(1940-08-09) The Daily Prophet - The State of the Statute of Secrecy
Details for The State of the Statute of Secrecy
Summary: Although the Muggle government has rejected the Unity Act, some compromises have been put into play.
Date: August 9, 1940
Location: London
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The Unity Act which originally was wholly rejected by the Muggle Government when Churchill came to office eventually was shaped by Spencer-Moon and Churchill into something of an 'elegant compromise'. Certain strict edicts of the Statute of Secrecy are being loosened so that immediate obliviation of a muggle that has witnessed a magical act is not imminent. Every case will be weighed and judged by the case's Obliviator, if it is deemed that a witness is not a danger to the wizarding world, their memories will remain intact. The families of Muggle-Born wizards will face more leniencies as well. Any large attempts at purposeful overt magical displays that are done with the sole purpose of unveiling the wizarding world are still considered illegal and harsh punishments will be faced.

These slight adjustments in the Statute of Secrecy are acceptable to the International Confederation of Wizards and so the United Kingdom will no longer face the removal from the Confederation and the political ostracization the UNITY Act was beginning to cause the magical folk of the United Kingdom.

Furthermore the new Minister for Magic has also adjusted the standing laws so that if a Witch or Wizard would like to turn over their wand for safe keeping so that they might join the muggles in their fight against the Axis, they will no longer be considered breaking the laws that former Minister for Magic Archer Evermonde installed at the beginning of The Great War, twenty some years ago. Along with any defensive actions taken on sovereign soil that will not result in an outward reveal of wizarding kind will also be handled in a case by case manner. Wizards and Witches will no longer be forced to stand by and watch our neighbors and own properties and persons be destroyed by the enemies of our beloved nation.

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