives her friend a grin as she catches up, and says, "Come on, let's sit by Colton." Then, Felix is calling for Madeline's attention, so Josie shrugs and grins to her, but continues her way to sit as close as she can to Colton. She doesn't get a chance to greet him, however, as the headmaster calls for attention. She sits down, quietly.

Madeline's bouncing stops instantly at Pringle's words and her back straightens, her hands clasping behind her back. She has to bite her lip to stiffle the giggle the reprimand almost coaxes out of her. At Felix's invitation, she makes her way over and smooshes into place, whispering at him, "Made it just in time." Then she wiggles her fingers at Josie and Colton across from her.

Colton reaches long, lightly leaning into Kimiko to do so to give Josie's hair a little ruffling. He gives her a wink and then Maddie another wink before he turns his head to the podium.

Erica finally stops her cleaning frenzy and pries her attention from it to focus on Headmaster Dumbledore.
Madeline gives you a cookie.

When the chatter has died down, Dumbledore addresses the student body. "Nobody can deny that this term at Hogwarts began as a tumultuous one. When the disagreements and troubles of the rest of the world bleed into these hallowed grounds, even this school can be divided by petty differences.

"But Hogwarts is, and shall ever be, a sanctuary for all that seek it. Those that attempt to blacken it with malice will always find an interminable light shining from the very heart of Hogwarts. That heart is its people — its students and its faculty. Each and every person in this hall can sense a deeper truth about Hogwarts: That no matter the separation of houses, creeds, or origins, we are one family. We are one people."

From the faculty table, Tash's fist pumps into the air with a bellowed, "HOGWARTS!" A stern look from Professor Viridian silences him, but nothing can stifle his big, goofy grin.

Colton pumps his fist in the air and bellows as well, "HOGWARTS!" Colton didn't have Tash as a teacher, but they will always have, "HOGWARTS!"

Colton isn't the only one to echo Tash - Madeline's fist also pumps into the air into the air as she calls out, "Hogwarts!" - along with a giggle that she tries desperately to smother. What? No one can blame her that! Besides - Dumbledore's words had already had the energetic girl practically bouncing in place. She grins across at Colton.

Levi turns to listen as the announcements come from the staff table. He will nod in agreement about the start of the year and about how people grouped together to help resolve it. It is nice at least knowing that hopefuly that threat will not be one continuing next year.

Abraxas just pinches the bridge of his nose. He sips his pumpkin juice again, and remarks, "Another gift courtesy of our previous Headmaster."

Dumbledore chuckles, allowing the interruption without comment before continuing. "As you depart from the school, remember well what transpired here this year. Remember how prejudice and intolerance caused so much pain. Then ask yourself…what is the value of hatred? What solution has ever been distilled from hatred that did not give rise to greater suffering?

"Do not allow hatred to guide your heart. The heart is the center of love, and cannot survive without it. Such black thoughts can only cause love to wither, and ourselves with it.

"You are loved, each and every one of you. Cherish that love, hold it close to you, tend it and watch it grow, and soon it will spill out from you, unable to be contained, and that can only make your world a happier, healthier place to live.

With his words imparted, Dumbledore falls silent, and lifts both hands upward. In that moment, the tables are suddenly filled with food. Endless heaps of dinner rolls. Piles of ham and slabs of delicious, juicy beef. Enormous bowls filled with soups and bisques. Castles of roasted vegetables. Carafes brimming with a variety of juices. "Let the feast begin!"

Sitting quietly at the Hufflepuff table, Seamus sighs deeply as he thinks about everything. His time here was over and he didn't really have much of a plan for what was to come, especially with the War in the Muggleside of things going on. Unlike some he doesn't imitate Tash. No more of this.

Valda Rozenblats sits quietly at the Ravenclaw table, doing her best to avoid being noticed at all. She's nearly free, if she can just last until tomorrow when everyone goes home.

Madeline applauds the Headmaster loudly - in her mind it was as marvelous an ending to the year as the beginning had been horrible - before she starts cheerfully piling food onto her plate. Almost certainly her eyes are bigger than her stomach as she starts taking generous portions of almost everything - including a brimming glass of pumpkin juice. "I still can't believe the year is over! It just dragged in the fall," no need to mention why, "but then the rest of it just flew by! How did your marks turn out, Felix? Yours were good enough for Cursebreaking - weren't they, Colton?"

Erica places a few of the platters and bowls in a different place so that they presented more pleasingly to the eye and allow for easier access and in so less mess. "Melody, Sierra, can I put a plate together for you? Levi, Alexei? Your last chance for a Stainwright Special." She offers after she's neatly prepared a first years plate for them.

Josie joins in, for once. While usually trying to stay on Pringle's good side, today she joins in the call of "Hogwarts," alongside Colton, Tash, and Madeline, risking trouble to stand with her friends. She does, however, quickly quiet again to continue listening, nodding to what Dumbledore says. She claps at the end, as the food appears, before reaching forward to load up her plate. She nods quickly to Madeline, "The second half of this year was brilliant."

Felix shrugs and mutters, "I dunno," as he stuffs a roll into his mouth. His plate fills as much as Madeline's, though he's likely to eat every bite…and regret the stomach pains later.

Colton piles very large amounts of MEAT on his plate. He peeks over at Kimiko and the look she is giving him and reaches over to pluck a tiny bit of some herb or another that's about as big as his pinky nail and preciously puts it on top of the pile. "Better?" He asks over to Kimi and then he's grinning at Maddie, "All to Gringotts specifics Maddie, thanks for asking."

"Oh, no, I'll manage on my own, Erica - but thank you," Sierra answers politely as she starts dishing herself up a modest plate, and digs into it, smiling at the others near her - before glancing at her brothers again. She rolls her eyes at the mound of meat Colton has picked for his meal - not that she's surprised in the least. "Who's got summer plans?" she asks.

"Well, that's good to hear." Abraxas says to Tom, as he fills his plate, "I'll probably be in London for most of the summer. Apprenticing." he remarks, before pulling the full plate back towards him, "Then back in a few months. September will be on us before we know it."

Kimiko sighs, and proceeds to load up Colton's plate with some extra vegetables. "You can't survive on meat alone, Colton. Balance is important." Her own plate is quite balanced…with a variety of veggies and a little sliver of meat.

"Felix! You didn't even look?" Madeline asks, letting out a laugh. "Should I look for you?" she teases good naturedly - before beaming at Colton. "Oh, good! You were studying so hard - I figured it'd turn out alright. I think my parents are gonna be happy with how my year turned out! I caught up alright, after all." Her attention shifts to Josie as she adds, "Your marks were okay too, weren't they?"

Felix shrugs again, unconcerned about his marks. "Effu wawwee waffu," he says to Maddie with his mouth overstuffed with bread.

Colton looks quite like a little boy pouting when his mother tells him to eat his veg. "Butbutbut! Kimiiiii. There's rationing going on out there, and until I start working, I won't be able to have, prime rib, and ham, and all this deliciousness." He even actually gives his pile of meat an affectionate petting. He very well just might lift up a slab to nuzzle it against his cheek. "Good job Mads, remember, ask your parents if it's going to be okay if you can come to the Avalon trip. You too Kid, and you too Kimi…" Kid being what he calls Josie since her first Halloween at Hogwarts. "There's only so many I can take in with me and it could be real dangerous, sorry Fee." He is really sorry for talking about plans that Felix just isn't invited to. "But you are very much invited to the party I'm throwing soon as we're back. IF we come back, dun dun dunnn!"

"Don't look like either of ye are balanced." Finley says looking at Kimiko's plate. Oddly the boy has a fair amount of veggies and meat on his plate."How'd ye do Maddie?" The boy asks as he begins eating. He's not really in a hurry to pig out. Sierra would probably see and then he'd be hearing about it ALL the way back home and then when they're home and then on the way back to school. Sisters. Such pains. The boy's been behaving himself remarkably well the last few weeks. He only said one thing.

Professor Aczel walks up to the podium, holding under the arm of his somewhat rumpled robes a trophy that looks something like an abacus, only fashioned in the shape of a cube, and with diagonal wires that also hold beads so that the beads can move in four different dimensions. He puts it down on the table next to him and then clears his throat, taking a sip of water and running a hand through his messy black curls. When he speaks, the words coming pouring out quickly, "Arithmantically speaking, the numbers and portents are clear. Q.E.D., the winner of the Arithmancy award for this year is Hephaesta Mulciber."

Josie nods quickly to Madeline, swallowing a mouthful before answering, "All except history of magic, I always do awful in that. Muggle studies was harder than I thought too, but a lot more fun. How were yours?" Then she looks back to Colton, and nods emphatically, "I'll ask tomorrow, as soon as I'm home." She looks up as the first award is announced, and lets out a cheer for Hephaesta, applauding.

"Of course they don't mind - I already talked to my Uncle, and sent home a letter, and it's all sorted. I can't wait! And I'm gonna spend a week at my uncle's house - not this week, I have to go home first - but when I do I can pop by the farm anytime I want!" Madeline beams at Josie, before her attention shifts between her and Finley. "I got the A in Transfigurations! It took a lot of work, but I got it anyways - maybe only because Professor Pettigrew saw how hard I was working, I'm not sure, but I got it anyways. And potions was an O, of course!"

Hephaesta perks up in surprise. Someone said her name. She glances around, a bit bewildered, until she realises what has just happened. Her cheeks flushing at the attention, she meekly rises from the table and limps up toward the podium with her head down, her mechanical leg brace clicking and whirring all the way. "Th-thank you, Professor," she mumbles, accepting the trophy.

"Managed an A in Potions." Finley says between bites,"Got an O in Charms though. Got an E in Transfiguration." He says shrugging a bit. No one expected it from him but he was actually a pretty solid wizard. Potions not so good because of the fact he could at times have the attention span of a gnat but that's beside the point.

Taking only bits and pieces for food, Seamus is much more reserved than even usual. The blonde young man looks towards the Headmaster and just cannot help but wonder what life will be like now that Hogwarts was over. He took his NEWTs and was just beginning to feel a sense of normalcy there.

Colton wolf whistles once, not pushing his luck and applauds for Phae. It's all smiles when Maddie says that she's going to Avalon and gives Josie a thumbs up.

Erica sets down her silverware and dabs at her mouth and hands before she joins in the applause for Hephaesta's winning of the Arithmancy prize for this year.

Akilina pulls a little cannister with a large hearing horn like thing attached to it. She twists a little dial and then gives the big button on top a little press and an eagle's cry is let out. Nothing too loud, typical cheering level. No confetti either. Just a strong proud eagle's call for the Ravenclaw winning a trophy. The horn is quickly slide into her pocket and she gets back to eating. Nothing to see here Pringle!

"You know I can always help you out in potions, Fin," Madeline encourages her friend as she applauds. "But I'm glad you got the A! I think Adam did, too - I hope he did, anyways. I mean - he didn't melt his cauldron during the exam, so…" No, he melted it while they were practicing, instead.

The display on the Great Hall ceiling is enthralling. At least to Professor Lunet, whose is looking up at it through her subjects trophy which is a miniaturized telescope with a crystal etching of the stars over Hogwarts that magically move with the seasons. Professor Dumbledore has to clear his throat twice, and then signal for Professor Whittle to elbow her, before the Astronomy Professor throws up her hands, grabs her trophy, and makes her way to the podium. "Congratulations to zis year's winner of the Astronomy Award, Melody Abernathy!"

Having been well tucked into her dinner, Melody was concentrating more on a piece of asparagus than anything else. Her name does register when it's said, but she looks around in momentary confusion before someone at her table has the thought to poke her in the ribs and hiss, "Go up there." Like professor, like student, but at least Melody wasn't expecting it as her professor was. She rises and drifts up to the podium, accepting the little telescope with a grateful smile, and a curtsey, "Thank you, Ma'am." She turns to move back to her table, studying the trophy and somehow managing not to walk into anything until she's back at her seat.

Levi will of course agree to the plate of food and thanks given (but late) to Erica. He listens as the awards are given out and claps politely for the first though he smiles more as Melody is given an awards . "Congratulations Melody." he says over to her.

Colton stands up and claps and woops and cheers the hell out of Melody's win. He has the sort of grin that is insufferable to the Blonde winner. Really, he's just trying to end their year long 'fued' with a smile and a whoop whoop! But Pringle hand on his shoulder and a strong push later and he's back on his butt on the bench. The hand on his shoulder is given a rest of his own hand over it. "I'm going to miss you most of all Scarecrow." His face twists a bit when that grip gets rather tight. "Yes sir, no more standing sir."

Sierra smiles and applauds happily when Melody's name is called - but her brother's enthusiastic response gets him a puzzled look. What is he up to now? If he's planning on causing more trouble… She rolls her eyes at him when attracts Pringle's attention - then tries to mouth at him, 'That's Finley's job now.' Somehow it seems like Pringle would just HAVE to hassel Colton one last time, though.

Josie applauds for Melody as well, though a little less energetically, as she doesn't know Melody as well. She gets back to her food then, eating hungrily. She can't help but giggle a little at Colton's comment to Pringle, however.

Melody casts one glance sideways at Colton at his ruckus, eyes narrowed and suspicious, but she settles at her table and her expression is immediately back to her pleasant, benign half smile. "Ta Esmond. Never expected it." Eoin manages to peel himself away from his plate long enough to lean back, catch his sister's eye, and smile broadly.

Abraxas applauds politely for both of the winners. He doesn't seem to be particularly enthusiastic, but there is a golf-clap, at least.

"Hey Josie - did you know Mister Gamp offered to take me into the lake to meet the Merfolks?" Madeline asks her friend cheerfully. "Only I don't think my parents have quite decided yet. I hope they say it's okay - I reeeeeeally wanna go. It'll be neat to hear Mermish properly! I could learn loads and loads."

The Potions Master has to dab his lips and clean his fingertips before he takes his trophy, a small model of a beaker atop of a burner. Slughorn speaks floridly, "So many excellent students this year. They will all go far, very far. But there can be only one best! And so the potions award winner for this year is Soleil Parkinson."

Soleil rises up and gives a prim little curtsy to Professor Slughorn before she takes the beaker. "Thank you sir." There is a moment a long long moment that Soleil just stands there, mentally debating something. The debate comes to an end as she throws her usual prim decorum aside and she rolls onto the balls of her feet to give her favorite Professor an embrace. "Thank you so much for everything." After the hug she composes herself and smiles over towards the Gryffindor Table to Gerald and gives the trophy a little brandishing with a 'look what I got' smile to him. But then it's back to the Slytherin table where she passes it over to her best friend, Lillian, for inspection remarking, "Well it's no Quidditch Cup, but it will do."

Much like Abe, a simple golf-clap is politely given to the winners. It's only when Slytherin wins does Tom Riddle give more notice and his applause heightens without being vulgar.

Josie looks back to Madeline, grinning, "Really? That sounds amazing! If you do get to go, you gotta tell me all about it when you get back." She looks up again as Slughorn gives out his award, and despite the fact that it's a Slytherin winning, she claps again much like she did for Melody.

As Slughorn gets up, Maddie pays a little more attention to the goings on - after all, potions is her best class! When Soliel's name is called, she looks disappointed, but it only lasts a moment. After all, they wouldn't give it to a second year. She applauds a moment, then takes another bite of her food. With her mouth still full she adds towards Josie, "E'ry'ing tha' 'a'ens," she promises - before hastily swallowing. Her mum'd box her ears if she'd seen that!

Kettleburn stands and reaches behind his seat for a trophy made of a magically animated giant squid, like the one found in the Black Lake. It's nearly as tall as he is. His voice carries without magical amplification as he announces, "The Care o' Magical Creatures award fer 1940 goes ta Levi Esmond! Sorry to see you go. Good luck out there, watch out for those nargles." The trophy is exchanged with a firm handshake and there is an accompaniment of a more feminine heavy batch of cheers and applause and wistful sighing in Professor Kettleburn's little ceremony.

Colton comments quietly, "Come on where's the lions? We're getting flushed out! Next year…" He points to all of his friends and family he's leaving behind. "Lions, all. Right?" He does applaud for his Archnemisis Hufflepuff Seeker Levi. Really though, the only reason why Levi gets that title is because it's playful and a mark of respect in Colton's book. "Way to go Levi! Roar!" Gotta roar for the CoMC award, right?

Kimiko sighs wistfully up at Professor Kettleburn, clapping softly in her distraction.

It's a blur of hands over at the Hufflepuff table. Erica is clapping in such a way that her arms aren't moving but her hands are like hummingbird wings against each other. "Well done Levi!"

Eibhlin just claps politely for Levi, smiling at the Hufflepuff. No swooning for the Head Girl.

Abraxas claps more firmly for Soleil, and gives her a little wave and a nod of approval from his place when she returns with her trophy. At Kettleburn's presentation, he remarks, "That is a large trophy…"

"You come back in five years and see how many lions get trophies," Madeline murmurs towards Colton, all while applauding politely. Then she adds, "You're still the better seeker," says the girl who doesn't really care for the seeker position.

Josie pays more attention as Kettleburn gives his award. Not that she seems to expect to win, she just seems curious about who will. Once again, she applauds as Levi is given the award, before turning back to Colton and nodding quickly with a grin, "Next year!"

Levi moves up to get his award and shakes the hand he chuckles at the calls and waves to those he knows and even a few he doesnt as he's walking by. "Thank you." he says as he makes it back to his table to sit down lightly.

Professor Viridian's green robes swirl around him as he makes his way up to the podium, his trophy consisting of his traditional golden wand. Gripping the sides of the podium, he gives one of his wide grins, "Students! The winner of the award for excellence in Charms this year is the undoubtedly talented, Eibhlin Shine. She has been a shining example of an exemplary witch. I will truly miss her not just as a student, but a student who has helped me indubitably as my Student Aide. Thank you Eibhlin."

Eibhlin's fair Irish cheeks colour delicately as she smiles when her name is called. She rises and moves towards Viridian to accept the golden wand from the professor. "Thank you, Professor Viridian," she says with a light laugh. "It's been a pleasure."

Akilina only partially pulls her horn out of her pocket now that it's all set to how it should be. With another press of the button on top a celebratory Eagle's Cry is let free so that the soft spoken Ravenclaw's joy for her housemate can be heard.

Since she's still actually paying attention to what's going on around her, Melody catches that Levi wins a trophy as well. She claps for her housemate a bit more enthusiastically than she has for others, and is ready with a, "Congratulations, Esmond!" when he gets back to the table. "That's lovely. Professor Kettleburn is so nice." While some would say it all moony and starry eyed, Melody just announces it as a statement of fact.

"Oh, well, Eibhlin did deserve that," Madeline remarks, as she applauds again - but Colton is right! Where are the lions? "Maybe you'll get Ancient Runes?" she asks in an uncertain voice. But that would mean Anthony doesn't get it. Drat, that is an unfair split to the girl's loyalties!

Some of the students sit up a bit straighter as Professor Palancher approaches the podium, her robes flapping behind her energetically. The trophy is a genuine muggle artifact - a hand-cranked egg beater. "One student has been particularly, as the Muggles say, spot on, this year. Able to whip…" She lifts up the egg beater to add to her pun, "…up fine honors indeed. Congratulations to Carlotta Pinkstone!"

Carlotta comes up to receive the award and practically bumps the professor off of the dias so she can lean in and take position behind the pedestal. "We will be unveiled! To my fellow graduates, get out there and use your magic, use it proud, use it in front of whomever you want! Use your magic for good! Use it!" She pumps her prize into the air while she speaks and nearly accidentally hits Pringle in the face with it when he comes over to usher her down and back to her seat with a deep frown.

Eibhlin blinks a little as she retakes her seat. She gives Akilina a smile, though it's distracted by the eyeballing Carlotta gets.

"There's a lion!" Madeline remarks happily, and starts applauding for Carlotta - giggles starting as the older girl takes the podium. "Gosh - I would get such a hiding if I did that, though. I'd be grounded the whole summer and wouldn't get to go to Avalon or nothing!" Even if she does admire the gall.

Colton is clapping very vigooursly, he's just not standing up, but the standing O is in the ghusto in which he claps. "There's a Lion!" But then he's muttering aside ot Maddie, "She's spent more time in the dungeons than I have. She's my idol. She spent Winter holidays on house arrest. There's a betting pool to see how long after we're free does she get put in a cell for giving the Obliviators too much work to do."

Josie keeps clapping for each award, a little more excitedly as Carlotta wins one and grins at her words. She looks to Colton, "More time in the dungeons than you? Didn't think it was possible." She giggles as she says this, but dives back into her food then.

"There is?" Madeline asks in surprise, looking towards Carlotta - with a thoughtful expression on her features. "I think she's pretty great, too," she admits. Then looking back to Colton she asks, "Think I could put a sickle on three weeks? No! Twenty three days!"

The Deputy Headmaster and Professor of Ancient Runes, Professor Black, is the next to take the podium. "The study of Ancient Runes is an exacting one. One student - however surprising - has exceeded the others in this." He arches a brow, then taps his wand against a piece of stone, and, by magic, runes appear and shift from one runic type to the next until finally giving the English name of the winner as 'Colton Higgins'.

It's clear by the blurt out of 'Oh shite!' That Colton was not expecting the stone to spell out his name. Also to his benefit he seemed to realize it was his name before it went to the English Spelling. But it was unexpected for him with Anthony Rowle sharing the class. He also has a cheek full of prime rib and some juice on his chin. But even though he's a bit of a mess he springs up to go collect his prize before Professor Black changes his mind! With a mouth full of food he just gives the professor a nod and a shake of the hand and takes his prize back to the table. By then his mouth is clear of meat and he sits down with a 'woo hoo!' Once he's settled he nods to Maddie. "23 days, one sickle."

Abraxas leans forward and remarks to his table, "That one is going to be trouble." That, at least, directed at Carlotta. When Colton wins the Ancient Runes award, he arches a brow, "That's… interesting." Yet more golf-clapping.

Kimiko squeals and clasp excitedly. "Hooray, Colton!" When he finally returns, she throws her arms around him for a congratulatory hug. "Well done! Well done!"

"Knew ye could do it." Finley says as he applauds for his brother. They might not always agree on things but he was able to take pride in how his brother did this term. He doesn't even stick his tongue out at the Slytherin table for their lack of proper applause, but then he has no sense of decorum whatsoever. His eyes glitter merrily as he just applauds.
Sybil arrives from Entry Hall.
Sybil has arrived.

Madeline also looks surprised when Colton wins, but promptly jumps to her feet to applaud enthusiastically. "Yeah Colton!" she shouts - her eyes straying from the Gryffindor long enough to find Anthony, and offer him an apologetic look. She'd have cheered for him, too! Obviously! It's then she spots Pringle seemingly headed her way, and hastily drops back into her seat. "Good on you!" she says cheerfully. And then, "I'll get you the sickle later."

Josie, not having a clue about ancient runes, blinks in confusion at Colton's reaction until the English spelling is revealed. Then she lets out a cheer and applauds wholeheartedly again, and says when he returns, "Brilliant! Congratulations!"

Sierra is perhaps the only one in the room who doesn't look surprised by this win, and applauds her brother loudly - shouting out a few words of encouragement in Shelta. She keeps clapping for a few moments - even after he's retaken his seat - before she finally stops. "Knew he could do it," she declares confidently to her housemates. "You should've seen how he was studying this year. Don't know what got into his head."

Professor Binns glides through the table on his way up to the front of the room, leaving behind his separate table with its rotting version of the feast. A feeling of somnolence fills the hall as he begins to speak, in a weedy voice, recalling the deeds of great Hogwarts historians, until the Headmaster clears his throat, and points to the fancy, leather-bound, gilt-edged copy of 'Hogwarts, A History' that was put on the pedestal for the ghostly professor. "Oh, yes." says Binns, "The newest member of the illustrious company is Anthony Rowle."

Perhaps a year or two ago, a defeated Tony, in his best class, would have slunk away, nursing his wounds, or look chagrined. This is not the same one, for Colton is greeted with a bright smile- perhaps the smile of one who has learned acceptance of victory and defeat. Uniquely, perhaps, amongst the classes assembled, he doesn't start to nod off at Professor Binns speech, but instead when called, steps brightly forward, "Thank you, sir! I hope I've not disappointed you!" Professor Black gets just the slightest glance at that point, as though it was unclear to which Professor the question was applied, and then he picks up the book, bows to the assembled faculty, and returns to his seat, smiling serenely.

Professor Mopsus seems to know his way to the front of the high table despite his blindness, levitating a crystal ball on an ornate stand behind him. "What does it mean to divinate? Who has most accurately forseen the future? She should already know. Victoria Summerbee, please come claim your award."

Victoria had been sitting quietly at the Ravenclaw table, discussing plans with the rest of the 7th years. She's going to be working for the apothecary at Diagon, in London. It seems that she and Sybil had been discussing it at length. Victoria blinks, surprised at winning a prize for divination. "So appropriate, since I'd been struggling with what to do after I left." She smiles and pats Sybil's hand as she walks from the table and walks over to Mopsus. She graciously accepts the award. "Thank you for such a wonderful time here, Professor. Best of luck with these up-and-comers. We both know you're going to need it." She grins and winks before making here was back to the table, a quick squeeze around Sybil before continuing with the rest of the feast.

A trophy in the shape of a lumbering troll chasing a much smaller figure, rendered in suprisingly lifelike detail, is placed on the table by Professor Lestrange as he takes his place to give an award. He shoots his cuffs and motions with his crystal-headed cane, "This year's winner of the award for Defence Against Dark Arts is Alphard Black. I have every faith that you will go forth into this world and be extremely capable of handling anything that comes your way."

Alphard Black collects his award with genuine and deep gratitude towards Professor Lestrange. He returns to the Slytherin table a triumphant hero!

A silver, juvenile Mandrake in a clear crystal pot is tucked neatly under Professor Whittle's arm as he makes his way up to the podium. "Myrus Lowe, please come up." When the winner arrives, they are handed the trophy, and then bestowed with a celebratory matching set of gold-colored earmuffs and gardening spade. "Aye, congratulations!"

Myrus accepts his award and exchanges hand shakes with Professor Whittle before he rather quickly removes the earmuffs and returns to his spot at the table and sets the prize down next to his plate.

Last, but hardly least, Professor Pettigrew approaches the podium, with a goblet that transfigures into a plaque, that transfigures into a bird, and then back again. "It was my pleasure to join you all this year, darlings, and I look forward to seeing most of you back next year. But now, the winner of the Transfiguration prize for this year is Calista Flint."

Calista Flint has suffered quite terribly since her Uncle's expulsion. But this, this award makes the year just a little better. It was because of the backlash that she kept her head down and studied hard. She accepts the prize graciously. But that grace turns into stunned frozen shock when a hug comes from Professor Pettigrew too.

It seems that once he's back at his table he's mostly quiet he'll accept the thanks and smile to Melody and any other housemates and eats his food clapping and cheering where appropriate but its such an odd evening knowing that it was /last feast/ Levi looks about after the awards and back to his table.

Madeline's applause for Alphard and Flint is no better than Abraxas' own golf claps - though the others get a more enthusiastic response. Especially Anthony, as the girl feels compelled to match the display she put on for Colton. She hastily drops back into her seat, though, before Pringle can take offense. "Oh, Gosh, I'm glad he won. I mean - if he didn't get something, that just wouldn't seem fair."

Sybil claps politely for those who've won the awards, talking quietly about some interesting conversation at the side with fellow Ravenclaw, smiling towards her friend Victoria that claims the divination prize. With the prizes distributed, Sybil stands up and smooths her robes before she gives a kiss to her friends and heads out.

After dinner and dessert has dwindled the Headmaster steps back up to the podium. "Much congratulations goes to Gryffindor house for winning the Quidditch Cup this year. Would the Gryffindor Team please come up and accept their Cup?"

Colton pops up and goes with the rest of his team. There is a lot of embracing on Colton's part, the Quidditch Team has been a big part of his life for many years now and he just might miss it the most. The Seeker especially gets emotional with Josie and he scoops her up into a bear hug. "You are going to be the best Seeker this school has ever seen." There might even be a little mist in his eyes as he gives her hair a ruffle as they head back to the table.

Madeline has never cared much for Quidditch - but she does care for many of the folks on the team, so she applauds enthusiastically, and calls, "Good show this year!" to them as they come back.

Dumbledore continues once the Gryffindor Team has returned to their seats. "Each House did admirably this year in house points. Slytherin with 369 points. Hufflepuff with 564 points. Gryffindor with 565 points. The 1939-1940 House Cup winners are, Ravenclaw with an outstanding 846 points!" A simple wave of his hands in celebration and the Great Hall experiences a soft breeze that turns all banners and decorations into Ravenclaw Blue and Bronze.

Josie applauds to each of the award recipients, though none again as much as she did for Colton or Hephaesta. Returning to her meal, she soon finishes and moves to dessert, fencing just in time as they're called up for the Quidditch Cup. She's excited and cheerful, but this Colton pulls her into the hug she clings tightly, "Except for you." She can't seem to bring herself to say anymore, even as they return to their seats. She's a little quieter now, but still applauds politely for Ravenclaw.

"I think we should get something for having the most negative points," Madeline murmurs to her fellow Gryffindors - even as she's applauding for Ravenclaw. Yeah - she's still proud of that, and amusement gleams in the girl's eyes. She knows Angus agrees with her!

Akilina gives a little twist of her air horn again and points the bell of the horn upwards over their table and this time when she pushes the button the loud eagle call is accompanied by a shower of blue and bronze confetti. Pringle is waved down and away from punishing the Ravenclaw girl by Dumbledore.

Abraxas looks as if his pumpkin juice has turned into lemon. Or perhaps some particularly noxious potion. He slow claps, and looks across the table at Riddle, nodding as if to repeat his earlier sentiment about next year.

More solumnly Dumbledore cuts through the applause and chatter, "Now it is time to say good-bye to our 1940 class graduates." He reads from a scroll and as each student's name is called they each in turn approach Headmaster Dumbledore and receive a scroll and a tap on the head with his wand that transfigures their clothes into the neutral black robes and the patches over the uniform hearts in turn change from the house badge to the Hogwarts Badge. Just like they came into school seven years ago, so they will exit the school. "Adorabella Rochelle Selwyn, Alexei Antonovich Moscovitz, Alphard Pollux Black, Anthony Rowle, Calista Flint, Carlotta Pinkstone, Colton Viorel Higgins, Donovan Tobias Gallagher, Eamon Pheric MacCaille, Eibhlin "Evie" Nora Shine, Genevieve Solomon, Gerald Cornfoot, Ivy Lynne Winterbourne, Judah Viktor Moody, Kimiko Saito, Levi Esmond, Lillian Yaxley, Luke White, Miranda Goshawk, Nikolas Jacob Denholm, Noah Ashley Yorke, Nymera Lestrange, Polly Parkinson, Seamus Liam Cavanaugh, Soleil Winefred Parkinson, Sybil Renee Pyrites, Valda Rozenblats, Variel Weasley, Victoria Summerbee, and Zayn Arshad Shafiq."

Madeline applauds for everyone - she applauds more for certain someones. Colton and Anthony are predictable, of course, as is Adorabella and Eibhlin. She's also rather enthusiastic for Valda, though. Someone has to be - right? Even if she did get the Ravenclaw girl quite angry with her.

Levi looks up to the staff table. He looks wide-eyed he'd seen this before but why didnt he think of it.. The seventh year will stand when his name is call to accept the scroll and the tap with the wand. "Thank you professor." he says looking down he swallows hard though on the way back to his table to sit.

Colton is a rebel to the last and a lion through and through, he demonstrates this by untucking his shirt at the hip to flash the Scarlet and Gold plaid baxers that he's wearing. They can change him on the outside, but they can't change what's on the inside!

Abraxas applauds as a new graduates, like the others applauding a bit more loudly for some than others - and there are a few that the Malfoy clearly will shed no tears to see leave.

Madeline lets out a surprised squeal as Colton flashes his underclothes - torn between being appalled and amused. She looks away, glances towards the spectacle Colton is making of himself, and then away again. Oh… gosh.

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