(1940-07-01) A Birthday Engagement
Details for A Birthday Engagement
Summary: Gavin, along with friends and family, plan a surprise party for Katie's 20th birthday. There's an additional secret that everyone but Katie is in on as well.
Date: 1 July 1940
Location: MacDonald Estate out in the country somewhere

Gavin has once again borrowed Major Simon's car! So it is that the day after her 20th birthday has Gavin driving with Katie blindfolded in the passenger seat with the rest of the Hind family cozy in the backseat. Jack might as well be in the front seat for as much as he is leaned over the front seat in the middle to watch Gavin shift gears and drive. They were headed eastward before the blindfold was affixed and they seemingly haven't done much in the way of turning course. They don't go extremely far, but it is rather on the outer edges of London before he starts to drive down more country roads. Eventually when the car slows to a halt crunching on heavy gravel by the sounds of it Gavin helps the rest of the family out of the car before he comes around to help his lady down out of the car. It is indeed large hunks of gravel under her feet. A kiss is placed on her cheek as he slides off the blindfold.

A grand picnic with bunting draped gazebos and garlands of her favorite flowers are decorated for quite the outdoor picnic party experience. The party is set up in the front yard of a manor that is small in comparison to the one they visited in Scotland. But in a way, they are very familiar and similar in style. When the blindfold is slid off in front of the picnic area is Katie's family, including cousin Jen and her family, The Girls: Penelope, Amy, and Millie, The Boys in Uniform: Earnest and Dump with Mother Ferguson, Lady MacDonald and a bit further back, still putting a few final touches on the feast laid out on the picnic tables is Katie and Gavin's favorite married couple from the Chinese Restaurant in Limehouse: Shi and her husband, all at once they wave their hands, clap and call out along with Gavin, "Happy Birthday Katie!" Gavin leans in to kiss Katie's cheek again and then helps her out of her over coat so he can finally get a look at the dress she bought for this occasion.

Katie's grumbling about having her eyes covered and isn't it enough that everyone knows what's happening except her is good natured and comes with an amused lilt in the young woman's voice. Her parents mostly ignore her, talking amiably with Gavin as much as the drive allows, and that only amuses her more. When she's finally helped out of the car by Gavin, holding his hand until the kiss comes and he removes the cloth. She blinks to refocus in the light of day, then focuses on Gavin for a moment. "Monkey," she says softly with a smile up at him. Then her eyes slip away, widening in surprise at the grand party decorations and all her most beloved friends and family. As they all cheer her birthday she squeaks in delight and claps her hands, "Thank you! Oh how lovely!"

She'll greet all her guests in time, but her attention is back on Gavin as she shrugs her coat into his hands. "Did you plan all this? It's wonderful, I love it!" She turns, revealing the new dress. As she had written, it's a green and cream floral design, the fabric light for the warm weather, with little cap sleeves. The bodice is a modest V, and the colour does compliment her red hair quite nicely. It clings in the right places and flows in the others.

Gavin stands there just admiring her for a complete minute. "You look amazing. Twenties years does well on you." He looks into her eyes as promised and with his back to everyone else he softly speaks, "I love you." A polite for public quick smooch is placed on her lips before he offers her his elbow. "I delegated authority really. Mother and Lady MacDonald did the decorations, with help from the Girls and the Boys this afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Chan did all of the cooking here once we got them here."

"My kitchen and dining room have never smelt so exotic!" Coos Lady MacDonald excitedly as she approaches to introduce herself. "Happy Birthday Katie, I have heard some much about you! I'm the Lady MacDonald but please call me Kenna. We're all friends here!" She boldly leans in to embrace the Birthday girl quickly. But just as quickly she is making room for Maw to come in to give a big squishy squnch! The hug is drawn out and she rocks them both (and in so partially Gavin) from side to side, "Yew look so bonnie! Such an angel! Our Katie, twenty years old!" Katie knows Maw well enough to probably expect a 'and still not married' tacked on in there. But it doesn't come.! Maw just leaves a few lipstick marks on Katie's cheek after finalizing the embrace with some Happy Birthday Smooches herself! The younger generation of guests are allowing the family their greetings, staying by the punch bowl. Earnest is just now getting Amy a cup of punch, it also has a pretty flower from a garland that matches Amy's dress iis set on the edge of the glass. Nerves of wet spaghetti the glass is shuddering a bit because his hand is on the shaky side as it is offered to the girl of his infatuation. Dump is busy entertaining the rest of the girls with Jack now. Telling them how green Jack got when he stole a few drags of his cigarette on their first outing.

Katie practically melts on the spot with those soft words, but she doesn't have the time to linger on them as she'd like. She takes Gavin's elbow, but only for a moment as the Lady of the manor approaches. Katie is ready with a curtsey and "Lady MacDonald" on her lips, but before she can even begin the formalities she's caught up in the first of many hugs that day. "Kenna," she says, testing the name before going on, "Thank you so much for all that you've done." Her hug in return is warm and she means so much more by the words than just this most recent event. The second hug comes from Gavin's mother and it really counts for at least six or seven hugs by anyone else. The enthusiasm makes Katie laugh, "Thank you, Missus Ferguson! You've all made such a lovely day for me." She doesn't notice what might be missing from the woman's words, so much excitement going on.

Amy, with her propensity for choosing men that are typically less than courtly, is appreciative of Earnest's kindness, although she does reach for the cup quickly, to save him the embarrassment of actually spilling any. The sunny smile she gives him with her thanks likely does little to ease the young soldier's nerves, and Amy strikes up a polite conversation with him. Not entirely from politeness, of course. His name fits, and she's curious about this earnest young man who may not be the most handsome to look at, but is already kind and courteous. There's laughter from the little group with Dump, feminine in pitch. "Don't give him mind," Prudence says with a smile to Jack, letting him read her lips. "He likely did that very same thing." Another laugh from the group as Katie's parents step over to say their hellos to the younger set and help themselves to some punch. As soon as the Lady MacDonald is free they will approach her with their own thanks for the kindness shown to their daughter.

Maw Ferguson and Lady MacDonald are pretty much Gavin's parental units. so when the parents all get together it is a bunch of thanking tossed and bandied about. Gavin's parents are thankful that Katie's parents did so well raising a fine daughter and all of this is the least that they can do. The parental units also are doing a bit of secret gossiping about what's planned for the day with hands lifted so that mouths can't be read. "The boys are a bit outnumbered here. Would you mind when the dancing starts if I dance with any wall flowers?" He gives his girl the full tour. Stopping at the punch bowl first so the 'kids' can all greet each other.

With her arm linked again in hers, Katie teases, "An' leave me t'be th'wallflower?" She laughs softly and squeezes Gavin's arms, "I think yer a wonderful gentleman. Of course, love." Just before they reach the younger set she leans and whispers, "An' I love yeh too, Monkey." Then it's all girlish squeals and 'happy birthday' all over again, and even hugs for Dump and Earnest, much to Earnest's surprise to judge by his awkward blush. "I'm so happy t'see yeh here," Katie says to each one in turn, meaning it every time. "Yeh've all made such a lovely day for me, I can't thank yeh enough." There are more hugs between the girls, and Katie pauses when she hugs Amy to whisper, "I told yeh he was sweet, din't I?" Amy winks at Katie, then moves just a step closer to Earnest as the girls part.

Earnest's rather pronounced adam's apple gives a visible bob as he swallows hard and then gives a little tug of his tie as he smiles in return to Amy when she comes closer. Dump has passed around some cigarettes to anyone wanting. Gavin takes him up on the offer and it's clear that when Gavin reaches forward to pluck a cigarette for himself that he wasn't included in the offer. His slight harmless scowl reads, 'I was offering the ladies.' Gavin gives his brother in arms a wink as he lights up his cigarette. After his first drag he cocks up a thick eyebrow at Katie to see if he should take another for the birthday girl. He also gives her things to ponder. "What would you like to do Duck? We can take a stroll, I can show you the house and gardens. We can dance." He gestures to a beautiful standing record player that's been brought out of one of the manor's parlours. "We can eat." The gesture then angles towards the Chinese buffet that they are still putting finishing touches on. Yes, there is a platter of brown glassy wedges with dark oozy green to black centers. Gavin wanted the whole gang to enjoy the experience of Century Eggs! The couple go back and forth to the kitchen that is behind the buffet table. Noodles and Duck and Duck and Duck and more Duck and soup dumplings and steamed buns. A bounty cooked masterfully as always. "Or presents." The gesture swings to another table that is piled with presents from everyone. "Up to my Duck. Anything you want to do."

Katie declines a cigarette, still feeling awkward with them when Gavin is so comfortable with one between his fingers, but she does so with a grin. "I'll practice in private for now," she says, meaning when they're together alone at Dump's Dump. "We could start the music for everyone, but I'd love if yeh'd show me the grounds?" the birthday girl suggests. "They won't have t'hurry th'food, either, that way." While she knows it shouldn't get cold, she also doesn't want to be a burden. "An' if they start eating without us, I'd not mind a bit. We'll help ourselves when we get back." Though they're her thoughts, she lets Gavin take the lead and voice the plans to everyone, waiting to take his hand for a bit of a walk alone.

Gavin looks towards the Lady and tilts his head towards the record player. She claps, excuses herself and comes over to start up the record on. "Lady MacDonald, might I steal Katie away to show her around some?" She gets a little coy and suggestive look and shoo shoos them with her hands. Chuckling he escorts Katie away from the central lawn between the circle of tables and he begins to stroll enjoying the company and his stolen cigarette. When they are out of sight he holds the cigarette up to her lips with a wink. "I don't think I can really put to words how lovely you look today. There really isn't much to tour, just gardens and more manor. Mostly I was just hoping to sneak you away so I can give you a proper birthday kiss!"

The look draws a blush from Katie, with a grateful, "Thank yeh, Ma'am." Her low heels are easy to keep steady on the stone path, but she still holds onto Gavin's arm as if he would disappear if she loosened her grip. His wink gets a grin, and Katie takes a small drag from the cigarette, managing to look as awkward as ever and not minding it with Gavin a bit. "Gavs, yer so good t'me. I feel lovely in this dress." As if to demonstrate it's delicate fabric, the breeze flaps her skirt out just so, swishing it about her slender legs. She laughs and confesses, "I don't care half so much about the grounds as I do about a moment alone with you." She glances back, seeing everyone else well out of sight before she stops walking and turns to him. Her eyes shine with happiness as she looks up. "Thank yeh for makin' such a lovely party for me."

Gavin tries to get his arm free only so much as to wrap it around her waist and draw her up close. The cigarette is held away in the other hand, not chancing singeing her dress. Holding her close and out of view he gives her a kiss that should have her blushing the rest of the tour. "Well after that beautiful letter, how could I not? Even before that letter, how could I not? I love you Katie Hind. So, no secrets of your own to confess?" He smiles at her and leans in to kiss her quickly.

Katie's arms go around Gavin's middle, her hands settling to press against his back, half pushed up onto her toes into his kiss. It's intense enough to leave her short of breath as she rocks back down onto her heels. "All I said in th'letter was how I truly feel. Yeh've come so far, Gavs, an' I'm so lucky t'have found you and that yeh love me. Every step you took, good or bad, ended you up in our chippy an' at th'park th'day of the Nazi duck invasion." One hand loosens to come up and touch his cheek gently. "Hm, secrets of my own… alright then. When I was eight and our Jen was seven I cut off one of her pigtails. It was an accident, we'd been playin' at hair stylin'," she grins, confessing the worst of her sins.

Gavin has pummeled faces and stolen for money and she… accidentally cut her cousin's hair too short!? What's going through his head is easily read in his eyes. But he gets over it quickly shaking his head with a chuckle. But then he puts on a serious face for so long as to say over dramatically. "You disgust me." That's all he can get out before he's lowering his forehead to her shoulder to chuckle. When he lifts his face he steals a kiss. "You really are just the sweetest thing in the world."

"It was awful at th'time," Katie confesses, "Took her three years t'forgive me." There's a giggle against Gavin's lips. "Yeh know Da. If he'd been yer da there'd have been no shenanigans from yeh. I never had a chance." She sobers a touch as she looks up at him, an earnestness coming into her eyes. "I've not done a lot of things, an' I'm not very excitin'. I hope yeh never come t'realize that for yerself. I don't know how I'd go on if yeh did."

Gavin reaches up to stroke her cheek with the backs of his fingers with the cigarette in the corner of his mouth with one eye squinting. "With the life I have had, it is a nice change to have a bit of not very excitin' and sweet and beautiful and smart and good in the kitchen and…" Those thick expressive eyebrow waggle instead of actually saying 'in the bedroom'. "I'm the one that should be worried, when I'm out of this uniform with my belly over my belt and smoking like a chimney and drinking like a fish…"

Katie blushes at the waggled brows, dropping her eyes. "We'll both get older," she says, "But I'll always be yer Duck an' yeh'll always be my Monkey. I love yer heart. The package it comes in is nice," comes a giggled tease, definitely downplaying the fact that she's fascinated by the package, "But it's what's in here." Her hand rests flat on his chest, above his heart.

Gavin lowers his hand from her cheek to tap lightly at her sweetheart pin over her heart. "Couldn't agree more. One more kiss before we hit the road again. We probably should be getting back, or Da is going to hunt us down and like you said." They would not live that down any time soon! So with that he leans in and scoops her up against him and gives her a bit of a dip even just before bring a kiss to her lips.

"I suppose," Katie manages to say before she's dipped for another kiss. Her arm tightens around his waist, the other taking a soft purchase on his tie, and she's giggling as she's righted again, having to take a step as the world wobbles for a moment. "Yeh make my head spin." She sounds far from complaining, though. Taking Gavin's arm again the pair can make their way back to the others, who have spent the few minutes just fine without the young couple. The elders are still talking, although that breaks off into smiles as Katie and Gavin return. "Perfect timing," Mary says motioning toward the buffet set out. "We were just going to send one of your friends off to find you." It's an amused scold, but guaranteed that she would have done just that, embarrassment to the young sweethearts or not.

Gavin is still rubbing at his lips a bit triple checking to make sure he's not wearing the same shade as Katie is when they re-join the party. "There was this beautiful English rose section we were admiring." Much like the movies, he knows the garden well enough to lay an excuse over the snogging. "Apologies for the delay. Hmmm. Looks delicious! Xiexie." He speaks the last part to the couple. Behind him Dump jokes to the unattended Girls. "Cambridge speaks Oriental." Rolling his eyes Gavin defends. "I know a few polite words and a few more not polite ones that I'll box your ears with in more unpolite company." They do a bit of smacking each other back and forth, just like any pair of brothers would. Earnest who grew up not too far outside of limehouse lifts up a pointed finger and says the Chinese word for Thank You with far better pronunciation than Gavin. Language lesson aside Gavin holds both plates so that Katie can fill hers up without fear of it getting heavy.

Katie manages somehow not to blush at Gavin's creative embellishment, and the distraction of the food is probably helpful as he apologizes for them. A further distraction is the brothers and their banter. "Oh hush now, the pair of yeh," she chides them gently. With Gavin doing the holding, Katie fills both plates, letting him get a yea or nay on each dish, taking what she likes herself. Of course, they each get a century egg, keeping up their tradition.

Gavin pretty much takes a scoop of everything. A small plate is laid on top of the pile of food on his plate by the husband and that plate is heaping with all of the excess skins that people declined or that were scraps from the cooking. Gav does keep a bit of an eye on Jack to make sure he gets himself a century egg without pulling a face. Here's hoping the teen boy is still in that gross is awesome stage! When both of their plates are full he carries them to the dining picnic table and after the plate are down he offers a hand to help Katie step over the bench and get settled. He joins her directly and he's not even seated fully and he's got a piece of skin going up to his mouth for a quick snack.

Jack seems far more game than his father, who pulls a face and has to be pinched on the arm by Mary. "It's a special day, try something new, Daniel," she encourages him with a smile. The man can't resist his wife to this day, and helps first her then himself to a century egg. He still doesn't look thrilled, but at least he's not outwardly grimacing. Katie settles and is quickly flanked on the side opposite Gavin by the Girls, Amy putting herself at the end of the trio leaving the seat beside herself empty. She glances around, wondering if Earnest would be so bold as to seat himself there or if he will join Dump in sitting next to Gavin. Jack puts his plate down across from Katie and Gavin. The better to read lips, and when he's close to Katie she never fails to interpret for him. The elders are still very much enjoying each others company, sharing stories of their younger days which seem to dwell an awful lot around their various engagements and wedding days. Katie is too distracted by her chums to notice, and she does keep Jack in the loop with her nimble hands and easily readable expressions in between bites. The chatter never seems to stop, although that has no impact on how quickly food disappears. Many compliments are given to the couple that have supplied all the delicacies, and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves thoroughly.

When the buffet is pretty much picked as much as it will be the catering couple come up from behind Katie singing in their very thick accents and the rest of the party quickly picks up and joins in a cheerful, 'For she's a jolly good fellow!' The cake that is placed down before her is a cake that was baked and put together by Mary, with beautiful fruit decorations added to it for a more Chinese birthday cake look. The cake is a delicacy but with both ladies being restaurant owners they were able to get the cake put together even on rations, help with the fresh beautiful fruit came from Lady MacDonald. The cake is a delicious white sponge with fresh fruit laid inside the buttercream in the layers. "Simple and sweet, just like yew. Perfection." Is Gavin's comment about the cake to Katie.


After the cake is presented and everyone has had a few bites, it's "Time for pressies!" Moira declares and Jack being the youngest gets the honor of being the gopher, bringing a few presents over to Katie to open as everyone watches while eating their cake. One is quite obviously a dress box from the size and shape and has a card attached from Moira. Inside the box is a dress that she probably can tell is a hand-made dress. A light slightly lime green with blue and purple flowers. It has a belted belly in the same fabric. The top portion is really just very thick straps that have been ruffed for a nice fun pleated looking top. "Now if that's a little on the low side, I can stitch it right up to wherever you like my darling." Is Moira's assurance, because the v-neck front is a touch on the low side. Easier to sew up then to let out is Moira's view point.


Earnest and Dump both got her different hair scarves and Dump points out, "Cause Weegie keeps stealing yours." It's good natured and Gavin tosses a napkin at his face for it anyway. The scarves are her favorite colors as they probed Gavin for that information. As for Gavin's present he confesses with a shamed and heavy heart. "Really I just had time to grab something off of a shelf and go." His present is a very 'well-loved' book of 'Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day' by Winifred Watson. It really is one of the most non-flare gifts. Some of the pages are even missing and it's flopping out of the binding. It is of course all set up and everyone else who's in on today play along. "Oh Gavs." Moira scolds and Lady MacDonald tsk. They don't dig into him too too much to ruin the party and there is a sense of playfulness in the scolding as well. But the shamed Gavin takes a deep breath, "Hows about some dancing then?" As if he's trying to change the subject. The feedback is it's a wonderful idea and Lady MacDonald goes to become the DJ for the evening.

Katie exclaims over the cake, thanking everyone for giving of what little they all have right now to make something so special for her. "It's almost too lovely to eat," she says. Then she adds with a gleam in her eyes, "Almost." With much chattering they get pieces doled out and everyone settled again.

Not used to being so much the center of attention, Katie blushes as presents start to be brought over by Jack. Her parents and Jack had given her theirs on the day, to celebrate as a family and make it just those less things to cart back and forth. She holds the dress from Moira up against herself immediately, eyes wide as she takes in the beautiful fabric. "It's absolutely beautiful!" Katie manages to scoot over after every gift and give kisses on the cheeks, even to Earnest and Dump. Her girlfriends chipped in together to get Katie a lovely necklace and bracelet with green stones that go with both of her new dresses, and she puts them on at once since the only decoration she'd had so far was Gavin's sweetheart pin.

When she opens Gavin's gift she doesn't look disappointed in the state of the book, saying instead, "I can't wait to read it." He also gets a kiss to the cheek in thanks, and when others start ribbing him, she comes to his defense lightly. "Oh hush now, it's a miracle he had a chance to grab something at all, with his time being at the King's call. It's enough for me that he's here. That you're all here," she adds, looking around to take in each face. "But thank you so much for all the lovely presents."

When Gavin quickly suggests dancing, Katie is just as quick to join the others in agreeing it's a wonderful idea. Her presents are all put aside, the book as carefully gathered up as all the rest and laid by for safe keeping. She turns to look at Gavin, "Does this mean yeh'll dance with me t'day as well?" It shows without saying that this would be the best gift of all.

Gavin gives a little shrug, "I suppose since it is your birthday and all." He teases and the first song selected is somewhere between a fast song and a slow song. Just an instrumental piece to get warmed up to. Gavin needs the warming up and in this dance he does switch off partners so all the girls get to dance, including his mother and Lady MacDonald. Just a minute each though, but the other blokes get to help him keep everyone happy. Jack for instance dances with his sister before Daniel cuts in. Giving some Daddy Daughter moment before what he knows is going to be happening. The next song is a jitterbug and Earnest is surprisingly the most agile of the dancing soldiers. While Dump is the launch pad and tosser sort. Gavin is the worst dancer of the three but he is trying his best for his Duckies birthday! There even is a moment when he tries to do a bit of a lift and twirl with Katie.

It's towards the end of the song and it's silent between songs when he seems to realize something and grumble barks. "Shite, Nobody move, I lost my ribbon." One of his awards is indeed missing from his uniform. Everyone does halt and circle around to spectate when Gavin kneels down to search about for it. There is quite a lot of bad acting going on as people pretend to help him look for it. "Ah-ha!" He exclaims and takes Katie's hand and waits for her to straighten as if he needs the help up. "Look what I found." When he lifts his hand it's not his ribbon in his hand, but a very simple white gold face with yellow gold blend. The face of the ring is a white gold square that it etched to possibly give the illusion of the small diamond in the middle being bigger. The center is flanked by two smaller squares set with smaller circular diamonds. "I've found the love of my life. I would be honored if she would agree to be my wife." It's then that a slow song begins, it's the same slow song that they danced to at the club on his birthday, when he first kissed her.


The tease makes Katie laugh as the pair launch into the first dance together, and she offers no protest as partners are traded off liberally. She even dances some with each of her girlfriends, the four of them possibly the best of the bunch for having practiced so much together. Earnest and Dump both prove quite popular, even with Prudence who is promised to another soldier. But a good dance is a good dance!

At the end of the song, Katie is near Gavin again, and she turns a radiant smile to him. But it falls into concern as he comes up missing a ribbon. "Oh no, Gavs," Katie frets, "We'll find it, I'm sure we will." She doesn't even notice what a terrible job the others are doing, doesn't notice how they're more intent on the couple than on any actual looking. When Gavin "Ah-Ha!"s she turns to him with a look of relief, letting her hand be taken as she does straighten and prepare to pull him as much as she can. A puzzled look settles on the ring, that's not his ribbon clearly. Blue eyes shift from the ring to Gavin's face when he speaks. It takes her a moment to process this, her head raising to look at those assembled, hushed in anticipation of her answer. Her gaze sweeps along them all, to her parents and brother last, their happy, expectant faces bringing first a small smile to Katie's lips. It grows as she looks back to Gavin, tears welling in her eyes, and she nods her head quickly, whispering, "Yes!" Then louder, "Oh Gavin, Yes!" as she bends to slide her arms around his neck.

Gavin pulls her down onto his knee so she can sit and he can be sure she doesn't swoon or faint and hit the grass. Maybe this is why they do the kneeling thing? He hugs her against them and gives her a safe for public kiss. That out of their systems he goes about trying to slide the ring on, it fits pretty near perfectly thanks to Mary sending him a bit of string that was cut to length around another of Katie's rings. Once the ring is on, he pulls the ribbon he popped off during the jitterbug and slid into his pocket out and re-fastens it to his uniform with a devilish trickster grin. Once all accessories are fast in place he shakes hands and receives hugs. But after everyone has that out of their system he pulls his fiance close and starts to slow dance with her to their song. Off to the side, Dump can be overheard talking to Millie as he slow dances with her. "…you just never know, this could be the last time I ever get to dance with a beautiful girl." Gavin shakes his head but he just can't be torn away from looking at his fiance as they dance. "I love you Duckie."

It takes a moment of hugging him until he's close to turning blue before Katie releases the poor man and sniffles, quickly handed a handkerchief by her mother, but the tears only start fresh as Gavin slides the ring onto her finger, her hand trembling a little. The 'discovery' of the ribbon makes Katie laugh through the happy tears, with a softly chiding, "You."

Then come the hugs and squeals of her friends, more tears, hugs from Lady MacDonald, Jen, and the family, more tears, an even more enthusiastic hug from Moira than when Katie had arrived and still more tears. Finally her own, each in turn, hugs and whispers to her mother, father, and, with her back turned to the others, signing just between her and Jack so no one else can see. When she asks if he knew about all this, he puffs up proudly, replying that of course he did, he knows everything that goes on. Katie asks Jack if that's what he's been being such a prat about, and the younger boy just grins hugely, and gently turns his sister by her shoulders to face her intended.

Katie melts into Gavin's arms, her temple to his cheek at first, but she can't stand to not be looking at him either and she pulls her head back. She might think about scolding Dump later, but Millie is sensible where Amy is not, which also makes it fortunate that, miracle of miracles, Amy and Earnest are dancing, if rather awkwardly, together. "I love yeh, Monkey," she returns, eyes dry again, or mostly at least. She whispers softly, wonder in the words, "Yeh want t'marry me."

Gavin's Glaswegian accent is rather thick because he's emotional himself even if there's no tears from him, he's just all smiles, "Aye I do." He hand in his that's held up in the air is pulled over so that he can kiss the ring on her finger. "So very much. The when I leave in the hands of you and yours. I'll be there, with or without leave." He gives a wag of his brows. Again there's that hint that he would go AWOL if he had to to be with her. Much of their song was gobbled up by the proposal and celebration afterwards so their dance doesn't last very long. He kisses her cheek and whispers, "See if your parents mind if I take you for another tour of the inside of the house."

"Right this moment," Katie teases, "So yeh can't change yer mind." But it's only a tease, of course. Get married too quickly, and people might think they had to. But there's a war on, so waiting too long isn't likely. It's likely the mothers have already had some discussion on the matter, and Katie will take advice from them gladly. She nods to his suggestion and reluctantly leaves him in the hands of the others for a moment while she goes to hug her parents again. Neither Mary nor Daniel look like they're buying into the 'tour of the house' excuse, but they grant the couple leave, knowing that they'll want a few minutes to themselves. Katie hurries back to Gavin and the others, slipping her hand into his and giving him a gentle tug. "I'll have t'be borrowin' him," she says to the rest flippantly. "I've been promised a tour of th'house." This gets a wink from Dump and giggles from the girls, but Earnest is just so completely gobsmacked by Amy seeming to be willing to give him the time of day that he just nods absently, staring at the pretty, dark haired girl.

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