(1940-08-03) Back to School Shopping
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Summary: At Flourish and Blotts, several characters cross paths while buying books. Adam and Eutheria have an awkward moment after discussing Werewolves. Perpetua and Alicia tell Eutheria of some of the things she can expect at Hogwarts.
Date: 1940-08-03
Location: Flourish and Blotts

For the employees at the bookstore, it's not unusual to see Eutheria in the store, secreted away in a quiet corner as her mother does errands around Diagon Alley. It keeps the girl busy, and out of the sun, so it works well for everyone involved. That's where Eutheria is now, the Defense Against the Dark Arts text open in her lap. She flips through the pages idly, looking at the illustrations, and stopping to read sections which catch her eye. At the moment, she's stopped on a section about werewolves.

Perpetua was taking a look around the shelves when she suddenly noticed that a young girl was reading a D.A.D.A. book and started to wonder what she was looking for.

Adam's looking through a pile of precariously-stacked used books not far from Eutheria. They're clearly not given the same level of care as the newer, more expensive books in the rest of the store, as they're a jumble of different subjects, sizes, and even shapes that threaten to fall over at any moment. Indeed, when Adam tries to pry a dusty old Charms book from the pile, a heavier book slides off the top and lands on the floor with a loud thud.

Perpetua continued with her previous searching and started thinking out loud: "Let me see…magical birds, magical birds…where are they?"

As the book falls to the ground, Eutheria jumps, looking up from her reading, and eventually locking her eyes on to Adam. "…oh," the girl murmurs quietly. "They, umm, don't take very good care of those, do they?" she asks. It's something she has experience with, as well. She can only buy books out of the used pile.

Alicia looked up as she heard a familiar voice of Perpetua. She jumped a little bit when a book hit the floor. "Oh, gosh, I hope that book is alright," Alicia said aloud to anyone in ear shot, "It looks quite well-loved." To hear her say it sounds like she thinks books can somehow feel pain! Well, books outside the Monster Book of Monsters, which are indeed very alivie. Alicia moved closer to Perpetua. "Hi ma'am, how nice to see you again," Alicia said politely, holding a small stack of books under one arm. She was stocking up it seemed.

Adam winces and glances over at Eutheria. "Sorry," he whispers, as though they were in a library, and then has look around the store to see if he's bothered anyone else. He bends down to pick the fallen book back up and looks for a place to put it, but he doesn't want to risk upsetting the used pile again. He shakes his head at the girl. "No, they don't. I don't remember it being this bad last year." He looks at the book in his hand - an advanced potions one - and makes a face at it. "What are you reading about?" he asks Eutheria.

Perpetua Oh, Alicia! Nice to see you again! Looks that you're going to be well prepared for Second Year.

"Oh, umm… werewolves," Eutheria responds, turning the book, so Adam can see one of the illustrations. "It's the Defense Against the Dark Arts book. I, umm, well, I just want to make sure I do well… when I start school." Besides, reading is one of her favorite pasttimes anyways.

Alicia smiled up at Perpetua. "Oh, most of this is just pleasure reading," Alicia explained, "I made sure to get my textbooks ages ago. To be honest I… well, I came in to get a new creature book: Mine keep running away." It may seem odd that Alicia reads books regarding Magical Creatures, when that's a third year elective, but it's known that she's been trying to plan ahead. Overhearing the talk of Werewolves, Alicia blinked and looked back at Perpetua to say, "I hope I never run afoul a Werewolf; I can hardly keep the books about them in line, let alone the real thing."

"Oh, neat!" Adam says, his unease disappearing in light of having something interesting to talk about. "I love werewolves. I mean, I don't love them love them, but I love reading about them. I want to meet one someday. I keep hoping to catch a glimpse of one running around in the forest at school, but no luck yet. Have you ever seen one?"

Perpetua Well, they're interesting creatures indeed. But I personally prefer something more…domesticable.

"S-seen one?" Eutheria asks, her eyes widening. "No, of course not! They're horrible! And if they scratch your or bite you then you become one too and you'll kill your whole family, and your friends, and neighbors and everything and you're not even yourself anymore! You actually want to see one?"

Perpetua Sometimes I feel a bit sorry for them…being followed for so much prejudices.

Alicia was glad she was so fair-skinned, otherwise it would be so obvious that overhearing the talk of werewolves was turning her a little pale. "Is that true?" Alicia asked Perpetua, because she's older and therefore knows more by Alicia's reasoning, "D-Do you really kill your family and ever? Gosh. I feel so bad for the Ministry workers who have to keep track of them…"

"Well, yeah," Adam says, taken aback. "Just see. I don't want to be bitten or scratched - I don't want to become one! I just want to see one, just like I want to see a dragon, or a vampire. Isn't there anything interesting that you'd want to see?"

Perpetua Their fierce nature could be tamed with patience. But anyone wants to spend efforts in that.

Perpetua seemed a bit saddened with society stigmas about werewolves.

Eutheria shrinks back in her corner, pulling her book in a little closer - as if to provide herself with some additional cover. "No," she answers quietly. "I don't want to see any of those things."

Alicia seems more horrified at the idea of attackign one's own family. The thought sickens the little Hufflepuff right to the core. "Well… maybe someday someone will make a potion or something that can help them," Alicia said after a moment, trying her best to be the "glass half-full" type of person, "There's a magical answer for /everything/, after all."

Perpetua I hope so, Alicia, I hope so…

Perpetua tried to change the sad expression on her face.

"Oh." Adam grimaces. He didn't mean to upset the girl. "Well, er, I'll just let you get back to reading then. Sorry to have bothered you." He rubs the back of his neck with his free hand and then turns to start making his way to the counter, forgetting that he still has the potions book he dropped by mistake under his arm.

Eutheria watches the boy walk away, then lets out a sigh, looking a little crestfallen. After all - he was going to be one of her new schoolmates. She didn't want to make a bad impression. But when he's talking like that…!

Alicia turned her head to look over in Adam's direction. "I wouldn't mind seeing a dragon either. I met someone from RCMC, said he has a good chance of seeing one sooner or later. It sounded very exciting," Alicia said, although that wasn't /quite/ what the RCMC man told her. She just hoped to lighten the mood some. Alicia then turned back to Perpetua and said, "Oh! Miss Fancourt. After we spoke I dug up some of my old moon charts. I was thinking to show them to you but I forgot to bring them."

Perpetua Maybe we could meet again in order to see them. By the way, do you know if "Moste Potente Potions" is available?

Adam glances at Alicia when he walks by, and there's a flicker of excitement in his eye when she mentions seeing a dragon. But he suppresses it, not wanting a repeat performance of showing too much interest in inappropriate things. "Yeah, I suppose it would be," he says with an indifferent shrug and an uncertain smile. He looks down at the book he's carrying as though just remembering he has it, rolls his eyes at himself, and dumps it in the nearest section. Then he continues on out the store without buying anything.

He left because of her, didn't he? And she didn't even introduce herself… Eutheria frowns and stares down at the book, she still holds, her shoulders hunched. Oh, she's not going to make any friends at Hogwarts - is she?

Alicia clicked her tongue a little as she saw Adam leave so curtly. Such manners! But, she wasn't /too/ offended. Alicia turned to Perpetua and said, "Hmm. I don't know if I've heard of that one. It sounds very advanced doesn't it? Maybe it's with the other old books…" Alicia turned and gestured over to where Eutheria and Adam were earlier looking at books, where the heavy tome fell off the shelf earlier. "I should have asked him which book it was," Alicia murmured to herself regretfully. It could have been something good!

Perpetua Ah, yes. You're too young to have read it. I've only seen Mr. Slughorn a couple of times, how is he?

Eutheria sees the other girl gesturing towards her, and her eyes widen slightly. Oh, Merlin's beard. They're talking about how she chased the boy off, aren't they? Can this day get any worse?

Alicia hmmed. "He's a good teacher," Alicia said regarding Slughorn as she started to walk over to the section Eutheria was in, "I hear he goes out of his way to offer special instruction to his best students. That would be quite exciting, I do believe." Alicia turned to face Eutheria, "Hello. Sorry to bother, but have you seen 'Moste Potente Potions' about?"

"Oh, umm, well, most of the, uh, used potions books are, uhh… there," Eutheria manages to get out quietly, gesturing to a loosely organized stack of books. "And, umm, the new potion books - well, they keep those, uhh… over there." She points towards a distant wall.

Alicia nodded her head. "It's easy to get lost in here," Alicia mused aloud before smiling at Eutheria and saying, "Is this going to be your first year? You must be so excited. I'm going into my second year, so far." Alicia turned back to Perpetua and said, "Are you working on a potion, ma'am?"

Perpetua In fact, I'm helping Fifi to gather information about Polyjuice Potion.

"Umm, yes. I, uhhh, I'm eleven now, so I'm going to Hogwarts… this year," Eutheria confides, still holding her book in front of her at something of a security blanket. "I really want to try doing magic…"

Alicia smiled assuringly at the youngest girl. Hey, for once, Alicia isn't the youngest in a group! "Oh you'll love it. Hogwarts is my favorite place, I can't wait to get back, myself," Alicia said happily before looking back at Perpetua and blinking, "What's a polyjuice potion? Is it… for a new book?" Alicia was trying to contain her excitement.

Perpetua Yes indeed, I think that it may be related with her upcoming play. But don't tell anyone. Confidential, remember?

"I hope I will," Eutheria says quietly, before immediately adding, more loudly, "I mean - I'm sure I will! I hear it's, umm, it's great." Her attention flicks to Perpetua long enough to add, "A play?" She doesn't get to go to those, often!

Perpetua That's true, but you will have to keep the secret. Understood?

Alicia nodded her head at Perpetua before looking at Eutheria and saying, "Oh yes. But it's a secret for now." Alicia held her index finger up to the front of her own lips and made a quiet 'shh' noise. "Although I am /incredibly/ excited for it. Fifi's works are truly magic," Alicia said before carefully adding, "Not that /I/ read them, of course."

"Oh. Umm… I think I've seen some of her books. On the shelves. I, uhh, I don't read them though," Eutheria answers the pair. "I do like to read, though," she adds hastily - as if that wasn't already in evidence.

Perpetua Oh, then I think you're going to love the Hogwarts library.

Alicia smiled. "You should give them a read. Just don't let your parents find them," Alicia said with a wink of her green eye, apparently assuming everyone has parents or guardians. "The Hogwarts library is amazing," Alicia agreed with Perpetua with a wistful sigh as she looked upwards in a dreamy-fashion, "They have books you can't find anywhere else. I've been dying to get a peak at that restricted section, too."

"There's a restricted section?" Eutheria asks with some bafflement. "Why is it restricted? What's in there? How do you get to read them?" she asks, looking between the two people standing above her.

Perpetua Well, there are some books about advanced studies and some others about history of Dark Arts, that's why it's restricted.

Perpetua Some information has to be dosified with care, right?

Alicia nods her head. "I hear they have truly powerful magic there — the kind of things they only teach to the Seventh years and the most /advanced/ students," Alicia said, lowering her voice into a low, secrative tone, "Dangerous stuff… but exciting stuff!" Alicia smiled before looking at Perpetua, "Have you ever been in the restricted section, Miss Fancourt?"

"Oh," Eutheria answers in a thoughtful tone. "Why would they have books about things that are… dark?" she asks. "And… and why restrict things, just because they're hard? Aren't we supposed to learn the hard things, too?"

Perpetua Oh yes, several times. I remember a time that I was searching a book about Dark Arts in Ancient Greece in order to find information about him.

Perpetua shows a Chocolate Frog Card to the young students.

Alicia hmmed. "Well, um, it's because you have to start small and work your way up! At first you're just able to turn matchsticks into pins, for example, and that's difficult at first, but later it becomes easy," Alicia explains. Then there's a chocolate frog card and that gets Alicia's attention right away! "Oh! Which card is this? I'm missing quite a few I am," Alicia chirped.

Perpetua Herpo the Foul, he was an Ancient Greek Dark Wizard. Maybe one of the pioneers at Dark Arts.

"Why were you researching him?" Eutheria asks in a curious voice, her gaze on the card. She doesn't have many chocolate frog cards herself - they can't afford to buy them terribly often.

Perpetua It was part of my homework during my last year at History of Magic. Probably the most exciting thing that Mr. Binns had asked to us.

Alicia's flashed in recognition! "Oh! I know of him," Alicia said, and she was clearly quite glad to voice information on a subject she was knowledgable in, "Herpo the Foul. We learned about him in Defense Against the Dark Arts." Alicia said as she turned to Eutheria and said, "They say he invented some of the most /vile/ curses ever imagined. A truly dark wizard."

"Curses - like what?" Eutheria asks. "He used them to hurt people? I don't understand why, umm… people want to hurt each other. It doesn't make sense, does it?"

Perpetua Well, not everyone has the same idea about Dark Arts. At Durmstrang Institute it is instructed as a subject.

Alicia thinks for a bit regarding Eutheria's question. "Well, that I don't know," Alicia confessed, "But the good news is that, at Hogwarts, we learn to properly defend ourselves from anything that would harm us." Alicia hoped so, anyway; she wasn't sure how well she would fare if a Dark Wizard was let loose upon England. "Do they really?" Alicia asked of Perpetua, "That sounds like a rather poor idea…"

Perpetua And even the mysterious Heka School of Ancient Magic does it as well. You see? Different societies, different thoughts.

"They teach everyone how to hurt each other in school?" Eutheria asks in a small voice. "Merlin's beard, I'm glad I don't live there!" she exclaims. But then - she has to wonder - what do they think about vampires, or part-vampires in those places? Would it be worse for her? …or better?

Alicia hmmed. "Well, I suppose it's a good thing we learn Defense Against the Dark Arts, that way we can protect against them," Alicia said, although as soon as she said it she crinkled her nose a little bit, as if the logic didn't sound /quite/ right after saying it. "But, it matters not. Good always wins in the end, so the books say," Alicia said.

Perpetua Ah, but I think you will concur at the fact that knowledge it's not bad for itself. People who use that knowledge incorrectly are the real bad ones.

"Well - I guess," Eutheria responds - but her tone is still dubious. She stares down at the book in her lap, not really sure what else to say. It's hard for the shy girl to speak up, in any circumstance - let alone during a conversation such as this.

Alicia nodded. "I agree. Magic isn't bad until it's in the hands of bad people," Alicia said confidently and, noticing that Eutheria was starting at a book, turned to her and asked, "What's the book about?" It was hard for her to resist the opportunity to talk about books, after all!

"Oh, it's, umm, well, the Defense Against the Dark Arts book, actually," Eutheria explains quietly, tilting the cover at Alicia. "I just thought… Thought I might as wel, umm, read some of it."

Perpetua, all of sudden, notices that she has matters to attend at home.

But before leaving and saying goodbye to the young students, she gives them a present.

Perpetua Here you go, Chocolate Frogs, delicious, aren't they?

Alicia nodded in understanding at Eutheria. "Good! Your teachers will be impressed when they see you've come prepared," Alicia offered before looking over at Perpetua, curious what present is going to be given to them. Alicia let out a surprised little coo! "Oh! I love chocolate frogs," Alicia said graciously, "Thank you, ma'am! Be well, and good luck with the potion."

Eutheria gives Alicia a mildly embarrassed smile. "Oh, I hope so," she murmurs - before her gaze fix on the frog. "Oh," she states again. "Are… are you sure?" she asks, reaching out hesitantly to take it - though something in her gaze shows just how badly she wants it.

Perpetua Of course, take it. You're welcome. And thanks! Have a delightful day!

Alicia beamed at Perpetua, lifting a hand up to wave goodbye to her. Alicia then turned to Eutheria and said, "That was Miss Fancourt. She invented the /Lunascope/, a marvelous invention. They don't let us use 'em at school, though." A slight pout. "Oh, I'm forgetting my manners! I'm Rowle, Alicia Rowle," Alicia explained, "I do have to be going soon, but I'm sure we will see each other around. Who knows, you may even end up in Hufflepuff ah?"

"I'm Eutheria Flitwick," the girl introduces herself - clutching her precious chocolate frog in her hand. "What's a Lunascope do? Why don't we use them at school? I just can't wait to start properly."

Alicia giggled. "It makes making Moon Charts too easy. They like to make everything more difficult," Alicia said with a laugh and shake of her head, "You'll be doing those in your first year, making moon charts. Useful things they are — took me a long time to make 'em, um, right though."

"What are Moon Charts for, anyways?" Eutheria asks in an uncertain voice. "I guess that's in Astronomy? That won't be such a bad class." Especially since it happens at night!

Alicia nods enthusiastically. "It is a marvelous class. I wish I were better at it than I am," Alicia said humbly with a sigh, "I really wish I had remembered to bring the ones I made — I was going to show them to Miss Fancourt you see — but it represents the position and movement of the moon, you see. Very important for a good many things."

"I suppose it would be," Eutheria agrees - though she's not sure yet for what. "It'll be fun to learn, though," she adds - her tone turning a little more eager.

Alicia was glad to see that the pre-first year's mood had lightened. "If you need any help with them I could try to help, that's the Hufflepuff way after all," Alicia said with just a hint of pride in her voice, "And not just with Astronomy, either. I know how hard it can be to be a first year." Seeing as she was one herself, but a few months ago!

"It might be lonely," Eutheria conceeds quietly, without looking up from her book. "But… my cousin will be there. And that'll help, I'm sure. And… and I can always study, or read."

Alicia giggled. "That's /my/ backup plan as well," Alicia said as she looked down to the small pile of books she had picked up, "Well, Eutheria. It was a pleasure to meet you but I do believe I have to be going now — they'll start to wonder where I am, you know. I will see you around, I'm sure!" With a smile, Alicia turned and moved back to the front of the store to pay for her books.

"Umm… yes!" Eutheria confirms. "I'll, umm. I'll see you on the train. Bye, umm… umm… oh no, I forgot your name." Her cheeks starts to color red - as she hunches down again, clearly embarrassed.

Alicia calls out on her way out, "Rowle. Alicia Rowle! Don't worry, I'm glad with names too!" And then, Alicia is gone!

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