(1940-08-25) The Times of London - London Bombed!
Details for London Bombed!
Summary: Covers the beginning of the Blitz on London
Date: August 25, 1940
Location: London

The Times | August 25th, 1940 | by C. Dawl

While Londoners have become somewhat accustomed to the sounds of local gunfire, the sight of vapor trails crossing the sky from a dogfight, and news of the war through radio and newspapers, for the first time last night, London was a target of direct bombing by Hitler's forces under cover of darkness. Heralded by the drone of the airplanes shortly before Midnight, air raid sirens began to sound to urge citizens to the safety of air raid shelters and underground stations. The targets were several locations, including Aldgate, Bloomsbury, Bethnal Green, Finsbury, Hackney, Stepney, Shoreditch and West Ham. Fires covered the whole of London's East End; the night sky glowed blood red, fountains of flame bellowed out of factory windows, and wall structures came crashing down. Emergency teams went into action immediately, and citizens aided in putting out the fires and caring for the wounded. Area hospitals have been on high alert, and there is, as yet, no news of possible casualties.

In addition to London, Birmingham, Portsmouth and Manchester were among cities reporting bombing and the resulting damage. Ramsgate was hit particularly hard, with 20 deaths reported so far and countless buildings reduced to rubble.

Citizens of London are urged to be aware that this may be only the beginning of the anticipated air strikes from Nazi forces. Heed the sirens when they sound and get immediately to the nearest safe place. Wardens and solders will be on the streets to offer aide and directions, and all are urged to help in any way possible while keeping safety a priority. There has as yet been no formal address of the bombing by the King, but advisors are staunchly urging citizens to keep calm and carry on.

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