(1940-08-13) The Daily Prophet - The Veritas Party
Details for The Veritas Party
Summary: A reform branch of the Army of Truth has formed.
Date: August 13, 1940
Location: London
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The newly elected Minister for Magic, Leonard Spencer-Moon, has taken a hardline stance against the Army of Truth, even threatening Azkaban for those members that do not leave the country. Opponents have been quick to criticise his eagerness to imprison citizens for their political beliefs. His supporters, however, are just as swift in pointing out that he was referring to those "Soldiers of Truth" that have engaged in violence and criminal activity in the British Isles.

Despite the debate, the very term "Army of Truth" has become toxic in most social circles. Spencer-Moon's declarations are merely the window dressing on the public's displeasure that was cemented with the actions of former Hogwarts Headmaster Gervaise Flint. The Daily Prophet has learned that in the wake of Spencer-Moon's speech, Flint and several members of his family have left the country. Some sources indicate their destination was none other than Durmstrang Castle, the headquarters of the "real" Army of Truth commanded by Gellert Grindelwald.

Meanwhile in the Isles, other Grindelwald supporters have taken a new tactic. Most have shed the banner of the Army of Truth in favor of a new, yet all too familiar, flag. Under a literal variation of Grindelwald's Eye of Truth, these supporters have established the Veritas Party. Party Leader Actaeon Proudmore condemned the new Minister in a statement to the press this morning, calling him "brash" and "unfit for office", then demanding a Ministry board of inquiry to investigate Spencer-Moon's history and sudden rise.

"Veritas means truth," Proudmore said. "The Veritas Party is dedicated to the truth, no matter how ugly it is, nor how uncomfortable it makes those who will say and do anything to hold onto power."

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