(1940-07-15) Riding a Desk
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Summary: Graham and Rena catch up and talk about the attack at the cauldron
Date: July 15 1940
Location: Cafe
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Its a few days since the fight in the Cauldron, though still one must not rush things like returning to such a pub just yet. The auror or well one of the ones involved with the fight has instead taken residence at the cafe instead. He is mostly inharmed perhaps having added one or two scars to his chest from the splinters given by the table explosion. Graham enters into the cafe about mid-day and will be seated looking around though luckily right now its fairly empty and so he looks at the menu being a bit more look-out-ish this time.

"Well, there goes the neighborhood, as they say." Rena remarks upon approaching Graham's table. She entered the cafe herself only a few moments before. She has become something of a regular here of late, finding the lighter food to be slightly more appealing under her current condition.

Clearly, the young woman is joking. One need only see the mirthful sparkle in her eyes and her playful smile to make it plain. "I hope no rowdies follow you 'ere," she jokes, "I'll 'ave to 'ide under a table or something if they did." As far as looks go, she seems much the same. However, she has been forced (much to her chagrin) to shift from her tightly tailored little suits to a far looser fit of clothing. "Mind company?"

Graham smirks a bit looking over to spot his friend and looks her over once or twice. "Lookin good Rena." he says across the table but motions for her to sit down if she wishes to well he hopes that she will do so. "I dont think any ruffians dare cross you, they shouldnt even if they did have the first thought." He explains still seeming in fairly good spirits "Hows all been?" he asks curiously after a moment or two.

Rena draws the chair opposite of Graham and seats herself in her usual ladylike way. Setting her slim handbag to the side on the table, the young woman begins tugging her gloves from her hands, one finger at a time as she speaks: "I've been better - been worse, too. I think I'm finally getting the 'ang of… everything." One doesn't really talk of "expecting" in public, regardless of appearance. It's one of those silly social taboos, even if you look like a walking tent - which Rena does NOT, thankfully. Yet.

"Birdie's mum has been grand, trying to 'elp me get things sorted. I'm afraid I've been pretty undecided on getting the room ready though. Because we don't know which it's going to be." A pause, and she sets her gloves aside with a smirk: "I feel odd sitting in the office every day instead of running around doing footwork. And clearly you other Aurors can't be'ave yourselves when I'm not there to scold you."

"I figured you'd end up being brilliant." Graham says easily enough though he'll take a drink of his tea while listening and nods "Good glad you've got help, anything I can do to help yet?" he asks curiously though he cant honestly think of anything at the moment. "Riding the desk for now is exactly where you belong for now at least." he smirks a bit "I behaved myself quite nicely thank you, they are all still alive.. buildings in one piece sans a table." He gives a proper nod.

Rena orders tea and a small sandwich - nothing terribly fancy - and certainly something she can eat with relative ease. "Riding the desk ain't… isn't as fun as riding a broom." She corrects herself quickly, handing the menu off to the waitress as she leaves. "There ain't no such word as ain't," she then murmurs to herself, repeating the lesson her husband has given her in the past with a tiny upward glance to the heavens.

"I 'ope you and Shelley told them you were sorry for the whole thing, though - and offered to pay for the table. No telling 'ow miffed they might be about the whole thing, despite circumstances."

Graham sighs "Well now i'd say its not as fun, but its safer. Your thinkin for more than one now." He lowers his voice so only she can hear the last bit though he glances back out the door towards the alleyway a moment. "I havent had the chance but i'll talk to Elly soon as I can get things smoothed over properly. She's always been complimetry towards law-enforcement." The young man says though he shakes his head "I was interviewed thaen went to Mungo's afterwards kinda had a cut to my face and bits of table stuck in me…" he says truthfuly about the things that happend. "I'm interested to see if they give a motive.. and will be let down.. if they just were drunks who thought they could 'take' a pair of aurors..

Rena winces visibly at the accounting of Graham's injuries sustained in the pub fight. Thank goodness Wizard medicine IS as advanced as it is, otherwise, MLE employees would constantly be walking around in bandages and on crutches… However, she allows a small, dry laugh when he remarks on the fact that they might have been a couple of drunken fools: "You know 'ow it is, Graham. Authority breeds contempt - at least, that's one of those high-minded sayings Birdie's taught me. Lots of people don't respect Hit wizards or Aurors because of the jobs they do."

"I do, indeed Shelley and I got into a discussion with a witch in the Cauldron the otherday. Didnt seem to understand that auror's had a hard job and spouting off about using the unforgiveables for "Good" and a bunch of other utter nonsense, finally we talked some sense into her or well she gave up one of the two." he sighs "Honest truth Rena, I think they were after Shelley.. and just wanted a clear shot, otherwise why just hex me in the back to toss me over the table why not stun or worse?" he comments speaking his worry for the first time.

Rena's food arrives, and she thanks the waitress quietly while Graham considers the situation, looking back on the fight. Her expression shows mild and thoughtful concern, but she keeps it in check for the moment.

Silence lingers a bit longer before the young woman draws a slow breath and muses aloud: "Well, I'm of two minds at the moment. One: Shelley is a notoriously easy target to goad into a confrontation because she's got a bad temper. That's a fact, and not up for debate. Also, some very unkind people see the problems she has in her mind as an excuse to poke at 'er." This remark is followed by a faint sigh before she continues. "And Two: She's been around the office a longer time than either of us. She could easily 'ave enemies who want to get at 'er, one way or another. If you're that worried, we could look into these people and see if they've got connections to past arrests she's made."

Graham sighs and nods to the others words and takes a bit of his food while he thinks a bit. "I think we should pull their files, maybe do some look-see into it. If you get me the info i'll go out and hunt it." He says tag-team! The young man nods to her and was friends with Alis too at school her artwork hanging up at his house now even so he knows to well. "They seemed to know or perhaps just a lucky guess that the explosion would get to her. It did for a second took a moment for her to regain herself after she struck the last one." he nods

Investigation, hounding down the clues and following the most obscure little scents until finding their origin - that's what Rena seems to do best. In practice, she's far from the best Auror out in the field. In fact, she seems to cause Worthington more headaches that way. Perhaps it's for the best that she must be a desk jockey for the next half year. Graham can likely already see the gears turning inside of her head, judging by that look in her eyes.

"I'll get on it once I'm back at the office. I really 'aven't anything else on my plate right now. Besides, this seems like top priority at the moment. Possible threat to a coworker ain't throwing hay."

That said, with a look of determination, the little redhead begins eating her luncheon in earnest. She's got work to do later.

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