(1940-07-15) Banned from the Stand
Details for Banned from the Stand
Summary: Graham after letting things cool off a few days comes to talk to Elly and crew to offer and make amends
Date: July 15, 1940
Location: Leaky Cauldron
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It was a few days after the scene at the Cauldron, and questions answered a trip to St Mungo's to be healed later and its time to try and put things back together. Its low-tide at the pub between meals and likely this is on purpose less of a crowd the better. The man usually a regular here isnt sure what his greeting will be by the staff though he's hoping to fix things back up. Graham pauses outside the door from the alley into the pub and then things he's being stupid and opening the door steps in. The auror doesnt move to a table though but straight for the bar all the while looking for said server hoping to catch her attention and have a chance to talk.

Elly is talking to her father about inventory and tonight's specials behind the bar. Fortunately for Graham is that Mick has his back to the pub and it's Elly that catches sight of him. She distracts her father by pointing to a bottle on the shelves that is out of place, and when the bartender is fixing that Elly waves her hand and in gestures and expression shoos Graham right back out towards the courtyard and holds up a finger to let him know she'll be right out in a minute. Just then Micks attention swings back to her and she goes from frantic to sunny smiles. "Dada, could you help me in the kitchen, the butcher block table needs a scoot and me wand is upstairs." She herds her father into the kitchen trying to keep him from looking back towards the pub.

Graham pauses spotting the pair he's beginning to walk over when he catches the look from Elly and nods silently turning back the way he'd come and walking into the alley way to wait. He knows that likely didnt go well, but he takes a steady breath and will simply wait no good jumping to conclusions or anything until he's spoken to Elly.

Elly comes out of the courtyard door briskly and not since Jack was killed has she looked so upset. There are tears in hers eyes as she immediately lays in, "Do ye know the last time there was a bar brawl here, let alone an attack. I don't know what ye've done to provoke such a thing, to bring such madness down on us. But it's over. Ye an Shell can't come here any more. What if Squidge was wif ye!? He loves his Uncle Gram. This place is neutral ground. E'ryone knows that, it's been generations that that's been in place. Ye and Shell an' those three madmen have ruined e'rything. Dada will hide ye if he sees ye, ye need to go Graham. I'm so sorry, but ye just aren't welcomed here any more."

The auror turns to Elly and sees she's upset and then he has the pitt-ish feeling in his stomach that something bad is about to happen. Graham listens to her words but arches a brow "Elley, I didnt provoke anything. I wouldnt anywhere unless there was no other way if people were going to be hurt if I didnt." he shakes his head banned from the Leaky Cauldron..? "Least hear me out, i've come to offer to pay for damages and everything. Wait what is being said that happend?"

Elly wipes angrily at her cheeks as tears start to tumble down them. "Dada is outraged Graham. We don't know if those free madmen have friends an' they'll just do it again. Ye both are troublemakers in Dada's eyes now. Ye brought trouble to our home. He'll cool off eventually. But ye need to make real sure that everyfing is clear an' calm and ye figure out what possessed them three to break centuries of peace an' neutrality, for seemingly no reason at all. So please, just don't add insult to injury, right? Damages are easily fixed, we're wizards Graham, what cannae be easily fixed is the hard earned neutrality and sanctuary of the Leaky Cauldron. Anyone that was there sees your face in there, they aren't going to feel safe anymore."

Graham looks to her and frowns at how upset she is. "I'd never let something happen to the squidge Elly i'd sooner die." He is upset himself as well this is in no /real/ way his fault. The young man listens to her words "They just stood up and attacked us Elley no words.. no threats probably thought we'd feel safe in the Cauldron that it was the place to attack and, probably because we're auror's.. we make enemies at our jobs it is unavoidable. We fight dark witches and wizards so they cant hurt people. What am I supposed to just not leave my house?" he isnt speaking loudly and not angrily though hurt certainly would fit.

Elly swallows hard, she doesn't like this any more than he does. But the wellfare of her family business and home must come first. "Do wot I told ye, get to the bottom of why the madmen attacked ye boff in a pub full of people. Something must have happened to set them off. We have had Dark Wizards dining next to aurors for generations Graham. Why them, why ye. Find that out. Get to the bottom of it and maybe I can convince Dada that ye don't pose any further danger. But for right now, ye just have to stay away. Please. Just til fings cool down."

"You were lucky then that nobody tried this before. It would be the perfect opertunity to catch an auror with their guard down." Graham says quietly though he shakes his head to her as she will not relent. "I will get to the bottom of this, I was going to anyways but this isnt much of a thanks for nearly getting killed a-dozen or more times so that you and your patrons can sleep well at night." he says weakly "For doing my job. What should we have done Elley?" he shakes his head.

Elly narrows her eyes, "It's not been done in a very long time because people know that this is wot happens. Ye don't start fings at the Cauldron and expect a welcome back afterwards. Ye know I have the upmost respect for Aurors. But ye, or maybe Shell or maybe boff did something to make three people not give a damn about the consequences. If ye are fine with the fact that your presence is going to disturb people and make them feel unsafe then ye aren't the man I thought ye were. It's not forever, especially if ye take this with grace. But right now, it's too soon, it's too fresh, and we are doing what we can to put fings back together. Just respect that, and I'll see ye again soon. I've got to get back to Dada before he comes looking for me. I really am sorry Graham. Wish this never happened. But it did and it was because of ye. That's all Dada is seeing right now. Just please understand and keep away. I'll be the first to let ye know when he's calmed down. Right?" She leans forward and up to place a kiss on his cheek before she turns to step back into the pub.

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