(1940-07-12) Visiting the Zoo
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Summary: Graham and Antimony at the zoo.
Date: 07.12.1940
Location: Regent's Park Zoo

Regent's Park Zoo

The London Zoo provides both locals and tourists a relaxing, family friendly way to spend a day. Wide, tree lined, pebbled paths meander through the various exhibits that go well beyond the standard lions, tiger, and bears. The London Zoo was the first zoo to ever offer its guests the creepy thrills of a Bug House, the scaly wonders of a Reptile House and the chance to explore the hidden world of fish in its very own Aquarium. And of course, there are plenty of opportunities to watch the monkeys in the rotating Round House or see an elephant show or even sit on a bench and enjoy ice cream or snacks purchased from a kiosk vendor.

It is actually a nice day, no rain and the sun is burning off the cloud cover drying everything up from the previous days moisture. The parks in London are excellent on such days for a pinic or outdoor sports of some sort but there are other attractions too which bring people to the parks. It seems today the draw is the Zoo and two more now approach this attraction though still walking through the last bit of the park.

Graham will look over to the lady at his side. "Thank you for agreeing to come to the Zoo, its one of my favorite places though always better with excellent company." He says smiling over to her. "Though you get to pick the next outting, wherever you'd like." he chuckles.

Muggle London. A place that Antimony generally doesn't wander into for obvious reasons. As a pureblood she has a bit of a problem fitting in, mostly appearance wise. She has tried today, probably with the help of her flatmates so she doesn't stick out to bad. She's hoping it isn't to crowded. Holding her parasol to keep the sun off her pale face she smiles warmly at Graham, "Just about everything is better with company." she replies as the head to the entrance "It was a bit of a surprise, the invitation, but not an unpleasant one." she gives him a nod "Something for me to think about and plan for perhaps."

The Auror will nod to her words and smiles at her appearance. She has indeed done well with dressing properly, he being a half-blood is dressed swell for a muggle though still with longer sleeves which is where his wand is held. He is an auror and there are dangers that come with that job afterall. Graham grins "This is quite true, and I am glad that you didn’t mind my invitation." He says cheerfully "Yes please do, though no need to rush just when you think of something."

Antimony watches briefly as a few children run past them, thier parents trailing a bit further, urging the young ones not to run. There is a bit of a sympathetic look to the parents before she is acknowledging Graham's words "Mind? It was certainly better than the alternative, robe fittings with my mother." there is a sigh "I love my mother dearly of course, but she is such a meddler. She has no boundaries when it comes to butting into my personal affairs." as they pass through the main gate she accepts a small paper map of the grounds and gives in a passing glance "What will we be seeing first?

Graham looks back to the children and the parents a smile at the children and a nod of his head to the parents given their job is not an easy one. He looks back to tho the woman at his side and smiles nodding a tale he's heard often. "I have heard that story many a time, from many people. I suppose it is a parent thing perhaps? I do not know though even if or when I do have my own child. I cannot see myself doing that." he looks towards the map and ponders "Do you have a favorite animal? Or something your interested in seeing?" he asks of her.

She hmms in thought "Perhaps." then after another brief pause she continues, "If would be the appropriate word in my case." Antimony emphasizes the ‘if’ in that statement "Much to my mother's chagrin I haven't had any maternal pangs. I fail to see why she can't be happy with the grandchildren she currently has." she just shakes her head, not comprehending it. The question has her looking at the map in her hands "The aviary perhaps. It's a bit of a walk, but there are a few animals to see between here and there."

He nods to her words about if, which is an important question one must ask themselves if they do or do not see children in their future. Graham smiles warmly to her still though. "Well it is not as if time is running out for you Antimony, despite what your mother may be claiming from others i've heard." The auror chuckles a moment but answers for himself. "I do think I want children, but I am clearly not rushing for such things." He nods about the Aviary "Of course we can see the animals along the way. I enjoy the Aviary myself."

"Yes, I currently have youth on my side." though by current standards she is already considered an old-maid, and on the proverbial shelf, though she isn't bothered or daunted by that, since times are changing. "Of course not, no sense in putting the carriage in front of the horse. There are a few steps that have to come before the children start arriving." she gestures in the direction of the Aviary, though he probably already knows the way.

Graham nods to her words about youth, and clearly he's not seeing her to be an old-maid. "Very true that." he laughs softly though he will explain to her after he stops. "My applogies, Antimony just put as a few step the process seems so much more when taken out of focus, courting someone, and being wed, and then children." he smiles warmly her way at the words and will offer his arm while they walk if she will accept. "I like to see the big cats usually or well really take in the whole Zoo." He comments walking at her side.

Antimony takes the offered arm with her own and uses the other hand to make a reassuring gesture, "That's quite alright Graham. It's certainly a heavy topic and not to be taken to lightly." as they walk the come to the crocodile exhibit and she pauses to look at the large scaly creatures "Such fearsome looking beasts." she comments about them "It appears this breed is from Egypt." or so the sign says "I would love to go visit Egypt. See the pyramids and the Sphinx. Have you done much traveling?" a much safer subject then the previous one.

He smiles when she takes his arm and nods though he looks to the crocodile as she looks it over looking at the information about the animal. "I havent done as much as i'd like, i'd love to see Egypt myself, when this war is over though I will be taking time off to travel, I regret not taking time off between school and starting work but its hardly to late to do it now." he smiles a bit more warmly "now that would be a grand adventure." he pauses "As we've learned from today most things are better with company, well and more safe too." he says an invitation perhaps?

"I have a long list of places I would like to see. Don't tell her, but I do envy that about Arla. She has seen so much of the world. And I have seen so little." Antimony divides her attention between the reptiles in the water and the man at her side "With the war going on travel is unsafe, this is true. Hopefully it will end soon." another smile as she focuses fully on him "I'm sure you will find someone to share travels with." she might have recognized it as an invitation, but it would be quite improper for her to remark on it and even more so to accept it.

Graham nods "I wont, though personally I am hoping this last travel was her last she is brave and I applaud her gumption, but I also worry for my sister and each time she comes back hurt, twice now mind you. It gets worse and worse." he chuckles at something. "She doesn’t think my worth much skill wise, and many others don’t either as I am bookish and well me. I dont seem to mind that though I’d rather be seen for me and not being my job if that makes sense?" he listens to her when she says he'd find someone to travel with. He covers any hurt there fairly well but also he understands.

Antimony nods at him "It makes perfect sense. As an actress I get that a lot. People think I should be 'on' all the time and tend not to take me seriously as a person." there is a bit of a pout, it's the only part of the job she doesn't appreciate. A hand brushes his arm again "Well it's not really her opinion that matters is it?" she asks, mostly rhetorically "I think yours would be the one that matters most."

He sighs and nods to her words "I know exactly what you mean, my job title seems to be made to expect someone more wild or full of adventure, it is not why I chose it. I wished to help people." he nods though "That must be difficult to be sure expected to be a character or constantly being on stage." he smiles as she brushes his arm. "It is mostly meant in jest with Clara a sister teaching a brother, but others have been more serious about such things. "You are correct and for my part, I only ever expect you to be yourself." he says squeezing the hand if allowed.

Yes, it can be trying at times, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make to do a job I love." her hand lingers breifly, giving a chance for him to take it "And that is exactly what you do, and you risk like and limb to do so. It's a thankless job." she gives a laugh at his explanation about Arla and understands what he is saying "And I would ask no less of anyone else, including yourself." to just be himself. She has had her fill of the crocodiles so begins to continue on to the next exhibit, hippos.

Graham smiles over to her and nods "It is good that you found something you love to do though, some never find that one thing, or simply are afraid to make the leap to get it. Since it requires change often." The auror will look over to her and will indeed take her hand within his own. He begins walking towards the next exhibit along side her. "I wish more people would understand that, being ones own self is all people should expect."

There is another hmming noise that emits from Antimony "I'm not sure if found would be the right term." she thinks for a moment "Called would be more like it. I was called to acting. Yes that is it." she nods to him, the feather in her pillbox hat bobbing in time with the motion, "Change can be scary. I'm not to enthralled with it myself. Though changes in scenery can be quite refreshing." and with that the scenery becomes that of the hippo exhibit, there are even a couple of babies splashing about "People expect a lot of things, some of them not at all reasonable."

"That would make sense, and if anyone would be familiar with change. I mean switching schools and taking to a new form as you did, it is quite impressive." Graham listens further as they walk and nods as he spots the hippos and grins "They do entirely, I would dare say many of them are not reasonable. I shoot for at least giving people a chance and trying never to be unreasonable." he smiles

Antimony tends to agree about some aspect of the statement "One of the best decisions I have made so far." she takes her hands back for a moment as she puts them on the stone wall that separates the human lookers from the hippo lookees. She leans over the wall a bit using the low wall for balance "I have been told I can be most unreasonable, but is it wrong to know what you want and be willing to go out and get it?

Graham will of course let the hand go and place his own against the wall too to look over on the animals a moment. He nods to her words "I sometimes wonder if I choose correctly, it was down to Auror and Healer." he chuckles but shrugs "I am glad I can help keep people safe even at risk to myself." he says assuredly though. The young man arches a brow a moment "I have not known you yto be unreasonable Antimony, but no it isn’t wrong at all. The drive to achieve one's goals is in most cases a good thing and not unreasonable."

"Well it would be hard to switch careers now, but not impossible. The training would leave you little time for much of a personal life." Antimony turns to look at him, leaning a hip against the wall. She nods in agreement with him "If you enjoy what you do even with knowing the risk then you choose right." she gives a chuckle "Perhaps not no, but you have hardly known me that long.

"It would be difficult, though I think that I still have some time where I'm still effective in my job. I may seek other things when I don't feel like that anymore though." he grins a bit and nods "Yeah I don't want to disappear from public view all together either." the rest he listens and smiles a bit more warmly. "I suppose you’re correct there, but I simply don't see it in you from the bit I have seen at least." he chuckles.

"An auror with healer training would be quiet indispensable," Antimony starts out, "wouldn't you agree?" since he is one he would know better than she would. The suggestion of disappearing from public view elicits a gasp, though it could be a faked one, "That is an actors worst nightmare, to be forgotten by the public." or maybe it's just hers "Well just don't ask my cousin, she will surely give plenty of examples of how difficult she thinks I am."

Graham chuckles softly "I will not ask then, Clara would just laugh at me anyways." he says with a grin though he nods to the first part. "Hm, well I mentioned I am a bit keen on books? I actually have already learned the patch up spell and anti-choking charm on my own. They each have come in handy in cases." he agrees with her assessment "Ah, yes you must keep your name out there on the lips of the city after all." he says with a grin not teasing or at least not meanly.

"Amoung other things I'm sure." Antimony replies about her cousin. "That's ambitious." about his learning on his own "So you have had the opportunity to use them already?" she queries "In the line of duty or just in the right place at the right times?" she smiles at his understanding of her needing to be remembered "As long as they are saying good things at least." with the hippos looked at she gently pushes off the wall "To the aviary?"

"Probably so yes, it’s why we seem so brother and sisterly always picking on one another." Graham says with a grin though he nods to the next "A bit of both, I've healed scrapes and cuts and broken noses in he line of duty, and have used them on Clara even, and have helped people who were choking while simply eating out at a dinner." He will nod about moving on offering his hand a question as he pushes off the wall."I am sure people are saying good things about you Antimony."

Finds the whole thing strange, which is exactly what she expects from her cousin. Antimony says nothing of the sort of course. "You are a useful one to have around then, especially when eating." she will do her fair share of teasing to. The offered hand is looked at briefly, she doesn't leave it hanging and will place her gloved one his. "Besides Clara," the name seems strange for her to say, "Do you have any actual siblings?

Graham chuckles and will tip his imaginary cap with his free hand. "I do try my best to be useful." He comments with a grin he was worried a second when she paused looking to his hand but she took it and so that is a good thing. He will begin walking though he shakes his head. "No, just myself. I do have another non-sister-sister though." he says with a grin. "What of your family?" he wonders curiously but remembers going back. "Rhyeline is the other 'sister' she is set to marry Cassius Malfoy." in case this rings a bell.

"I only have siblings that were forced upon me, two of them, both of them older than myself. I have no siblings of my own choosing." Antimony answers as they head in the direction of the aviary. She keeps her tone a bit neutral as she speaks of her own family. There is probably some tension in her family. The name is recognized. With all the controversy with what Malfoy is trying to do, she would have to live under a rock to have not heard all about him and his fiancee "She must be very proud to be marrying into such a prestigious family.

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