(1940-07-15) In Time for Lunch
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Summary: Antimony checks in on Graham following the altercation at the Leaky Cauldron
Date: 07.07.1940
Location: Cohen Residence

Cohen Residence

The house itself is rather plain on the outside matching many of the other buildings and blending in well enough. It has been kept up with however and is not in disrepair or anything. The inside of the house while not big is large enough for a gathering should the owner choose to have one. In the living room is a couch perhaps second-hand and a few chairs.

The kitchen is stocked with a bit of this and that as if the owner isnt home as often as hes away. Up the stairs is the bedroom and bathroom which have also been maintained well enough.

The time given off after the incident within the Leaky Cauldron should be welcomed but it seems more like an annoyance left to muck around at home for a bit instead of keeping ones mind busy. The Cohen home is much like the others along the street on the outside but different on the inside with oddities and such of magical nature. Graham is currently keeping himself busy with one of his other favorites cooking its lunchtime and he's trying something new to go with his little desert cakes he has been making for the last few months. The auror moves about his kitchen though dressed down to his street clothes instead of robes today.

The fight at the Leaky Caldron has been the talk of the Alley since it has happened. It was awhile before any names were attached to the commotion but once that happened the news spread quickly. Antimony was appropriately suprised on learning who the aurors in question were and decided after some initial debate to check on Graham. It would be rude of her not to, right? So there she is on the other side of the door, giving the wood a light rap with her gloved knuckles. Knock, Knock, Knock.

Graham turns back hearing the knock on the door. He looks to the time, and wonders exactly who could be visiting. He will dry his hands and make his way back through the house and peek out the hole in the door he smiles upon seeing who it is and unlocks the door and opens it. "Antimony, it is good to see you." he says brightly though figuring she is here because of the fight he'll step back from the door. "Please step inside?" he invites her. The house will smell like the food he's cooking, herbed chicken of some sort and other pleasant smells.

The woman is looking at the door expectedly as she is peeking at through the hole. Once it is open however, and Graham is standing there a look of nervousness flashes across her face and is quickly schooled with a warm smile back at him. "Of course it is." she replies in that teasing tone of hers. She glances past him into residence, then back at him a bit of unsurety returning to her countenance. An unchaperoned woman going into a bachelors home, scandalous. But as she didn't come her to stand around outside, she enters, moving past him to look around the front room "Thank you. It smells wonderful. Did I catch you preparing your lunch?"

Graham chuckles lightly but nods to her in agreement. He will wait for her to step in closing the door and locking tit as well. The auror looks back to the kitchen at her question but nods in confirmation. "Yes, but if you would like I have pleanty if you would like to stay and eat with me? I am trying a new recipe I found, cooking is a newer interest of mine but I have done well so far." he chuckles. He will move to follow though. "The living room is there down the hall is the kitchen, and upstairs are the bathroom." a quick verbal tour though he can give a better one of course.

"Well if it tastes as good as it smells then I would count it a success." she turns from her visual inspection of the area to him and then looks in the various directons he is pointing in "It isn't quite what I expected." Antimony replies "A lot less books.

Graham grins a bit "There are plenty of books I assure both in the living room but more so in my bedroom. I have two shelves there." He will look to the kitchen and back. "I made fruit filled cakes too sort of my specialty besides my foil-wrapped fish." he grins and moves towards the living room. "If you'd like to make yourself at home? Would you like something to drink or anything?" he is silent a moment. He breaches the topic first. "Hm I am guessing though you heard about the Leaky Cauldron?"

Antimony nods at his explanation of the lack of books "That makes more sense then them being invisible." she is joking of course. You can't read invisible books. There is recognition when he mentions the cakes "Oh yes, you had those at the concert. There were lovely." there is a shake of her head at the offer of a beverage "I am good for the moment." she has yet another pensive moment when he mentions the fight and nods "Yes. That's why I so rudely showed up uninvited. To make sure you were alright. Some of the stories that are being made up about the situation are quite outrageous. One of them even has you turned into an eel! Can you imagine..and eel.

"I agree invisible books.. very rare keep getting lost." he winks over to her. Graham nods about the cakes and agrees "True and glad that you enjoyed them." The auror looks over to her but shakes his head "No, Not rude at all, I am glad to see you and thankful you came to check up on me." he moves to sit down on the sofa while food finishes looking to see if she'll join. "Hm nope no eel's I was bitten by a dragon once on the job does that count?" he wonders idly but smiles. "I'm afraid the why's are still sketchy three men stood up from their seats drew their wands and fired at Prewett and I without a word."

"I can see how that would be a problem." Antimony then nods at his reassurance, despite it being the 1940's she still clings to some of those victorian values, one of the joys of being a pureblood witch, so visiting with an invitaion is weird for her. For a long moment she remains standing, hands clasped in front of her, but then she takes it upon herself to sit at the edge of the other end of the sofa. "A dragon?" she blinks in surprise "How did you ever manage that one?" then he is telling of the attack "Just like that? No veiled threats or anything?

Graham smiles as she sits down even if it is on the other end of the sofa. He is somewhat used to the old values and doesn't see it as a snub just what it is and he's okay with that. Graham nods about the dragon "The wizard I went to catch was a dragon dealer, apparently the duel spooked the little guy, he bit my leg and spiked my hand." he says honestly. "Best part is to get him to let go they made me taste like a vegetable." he laughs though shakes his head "Not a word, just a get down from Shelley and than I was hit with a spell and tossed over a table. We caught the three though. They blew up the table we'd used as cover."

Antimony glances toward his legs, he did mention them so it's hard not to, "Well it doesn't seem to have had a lasting affect at least. I have heard dragon bits can be nasty if not treated properly." she looks at his breifly in disbeleif "Truely? A vegetable. How did they manage that?" then it's back to the encounter "That must have been terrifying for the other patrons there." she looks him over "I am glad you were not seriously injured. How is Miss. Prewitt?

"No lasting effects a scar is all." He shows her the one on his palm and not his thigh where the dragon had gotten him. "With one nasty tasting potion, I'll tell you." He says with a grin but its still a funny story to him now. "Yes the place cleared out rather quickly, mostly had a cut on my cheek." he motions to the pink line there and splinters from the table some stuck in my arms and body and such." he shows her the lines on his hands and arms." he ponders the last question. "She was shaken a bit, but mostly unharmed." He will move to stand "Food should be done, something to drink with it? I have juices not just wine."

She leans closer to examine the hand, even tracing the scar with a gloved finger, Antimony doesn't trace the others, but will put a hand on his arm to as she examines the new scars "I'm pretty sure that's the beet extract they put in it. Gives it a particularly rotten dirt flavor." either she knows a bit about potions or she is just making things up, either way it sounds like it could be true. "That's good to hear. That Ms. Prewitt wasn't injured either. So the only casualty was the table." as he moves to stand so does she, "Juice will be nice, thank you."

Graham doesn't mind the look over the scars smiling warmly to her he scrunches his nose at the thought of potion ingredients not his favorite class he had to take as an auror. He nods about the juice order and will reach over to squeeze her hand gently if she'll allow before he ponders "Would you care to eat here or in the kitchen? There is a table sort of dining room area." he aks her.

Hand squeezing has never bothered her and this time is no exception, "Beets are atrocious." Antimony says to what she interprets is a look of disgust of that and not potions in general. She liked potions herself. "Where ever you feel most comfortable, though a table is preferable." she doesn't want to be wearing her food in addition to eating it.

He will grin and nods to her words. "When I tasted like a vegetable, friends decided I tasted like a parsnip." he chuckles but will ponder the decision on where to eat. "The kitchen would likely be best for table usage." he comments and will wait to walk through the hall to the kitchen there is a streak of fur with a tail which whisks by and upstairs "Antimony.. meet Karma." he introduces the cat with a grin and then will pull a chair out at the table for her and make up the two plates of food chicken fresh fruit and cheese, and the drinks moving each to the table taking the seat across from her.

Antimony hmms a moment then chuckles "Certainly better than a turnip." she follows him to the kitchen, the blue of gray going past her feet giving her a bit of a surprise "Oh!" she exclaims as she glances the way it went "A cat you say? Looked more like a blur to me." once in the kitchen she will sit in the offered chair and watch as he serves her.

Graham chuckles "Your probably right, she's a bit skittish at first but once she gets to know you she'll never leave you be again." He explains he does look across making sure she has everything she needs "Hopefuly the food is okay." he says and he does want to make a good opinion with her. He does stand back up and will grab the tray with the cakes on them and moves it over as well "So they are near by." he explains.

"I'm sure what you have prepared will be delightful." in certainly smells if to Antimony. "Truthfully this is more than I expected. I wasn't even sure you would be home. It is serendiptous that the Ministry gave you today off to recover." as they are brought over she looks at the cakes "I will definitely have to leave room for one of those."

"Thanks Antimony, I do try. I have heard that some are surprised an auror can cook. I am not sure why this would be." Graham nods to her words about the day off "Yes, I am glad for it though more so for the company, I will admit I needed to clear my mind and this is helping quite a good bit." he says thankfuly to her . He smiles warmly "I hope so they are delightful." he speaks of the cakes. "What of yourself no plans today?"

Antimony is amused by that "Why ever would anyone think that. Even aurors have to eat. Do they think you live on air?" the question is of course a rhetorical one. Smiling across from him she gives him a slight nod "Glad to be of help there." having waited until he settled himself she picks up her fork and knive to eat "I am on my lunch break…from rehearsals. The director was quite frustrated this morning so he told everyone to take an extended lunch." there is a bit of a sigh "We will certainly be working late into the evening because of it.

Graham chuckles "They must, I think that aurors are meant to live on thrill seeking and being blown up regularly." he says a teasing edge to his voice but he winces at the next news which isnt any good. "Well I shall have to pack you some food to go then, so you wont go hungry." He says quite assuredly on this point. "Things overall are well? What has the snag been today?"

"Well if that is the case you certainly got your fill yesterday. You shouldn't need to eat for a few days at least." Antimony leans forward slighty at his offer, "You will make me the envy of everyone there." she waves a hand in a dismissive gesture "You know. The costumes were all wrong. The set was lopsided. Marks were being missed and lines dropped." the way she says it suggests that she doesn't agree but the director was just being difficult.

"Quite full indeed stuffed." Graham says with a smirk about the thrill fill he looks to her across the table and a warm smile given hands on the table as he reaches across to pour something to drink leaning to do so as well. "I doubt that I have an effect of you being the evy of the group Antimony, but for my small part I am glad to help." HEHe listen about the issues today att he set "Aaaah sounds like they might have woken up on the wrong side of the theater this morning." he winks.

She shrugs slightly, "Maybe, maybe not. I guess I will find out when I am eating a delightful home cooked meal and they are not." once the drink is poured she lifts if to take a sip, "It is what it is. It comes with working with such creative minds…brilliance can be quite volatile. I'm sure you see that in your line of work on occasion."

Graham nods to her words about envy once more though he grins and nods to the later bits. "Yes indeed, you will seem to find many eccentric agents in the MLE if you look and not even very far, perhaps we have to be a little out of it to go to work each day given what we do, but many times its like that getting prepared mentally and not just physically about the day’s work.

"Not to mention the criminal masterminds that you are tasked to apprehend." she states with a matter-of-fact tone." Antimony tilts her head as she gives him a curious look "But what does that say about you I wonder." a bit of a smirk plays around her lips as she asks. "I can imagine that after a few decades the life of an auror can make one a bit hard. You see the worst that society has to offer after all.

"Some of them are master-minds, others are just spell-slingers with a bad attitude." Graham explains with a grin he ponders her words with the tilt and curious look she gives him. "I hope that it means that I am sticking to my goal of not letting that happen to me, is what I hope." he says kindly. "I've seen and had some bad things happen to me, but that they didn't happen to someone like yourself instead. I take comfort in that." he ponders a moment or two shifting in his chair "I wonder… if perhaps after your performance I am coming to see if there is no cast party, would you want to go to dinner with me?" he asks keeping his glance up on hers instead of down at the plate barely.

Antimony nods "And the ones yesterday were of the latter persuasion?" she asks after finishing a bite from her plate. "Yes, I would think that you would have seen a lot, even if you have just been an auror for what, five…six years?" his sudden bashfulness has her perplexed. He has asked her places before, the Cauldron, the zoo and the Natrix, she doesn't see why dinner would be any different "That would be lovely Graham."

Graham nods to her words "It was doomed from the start really, they must have thought they could catches off guard thinking we were safe at the LEaky Cauldron." he shakes his head "I am glad it didn't turn out that way of course." he chuckles though it sobers a bit he shifts a little in his chair still uneasy but nods to her words "Yes it will, there are many fine restaurants in London." he wonders if he dares say more but doesn't wish to scare her away.

Antinomy nods "You are probably sick to death of talking about it already." she smiles "So I will leave it along from here." a sip of her drink is taken after she sets her silverware down, finished with the food on her plate "I don't get much chance to get into London proper. I'd probably get lost just stepping outside the Leaky Cauldron. Are you from London?" though she did manage to find her way here.

"Its okay I will have to talk about it a bit more anyways. I have to find out why they did it and who they are and if they work for someone now.. The interrogation part begins." he chuckles but takes a bite of food finishing it before he speaks. "Not originally no, I moved here from up north when I finished school, I am originally from Blackburn. How about yourself? No worries though I can lead you through London okay." he smiles once more.

"Which is an excellent reason to not do so now." she points out in another matter-of-fact tone "Caerphilly, Wales." she answers, dropping the decidely London accent briefly as she does so, though as she continues she picks the London accent right back up again. "It's the ancestral home of the Prewitt's, my mother's family. Clara's father's as well. They were siblings of course."

He nods to her words about the case and skipping it from now. The change in accent makes him arch a brow "Very handy that." he says but is impressed really when she switches back chuckling "I seem to keep close to Prewitts but don't tell Shelley she'd be mad at me." He comments with a little smirk. "I wonder hm, I have met Shelley's parents so know a bit about them. Well not to get all serious but where do you and yours stand on half-bloods?"

"To be a successful actress one must be versatile. Being able to speak with various accents is very handy. Something drilled into students at WADA from the start. Speaking like a Londoner has become second nature to me now." Antimony gives a thoughtful and perhaps a bit concerned look at the sudden serious question. Picking up her drink she takes a sip, probably a stalling tactic to come up with a way to answer tactfully. "I can't speak much for the Prewitt's. I'm not as close to that side of the family as the Blishwick's." her own surname "The Prewitt's, you know," she assumes he knows "are one of the sacred families. Most are extreme purists and don't take with the mixing of blood. There are those that are more acceptable of it of course, such as Clara's father." she takes another drink to gauge response so far, and will let him respond to that before she says anything of the Blishwicks.

"Sorry for the sudden topic. Just well I am a half-blood." Graham shifts a little in his chair once more he listens about the pure-bloods and nods "Yes I have mingled with them a very little bit mostly due to my sister Rhyline, and the Malfoy's." he nods about Clara's father he'd never asked her about he parentage before which he thinks he might need to resolve though the silence he sighs. "Can stare down darkwizards but go a bit tongue tied with such things as this." he chuckles before he continues. "I ask because I had wondered when I asked about dinner if you would ever consider.. like a date." he says or asks bit of both? "If not that is perfectly okay and nothing changes."

Apparently this is news to Antimony and it has her lowering her own gaze briefly not in any hurry to tell him of the views of the other side of her family, "Well it is a sensitive topic. Especially now, considering all the controversy with Malfoy wanting to abolish the statute of secrecy." she is keeping her voice at a neutral tone. When he mentions making the dinner a date her eyes lift "Well that would certainly give my parents an apoplexy." the neutral tone has changed to a thoughtful one, her words giving a hint to what her parents think of half-bloods and wizard/muggle mixing. "You do realize that is still a ways off." probably a month or more.

Graham nods to her words. HHe wonders about her lowering her gaze if she does indeed mind his blood status which wouldn't be good. "Yes it is quite the hot button issue to be certain, and well it's a big change possibly for the entire world not just England." he agrees with her on this part though he hears about her parents apparently not being fond of such things nodding. "I do indeed, I don't wish to cause you any trouble of course. We can wait and see when its closer to time. I am perfectly happy to have a simple dinner with you as anything." he says truthfully.

Well Antimony didn't storm out in disgust, that's got to be a good sign. "I'm not sure that would be a change for the better." Antimony states. She has freely admitted that she isn't keen on change and that is a /huge/ on. "If I do say so myself, with as nagging as my mother has been lately, she deserves a bit of a fit." she nods at him and gestures to the little cakes "May I?" she did clean her plate.

"It is, and I am not sure what is best for the future, beyond knowing that the wizard campaigning on the mainland.. is not whats best for anyone." Graham draws the line with Grindelwald it would seem, and it's a good thing she hasn't stormed out or called him names yes. He smiles about her mother and thinks about things a bit. "Of course your free to have as many as you wish." he will push his chair back and grab a lunch bag and some things to carry food in and begins to make her dinner he'd promised.

Looking over the cakes Antimony settles on one she thinks might be peach and gingerly picks it up and immediately bites into it, thus preventing her from commenting further on the political subject. Mmmm, she gets out as "You keep feeding me like this and I am going to plump up like a farmers wife." she pops the rest of the cake in her mouth and cleans her fingers and mouth of any crumbs with her napkin.

Graham chuckles a little at her words finishing up his dinner and adding a couple of the cakes in their for dessert after all. "I doubt it would be so, but thank you for the compliment." he takes it as such. He grins over to her and offers the lunch/dinner bag "Here you go one dinner." he comments. It seems there is a bit more conversation before alas the lunch is ended with both needing to go. Graham will of course walk her to the door and thank her for the visit and hope to see her soon before they both depart.

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