(1940-08-25) Bunkered Down
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Summary: August 25th, 1940 the Air Raid Sirens have sounded and it isn't a drill. High in the air shrouded by a curtain of fog machine gun fire and the whirl of fighter plane propellers can be heard. Then came the earth shaking, ear shattering sounds of bombs landing. Tension is very high, but there are some that are trying to keep the peace and provide good morale.
Date: August 25th, 1940
Location: London Underground

Nearly a year after War was declared, many in Britain began to believe that they would escape the war with very little damage, especially in London. The Battle of Britain did a good job of keeping their beloved London intact. Many people held onto hope and indeed some became a bit delusional that their Great Britain would never suffer like all the thousands of war packets, pamplets, posters and warnings fortold in that year since the war began.

Several of those people are here, huddled in white tiled nooks and crannies of the Underground Tube station. Surrounded by the things that they quickly grabbed up in a mad dash to the station. They didn't even bother to build shelters. But as the air raid sirens still blare up above they huddle and curse themselves for not heeding the warnings and preparing better.

August 25th, 1940 the Air Raid Sirens have sounded and it isn't a drill. High in the air shrouded by a curtain of fog machine gun fire and the whirl of fighter plane propellers can be heard. Then came the earth shaking, ear shattering sounds of bombs landing. Tension is very high, but there are some that are trying to keep the peace and provide good morale.

A strangely dressed woman, who looks like she has come from some medieval re-enactment weaves slowly through those gathered. The only thing that marks her as being of this century is an RAF sweetheart pin on her purple blouse, a black ribbon that hangs from it denoting her as a War Widow. Elly reaches into a large wicker basket she holds on one hip and pulls from it a slightly larger than a roll sized piece of round bread and a cheesecloth bundle tied with a purple ribbon containing some herbed farmers cheese. To each person she passes she offers the home-made ration with a smile. "Something to nibble on loverly?" She asks by way of offering. If they seem accepting she'll also offer a pour of fresh water or table wine, if they don't have a cup, she'll provide.

Graham was at home when the sirens went off though his neighborhood was spared and so luckily he hadn't needed to put his "plan" into action of breaking all sorts of laws and junk to protect people. Instead he left his home to help out and so he's bringing people down into the subway station which seems to be a preferred place to remain safe though he's getting people to medical help here as well he's not ruled out helping himself with what abilities he has, if it looks like its needed. "Come sit down, I'll get you some water." he says to a woman rather covered in dust.

Signe had been away from home when the sirens began to roar, and took refuge in the nearest safe place - a tube station that was slowly growing more and more crowded. Her eyes are a bit wide, as she tries to find herself somewhere innocuous to stand, always preferring (when she isn't on stage) to remain out of the way and relatively unremarked.

Shopping at Diagon Alley will have to wait for another day. Elspeth and her mother hadn't made it across London, yet, as they'd made a stop at the immigration offices, looking to see if some of the Rosens who were trying to flee through Denmark had made it, or been found. Benjamin Rosen hadn't joined them, his German accent being a liability these days outside the small town where he was well known.
Mother and daughter are dressed in simple, muggle clothes as they make their way among the crowd, trying to find a spot of their own. Elspeth blinks when she sees the familiar figure of Leaky Cauldron's barmaid walking along. "Elly," she greets quietly, stepping forward, and giving the woman a little smile as she notes the woman's clothing. "Is everything being all right at the bar?" her eyes drift to the basket. "May I be helping you?"

Susan had been on her way to the cinema, yet again, when the alarm sirens began their wail and she found herself swept up with the mass of anxious people heading down, down, into the Tube station. Clutching a book under one arm, she moves as if in a bit of a daze, carefully moving through the throng.

Elly coos when recognizing Elspeth, "Coor, dearie, alright?" She gives the girl a little look over and then the look over includes Elspeth's mother. "If it's alrigh wif Mum." After receiving permission from said mum, she'll pass Elspeth a medium sized basket from her larger basket after turning to conceal the act from most. Inside the basket she passes Elspeth is filled with miscellaneous cups that might not be usable in a business but down here, who's going to mind a chip or scratch on the side or handle? The wine skin and water skin are both slide from about the wench and offered to Elspeth as well. "Not too heavy?"

It is a mess indeed, though one must do what they can. Graham spots the woman handing out drinks though he truly spots who it is when he's closer. "Elly, you alright?" he asks a small smile given to her though he looks back "If I can get a bit of water for this woman found her among some rubble she's all dusty." He will wait to see if he can get some though noticing he other. "It was miss Rosen right?" he tips his head to her in greeting.

Two redheads rush down to the station as well. One is a woman in her mid-fifties, and the other is a tiny slip of a girl — Lissie — who can't be more than ten or eleven. They both look bewildered, and the girl looks nearly terrified as well. She is clutching to her a felted wool bag that has a long, thin package in it, and the woman has a rather battered purse. The pair of them are trying to cling one to the other, but they are swept apart by the crowd. Lissie darts here and there like a budgie out of its cage for the first time. Finally she skids to a stop near Elly, ending up on her tip-toes windmilling her arms to keep from falling, the felt bag swinging wildly.

In due course, a young redheaded Muggle makes her way down the stairs, her hand holding firmly to the hand of a younger male who looks enough like her to be thought a relation. Katie leads her brother Jack with hurried steps, her brow furrowed with worry, more for her companion and others not present than for herself. The sounds of the bombing have her rattled, but her brother looks oddly composed, only taking his fear from what Katie herself gives off. She stops with him at the bottom of the stairs, turning to him, hands fluttering in the air as she speaks and signs to him at the same time, "It's alright, I'm sure Mum and Da have found shelter, and we'll make our way back to them when this is all over." While her voice is calm, her anxious face gives her away, and she turns to spare her brother the knowledge of how deep her worry lies. She doesn't let go of him as she moves them toward an open space, and as soon as they stop she's brushing dust from Jack's clothes and fussing over him to keep her mind from fear of what her Gavin is facing at this moment.

"Steady on there." Susan reaches out a cool hand to catch Lissie under one elbow, helping her to right herself while peering down with a concerned expression. "Are you all right then? All by yourself?" They are quite close to Elly, whom she recognizes somewhat from lodging at the Leaky Cauldron the past week, but for now she focuses on the wee slip of a girlie who seems to be all alone.

The little slip of a girl careening about without a minder catches Signe's eye, and she follows the girl with her gaze, her teeth biting gently at her lower lip. She makes her way closer out of concern - someone needs to keep an eye on the girl and make sure she's not unduly terrified until her people can be found.

"Certainly," Elspeth responds to Graham's request, reaching into the basket just handed to her to pull out a cup that's lost most of its handle, and hand it to Graham so she can pour for him. "Yes, Mr. Cohen," she replies, giving him the cup to hold so she can pour into it. The little girl stumbling in front of them makes her pause, her hand leaving the cup she'd just handed to Graham to reach out, but then Susan is catching her. "Alright, ma'am," she finally takes a moment to reply to Elly's question after all the sudden distractions.

The sirens have sounded, the bombs have fallen. It has begun. Lewis, still in uniform, has taken to cover inside the subway systems. Somebody has to make sure things are orderly in there, even while the bombs fall. He asks, aloud: "Is everyone alright in here? Is anyone hurt?". He isn't 100% sure what he'd do if someone was hurt-he wasn't a doctor, but it would be good to at least know what's going on in here.

Graham will take the water "Cheers." he comments quickly though moves to get the water cup to the dusty woman helping her get a few drinks which helps indeed with the coughing from said dust though she isn't far away from the group either. "That's a start are you hurt anywhere?" he asks of the woman though spotting several others now "Signe, glad your safe." he says to the singer and turns hearing a familiar voice only as it passes. "Katie?" he looks back to see he's right and offers a bowed nod to Jack. "Were your parents at the shop? I can get them bring them here?"

Lissie looks up, blinking, and it is almost as though she doesn't understand the question. She starts to answer, though the language is, at first, Gaelic rather than English. Then she stops herself, shaking her head. "Nae, not alone," she says, her voice barely above a whisper. "Mum's… dunnae wheer…." She looks around, then continues in her lilting, piping voice. "Went shoppin' for my birthday, an' then the shriekin' sound started, an' we got waved down here. Then I got knocked over here…." She trembles a little, then wraps her arms around herself.

Elly matronly preens Elspeth's hair as she pours the water for Graham in a gesture of gratitude. Graham receives a sunny smile and a nod. "Fought I'd pop down an' make sure everyone is alrigh. Everyfing is fine at 'ome." The boons of being a warded and extremely protected place of the Wizarding World, the Leaky Cauldron is all safe and sound. But then he's off to check on Katie. Since Lissie seems to be well taken care of Elly keeps an eye on the girl. Those red curls and freckles are hard to forget and the wench places the girl from passing through the Cauldron. Elspeth's mother is passed some bread and cheese with a warm supportive smile, "Fine girl ye have raised mum." A sweet biscuit is pulled out of her large basket and it is offered to Lissie, "Tis alrigh love. We'll find'r.

"Graham…" Signe says in surprise as she hears her name. She flashes him a brief smile - then crouches down in front of the girl. "Hello, dear. I'm Signe. What's your name?" she asks politely - her accent in deep contrast to Lissie's, sounding perfectly proper and British - and rather well schooled. Her smile is friendly, though.

"Well, there, don't fret too much, now," Susan suggests soothingly. "You're down here now, and safe, that's what matters. Like as not your mum will turn up in a moment." Her accent is smooth but decidedly Irish in inflection, and she seems about to say something else to Lissie when Signe joins them, and she smiles softly and keeps silent, instead, so the poor girl isn't overwhelmed further. Meanwhile, she lets her eyes roam over the crowd, picking out no familiar faces - well, one that is passingly familiar. For a moment she gazes uncertainly in Lewis' direction, then looks back to Lissie.

Hearing her name, Katie looks up from her brother, where she's herded him against the safety of a wall. Jack can't hear his sister's name uttered, but his eyes follow hers to a familiar figure. "Graham," Katie says, a measure of relief in her voice that doesn't extend to her troubled eyes. "They were, but I'm sure they've gotten to safety." She isn't, but it's what she's telling herself and Jack to keep them going. "Yeh can't go up there, not in all this." She absently signs as she talks, keeping Jack in the loop of the conversation, at least somewhat. For his part, the boy waves to the Auror, familiar from the family owned chip shop, an attempt at a smile falling far short of the mark, but understandably so. Katie is worried about her parents, but somewhat less so than she is about her intended, who is likely up there somewhere manning the anti-aircraft guns. If she hadn't promised him that she would keep her head it's a chance she would be doing something extremely foolish like trying to get nearer to the London base.

"Very kind of you Elly, same here left home to be of help." Graham says he returns the smile to Signe and looks appreciative as she helps out the child with the missing mother. "Your in good hands with this one lil miss." he says though his focus shifts back to Katie when she does hear his call he glances back up the stairs. "I'm sorta used to danger. Special Investigator and all." he says to her about her family being at the chippy "I could be back in a flash." he says looking to Jack nodding its good of him to take care of his sister afterall.

The lights flicker just a little bit and there is a deep but distant shudder. However those that were cursing their ill preparedness earlier are the ones prone to panic the most. Screams of fright echo through the tunnel at the volume of when the train speeds through. But there is no train as they stop when there is an air raid.

As the women cluster around Lissie, Elspeth quietly helps pour a smaller tea cup for the little girl, and hands it to Signe so that she can give it to the girl. Mrs. Rosen, for her part, takes the food handed to her gratefully, and turns to parcel it out with the people near her. Elly's compliment brings a nods and smile of pride to her features, although any smile at this moment is strained. "We are quite proud of our little Elsie," she agrees, then gives a little motion of her head to indicate the girl can move on with Elly, and she'll stay to help the people in the little nook where she is.
Turning, Elspeth follows Graham a little bit, offering some water to the young woman and boy that are talking to him. At the flicker, she ducks protectively towards the ground, holding the basket close. When the rumble fades a little, she looks up before straightening slowly with her burden, looking for Elly, not wanting to go too far from the woman.

"She'll be horrible worried 'bout me," murmurs Lissie, looking around wide-eyed. "What is it happenin'?" Then she sighs, because all she can really see of the crowd is legs and waists. "She's got hair like me, an' she's wearin' a blue dress, and she's got her green hat on with the blue bow even if Margaret says it's old and ugly. Used to be a blue hat, but it went all over green." She bites her lip, then jumps back as she hears the rumble, this time landing on her rump. If she has any clue what is going on, it isn't evident at all.

Not hearing about any injured people or anything of the sort Lewis has a seat, and reaches into the pocket of his uniform, and grabs a cigarette out of it. He asks "Does anyone want a smoke?". Suddenly, the lights start to flicker. Some people begin to panic. He shouts "Stay Calm! Everything will be alright! Just…keep calm, and carry on…or whatever Churchill's wanting us to do at this point in time."

Susan starts herself some when the lights flicker and a rumble from far off reaches them, and she's not even prone to panicking. But bombs falling over your head are a trial. "I'll take a look for her," she suggests to Lissie, forcing up a reassuring smile, though it's thin. Leaving the little redhead in Signe's competent hands, she slides between two older gentlemen and begins a slow and jostly circuit of their impromptu bunker.

Signe lets out a small, quiet laugh at the comment at the hat, and continues to smile at the girl a reassuring manner. Even if she is anxious about the bombs - years of acting classes have to be good for something. She accepts the water, and then offers it over to Lissie, as she tries to get more information from the girl. "Margaret - is that your sister, dear? And what's your name, and your mothers?" Even as the lights flicker, and people scream, she seems calm. "You know - perhaps we could all do with a bit of music down here. What do you think?" She includes Susan in this question, smiling at the slightly older girl - but then Susan is off. Well, she seems old enough to be fairly competent and self sufficient - should be alright, down here. Safest place to be, after all.

Elly gives Lissie an assuring smile and another nod, "Well find her loverly, ye just stay with Sydney. Maybe we can convince her in a song? Do ye know Eggs and Marrowbone?" The two gents Susan just played 'bread and butter' with are next to be offered her hand-made rations of bread and cheese. She begins to sing, even though it's not the greatest and a bit shaky with the nerves she's hiding behind her sunniness. "~She fed him eggs and marrowbone…"~ ((Eggs and Marrowbone Folk Song))

It seems almost that Jack Hind is one of the few not to panic, but he can't hear the cacophony around them, so it's easier to keep his wits about him. The visuals of terrified faces and postures the most reassuring, but he takes his cues from Katie, and she keeps a strong front up for just that reason. "You'll do no such thing," she says lightly to Graham, not wanting him to entertain the thought of going up into the bombs raining down on their city. There's a smile for Elspeth, wavery though it might be, and Jack gratefully accepts some water from the thoughtful girl. The pair stay mostly quiet, communicating in sign language together as Katie tries to keep him up on what's happening without adding to his worry. He's concerned about their parents and friends up above, where they might be, just as much as she is, and it's her duty as the eldest, as his lifelong protector, to keep her wits about her.

Graham crosses his hand over his sleeves when the power flickers a moment, but since its alright. It relaxes a moment though he does look like he'll react if need be. He looks to Katie as she speaks "Alright, though if it goes on much longer i'll have to go, cant let people get hurt if I can help'em." He looks about one of the people he'd helped the dust covered lady is being seen to and he looks back around to see who else might be in need of help.

"Excuse me, please." Susan stops near Katie and Jack and Graham, with an apologetic nod. "I'm looking for a middle-aged woman with red hair - wearing a blue dress, and a green hat with a bow on? I don't suppose any of you might've seen her?"

Katie looks up at the girl as she stops by them, Jack's eyes habitually following those of his sister. He frowns lightly as he tries to read Susan's lips as she speaks, Katie forgetting to sign for him in the moment. "I haven't," Katie says regretfully, but her attention turns to Jack and her fingers fly deftly in the air, giving him the basics of blue dress, green hat with a bow, red haired woman. His hearing may be nonexistent, but he's got keen eyes in compensation. Unfortunately, his reply is a sad, slow shake of his head as his eyes, the same blue as Katie's turn to the girl. "I'm sorry, we've not," she reaffirms to Susan, looking regretful she couldn't produce the woman from thin air.

Elly spends a bit more time with her hand in the basket when she's come to the Hinds Siblings. When the hand withdraws it is perhaps a bit larger bit of bread and two cheese cloth parcels instead of the one, fresh butter in one and the herbed farmers cheese in the other. "I'm sure he's fine dearie." She offers to Katie after pointedly looking towards the younger woman's own sweetheart pin. But then she's singing again trying to get people to join in and drown out the sounds of war and mayhem filtering down from above. A shake of her head is given to Susan. "Keepin' an eye out." She assure Susan but then it's back to the singing again.

Lissie takes the water and drinks it shakily; it stops the hiccups, at least. She isn't crying, though she looks like she dearly wants to. "We were tryin' tae gae back tae th'pub," she murmurs, "But th'crowd was gane…" She clears her throat. "Wheel, this way. Good thing we dinnae hae all the books…." Her accent thickens with fear, and she licks her lips. "Her name's… mum. Nae. Bradana."

In the meanwhile, down way at the other end of the station, Bradana is calling about for her daughter, first high, then low. "Liiiisssieee!"

It had to come to this eventually - Rena knew that - but she did not expect to be trapped in the thick of things when bombs finally came to London. Looking rather lost, and seemingly wandering at random, the young redheaded woman hugs her arms around herself, occasionally glancing up at the ceiling of the Underground with a distinct air of anxiety. The only thing that seems to draw her attention away from the unknown happening above is the sound of singing. Instinctively, she begins to move toward the song. At first, her lips move silently; but, eventually, she finds her voice and begins to sing along with Elly's song, trying to work up a smile as she does so.

"Well. We'll get everyone singing, and then the'll be a hush, and we'll ask for her. Alright, dearie?" Signe suggests kindly. "Do you know the tune?" she asks - before she joins Elly in singing. While Elly's voice is pleasant enough, Signe's is beautiful, with over a decade of formal training into it, and many hours performing on the stage. She's a little amused by Elly's choice in songs, but it doesn't deter her in the least. ""Feed him eggs and marrowbone, And make him sup them all, It won't be too long before, He won't see you at all." It's a funny, but morbid little song, certainly.

Susan nods gratefully to Elly. "Thank you," she tells the woman before she's off again, and turning back to Katie and Jack, adds again, "Thank you both as well. It seems she's got a little girl she got separated from, so if you see her…" she smiles ruefully, and, wrapping her arms around her front, moves on. She's not close enough to Bradana to hear her over the din of singing and chattering and whatever else, but she makes inquiries with a few little clumps of people, all to no avail."

Lewis was singing along with Elly. "..and loudly did she bawl, the old man said 'I'm so blind, I can't see you at all!', when he notices Rena and approaches her. He says "Oh, hi there, Rena!". He asks "Are you ok? You're unhurt from the bombings?".

The young man ponders the question asked by the girl but shakes his head "I'm afraid not, but if I see her i'll pass word along that we're trying to find her." Graham the song being raised up is noted though he doesn't join in at the moment at least. "Katie, you need anything else?" he asks of the chippy worker. It is with another couple of voices join in Signe's he's heard several time the other he looks and finds Rena if he catches her glance he will offer an reassuring smile her way trying to help.

Not too familiar with the song, Elspeth nevertheless is emboldened by the music, and continues on with Elly, giving smiles and little words of encouragement to people as she follows along the barmaid's wake.

Katie accepts the provisions from Elly with a grateful smile, which freezes on her face at the other woman's keen eyes and perception. There's pain in the little redheaded Muggles eyes as they drop to Elly's own pin with the black ribbon, and raise again. "Ta," she says softly, handing off the food to her brother, his well being over her own always in her mind. She doesn't know what else to say, what little comfort she might offer to one who's already lost her love, and it twists her heart to know they might end up with the same fate. While she pushes it behind her brave front, her worry for Gavin wrings her heart even more and busies herself seeing to her brother. For his own part, Jack has picked up on his sister's demeanor, his attention back on her from his scrutiny as he tried to spot the woman the young girl was looking for. Katie has to clear her throat before she can answer Graham, and her words are nearly lost in the noises around them. "No, Graham, but thank you. It's best yeh just keep safe here until this ends." It's end soon… surely?

Elly knows the song because her mother would sing it all the time in the kitchen! She's certain it's a Muggle-safe song, so there you have it, Eggs and Marrowbone! More rations are passed around but as the song draws to a close she hmms and gives Lewis' sleeve a little tug, "Excuse me, sorry, but do you think we could put together a little lost and found section, there's a little girl over there who's lost her mum. I'm sadly sure she might not be the only one. We can set up the space by the loo there. For lost children to go and be picked up. Could you spread the word? Make it look official."

Lewis nods at Elly's suggestion and says "Absolutely". He walks over to the child, kneels to her height, and says "Hello, there. I'm Private Lewis. May I ask your name, little miss? Can you tell me your Mom's name? Or what she looks like?".

Rena looks perhaps a bit different than the last time Lewis met her, wearing maternity clothing and being about five months along - however, she is thankfully still recognizable. "Hullo, Mister Smith." She answers, flashing a faint smile that includes Graham in its sweep. Hearing Elly's suggestion, the young woman interjects hopefully: "Could I 'elp with that… or anything, really? I can't bear standing around idle. I'll go mad if I can't do something to 'elp." Again her dark eyes wander up to the ceiling, and a shiver passes through her. Her husband is probably up there, somewhere in the sky. Somehow, that knowledge is no comfort.

Susan makes her way down the station to the opposite end, speaking to a number of people along the way, but as she gets closer to the stairs up, she spots a woman wearing - oh, a blue dress and a fairly ugly green hat, calling fair frantically for a child. She walks up to the woman directly, eyes wide and direct, offering, "Ma'am? Ma'am, are you looking for a little girl, a little red-haired mite, ten or twelve maybe? Only I've a girl of that description and she's looking for her mum."

Lissie licks her lips, then rises to her feet. "Because if we don't sound skeered, then others won't neither?" She wipes her hand across her eyes, then lifts her chin. "Right then. For…. ah…. ermm… for King and country and …. ermm… owls and cheese!" She lets her bag hang from her elbow and she clasps her hands in front of her and joins in the song. She evidently does not know the words, but the tune is familiar, so she joins in with a lilting, sweet harmony of 'la la la', at least until the soldier shows up. "You're a soldier…. my brothers are soldiers. They said they won't get the Naughties or Nochties or somethin' get me. Oh. Krauts. Da dunnae let me near th'wireless."

Bradana turns her head, blinking, and she looks to Susan. "Oh! Oh. Is her name Lissie? Wee mite of a lass, big grey jumper? Mismatched socks and a felt bag? Hair like mine? She's never been in London before, much less alone outside the village…"

"I, er - " And Susan blushes quite red at this - "I didn't actually stop to ask her name, ma'am. But yes, that sounds just exactly like her. Please don't trouble yourself, there's lots of good people down here with her, and she's in fine spirits and no harm's come to her. Only I know she'd like to know you were all right."

Signe nods a confirmation of the girl's words - if they all sing, they can't truly be frightened! Right? But she doesn't pause in her singing. Nor does she when the man starts speaking to the girl - though she keeps a watchful eye on the child, having claimed temporary responsibility for her. As the song comes towards its conclusion, she stands up straight then tries to call out into the momentary lull, "Bradana?" hoping to summon up a response from the woman. One arm goes up to give the woman something to home in on.

The scent of smoke and dust trickles from the train tunnels faint at first but as time passes it thickens and becomes more pungent. People start to appear from the tunnel that leads to the east. Some don't stop, most continue along the barren tracks into the west bound tunnel. When there's another earth shuddering quake one after the other in a cluster of six this time there are some that were in this station who join in the western migration. Many jogging looking over their shoulders to the east as they go.

"I will stay Katie, but i'll go back with you at the all clear. I can help in case its needed." Graham offers instead to the chippy worker and his friend though he looks back towards Rena he's thankful to see many of those he calls friends here in saftey which isa good start indeed. He moves but not far away to help with things he's able to before coming back at seeing the groups moving through the tracks.

Lewis says "Oh? Your brothers are soldiers, too? Maybe I know them". He says "But first…Let's see if we can't find your mother….". He stands up and asks "What's your mother's name? I'll go look for her.".

"She's just this way," Susan reassures Lissie's mother, politely stepping aside and gesturing to the deeper part of the underground. "Not too terribly far. Will you accompany me? My name's Susan Carmody."

"Lissie. I'm Lissie Keir." The girl looks from Lewis to Signe. "From Skye. Torrin, Skye. We hae sheep." She shakes her head. "Theer's a whole flock o' Keir boys, all wi' hair like sand an' driftwood and 'bout as windblown. Mum's name's Bradana, an…." She shudders at the ground quacking, then huddles down, covering her head with her arms. Bradana, in the meanwhile, nods and follows Susan, nearly silent save for calling out her daughter's name. Her face is very pale.

There's no immediate response to the name she calls out - and Signe feels a bit of disappointment in that. As the girl in front of her hunkers down, however, she crouches next to her to put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "We're safe down here, Lissie," she promises - though she's not entirely certain of that, herself. "Do you like jazz?" she asks - hardly waiting for a reply before she starts to sing. It's a new piece from America called Polkadots and Moonbeams that she sings with warmth and enthusiasm - singing out a bit more than she would if she were in a jazz club. After all, there's no microphone here to amplify her voice. It's not hard for her, though. There's no microphones in opera, either.

Susan leads Bradana through the crowded station steadily, and after a nasty second where she fears Lissie will have disappeared in her distress, she spots her flaming red hair, halfway hidden behind the woman singing a jazz number. "Is that her?" she asks Bradana softly, nodding toward the little girl while still twenty paces or so away.

Lewis says "Bradana? It's a nice name." He stands and shouts "A-TEN-SHUN!!". He goes on "I have a minor here named Lissie Keir! I'm looking for her mother! Can anyone find a Bradana Keir!? This is very important!". He hopes that people will help him look for Bradana. "I want everyone to stay quiet and look for Bradana!". "I repeat: I have Lissie Keir right here. I'm looking for her mother: Bradana Keir!".

Bradana freezes, looking where Susan points and finally hearing her name… and Lissie's… and the singing. She practically shrieks her daughter's name, then nods. "Lissie! Yes… yes, that's her. Bradana… that's me…. Oh, thank you, thank you," she says to Susan, then runs to her daughter, trying not to trample anyone. She scoops Lissie up, looking at Lewis and Signe and back to Susan. "Oh… oh, I don't know how I can thank…."

Elly seems to have quite the endless supply of large rolls and cheese. When Susan and Lissie's mother passes her and Elspeth by the mother gets a big sunny grin. A mother herself, she's happy they are being runited without misshap. She even dabs at her eyes a little before she passes another young family their rolls and cheese with Elspeth still on drink duty along side her.

Signe stands up and steps back as the woman hurries in to scoop up the child, finishing off the verse before she lets her singing voice fade for the moment. "Oh, I'm only happy you both found each other," she says warmly. "Lissie here is a brave little girl."

In all the chaos, it is small wonder that Rena's question goes unheard. Besides, the distraction of the family being reunited is enough to draw anyone's attention away from the stress around them - if only for a mere moment. A brief, warm little smile touches her lips before she begins to move away. She can find some way to make herself useful down here, surely. And, with a little bit of luck, perhaps this nightmare will end soon and they can all go home. That is, if everyone has a home to go back to. That's a dark thought she'd better not voice.

Susan smiles softly and nods at Bradana before taking a deferential step back, to fade somewhat into the crowd. She's glad enough to avoid the spotlight, but stays close enough by that she can watch the happy reunion with a quiet smile. Some good tonight, despite the fear and suffering.

Lewis says "Your support of His Majesty's War effort is all the support I need". He salutes her and says "All citizens can do their part!". It's deplorably cliche, but Lewis still feels a need to suggest it. Patriotism seems to be his strong suit.

There hasn't been a rumble in quite some time. Not since the last cluster, perhaps like a fireworks show that was the German's finale? The final like an Angel's song the raid sirens sing out the 'All Clear'. Many instantly get up, gather their things and hurry to the surface to see if the still have a home to go to. More however linger in the safety of the station as they are welcomed to, for as long as they like. After tonight in fact, some stations that previously weren't complete or in disuse have been turned into bomb shelters and they start to look quite like homeless shelters with bunk beds brought down and lining the walls for any wayward Londoner to bunker down for any future bombs.

Despite the happy reunion Lissie and her mother actually receive some tsks and narrowed eyes from passers-by as does anyone else with a minor that's taken refuge. "Get that child to the country!" is a typical scoff towards those that have seemingly gone against the urging of the War Ministry and kept their children in London.

"Mum! Mum!" Lissie squeals, though rather more like a kitten or a puppy rather than a pig, mercifully. There is a long moment of hugging and kissing, and then Lissie looks over at the soldier. She shakes her head, then unpins a childishly hand-knitted flower from her sweater. "Here, sir. For your support of the…. the war effort." She holds it out to him, then salutes awkwardly. She smiles at Susan and Signe. "An' thank y'both for findin' me my mum and staying with me and…." her voice trails off at the scoffing. "Mum? Is Hogw— ermm… is the school in the country?"

Signe smiles at the girl. "I was happy to help," she answers. But a moment later the girl mentions that school - or what seems to be the name of it. It makes sense - wizarding folks never much heeded Muggle affairs. Who else would have a child here, now? She bites the inside of her lip, and takes a small step back. The girl's with her mother now, and the all clear has sounded - no reason to linger with the reunited family.

"Y'know, ma'am, they're probably right. It isn't safe to keep a child here any longer". Lewis knows what school she's reffering to. He says "I think you'll be perfectly safe in School…just, stay clear of big buildings that aren't well-hidden." Hogwarts would be safe under that criteria.

Susan's eyelids drop smoothly over her clear gaze for a moment, before she looks over at Lissie and smiles slowly once more, a whimsical and mysterious expression. "Perhaps I'll be seeing you again, young Lissie," she suggests, with a nod. "Be well, Miss Keir." She takes a proper step back, then, shuffling her book into her other arm and joining the throng that is heading for the stairways, the streets above, and sunlight… and possibly desolation.

As soon as the sirens change their timbre, Katie is up, excitedly trying to sign to Jack that they have to go, now. She glances around, seeing Graham a bit away from them, and makes a mental note to herself to give him a free pudding to make up for the fact that she can't wait, has to rush Jack out of here. Because she needs to find a way to make sure Gavin knows they're alright. The pair are among the first to surge back up the stairs, into the smoky air of London.

"Oh, I hope so," Lissie says to Susan, then smiles at Signe. "Your singing…. thank you." Finally she blows a kiss to Lewis. Then she leans against her mother and allows herself to be carried away. Only now, when she is safe, does she allow herself to bury her head against her mother's shoulder and have a good cry.

Lewis takes the flower and says "Oh…thank you, ma'am". He stares at it a bit, genuinely finding it heartwarming. He puts it in his pocket, where the cigarettes used to be. He says "I'll keep it with me as long as I can".

"Thank you, dear," Signe answers Lissie - giving her a friendly but slightly reserved smile. "Stay safe," she encourages the mother-daughter pair, before finally turning and moving away from the young witch. They oughtn't be in London these days - but at least they headed the warning and went down for shelter. That was probably more sense than many other wizards had.

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