(1940-08-06) Strolling Through the Park
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Summary: While strolling through the park one day, in the lovely month of August, Melody and Myrus happen across each other for the first time in a very long time.
Date: 6 August 1940
Location: Merlin Park, Mysticked District

The expanse of Merlin Square seems an oasis in the bustle of foot traffic in the Mysticked District. Summer is waning, and thoughts are turned toward getting students ready to return to school, which adds even more bodies to the gathered throngs in each of the odd little shops. But the press of people is almost non-existent in the cool green of the park. Having come for some shopping with her mother, younger brother Eoin and older brother Audley, Melody wandered away from them, seeking the quiet of gravel paths. Sound from the shoppers seems muffled here, perhaps by the use of spells, so it's easy to forget about the hustle beyond the green fences.

Mel's in no hurry, typical of her, as she wanders the paths, stopping beneath a stone archway that seems to serve no real purpose. Her head tilts back as she looks up, one hand coming to rest lightly on the rough surface.

The hustle and bustle of the shoppers is but a background noise to the rustle of a light breeze over the gardens area. That same stone archway was the focus of another until a second individual comes to the scene.

A face that was all too familiar to Myrus. So he steps toward her, coming into what would be her plain view a few meters away. "Mel."

It's been too long. It's good to see you. I miss you.

He could say a whole lot of other things right now, but they all get in each other's way, so all he utters is simply her shortened name.

His attire is all covered by a simple, grey hoodless cloak that shows some wear.

Melody's head dips at once at the voice, immediately familiar, her smile already curving her lips as dark eyes find the tall Ravenclaw boy. "Myrus," she returns the simple greeting. And then she goes on, as if they'd been in the middle of a conversation. "Why do you suppose this arch is here? I had thought maybe it was once a magical doorway of some sort."

She herself is wearing a simple dress, it's bold colours not quite hidden by her own cloak which is open, held around her neck by a gold chain. Her feet are covered with the expected maryjanes that she wears habitually when she doesn't have her wellies on.

The boy looks up at the top of the arch, stepping in closer toward the girl, but not insofar as to cause contact. He continues the conversation-in-process. "That's a logical idea. But aesthetics might be the simple reason and fact that someone wanted to build an arch."

He leaves it at that, still looking up, his neck exposed and chin stretching upward, eyes taking in all of the details as he's momentarily distracted from her.

Brown eyes go up again as well, and Melody considers the stone arch for a moment. "Well, if a person was going to build an arch just because they wanted to, this is a lovely spot for it." Her head turns a scant measure and her eyes shift to take in Myrus. She has to look up a bit farther than she's accustomed to, which gets remarked on. "You've gotten taller."

Myrus lowers his head, looking a bit downward to her. "Oh?" He looks at himself, extending his arms out to the sides to get a glimpse of his open cloak and himself underneath. Button up shirt and slacks where they usually are and leather dress shoes always shined.. other than today, and who knows how long before this.

"I guess I have." He returns his hands to his pockets and looks at her. "And this is quite a nice spot for an arch." No longer looking at the arch.

"Of course you have," Melody says easily of his agreement with her height assessment. "You used to be here…" her eyes drop a couple inches, from his eyes to somewhere around his adam's apple, "… and now you're up there." The girl's gaze is back up, lips parted with her warm smile, a second later her brows raising inquiringly. "Are you going somewhere in a hurry? Mummy and Oddie are shopping with Eoin, and I won't have to find them again for a while." Oddie being her name for her older brother Audley, who Myrus would have met, however briefly, last Christmas Holidays.

He remembered the names she used for family members. "I'm not going anywhere in a hurry. Or slowly." Just stop right there. He doesn't want to tell her too much right now. Concern crosses his face for a few moments, then back to a smile at her. "You want me to escort you somewhere, m'lady?"

The offer brightens Melody's smile even further, from happy to verging on delighted. "Brilliant." She doesn't comment on the brief concern, though she didn't miss the fleeting emotion, but instead immediately looks around. First to the left, then to the right quickly, her blond hair fluttering in the sunshine with the movement. And she points, "Yes, please, to that bench. So we can sit and talk a while." Again, the bright smile is on him.

He looks at the bench when she mentions it, and nods to her, his own smile on her as hers is on him. "Alright." And he turns to begin toward said bench.

"How have you been, Mel?" He figures might as well ask since they will be talking of such things anyway.

Upon nearing the bench, he would offer her to sit first. He didn't want to talk about himself, as was normal habit of his to start asking questions of the other in the conversation if he didn't want to divulge anything. A terrible tell, because Melody might already know about it. Myrus hardly notices it himself.

Melody has to stop herself before the habit of reaching out to link her arm with his gets the better of her, and she walks along beside Myrus, tucking her hands behind her back and clasping them. "Very well," she replies. "It's been a lovely summer in Shropshire, all nice and green. The spring lambs are all growing up, but they still have the sweetest faces." She turns without ceremony and plops down in that oddly graceful way of hers onto the bench. Yes, she knows his tactics still, and ignores them as she always has, turning the tables. "How has your summer been? I was looking for you on the train, to congratulate you on your award at the closing feast, but I couldn't find you." There's a touch of disappointment in her tone at the thought, she'd wanted to show him the little telescope she'd gotten for her award as well.

He gets quiet when she turns the tables. He'd never been able to lie to her. Just something about it. "I was in hogsmeade for a while. Working my way through the summer to save money enough to come back this year." It was no secret his parents didn't approve of somet hings he's done. Mainly his father. Either way, he looks at her a little sheepishly.

"I didn't know how to tell you I had no place to go, since we went our separate ways to focus on our studies." Blurting again, he claps his mouth shut, giving her time to soak it all in.

Well, that does explain her fruitless search and the constant answers of 'haven't seen him'. The sheepish look Myrus gives her is met with light exasperation from Melody, "Good heavens, Myrus, you know you can always talk to me. It's not like we said we never wanted to see each other again." In honesty, she was more concerned for his grades than her own, she still doesn't even know what she wants to be when she grows up. But, knowing the strained relationship with his family, she didn't want him to burden it any further with bad grades. And apparently there was something to the logic, since they both got awards at the end of the year. Concern is clear in her eyes as she asks, "Are you still in Hogsmeade then? Did you get enough for school?"

He holds up a hand, trying to calm her, "I know, I just didn't want to worry you any more than you already were." He takes a moment, and her final question of him getting enough makes him do some mental calculations. "I should have enough, yeah." A couple meals missed here and there, getting bare necessities, reusing things from last year, used books. "Yeah, I got it."

Melody looks mollified by this answer, her manner easing again at once, smile back with a relieved sigh. "Good. I can't imagine the last year of school without you there." Not that they'd been particularly close but for the last year, but he'd always been a constant there to her. And she's already thinking about Audley's old school chest, which he hadn't so much as touched since he got out of Hogwarts. Who knows what she might find in there to aid Myrus getting through their last year. "But what about Hogsmeade? Are you still working?"

Rus nods, "I can't imagine being anywhere but there with you," doesn't notice what he just said. "And I'm still at Hogsmeade. Working up until two days before school starts. Because I need a break." He takes a deep breath. Leaning back on the bench. And he didn't realize it was simply a stone bench with no back. Or he forgot. Flump. He lands on his back with his calves laying on the bench where he moments ago sat. "..ow.."

There's no hint of whether Melody noticed what he said, as she starts with, "You ought to come by sometime for Oh!" The thought cuts off when Myrus flops backwards. Her eyes widen in surprise and she twists at once, leaning to peer over at him. "Not broken bones. Are you alright?" A hand is offered out, if he wants to take it for a pull back upright, although the sky must be a lovely view from down there.

The only thing hurting more than his pride right now is his pocketbook. He just simply shakes his head to her, crossing his arms over his chest as he coughs a bit, then says, "I'm alright. Just gonna stay down here for a minute."

A groan, then turns to calmer breathing.

Myrus just starts quietly telling himself "It can only go up from here.. can only go up.."

Melody might be one of the few people to take that decision without batting an eyelash, just nodding in agreement with his desire to enjoy the view of the sky. And, since he says he's alright, and she believes that one, she goes on, leaned with one arm braced on the bench, peering down at him. "I was saying that you ought to come by sometime before school for Sunday roast. Mummy would love to see you again, I'm sure." The older brothers and her father, well she isn't sure. Not that they would have anything specifically against him, but the fact of him being, or having once been, a suitor for the girl is enough. "Would you like to?"

Myrus starts laughing as he's talking, "You know, sure! Why not? It should be fun!" Sarcasm is lost on Melody. Didn't he forget that?

He adjusts to sit where his back was a moment ago, now almost face to face with her. Many things Myrus isn't scared of. Angry father and brothers? His own family had the father thing down. And older boys at school were like those angry older brothers. So what could go wrong?

As Myrus works on resituating himself Melody watches, her smile fading just a touch, reminded for a moment by his company how much she's missed it. But, by the time he looks up again, the curve is back. "That would be lovely. We could make a day of it, if you'd like," she suggests, "Have a walk after dinner and then some tea before you go."

He nods, looking up at her now, "I would like that very much. A whole day." It would be good. He needed a break. Straight from school to Hogsmeade to work and back again. It was time he took at least more than half a day off.

Myrus' eyes widen, and he looks around, then searching his pockets, "Oh dear.. what time is it?"

The question makes Melody blink, and she looks up toward the sun, as if trying to judge the time from it's place in the heavens. She squints at it for a beat before looking back down to Myrus. "I'm not sure. I think it was past one when I left the others, and I've been walking here a while, and then there's the talking and time spent with you so maybe…" There's a light frown of concentration, then her eyes brighten again. "Around three." She says it decisively, as if she's sure of it.

Myrus looks around for another moment. "Alright," he gets to a knee, looking at her one more time, "I have to go," and before he could think about it, he puts a kiss on her forehead before he fully stands, and starts off. "Just send me an owl or come find me for that day." In all his flurry to get back to get some rest before an early day of work tomorrow, he had reverted to a small tradition when they were together. A kiss to her forehead when parting in a rush.

The familiar gesture has Melody stopped in her tracks for a beat, before her smile returns, softer than before. "Alright," she agrees as he's already going on his way. "Bye Myrus!" She watches him until he's out of sight, and even still for a long moment when he's gone. Then she's on her feet, hurrying off the other way to find her family. In the course of the next couple days she will have written several letters to Myrus, but finally only one gets sent, it's tone light, to confirm when he'll be able to make the visit.

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