(1940-07-13) The Other Guys
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Summary: Graham shows up for healing
Date: July 13, 1940
Location: St Mungo's
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"Yeah, you should see the other guys." Graham says as he gets a startled look as he walks into the door of the hospital. Its not late in the day really though still its crowded in the hospital much to the mans annoyance. He takes a deep breath and continues his course. He looks a tad bit like him and his robes got into a fight with a razor blade slices in the fabric, though its obvious up close the wooden spliters which some are stuck in are the culprit and the reason for the blood that is there, and a gash on his cheek which is a separate issue all together he will nod to the receptionist and take himself to his assigned bed where he sits down hard.

After hearing word that an emergency situation had arrived, Dominic Wilkins makes his way into the spell wing, his hand slipping into his robes to slip ut his wand. Spotting an auror table occupied he understood all to well what the emergency was. Making his way over to Graham, who seemed to at least be up and at least concious, offering a smile as he approched. "Well, Auror Cohen, it appears you have seen better days." he says trying, like always, to lighten the situation as he began to look the patient over. It would not take long until Dominic would notice the shards of wood implanted into his torso, and of course spotting the gash to the cheek.

Graham looks up from where he's seated and spots a familure healer "Healer Wilkins, ah mess it Dominic." He says with a smirk he'll look over himself before nodding to the words "Yeah, apparently three guys decided that me and auror Prewett needed to /not/ enjoy a bite to eat and some drinks, and instead attacked us all sudden-like." He explains and looks sighing "Took cover behind a table when they struck.. they exploded the table." he finishes.

Healer Wilkins raises his brow as the Auror explains what happend, his wand moving softly through the air and causing the wooden splinters to pull from the flesh to leave small cuts along where they had been imbeded. "And where exactly did this take place?" he asked with a bit of shock as from the sounds of it, this all took place out in the open. Once the wood had removed itself, the healer with give a light wave again, this time small knicks in the auror's skin slowly starting to patch themselves together.

The auror will stay still and winces only minorly when he's being treated. "The Leaky Cauldron. They just stook up from their table and wielded their wands at us." Graham answers it is quite annoying and a bit worrisome that it happend so publicly. "We stunned all three though, and they got carted off." He says which is the good news part of things.

Dominic offers a light nod of understanding, though still could not hide the suprise and slight worry at the fact that it happened somewhere so public. "Ah, well, it is at least good to hear that those who did this were caught." he says, his wand waving gently through the air a couple more times, the remaining slices stitching themselves together.

"Yeah it was foolish, they didnt stand a true chance really, but yeah we'll figure out why they went about this." Graham says as he's relaxing as the wounds heal and he's left him sore though all the same. "Wouldnt worry about it too much likely just a one time event." He tries to help not start panic since it's never happend before now since he's worked as an auror.

Dominic lets out a light sigh as the last cut is knitted, strightening up. "Well, I hope you and the other aurors make sure to keep your guards up. Even if not a bit more after all this." As he said this he would focus on the deep gash upon the face, "Vulnera Sanentur" he would say in a commanding voice, directing his wand at the deep gash upon the auror's cheek. It was not a painless process, but much faster than any muggle means of medicine. His skin slowly came together, the wound kiniting slowly as Dominic would glide his wand along it.

Graham ndos to the healers words "We will be careful, i'll make sure the people in the office know to be careful." The young man says he will wait and be healed in incrimants knowing the drill by now and all. It takes a while "Hm overnite stay or do I get to head home?" he smirks over to the other and really is curious bout this since he showed up here right after the events of the Pub.

It was only a couple more minutes before the remaining flesh came to mend, a slight scar being left where the deep gash had been made. Appraising his work, and then pocketing his wand, Dominic ffers a light shurg, "I am not aure this kind of injury would require an overnight stay. I think you should be able to head home. But, if anything happens to the mend, or if anything crops up later, let me know. But, from the looks, this was all quite clean injury…nothing too dark." he said with a smile.

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