(1940-06-26) Levi Catches...Absolutely Nothing
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Summary: After the end of term feast, Levi and Melody meet up to talk
Date: June 26, 1940
Location: Hogwarts Courtyard
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The feast is over and many will be headed back towards the dorms to get ready for curfew and then lights out and alla that or to pack and hang out with friends before the term truly ends tomorrow. The students thin into non-existance if you go the way over the covered walkway which has a nice view of the courtyard though. Levi will exit the Greathall looking back for the one he'd asked to meet him once she finds him he'd offer his arm politely if she'll accept it either way though its away from the crowds he'll lead. He looks down to his robes the lack of Hufflepuff markings is so odd.

Melody passed her award over to Eoin to take back to the Hufflepuff commons for her, promising to be back before he goes to bed so they can go over plans for the train trip. She drifts over to Levi, taking the offered arm, and walks with him out onto the grounds. A glance aside and she notices his own look down to his robes. "You'll always be a Hufflepuff," she says, "But it does look strange to see you without the colours."

Levi smiles as she notices what he's looking at as they walk a bit. "I know, its just weird seven years." He comments with a chuckle "Its inside of me though that's what the sorting hat saw not the patches on my robes." He comes to this conclusion as they walk "Congratulations on your award, it was well deserved, Melody."

"Ta," is the girl's simple retort. "You as well. I miss Care of Magical Creatures, it was a fun class." Melody looks all around as they move along, her attention never settling for very long on any one thing, as if she's trying to see everything again one more time before they go home tomorrow. At least she'll still have a full year to appreciate the grounds still.

"I enjoyed the class and well its suited into my career." Levi moves down the hall until they turn into the courtyard and then over to one of the benches. He will move to take a seat hoping she will sit as well. "Im sure you wanted to meet up with your brother and friends, so wont keep you long but theres somethin I should have said a long time ago but timing wasnt right but cant just leave the school without doing so." he says a bit rambley, nervous perahaps?

Melody steps to the bench and smooths her robes under her as she sits down next to Levi. Her attention settles on him, big brown eyes curious as he starts talking. "Is it something Eoin did? I know he sometimes can't keep his attention on things, Mummy says she doesn't know where he gets that from, but he doesn't intend any harm." Focusing their attention is an issue for more than one of the Abernathy children.

Levi shakes his head "No, no Eoin's fine really never had a problem with him." He says honestly about her younger brother though he's not really been one that minds the attention span shifting since they'd met. He takes a deep breath yes definately nervous. "Uh, so firstly no matter what i'll be your friend that wont change." he says since this can be a worry. He shifts turning slightly on the bench so he can look at her hoping to meet her gaze, and speak. "Melody, I like you…" he says the words and just in case he'll add. "I mean as more than just being housemates or friends. I have for quite a while since before the picnic we had." He gets the words out.

When it's confirmed that it's not her younger brother Melody relaxes again, but when Levi says he'll still be her friend curiosity turns to puzzlement and her head tilts. She blinks owlishly when his eyes meet hers. It's a good thing he does clarify it, because Melody's response would have been a cheerful confirmation in kind. It takes a second, but it dawns on her and her brows lift. "As more than friends? Really? I didn't know that." Typically neutral about it, she goes on, "It's too bad you won't be back next year."

Levi doesnt look away during the time from when he's spoken to whens he answers him. He looks as she seems to realize what he means, and then waits for the answer though he nods. The former student winces internally and a bit plays on his face his stomach knotted he has to breath another moment before speaking further. "I was too subtle all this time I suppose." he truly is at a loss for words trying to decide what her words mean. "I am not sure what that means Melody, does that mean you do like me too?" he shifts slightly still nervous mind racing "We could meet over the summer? See about during next year." he is confused to say the least.

He wasn't actually particularly subtle, other girls would likely have gotten the idea, but Melody is a creature unto herself. "Well," she replies, "I do like you Levi, but I won't like anyone until school is done for us both." She makes it sound as if it's purely a choice. "When Myrus was my boyfriend our grades went down. It's just too distracting." Melody logic, with more coming into play as she goes on, "And besides, you'll be out of school and I'll be in school. You're starting off on a whole new life, getting a job, meeting people."

He waits and watches listening. Levi the next part doesnt quite clear it up but the following does clarify. The name of Myrus doesnt sit well with him though not really jelousy or well not completely so more an honest and true belife that he'd have been a better fit. "I understand, I think. Though it doesnt feel like a new life not right now anyways." he comments he looks down though now the feeling in his gut is painful. "Perhaps we will meet after the next school year, either way I do want to be your friend at the very least. May I write to you?" he does look back up at the end.

Melody is gentle as she points out, "Not right now it doesn't, because school is ending. But when something ends something else new happens. It'll be so exciting for you," she adds, sounding happy and even a bit wistful for his new adventure. There's a nod of agreement to his request, "Of course, I'd like it if you would. And you can still come visit over the summer, if you'd like to. We have a grand time, playing games and helping with the animals."

Levi listens and nods to her words he tries for his usual smile with her, but somehow it doesnt quite work right. It isnt that she's harsh she's quite the opposite, but just the situation isnt the best. "It probably wont feel new until I start work at the ministry and get my own place." He says softly but nods about writing "I will do so then, and sure i'd like to visit help the animals play some music maybe." he tries hard to sound upbeat, though who knows if it works. "Sorry Melody hope i've not ruined your evening." he says with a sigh though.

There's a light but concerned frown on Melody's usually smiling lips, "You haven't at all, Levi. It's quite nice that you want to write and come visit." She pauses, her frown deepening, hands clasped in her lap. "I hope I haven't ruined yours."

He will shake his head looking to meet her gaze once again. "I do to both I mean." Levi looks over at the last part but manages only a rueful smile "If anyone is at fault, its me for having waited this long to say something Melody." He says with a shrug not really sure theres a fault this time but situation yeah makes him feel lousy all the same.

"Mummy always says that everything happens for a reason," Melody says, her voice just a touch lighter. "And that we never know what'll happen in the future." Slender shoulders shrug lightly under the black robe with Hufflepuff markings, and her hands finally unclasp, one lifting to push her light hair back out of her eyes. "I've always thought she's rather clever, so I think she's right."

Levi listens to her and thinks upon it for a bit. "I would agree your mum is quite clever, from all i've seen though so are you as well." He is silent though right now he cant see it. He'll watch her as she seems to re-animate moving ocne more. "She may well may be." He sighs looking over the courtyard but he'll push up from the bench and once more offer a hand up and his arm politely "Dont want to keep you after curfew." He says waitin to see if she'll accept so he can walk beside her.

Melody takes the offered hand, then tucks her into the crook of Levi's elbow for the walk back to the castle. She doesn't have a lot to say, events of the evening have sobered her mood a touch, but her manner remains relaxed, comfortable. When they're almost at the castle she finally speaks. "Maybe we could play some music on the train ride tomorrow." It's gotten to be something of a thing to do on train rides now.

The walk back to the castle proper isnt very long and Levi smiles at her suggestion. "I sure hope we can do that yes please." Levi likes that tradition and it'd be a shame to end it on his last year "Hope to see you on the train Melody, but if something happens and I dont have a good summer break and I will write and hopefuly we can meet up at your mums again." He says before they enter into the castle and turn down the corridor towards the hufflepuff commons. The evneing will come to a close last night before the break!

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