(1940-07-26) Broomflying Fun
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Summary: Alicia and Terrance have a friendly one-on-one snitch chase.
Date: July 26
Location: Hogsmeade Campgrounds

Alicia had arrived at the camp grounds on the warm summer morning to practice her flying skills. The young redhead had made some progress recently. Injuries brought on by crashing into trees and the like have been becoming less frequent. If one happened to walk by, or happened to be staying at the camp grounds, they would see Alicia on her borrowed second-hand broom, chasing on after a small practice snitch that she bought at one of the stores. She snatched out to try and grab it, but it flew out of her reach. "Aw, fudge!" The normaly quiet, bookish girl chastized herself aloud; there was an art to snatching the snitch that she hadn't mastered yet.

It had been a few minutes of private flying for the girl before the form of the the to-be seventh year made his way into the clearing, a freshly polished broom resting on his shoulder. As he enters, he cannot help but spot the young girl moving about attempting to snatch up the snitch. He waits for a moment, just watching, not wanting to interrupt.

Alicia was just about to kick up her speed again and go after the snitch once more until she spotted the older boy coming in. "Oh, hello," Alicia called out, her voice soft and polite, "I do hope I'm not hogging all the space — Oh!" Finally, recognition flashed in the second year's eyes, "I do think I've seen you before! Raven—-no, Gryffindor team, yes?"

Terrance offers a grin as the gril calls out her greeting. Nodding he responds, calling out, "Yes. The name is Green, I am the Gryffindor Keeper." As he speaks he moves to mount his broom before giving a kick off to get airborne.

Alicia smiled. "Rowle. Alicia Rowle," The lanky girl introduced herself, "A keeper! One of the most important spots on the team some would say." Alicia took a moment to tuck a few loose strands back behind an ear before saying, "Come to practice?"

"Good to meet you, Rowle." Terrance says as he flys into the air. "Yeah, I thought I would come get a bit of practice of my manuvers. I can't just expect to come in next year and make the team if I don't practice."

Alicia nodded. "How do you like to practice keeping? Are there bewitched quaffles?" Alicia asked curiously, betraying just how green she was to the finer points of the sport, "Or do you have somebody to try to get past you?"

Terrance smiles and shakes his head, "Usually I am just practising movements. A lot of the reaction practice I do on the ground. Though, every now and again I do find someone to play as a chaser for a bit of one on one."

Alicia nodded in understanding. Although Alicia was listening, every now and then she looked around to see where her snitch went. Always be watching, someone told her before. "I could I try and chase for you," Alicia offered, "My aim is truly horrid, however. Couldn't hit the broadside of a barn, no sir."

Terrance laughs softly at this admission, "Well, I am not sure that horrid aim would offer much good practice." he says, teasingly of course. "After all, it appears you are looking to be a seeker, not a chaser." he says, glancing around for that stary snitch, and spotting it he would point over her right shoulder.

Alicia couldn't help but giggle at the remark. "I have lofty dreams of glory, yes. Who wouldn't want to catch the snitch and be the hero of…" Alicia trailed off as Terrance pointed out in the distance. She glanced over her shoulder and her green eyes lit as she saw the snitch. "Race you to it!" Alicia called out… while zipping off in that direction, hoping to snag a head start if Terrance takes her up on the challenge!

Terrance grins and nods, leaning forward and forcing that brrom to streak forward after the practice snitch of hers. He was quite a ways behind her, but his years of flying did assist him in trying to close the gap.

Alicia was not too hard to catch up with. Terrance was older, more practiced, and so on. But she wasn't doing too bad either! Eventually they were very close. "This snitch has my name on it, I'll have you know," Alicia called out, although she did not dare take her eyes off the prize. She started to inch forward on her broom, getting ready to pounce!

Terrance does indeed catch up to the young girl as the pair zips after the little golden ball. "I would not trust your potion, before it simmers." Terrance chided, extending his hand out for the snitch. But, he was a keeper for a reason, as the moment he reached out for the ball he seemed to loose speed rapidly, falling back behind her once more.

Terrance grasped at the broom handle once more, and leaned into it to gain a bust of speed once more. He comes darting up behind her, hoviering just behind her and to the right as she stretched out for the snitch, not seeming to gain that extra few feet.

Alicia came darn close to falling off her broom but, gosh darn it, she /really/ wanted that snitch! And… she got it! Alicia reached out and snatched the thing, hanging onto her broom by a thread! Slowing down and getting to the ground, Alicia stuck a rather awkward landing. "I told you!" Alicia called out as she lifted up the snitch, "This Snitch had my name on it!" The truth was, she carefully inscribed the name Alicia Rowle onto the bottom of the snitch. It /really/ did have her name on it!

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