(1940-08-29) An Informal Homecoming
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Summary: Silas returns to the UK after being away for more than a year.
Date: 1940-08-29
Location: Hogsmeade Beach

Late afternoon. It's a clear August day, just chilly enough that longer, thicker robes are a good idea by now. Silas is alone, a simple blanket spread over the rocks near the beach, bags sitting next to him from a few needfuls he'd picked up earlier that day. He sits, legs folded in and crossed, his viper-headed cane balanced across his lap. His robes are simple, but elegant, as always; a deep chestnut color is applied to the leather and cloth combination, devoid of the standard ornamentation.

He'd sent a few Owls earlier today. Simple. "I'm home. Hogsmeade. To stay." He didn't expect to actually see anyone, of course, but those who knew him know that he had a connection here. So he'd come by, to think, to ponder, to meditate, until he knew it was time to go back to his new home.

A familiar, white, rodent-face pokes her head out of one of his sleeves for a moment, sniffing the air, before burrowing back in.

A stick flies through the air, and close behind is leaps a tri-colored springer spaniel. The dog snatches up the stick when it hits the ground, then dashes eagerly back in the opposite direction. The stick is tossed again before Madeline bounces into view - her expression cheerful as she enjoys an afternoon with her dog. "Com'on, Sally! Bring it back!" she calls needlessly, as the dog turns to run towards her once again. "Good girl, Sally!"

While Morgana has been vague in her last few Owls, getting the last one from Silas takes the cake. Where in Hogsmeade? When? Did this mean he wanted to meet? Should she give him the space he's wanted for the last year? Lucky for the former Slytherin, Morgana had business in the Village, a date with a snowy Hippogryff that was way over due. She figures that if she is meant to run into Silas, she will.

After a well needed flight, and groveling, Morgana was given permission from Tulip to leave the farm and go about her day. While she had plans to do a bit of shopping, her feet lead her else where, toward a familiar beach. She spots Madeline first, giving her and her pooch a polite wave, before she spots Silas. Her lips quirk in a half smile, but it passes and she simply walks to stand behind him on the edge of his blanket. "You could have been a little more specific in your owl."

Certain sounds are unmistakable, and the slightest of grins crosses Silas' face as the dog comes nearby. His eyes reopen, and Silas looks back at the source, seeing the dog just as it grabs it's quarry and sprints away, although the angle doesn't let him see Madeline outright. It might be enough, however, to give her a view of his profile

As Morgana approaches him, however, the smile deepens, and Silas turns his head the other way, eyes lighting up at the familiar voice. His now-scarred chin dimples as he meets her gaze, "But then I wouldn't be leaving things up to Destiny and Fortune, would I? That, and I doubted 'hey, meet me here' would be appropriate after all this time."

As Sally brings back the stick, Madeline spends a moment scratching the dog's head before throwing the stick again. Then, glancing around the beach, she blinks in surprise - then grins in delight. "Silas! Hi!" she says brightly, bounding in that direction. Morgana gets a friendly wave as well - no reason not to be polite, after all. "Gosh - you were gone long enough, weren't you?" she asks as she comes closer.

"I didn't think you were that big of a fan of Divinations." Morgana replies, folding her hands beind her back. There is a touch of uncertainty to her, it has been over a year since they spoke after all, at least in person. "Well it would have made a clear message of, I would like to see you, instead of leaving it to chance." She'll push her hair behind her ears, which is wind blown and a little tangled, but she doesn't seem to mind. She does grow quiet, letting Madeline and Silas speak, she can be patient.

"I'm not much of a fan of trying to force my will on others," Silas offers back at Morgana, offsetting it with a slight chuckle. "Or to make assumptions. That's really all there was to it." A clear lie. He looks back over at Madeline's voice, brow crinkling as he tries to place the familiarity. It'd been a while, and the two had only begun to get to know each other in his own mind. "Mad one… is that you? I could hardly recognize you."

"I'm taller!" Madeline confirms with a broad grin. "Mum says I'm growing like a weed now. Had to get a whole new set of robes. This is Sally," she rests her hand on the back of her dog, which has trotted up alongside her, stick held in her mouth. "Oh, it's Addie!" she adds, in response to the glimpse she catches of the little ferret. "Hello, Adelaide!" she greets the creature.

"I think you're even taller than when I saw you at the beginning of summer." Morgana comments thoughtfully, taking a second to look Madeline over. However it's Silas words that cause her to cross her arms and quirk a brow at him. "Oh, is that all? I suppose I'll have to be satisfied with that answer. Is this blanket open or should I procure my own?" She asks lightly, gesturing toward the blanket.

"You need to figure out which one of your parents you get it from, Maddie, and tell them to make it stop. You're supposed to be little forever. Otherwise, memories will lie and confuse everyone." A quick nod, a bit of a wink, and then Silas shifts his arm, letting Adelaide slip out and onto his lap, where her gaze goes between both girls. None of her standard bouncing, however, today, she's relatively still there.

At Morgana's question, Silas nods, shifting to provide more room. "Always room, of course." A hand goes to steady Adelaide as he does so, before he continues, "So, ladies… how have you been?"

"Oh, umm… The summer's been alright," Madeline answers. "And I get to start my electives soon. I'm taking three - so I guess I'll be pretty busy at school." She crouches down next to Silas and reaches into her robe, pulling out a strip of dried meat, pulling off a piece. "It's mutton," she explains, looking at Silas for confirmation, before she'll offer the morsel to Adelaide. Sally, meanwhile, nudges at Maddie's arm with her head, apparently intent on getting her own taste of the treat. "Oh, hold on, you," she chastises her dog.

Morgana settles in on the blanket, giving Silas and Adelade their space. Besides, she probably still smells a bit like Hippogryff and she'd hate for Adelade to get nervous about that. "I've been doing well. I moved into a larger flat, so I can actually have a library and a place to brew potions that isn't a tiny kitchen. Work is going as well as to be expected, I am finding it to be very fulfilling. What about you? What brings you back home?" Morgana sounds as if she has so many more questions, but figure she should let Silas tell what he wants to tell.

Adelaide makes the decision for Silas, shimmying across his lap to accept the proffered bit of meat, snatching it before sliding into the hollow of his lap to enjoy it. Silas offers another chuckle at this, scratching her between the shoulder blades. "Poor thing's a bit sore. Tried to wrestle with one of the larger cats, didn't win." He then looks back to Madeline, "Tell me you're not taking Arithmancy. I tried that… two years. Only class I ever nearly got a Troll in."

As Morgana sits down, the space taken is noted, and Silas offers a bit of an olive branch by means of leaning over to bump shoulders with her. He then pauses, nostrils flaring, "Griffon? Or hippogryph? Either way call me a touch jealous." Then her question. "It was time. I had a dream. It's time to start actually making it happen. But I needed the time to erase… things. You know what I mean." For Madeline's sake, he doesn't go further into it.

Madeline makes a face. "I was thinking of trying for Cursebreaker - so I need Arithmancy," she laments. "Not that I'm sure I wanna go treasure hunting for the goblins. There's got to be another way to do it…" She settles down herself, and offers Sally the rest of the strip of dried mutton - the stick is dropped immediately so the treat can be wolfed down. "You ol' glutton," she murmurs fondly to her dog. She scratches at the spaniel's shoulder, as she gives the two older students a curious look.

"Hippogryph." Morgana says with a smirk. "There are a whole pack of them at Fawley farm, I could take you to go see them if you'd like." She notes the shoulder bump and returns it. "I am sure there are other uses for Cursebreakers aside from assisting Goblins. Than again, that's really not a decision you have to make just yet, you still have time. And Arithmancy isn't all that bad, I just didn't have room to take it myself." She smirks at the idea of Silas earning a troll before she nods. "Are things ever fully erased? I understand your meaning however, do you need any help with getting things started?"

"You have to now," Silas offers Morgana his full-on, eyelash batting smile, a throwback to earlier play, "I'll hold you to it." He then looks over at Madeline, "It is that bad… but that's because I didn't have the knack. Can't be perfect at everything. I'm also rubbish at broom flying, so…" He lets it trail off. Then, to answer Morgana, "No. Never fully. And they shouldn't be. But how I let them alter /me/ needed to go away. Travel has a way of doing that. Also reminds you that the world is a lot larger than House Slytherin."

He then shakes his head, "Father's been more than generous, and is helping me. I've also made an arrangement with the Orpingtons. They needed someone with Husbandry skills, and I needed a place to raise a few animals, so I've moved into a hut on the edge of their lands. And I think it tickled them to think of how the Cornfoot will react to them taking on a former Slytherin."

"My uncle lives in Hogsmeade, now," Madeline informs Silas. "And I get to stay with him on Hogsmeade weekends sometimes, and on Holidays. And Sally stays with him, which is great." She reaches out to ruffle her dog's fur. Wrinkling her brow she adds, "Were things really that bad my first year? I guess I just have trouble seeing past all the stuff that happened last year."

"Well how can I resist when you make that face." Morgana smirks before she listens to his explanations and nods her head. "I envy your traveling. I had wanted to go so badly after my seventh year, but I had to alter all of my plans that I spent years building, so for now I will have to wait." Besides, muggles are busy warring with each other and it's probably safer not to travel. "I am glad he is being helpful, but if you need anything else, I will try and help you."

"Hogsmeade, really?" Silas looks back over to Madeline, grinning, "That must be nice. I recall how much you envied our Hogsmeade weekends. I hope you haven't been taking any wrong turns down bad alleys while I've been away where I couldn't rescue you…" A hand reaches up, brushing back his close-shorn hair with unconscious habit. "Things were bad… for me. I made some mistakes. I made the wrong enemies, and in the end I made compromises I came to regret. That you don't remember that much is actually comforts me. It means it may not have been as visible and obvious as I feared."

Silas then looks back over at Morgana, "Well, I still owe you a trip to France, one of these days, if nothing more. You'll have the time. If there was one thing I learned, you NEED to make the time to do things that are a bit frivolous."

Then, there's a pause, as something Madeline said strikes him, "Last year? I'll admit I made a point of staying away of the news. All the talk of Grindelwald and his people, Unity…. all of it really just seemed so… overlarge. I recall having to get more paperwork for my travels, and being warned to stay out of certain Muggle areas, but frankly I didn't give it much thought…"

"Oh, gosh, not in Hogsmeade. I take all my wrong turns at Hogwarts," Madeline answers. She shifts a little uncomfortably, and scratches at Sally's shoulders as a mean of self-distraction. She glances back at Silas again as he talks about his sixth year, and then admits, "I was, umm, a little distracted then - the end of my first year. That's when I, umm, was helping Rena - Auror Faulkner - with her research into the Magijugend," she explains rather matter-of-factly. After all - it's no longer a secret. "And the Muggle world's a mess now - what with the war and all. I have cousins fighting, and uncles."

"Hogwarts got a little crazy after we left Silas, but they were able to do what we could not. Granted I was lost in my own little world, and swamped with NEWTs, so it made it rather difficult." When Silas mentions Frace she nods her head. "You do still owe me a trip down there. I will make the time, now that I have more of a steady income coming in, I don't mind being little frivolous." Which is light years beyond what she was talking about last year. "Needless to say, this will be a better year? Right?"

"Right… right… I heard Medusa and a few of her… retinue were a part of something. They actually tried to recruit me, but I wasn't… ardent enough." He looks over at Madeline, reaches over, and ruffles her hair, politeness be damned. "Trust me, my struggles were best left as close to my vest as they could be." A look then slides back to Morgana, and his eyes narrow, "So he's actually gone? Someone was able…" he pauses, looks back at Madeline, and pauses that question. "Good. Who's headmaster now?" He /is/ behind on things.

"Not just someone," Madeline says fiercely. "Rena! And a bunch of the students helped - including me. Me and Colton found the contracts Flint had the Magijugend sign, and then when the aurors tried to get them, it sprung a trap where the room they were in closed and started to fill up with poison - Colton and the Aurors were inside, but I was outside, and I went to go find help, but the Aurors figured it out and got the contracts and then after that Flint 'resigned' and now Dumbledore's headmaster, which means he's not head of house anymore, which I miss, but Professor Pettigrew isn't bad at all, in fact she's pretty neat, and she teaches Transfigurations too, which I'm still just horrible at." Yes - a year and a half later, and Madeline is still the master of the run on sentence.

Morgana opens her mouth to explain, however Madeline has first hand knowledge of what happened, more than just the articles gave to the general public. Once the giant sentence is complete she nods her head. "That is what happened. Dumbledore is a good man, and I have heard no complaints from the few people I know who are still in school." Though she understands his need to keep everything on his chest and Morgana smirks at that comment. "Well it's all in the past now, right?"

The way Silas' face lights up at the mention of who is now headmaster is amazing. A smile so wide it meets his eyes and spills past them lights up his face, "Professor Dumbledore? I had him for Transfigurations…" which, aside from Care of Magical Creatures, was his favorite subject, "I can't think of anyone who'd make a better candidate for Headmaster. I hope they let him have the role for a while — the school could use a break."

Silas looks back at Madeline, "Sounds like someone is growing up to be influential in the Wizarding World, if you were able to help Aurors so young. I told you that you've the potential to be a great Witch, regardless of blood."

Then, a look back to Morgana, "Past, Present, Future. It's more important who we've become, than the path we took to get there."

"Abraxas Malfoy says I'm the worm in the center of the apple that is Hogwarts," Madeline says - and there's pride in her voice when she delivers that. "I know it's not supposed to be a compliment - but it still shows he thinks I'm important and make a difference, doesn't it? I just hope this year nothing really happens at school and we can just learn. But it should be fine - with Dumbledore in charge and all."

Morgana scoffs at the Malfoy name and shakes his head. "As if he knew everything." She didn't have all that high of opinion for Malfoy heir. "Dumbledore did have ways to teach the unteachable." Morgana says with a smirk. "I know first hand, but he found ways to explain it that I understood. I think he'll do quite well in charge." Turning back to Silas she nods her head. "Of course, the ends justify the means and all of that. I suppose the question I should ask is, are you happy with the out come Silas?"

"Any time a Malfoy insults you, its a sure sign you're doing something right, Mad One. So you keep on taking it that way," Silas responds, another chuckle escaping him. To Morgana's question, he nods, "I am who I am. I am better than I was. I wouldn't undo the winter of 1939 for all the Knuts I could carry. But I also would never wish to relive it." Simple truth, that.

"Oh, I plan on it!" Madeline says cheerfully. "It infuriates him. That and my Junior Auror's badge. But then - he'd never really understand one of those." She looks up at the sky, judging the time, then leans over to give Silas a one armed hug. "I better get back - my uncle's expecting me. But I guess I'll see you at the first Hogsmeade weekend, at least?"

"There's nothing better than angering Abraxus, keep it up." Morgana replies with a sly smile, and she'll nudge Silas when he says he's happy with the outcome. "Than there is little I can say to that, except congratulations." She says lightly, and when Madeline takes her leave, she'll offer her a smile and a wave. "Make sure she gets home safely Sally." She mentions to the dog.

"Tell your uncle I said hello, then" Silas offers to Madeline, tipping a slight wink, "if he remembers me." After a slight pause, he then notes, "And say hello to Mischief for me as well." As she readies herself to go, Silas turns his attention back to Morgana, shaking his head with a slight chuckle.

"I will!" Madeline promises. "Maybe you'll get a chance to see Mischief - next time. She's much better behaved these days. I've been working hard at it!" She pops back up to her feet, and waggles her fingers cheerfully at Morgana. "Goodbye!" she calls brightly, before turning to trot back down the path, Sally barking and following close at her heels.

Morgana watches as Madeline bounds off back home with her dog trailing behind her. She returns the chuckle and shakes her head turning her attention to Silas. For several moments she says nothing, trying to find that comfortable silence they had not so long ago. When she finally breaks it, she looks back out toward the water. "I've missed you. I don't think I wrote that in my letters, but I did."

For a long while, Silas doesn't actually answer. As Madeline leaves, he reaches down to Adelaide, fingers playing across the base of the ferret's skull. He sighs, and in a few quick moments he lets all of the barriers, the masks, all of it fall. The smile fades, but doesn't go completely away… but it's real. "I missed you, too. And Madeline. And Variel. And Marcus and Jen and even Medusa and Esther in my own twisted way. All friends. Most betrayed me. Nothing was the same after the stunt I pulled in the Hall." He shrugs a bit, "I figured you would hate me, too, after the way I left. But I had to."

Seeing that mask fall, her own falls as well, and she shakes her head. "No Sy, I couldn't hate you. I understood, and I worried for you, but your occasional owls were enough to at least assure me that you were alive. Merlin knows there were times that I wished you were near by, that I needed a real friend to share my thoughts with, but I just kept up the hope that you'd return. And you have so there isn't a reason to hate you." She does nudge him again, just for effect.

"I regret I wasn't there. I fled everything. My time wasn't wasted by any account, but i did cut myself off." Silas chuckles again, a bit more derision in it this time, self-pointed, included. "I had found myself, but in so doing, I'd let other people define me. I needed to find out who I was without all the other influences." He leans over, bumping shoulders with Morgana once again, "What /have/ you been up to, if your plans didn't work out the way you wanted?"

"While I wish you could have been here, I am glad that I did not hold you back in your soul searching, and I am glad you were able to learn all you wished to learn." When he asks about her plans however, she smiles a bit wickedly. "It might not have gone as planed, but I got the ending I wanted. Where to start." She pauses for a moment before she gathers her thoughts. "I found out that I was not going to be able to join the Department of Mysteries right out of Hogwarts, two months before my NEWTs. I freaked out, I broke up with Kaiden, Lucian ended his relationship and came crawling back and I realized that five NEWTs was a stupid idea on top of being Head Girl." Morgana gives a half grin before she continues. "So I qualified for nothing I was interested at in the Ministry, but I managed to get a job at Black's Apothecary and a small flat in Diagon Alley. I can't really go into what happened next, but I got the attention of the Department of Mysteries. It took several more months, but a series of events lead me to be hired on a probationary period. By May I became a full Unspeakable. I've now been granted freedom to study what I wish it's been surreal."

Silas turns to peer at Morgana, "You took him back, after everything?" His opinion on the matter was always clear, and clearly remained unchanged. He dismisses it with a shake of his head. Not his place to judge. "So you've taken your own challenge. Pushed yourself to find a new path outside of your expectations. This is a good thing."

Morgana frowns a bit and nods her head. "I did, and it's gotten a bit more complicated since then. There are.. ideals that we just don't share. He doesn't want to move into my flat, regardless that he spends most of his time there because we're not married. Honestly, it's more logical to pool our resources." She shakes her head and sighs. "But yes. I stepped out of my comfort zone and was rewarded for it. It's something I"ve been doing more of lately."

Silas shrugs, "I won't judge. My own track record speaks bounds, after all." But it's there, nonetheless, "You should be happy, and without doubt, though. At least in that part of your life. The rest, though? I'm glad to hear it. Success, and fulfillment, are part of happiness. It's why I'm back. I may not have my happy shop full of pets like I originally dreamed… but, I have a hut. I have a few Owls, a few Cats, a few rats. I have a start, and they're going to be good companions."

"I would like to have dinner with the both of you, I think it would be good for him to see you, to show that I have friends outside of work." She says with a wink. Though as he mentions his hut and what he has already she raises a brow. "Well perhaps I could be your first customer? I'm allowed to have pets in my new flat, and I cannot removed Sebastian from my grandmother's house. That is if they're ready, if you need more time I can always check later."

"One day, perhaps…" Silas acquiesces, looking away, back to the lake for a bit, "It'll be some time before they're ready for sale. I, quite literally, just came in on the train last night to move in… I purchased the cats from a breeder last week, and they're only just weaned… and I need to learn which of my theories on behavioral training will actually work." He then chuckles, "I also have to find a way to keep the rats out of my closets"

"Of course." Morgana says with a nod of her head. "I get ahead of myself sometimes, and if your cats are not keeping the rats out than they need more training." She says with a sly smile. "If you need research let me know, it's all I do with my life. Nothing from work of course, I hope you'll understand that." After a moment she flops back on the blanket and looks up toward the sky, letting her mind wander for a moment. "I just have one thing to ask of you."

"Nothing from work? Oh dear, however will I be able to contain my curiosity?" Silas laughs, shaking his head once more, "Mysteries is the last thing I want in my life, this much I promise you. Simplicity. Friends, soon." A pause, "Actually, that's not a bad idea, if you could get the animals to help regulate the activity of each other… would make it easier for students when they first take them on…"

At her mention of a request, however, Silas quirks a brow, not following her as she flops backward, instead shifting his hand slightly to lean back and twist his torso to face her, "What would that be?"

"You'll have to. Just as I warned Lucian, as my friend, there will be things I cannot share with you. Just don't take any offense to it." Morgana lifts her hand to shield her eyes from the light and smirks. "I'm not an animal trainer, but I have picked up some knowledge hanging around the farm. I'll see what I can do to help." Already her mind is working on theories, and it's obvious she wants to be helpful. When he turns toward her, she'll smirk. "That you cannot take off again with out at least allowing me the chance to say goodbye."

"Like I said, Mysteries is something I definitely don't want in my life. My days of dreaming of power and control are gone. The world is simpler without them, I'd say." Silas offers another quick smile, and then looks back over the lake once more. "I'll try, Morgana. Honest." He smiles, taking off his right glove, showing the rings on every finger, including a familiar wooden one, and the scars across his knuckles where the skin was once laid raw. "I believe my soul-searching days are done. At least the ones that will take me away."

Morgana nods her head. "I've just had to say that a lot lately, I didn't want you think less of me when I am forced to with hold information from you." She says with a nod, and once he removes the glove she'll sit back up. There are rings to investigate after all! She does recognize the wooden one, but the others are new to her. "Are the trinkets from your travels, or mementos from your past?" She'll hold out her hand as a silent offer to allow her to inspect his rings further.

"So, we can say that 'mystery' is the code-word for 'shut up and stop asking'. Easy, quick, and understandable." When she reaches for his hand, he offers it, letting her examine. The three metallic rings are simple, smooth bands, although there is faint lettering carved into the surface of each — French, Latin, and Greek, by the looks of it. "With the exception of hers… these are all relatively new. Words of wisdom passed to me while I traveled. Personal reminders that keep me grounded." He holds up his other hand, "I've got a matching set over here. Knowing they're there, on me, when I need the reminder helps immensely."

"Mystery it is." Morgana replies as she looks the rings over. She'll gently rub her fingers over their smooth surface, except the wooden one, it takes an effort not to glare at it. However once she's finished she'll release his hand and nod. "They seem to be doing their job quite well. I have to say that I enjoy this relaxed Silas, and I like who you've become, as as much as I have seen in our short time together." She'll let her own hand fall back into her lap as she looks out over the water again.

"I saw that," Silas whispers, seeing her demeanor at the ring. He reaches over, takes the wooden ring in his hand, and rolls it. "She was a bitch, Morgana. A broken, tortured witch who didn't know what she wanted, but I loved her. And she made this in love, however wrong we were for each other. While in the end she nearly broke me… she also freed me. As much as you did, and in some ways more. And she helped my father free me from Mother's abuse." He puts the ring back on. "And so it's a reminder for me as well. Of how I need to trust… but also look out for myself."

At the rest, he smiles, nodding. "I'm growing up. Merlin's beard, but I turn 18 this Tuesday, after all. everything I did, starting with our little conversation in the gardens, led to this — to the man I'm going to be. That year was all about breaking shackles."

Morgana listens carefully as he speaks, taking a moment to understand what it means to him. "I did not mean to react to it in such a way." She says with a touch of a frown. "I understand the need for such reminders myself, even if they're not nearly as life changing." When
he mentions being freed she gives him a rueful smile and shakes her head. "It's strange to think of me actually freeing someone. I fear that I rarely took my own advice when I encouraged you to do so. I'm glad it did at least help you."

When he mentions his birthday she raises her brows. "On Tuesday? Well you at least must let me take you out for a meal. I'd cook, but that is hardly a gift for anyone." She says, teasing herself just a bit. "And eighteen is hardly that old, I'll be twenty in February. That's ancient."

This time, when Silas leans, it's enough to actually unseat Adelaide, who lets out a little protesting snort, but he presses on, enough to try to push Morgana over. "You did, though. It was a silly little bet. But it started me on a path that altered everything. Considering I'll one day rule the world through my well-trained companion minions, you should be glad of your positive influence on my development." He then pauses, "We'll have to see. And wait. 20? That's not ancient. That's fossilized. There are cursebreakers finding tombs younger than you…"

Morgana lets herself be pushes over and leans on her side as he goes on his way. "I thought world domination was off the table? And of course you'd take over the world with pets, most of them are adorable and impossible to say no to." She shakes her head at him and lightly rolls her eyes. However his compliment does cause her to smile. "Than it was a bet worth winning." His latter comment however causes her to narrow her eyes. It's her to to try and push him over.

Expecting the retaliation, Silas laughs aloud, a hand reaching down this time to protect Adelaide as he dramatically falls over. "No, I said I don't want POWER, you silly thing!" he retorts, talking through the laughter. "I'll delegate all administrative work to others. I just want the pretty throne." A pause, as he rights himself. "And an unlimited clothes budget."

"You're building up your army for silk ties? Or have we upgraded to cravats?" Morgana teases, though she can't fault him for his unlimited clothing budget, she herself wouldn't mind having one. Turning her back to him, she'll lean over and pin him down, smirking as she continues. "You know, as an Unspeakable, I can't allow you to take over the world just so you can buy every pair of shoes that you see."

"Silk ties and cravats? What do you take me for, a mugg-ACK!" And like that, Silas is pinned. "I will have my silk robes, I swear it by Merlin's Sparkling Undergarments!" And once again he's laughing… but as Morgana leans back, something white and furry manages to get herself up on the young woman's chest, chastising her for the disruption.

"Silk robes and sparkling undergarments? Are you sure its wise to wear such things while being a husband to animals?" Morgana asks, but is quickly silenced by her lecture from Adelaide. "Oh yes, of course Madam, you are right, it was rude of me. Let me make amends." She sits back up, and is careful to cradle the poor invalid against her, so to not jostle her too much. She then removes her robe and makes a little nest out of it, and casts a quick warming charm on it and gingerly places the snowy critter on top of it. "Will this suffice while I assault your human throne?" She asks with a mischievous glint in her eye.

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