(1940-07-07) Run In On a Rainy Day
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Summary: Graham runs into Antimony on a rainy walk. Talk is had, potential plans are made
Date: 07.07.1940
Location: Merlin Square

Merlin Square

A large swath of green in the middle of the Mysticked District dedicated in honor of the Wizarding Legend, who's tower was once located in the center of the park. Merlin's Square is an oasis of trees and soft grass, filled with meandering paths, decorative wildflowers, and strategically placed park benches. In the center of the park is the enormous marble statue of Merlin himself, his upraised hand holding a glowing sphere, and his wizard's staff in his hand, his robes magically coloured to change with the seasons. He sits in the center of a seven-pointed star of red paving bricks, and those who study arcane ley lines say the statue is at a nexus of magical energy.

The many paths that lead off from the points of Merlin's Star lead to small picnic areas, lawns, and a two meandering creeks that merge and then vanish underground until they eventually flow into the Thames. Herbologists in London compete to display their arts of topiary, and many of the trees and shrubs are sculpted into interesting and amusing shapes, while the flowerbeds are small works of art. The entire perimeter of the square is a broad red brick walking path large enough for five people to walk abreast, until it merges into the streets of the District.

Morning finds both the wizarding and muggle areas of town inundated with hot, dreary, drizzling weather. Rain is supposed to cool things off, not make them more miserable, but that is not the case today. People still have to be out and about though, to either go to work or to run those necessary errands. These unfortunate souls criss-cross Merlin Square on their way to where ever the day is taking them. In with these is Antimony, umbrella held over her head to protect herself from the rain that falls from the sky. She seems to not be in a hurry at the moment, pausing occasionally to greet someone that may recognize her.

Graham is out today doing likewise it seems running errands or just enjoying the day. He exits from the bookshop and is making his way down the street though he's not bought anything as of yet at least. It’s rather a lazy walk for him and he'll pause spotting a familiar face in the crowds. "Good Day Antimony." he calls over when he's close enough not to have to speak loudly. It seems he's chosen to make himself invulnerable to the rain at least while in magical London.

It has been quite awhile since Antimony has graced Graham with her presence, so when she finds him greeting her she gives pause in her meandering to offer him a smile and greeting of her own, "Why Graham," she starts, "What a pleasant surprise to run into you." her gloved hand is offered out as she speaks, "It's seems to have been ages since we have ran into each other. How have you been?"

The auror smiles over to his friend accepting the hand he'll bend to give a bow and a kiss to the back of it overly gentlemanly "It does feel that way I will admit." he says standing straight once more "Hm, more or less alright life’s bumps in the road you understand." he says managing to stay smiling which is a good thing for him. "How about yourself? I hope you have been well?" he ponders a second "Would you care for me to dry and make you invulnerable to the weather?" he asks her with a shrug.

Her grin becomes a look of concern, "I'm truly sorry to hear that. I do hope things smooth out for you soon." Antimony sounds sincere in her concern and both hands lightly clutch her umbrella once her hand is freed, "Quite well. There was some worry over my cousin and her latest disastrous trip, but all is well now." a glance is given to the sky, which promises to keep up the bad weather all day, "I wouldn't want to inconvenience you Graham."

Graham manages to smile and shake his head "It’s quite alright Antimony, I suppose no use of hiding facts, my on again off again gal took a permanent job in America." he explains the road bumps he'd spoken of before. He sighs nodding about her cousin. "Yes I nearly left to go after her in the country she'd left to but she reappeared." the auror laughs a little but not meanly "It isn’t an incontinence two simple spells but only no worries the offer stands. How are your rehearsals going or still trying-out for roles?"

"That's awful." Antimony says sounding appropriately sympathetic at his sudden loss "That certainly is quite a bump. No plans to follow her there?" not knowing exactly the seriousness of the sporadic relationship. There is a nod at his admission to going after Arla, "Well I guess her showing up again was timely. I would have awful for you to go missing as well…or to return in similar shape." for now she is doing well enough with her umbrella, it's sufficiently charmed to keep her dry enough. "Rehearsals are going splendidly. Today they are working on getting sets finalized and working on stage directions for the ensemble, so I've the morning and afternoon free."

The young man nods about the awful comment about shakes his head "None at the moment. I believe its best to simply move on from that." Graham says thought it was serious before the continued disappearances he’s moving onwards with his own life. "She said something similar to that, I appreciate the concern Antimony." He gives a warm smile though he's interested in her rehearsals as she speaks of them. "That's wonderful that it’s progressing so quickly. I cannot wait to attend the show itself."

Antimony hmmms thoughtfully, "Perhaps you are right. Moving on, looking to the future instead of dwelling on the past and what could have beens." she nods at her words "A very healthy way to go about it." she doesn't dwell on the topic either. Her concern pushed aside and his smile returned, "Oh it is. Opening night is still a month or so off, but I've already reserved you a spot in a box seat. One of the best views in the house. A few of my other family members will be sitting with you. I hope that doesn't bother you."

"I believe it will be best yes." He looks about the alley way and chuckles "Perhaps you'd like to find a place to grab a drink or some food out of the rain?" he wonders since they are standing in it and all. He listens about the opening night and the ticket she's saved "Not at all, that's brilliant. I will certainly owe you for such a ticket." he seems quite glad for this news actually excited to see her in the show and such.

He tries to decide where would be good to go if she agrees and adds "I look forward to seeing you in the show, hmmm.. what sort of flowers do you prefer?" he wonders it is customary to bring such after all right?

"Getting out of the rain would be nice and a cool beverage even better." Antimony is quite agreeable to the suggestion "It is no trouble, truly. The more people in the audience applauding me the better." she gives a bit of a laugh at the question of her flower preference, "Living ones of course." it's a bit of a tease "Specifically though I find amaryllis and delphiniums quite lovely.

Graham chuckles at the tease but nods "I will hold off in my purchase then not to test my green thumb out." he teases back but he'll beg offer his arm out if she'll accept it "To the leaky Cauldron?" he asks if this is okay "I will make note of your flowers too." he grins. "Of course I will applaud."

"As green as my thumb tends to be I would rather not have to nurse sickly flowers back to life." of all the classes at Hogwarts, herbology and potions were the easier for Antimony…but even they weren't enough to get her to stick around past her fifth year. Taking the offered arm she holds the umbrella over both of them, not that he needs it, it's just the polite thing to do, as she lets him escort her "The Leaky Caldron will do nicely."

"As green as my thumb tends to be I would rather not have to nurse sickly flowers back to life." of all the classes at Hogwarts, herbology and potions were the easier for Antimony…but even they weren't enough to get her to stick around past her fifth year. Taking the offered arm she holds the umbrella over both of them, not that he needs it, it's just the polite thing to do, as she lets him escort her "The Leaky Caldron will do nicely."</Repose>

"Yeah, it’s supposed to be a congratulations not a school project due at end of term." Graham says with a grin knowing how the school sounds and how those sorts of projects were done though he smiles more warmly when she takes his arm and begins heading down the alley towards the Leaky Cauldron. "Excellent, hm so have you any other plans for the summmer?" he asks of her as they walk.

"Some of those projects were just awful." Antimony says as she recalls those days "Even at W.A.D.A there were a few that I would have rather not done." she smiles though since those days are long behind them. "No exciting plans no. Most of my summer will be taken up with rehearsals for the show. It will get to a point where I won't even have the weekends free to do anything except work."

Graham nods "I bet some of them were awful, dueling club was always an interesting one. It isn’t natural to not just bolt for it when someone’s slinging spells." He winks over to her given what he's chosen as a job he must have gotten over that or at least something. "Ah, that does sound busy to be certain, perhaps I can help read-through lines or something with you if you'd want that is?" he finally reaches the door to the pub and will open it for her to step inside.

"I would certainly run if someone started throwing jinxes in my direction." she gives a shake of her head "I do not envy you your job. You have to run toward them. You are a much braver soul than I." as she door is help open the closes the umbrella and darts into the pub out of the rain, "I'm sure you have much better things to do with your time then help me run through lines. Our is your summer as planless as mine?"

"Or more foolish perhaps?" Graham comments as he enters behind her "Thank you though Antimony." The auror says glancing around the pub a little before leading her to a good table a bit away from the crowds and pulls a chair out and everything. "I am not quite sure I do." he chuckles softly and nods "Planless perhaps more so as I am not rehearsing for a show. I would be glad to help."

Antimony seems amused by his response but again shakes her head "I would never say such a thing." and she would never claim to think it either. She moves across the pub to the chosen table and sits as he pulls out the chair "I find that hard to believe, especially now that you are confirmed bachelor."

Graham grins and nods "I understand, but you would be correct if you were to say or think such a thing." He will move and sit down across from her. "Hm would you mind if I bought the lunch and drinks?" he asks of her after a moments thought though he smiles "Ah, that is truth, but I hardly do the namesake justice I’m sure being rather bookish I do enjoy going out to listen to music and occasionally dancing so perhaps I will do that. I like the zoo as well." he chuckles

"If you were untrained and that wasn't your job perhaps it would be foolish." Antimony glances around as she speaks, then focuses on him as he sits down, "Is that a debate I have no possible chance of winning?" him picking up the tab for lunch. There is a laugh, "Well maybe a more mature bachelor then." she seems nothing wrong with not being a rousing one like so many of her younger ones she knows in the theatre "All pleasant ways to pass time, especially the dancing.

"I would say certainly at that point, but either way I’m only teasing though not sure if you or myself." Graham chuckles a little though he'll glance across the table meeting her gaze a moment or two. "I suppose if you wished to you could, but it’s quite alright. I've got this one." He comments he chuckles at being a more mature bachelor. "I am working on the dancing still not the best but it’s enjoyable, do you ever visit the Natrix?"

"I'm smart enough to know which windmills to tilt at and which to leave be." so she will let him be the gentleman in this case. "I have found that in some cases the best dancers are the ones having the most fun and not so much the ones that have the best technique." she gives a nod as his admission to giving some practice to it. "I do visit there occasionally. I haven't been lately with rehearsals sometimes running as late as they do. The singer there is extraordinary. Makes me wish I had taken singing lessons.

Graham smirks a bit "Perhaps next time, you can pay if you choose to." He offers though he thinks on her words and nods "I can see that, I just go to have fun, and so I’m not trying so hard to impress others that I cannot just enjoy myself and the one I’m dancing with." He chuckles "Yes Signe is a talent she's a friend of mine as well, perhaps if time allows we can meet up there to dance sometime. I think I am filling up our summers at this rate." he chuckles.

"You aren't too bad with the dancing. Nothing a few pointers from someone more skilled couldn't give you." Antimony seems to recall that from the concert that they saw each other at. "You don't step on toes at least." she smiles at him, that's apparently a big one. "That would be lovely. Perhaps you could introduce us as well. I would love to know if she took lessons and who from, or if all that is just natural talent.

Graham smiles and will allow her to order when the server comes over his own is likely already known since he comes often. "Thank you Antimony, yes my goal is to not step on toes as a start. I would say though that it had something to do with my dance partner as well." The auror nods to her words "Of course I am sure she'd be glad to talk to you." he comments about meeting Signe at the club.

Antimony gives the server her order, nothing to complicated, tea and a sandwich, "Yes, I am quite adept at avoiding left feet." she concedes, whether she is or not. "One would hope yes. Do you have an idea of how soon you would like to get together for this outing?"

"You are indeed." he agrees with her assessment of avoiding stepping on toes herself. Graham ponders the last question "I will send her a message to see when she's performing again. I can let you know as soon as I hear back from her?" he says well asks if this is okay. "Will be fun, can make an evening of it.. if you’d like?"

"That would do nicely. And a lot better than just going there and it being her night off." Antimony begins to peel off her gloves as the server brings their orders to the table. "I wouldn't want it any other way. An evening to look forward to certainly." she once more smiles at him before tucking into her lunch and continuing their conversation.

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