(1940-07-16) House Warming Picnic
Details for House Warming Picnic
Summary: Soleil arrives to Gerald's brand new apartment to deliver a house warming gift and picnic.
Date: July 16th, 1940
Location: Mysticked District - Gerald's Apartment

It is a summer night. The weather is warm and clear.

An empty apartment. The West Horizont Alley neighborhood is a rather nice and comfortable area and the residence reflects that to every nook and corner. Bare floors and walls are freshly scrubbed and painted. Several packing boxes are stacked here and there. The stringent scent of cleaning products and fresh paint is strong and ever lingering. This small residence is one maybe two rooms; a living area and a sleeping area. Next to the front door are a simple coat rack and a shelf for mail and keys. The home opens up directly into a small common room area where only a counter separates the kitchen from the dinning space that will fit a table and chair set for a family of four maximum. Within the kitchen there is several wizard brand appliances such as a stove that provides magical flames that will cook food, but won't ignite anything else, a sink, and an enchanted Ice Box.
The floors are all hardwood, waxed and polished in an attempt to hide all of the wear and tear the floor has suffered. Every apartment in Lufkin Lofts is slightly different in its lay out. A closet sized bathroom with a door out to the common room and another door into the bedroom. The shower is roomy to allow a large man. There is no sink inside the bathroom. The floorplans in the Lufkin Lofts range from having a studio lay out, with no actual bedroom, just a niche for the bed in the living area. If it's not a studio lay out there is one to maybe at maximum two bedrooms with a smaller room for a study or office.


So he's a grownup. Kinda. As grownup as Gerald will ever be at least, if his mother has any say about it. They're gone now at least, leaving their baby to his unpacked home, or more specifically to nap on the couch that has been left in the center of the room.

Gerald is good at naps. Naps keep him polite and sociable. Naps are good.

Soleil is an evil girl, for she disrupts the all sacred nap by rapping on the door. "It's me Gerald." She calls from the other side of the door. The soft clinking of bottles isn't unusual to accompany Sunny, but it sounds like there is a lot of bottles and they might be heavy by the light strain in her voice.

Gerald doesn't move with grumbling, but he does move..slowly. His steps are only hurried by the sound of her voice, but it does little to change the look of exhaustion he wearsor the yawn he sends as he tugs the door open for her. "Hey." A true poet no doubt, but he does reach to offer to take whatever it may be that's weighing her down. "You just missed my parents." He allows absently, "Lucky you."

Soleil gratefully passes over the basket that seems to be filled with layers of different shaped bottles and jars and tins. Once she's stepped in he's awarded a soft kiss to the lips. "Oh no, we ran into each other on the street. They are so proud of you. I could tell though that your mother was quite nervous. Understandably so." She follows along with him to the counter and does her best to help him hoist it up onto the surface. "I made you a house warming present. Potions for the kitchen, potions for the bathroom," She lifts up cleaning potions for the kitchen when she mentions the kitchen and more cleaning potions and hair tonics and shaving elixirs at mention of the bathroom, the next bottles are of the contraceptive variety and she whispers the next part with a coy little smile, "potions for the bedroom." Lastly underneath it all is a picnic spread, "And dinner, all of your favorites."

Gerald laughs, looking through the potions with a rather amused smirk fixed on his features. "Thank you." He allows in a near laugh. "Ya know, if I didn't know better I would think that the women in my life are very, /very/ concerned with my ability to properly care for myself." His brows arch curiously, but he also turns to lean and press a firm, perhaps teasingly-rough kiss to her cheek. He also wraps his arms around her to give her a squeeze. "And yeah..my mom burst into tears a few times before they left. I'm mostly sure she was saying goodbye, not see you later. At least in her own mind."

Soleil pouts, "Bother, did your mother go and buy you all of these things? I should have communicated with her that there was no need. How foolish. I'm sorry." His kiss does cheer her up though. "Your poor mum. I'm sure being the last one out of the nest is rather difficult for her." Its her turn to lean in for a kiss, she even aims for lip to lip contact. "If you would put the things away where you know how to easily find them, and in some cases be out of parental and guestly view. I will set up dinner. Also, don't scold we love you, that's why we want to take care of you."

"No, not at all." He assures her about the gifts. "Her biggest fear is that I will sleep myself to death or forget to eat. Or both, I suppose. She's being an irrational hen is all." He clearly appreciates their worry, but still..he's a guy. Being a guy (a well trained one perhaps) he does as he's told once he's drained every drop of affection he can from the moment. Taking the potions, he makes short work of tucking things into cabinets and cupboards..in their assigned areas of course. He's OCD. Everyone knows that.

Soleil has everything set up on the floor picnic style. She pats the floor next to her and has her legs extended out because he does so enjoy using her as a pillow when they picnic together. "It's not a beautiful Scottish Meadow or Hyde Park, but it will do?" Only out to eat if he's hungry she is fine with petting his hair with his head in her lap before she'll continue an earlier conversation, "Please do let your mother know that you will be well looked after. As much as I possibly can. Would you like me to help you with the grocery shopping a few times to help you get the hang of it? I'm so glad that you got this place, it's so close to home, and to the Market."

Gerald does indeed like to lay on her lap, so he does as much once he settles is. The attention to his hair prompts his eyes to close, but he allows a small chuckle to part his lips as she speaks. "I think she knows I'll be well looked after, but mothers are a strange breed of creature." One not covered in the text books from their previous classes. "I think I can manage on my own, but I never really find myself disappointed when you do things with me. Part of the reason I'm in this area is just how close it is to things, and you. I'm not sure how Hexicus will take to such small quarters. He's a bit of a snob."

Soleil curls up enough to kiss him on the forehead for the thoughtfulness and comment about wanting to be close to her. "It is a fine place you secured yourself. Only if you are sure, I wouldn't want to mother hen you darling. I know it makes you cross. Just know that I wouldn't mind at all doing such things with you. I'm sure once your training has started full swing that you'll perhap be a little more wanting in assistance. When they picnic he always gets the full pampered treatment. She lifts up a little morsel for him to nibble on while the other hand continues to pet. "I could bring Potion over in the mornings before we both have work, so they can spend time together. Or you can bring Hex over and he can enjoy the full run of the house and yard with Potion?"

"Yard." He chuckles simply as he lifts his head to take the bite and swallow it quickly, "Otherwise he's likely to shred everything in this space just to prove he's I charge." The black cat is still small, but possesses a very, very large personality indeed. "I never mind you doing things for me though. Or helping me. I'm just perpetually grumpy."

Soleil nods, "It's settled then, you can drop Hex off when you go to work in the morning, or whenever you — I mean he wishes. There is food and fresh water on the back porch at all times so he can fend for himself in the great expanse of a whole acre of grass. Such luxury!" She chuckles softly and just turns quiet while watching him with a smile while he enjoys his pampering, more food is offered to him at a slow steady pace.

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