(1940-07-17) Cattiness and Bits of Advice
Details for Cattiness and Bits of Advice
Summary: Antimony visits Arla, cattiness and advice giving ensues
Date: 07.17.1940
Location: Clara's Place
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Clara's Place

Upon entering the residence, there is a sense of warmth and comfort. Now, it's not a place marked by wealth, it's a place that one can instantly feel at home. There first is the mudroom, which can easily house outwear. Further in is the kitchen and then the living room. It's a fair size with soft looking sofas and chairs, a table and other accessories. The walls are a blue, and on one side is a fireplace ready to be used. On one wall - the one without the fireplace and the giant windows, is a mural. Against one wall is a stair going up to the second floor. The wall going up there also has a image, a mural, drawn on it. Upstairs leads to the master bedroom and the spare bedroom. The same echo of warmth is mimicked upstairs.

All in all, the home is filled with love and comfort, the type of place where one could kick up their heels and relax with a good book and a drink.

It's been awhile since the cousins saw each other. There was the mandatory visit by Anti when Clara returned from her latest excursion, but since then little has been seen of the other. Which is probably how they both prefer it. It can't be all avoidance for them though. Not with the renewal ceremony looming and other things going in in thier lives…well Anti's life at least. So to Clara's haven she heads, quite put out that she has to walk instead of apparate, since apparating into the residence would be even too rude for her. So instead she knocks at the door.

Clara is standing in the middle of her living room drawing on an easel when there is a knock on the door. She puts down her paint brush and wipes her hands off on a napkin, though she is in her art shirt which is full of dried paints and other art mediums. Grabbing her glass of whiskey the witch heads over to the door. It's not her man, he just enters, and not knowing why anyone else would stop by she looks nothing less than surprised when it's her cousin standing on the other side of the opened door. "Um.. hi." It's not a comment trait between the two, to visit.

Anti looks as put together as Clara doesn't, clothing spotless and well tailored, not a hair out of place, makeup natural and flattering, she wouldn't have it any other way…or leave the house if she wasn't. She looks into Clara's suprised face with a smirk, "Oh do pick your jaw up off the floor Clara, it's very unbecoming."

Clara lifts a brow. She isn't the type to need makeup, naturally pretty, and it seems that she could wear a paper bag and still look good. Maybe it's because she is more laid back, and doesn't believe she needs to be perfect to impress! Lifting her glass of whiskey there is a smirk while it's drank. Feeling that she'll need to drink for whatever reason her cousin is here the witch steps to the side and motions for her to come in. "Seems my whiskey will give me good entertainment, it'll help me think you're a better actress than you are after a few more glasses. After all, what sort of act are you putting on by coming here? Surly it's not for undivided attention.."

"Well maybe you should pour me a glass as well. It will take at least to for me to stomach those paintings you call art." if Clara can insult her livlihood than Clara's artwork is certainly fair game. "And as for why I am here…" she looks up around the outside to check for listeners, then lowers her voice as if imparting some great secret "Your friend Graham asked me to dinner…like a date." she then goes back to her normal tones "Now, are you going to invite me in or make me stand on your stoop all day?"

Clara doesn't look upset over the remark about her artwork. She grins and brings her glass down from drinking it. "Well, it's a good thing my art is liked by those with good taste." Turning away, to let her cousin in, once the other enters she'd close the door. There is silence, as she thinks over the remark of her brother asking out her cousin. "Good for him." Speaks the witch at last, turning to head into her living room, grabbing a glass on the way and going to pour one for Antimony. "I think you should accept it. He's a dedicate man, and you wanted someone who'd worship the ground you walked on. He would in a heartbeat."

The reaction..or rather not getting the reaction Anti expected totally makes the riposte to the insult fly out of her head. It's her turn to look surprised, "What? No condescending comments about my feelings about half-bloods? No, "But Antimony," she mimics the voice pattern and mannerisms of Clara with decent accuracy, "I thought you detested half-bloods?" she adds a few more appropiate remarks in the same vien.

Clara, after handing her cousin her glass of whiskey, goes to sit on the couch. Her own cup is nestled in her hands and she rolls it around the glass slowly. "Maybe you're a better actress than I thought. Near dead on there." She replies to the acting like her bit. "Do you wan me to fight you onn this then? I can. But I don't think you're as hateful as you come across, that's where you're acting talent is good. Plus, I -do- think he will be good for you, and you him. Now, because he is a half-blood, well make your own decision. We're not that bad, you know. Sorta like everyone else, surprising to hear hm? Well it's true. That's up to you to see, not me."

"Thank you." she says as she is handed the glass. She sips at the beverage and her face screws up at the taste and the burning in her throat "Oh that's aweful." she glances into the glass as if it were poison "How do you drink this stuff?" she prefers cocktails and not straight up alcohol. She doesn't have a coughing fit at least. "No." she manages in a horse voice "I just didn't expect you to be so…" she searches for a word "complacent." she moves to sit even though she wasn't invited "I did say yes. That's when he told me about his parentage." there is a bit of an eyeroll "It's just dinner Clara, we aren't pledging ourselves to each other. You can't tell mother and father though, they will have an apoplexy." especially her father, the Blishwick's are strict purists.

"I'm not complacent, I simply believe that he will be good for you, as you are him." To her, it's simple. Blood doesn't matter as much as something that could make you happy. Seeing her reaction to the whiskey brings about a soft sweet laugh. "Whiskey takes getting use to, to say the least. But once you are, it's wonderful." As if raining her glass in toast, the witch takes a sip while her cousin sits. Her home is warm and inviting, a place to curl up and relax. Of course she'd be allowed to sit without question! "Well haven't you shrugged your mother off enough with not taking a man thus far? What's the big deal about leaping to a half-blood too. It's not about them, it's about you. If you're happy, great. If you're not, well then go on and be happy. Being broken isn't worth the pain."

"You really are taking this was to seriously. It's just one date…and it isn't even soon." it seems like she is repeating it more to convince herself than Clara. Anti sets the glass aside, she has no intention of getting used to that burny concoction "Are you suggesting that I tweak mother's nose by being open about it? That would hardly be fair to Graham?" apparently she doesn't want to hurt the guy at least.

Clara pushes herself to stand, with one more drink of her whiskey. It's put down on the table as her eisle gets attention once more. Grabbing a pain brush and resting a hand on her hip eyes fix on Antimony. "Take it as you will. All I am saying, is that he is a good guy, worth the attention if you're willing to give it to him. If you hurt him, you deal with me, and you really don't want that." The tail end of that sentence comes across so serious it doesn't sound like the witch normally - being so laid back and easy going, it's hard to believe she can be so serious, but she is. "It's worse for him if you lie to your parents about him. It'll show you're ashamed of him. At least be honest about him, if things get that far. It's the respectful thing to do after all and I'm sure you can act like that for a change."

"I have no intention of hurting him. I would think me just coming to tell you about it would say that. I could have just as easily not said anything." Anti watches as Clara gets up to paint once more. She looks thoughtful though at not lying to her parents, she hadn't thought of that. And then it's back to the insults and she gets up with a smirk "But dear, I only act disrespectful to you." she replies in that sweet condescending tone of hers.

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