(1940-08-01) Letters - August
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Summary: Letters between Gavin and Katie.
Date: August 1940
Location: Varied

August 5th, 1940


By God I miss you. There was finally a bit of quiet time. A solid victory the day before and intel allowed for a bit of quiet time on base. One of the officers wanted us to have a morale boost with some good wholesome fun and he hosted a bit of a movie night. Some American cartoon. They have talking human like ducks in it. Think I know what I'm going to do next right below your kiss next, if I get the chance. There was this duck woman that actually is pretty sexy, her name is Daisy. She reminds me of you. So if I call you Daisy, don't give me a smack and think that I'm calling you some other girls name, Duckie.

It was a nice little break, a little under an hour that made us feel like kids again. Of course most of the boys acted all macho and like they didn't like it as much as they did afterwards. Everyone in the mess was laughing and elbowing each other. I wanted you to be beside me so badly. Earnest is cute, but nothing I'd put my arm around for a snog.

I trust my ladies whole-heartedly and I will be the happiest man ever to marry you in a burlap sack with haggis pasties to eat if that is the plan.

There's a lot of pressure from the top down on us to perform well. The Defenders of London. I can tell some of the officers and the more battle happy soldiers are all chomping at the bit still. Worse than before when we were just waiting to be stationed. Now it's our duty to protect London with Churchill's hopes weighing down. Almost hoping that what's going on in the channel finally reaches close enough to London that we can do something more than just watch through binoculars and stand at the ready, waiting for hours. I will certainly not get longer sleeves, those lips in the corner of my eye keep me sane and awake, a beautiful reminder of the reason why I'm manning that gun.

My reason is my Daisy Duck,

9 August 1940

My Monkey,

Talking, sexy ducks. It does make me smile, thinking of you all, grown men, laughing at children's cartoons. It makes me love you even more. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about a sexy duck reminding you of me. I would have loved to have watched it with you, even if we had Earnest keeping us company. I'm sure one day we will, with or without Earnest.

We've heard the news of late, of fortifications along the coast. Da heard talk that Brighton blew up the piers, but he isn't putting much faith in word of mouth over actual news reports. I know it must be terrible for you and the others, as if you're just waiting for the war to come to you. Selfishly, I hope it never does. I hope it stays far from London and the people I love most.

Your mum, of all people, mentioned that we should think about running off at the first chance we get to get married, that there would be time enough for celebration of it later. A part of me feels like that would be giving in to this bloody war, letting it rule our lives and forcing our decisions to be based on fear and supposition. Another part of me wants nothing more than to be Mrs. Gavin Ferguson as soon as possible, as if it could tie you to me and keep you safe from harm. Still another part doesn't know if it matters at all, if it's anything more than a convention of society, because I felt I was your wife from the moment you asked and I always will be. My soul is bound to yours, my heart to yours. You are one of the most important parts of me.

The dormice send their love, they always seem so interested in hearing about you when Jack and I visit them. Jack is doing well, although the darkening clouds of the war reflect in his eyes. I know he wishes so deeply that he could be more help than they allow. He can't be a proper anything it seems, always turned down because of his hearing. It feels so unfair when I know what he's capable of, and he never even gets a chance. But he always tells me how proud he is of you, and how he wants to be like you and Da no matter what limitations others try and put on him. I would worry about him running off and lying to get into service, but I don't suppose it would be possible to fake being able to hear. My heart aches for him, and Da keeps trying to find ways for him to be as much help as he wants to be. I tell him that he will find his place, and sometimes I think he believes me.

Chin up, my darling Gavin, my love and protector. My heart is with you, every moment of every day. Your leave may be delayed, but we will see each other soon. I love you.

Your devoted duck,

10 August 1940

To Miss Katie Hind,
I know it is odd for me to ask this of you. But I am also willing to pay you a little stipend. Could you please go to my place on the 18th and clean it up some. I really hate to ask, but my land lord is riding my tail about it and that's the best day to get it done. I would really be very grateful if you could Katie. They are even talking about evicting me if it doesn't get taken care of.

Lance Corporal Justin Dumpleton

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