(1940-08-01) The Daily Prophet - New Minister of Magic
Details for New Minister of Magic
Summary: After the unseating of Minister Gambol, Minister Spencer-Moon is elected.
Date: August 1, 1940
Location: London
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Since the beginning of the year the wizarding world has been a state of suspense and political turmoil. A vote of no confidence against Minister Gambol was a part of Cassius Malfoy's campaign platform. When Muggle Prime Minister Chamberlain resigned in May the wizarding world realized the transition put forth by the Unity party by way of the Unity act wouldn't be as easy as they hoped.

Aside from the political upheaval and stalemate that occurred back in May on the UNITY Act Cassius Malfoy did succeed in flying colors to unseat Gambol. Her inaction to protect the wizards of the United Kingdom from those that support the Army of Truth Leader, Gellert Grindelwald seems to have been enough ammunition against her that the Preservation Society looked elsewhere for a candidate to back.

From the frustration of the entire behind closed doors discussions a name became more and more popular, particularly when the friendship of the new Prime Minister, Churchill and a half-blood wizard from the M.A.C. was discovered and it is said that if it weren't for Churchill's relationship with Leonard Spencer-Moon that things would still be up in the air.

But as it is, Leonard Spencer-Moon has been elected the next Minister for Magic. It is expected that he will continue to work with Churchill to find a 'compromise' that will be what is best for both governments in such a troubled time.

In his acceptance speech that was broadcast at noon on August 1st, over the Wizarding Wireless Network Minister Spencer-Moon promised the wizards and witches of the United Kingdom that Candidate Malfoy has brought valid arguments to the table and that he and his friend Churchill will work together to conjure a bright future for their nations where peace and prosperity will be fought for, together. Also for his accomplishments and acts towards a better future Cassius Malfoy has been appointed Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic.

To those sympathetic or outspoken members of the Army of Truth that are still within the new realm of Spencer-Moon, he has given a message.

"You are no longer welcome within the borders of my Ministry, the United Kingdom is just that - united together! All muggle-born, half-blood and pure-blood alike, against the oppressive and dark and violent tyranny of Gellert Grindelwald. There is a golden ticket straight to Germany waiting on my desk for any member of the Army of Truth, go join your beloved leader if you wish. Because if you do not take this polite offer to leave - there is an iron ticket straight to Azkaban with your name on it."

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