(1940-09-01) And the Bomb Goes Boom!
Details for And the Bomb Goes Boom!
Summary: Dominic and Arla during the London bombing.
Date: September 1st 1940
Location: Clara's Residence

What a summer it has been. It's hot, humid, and the sky screams for rain. But none comes. It's dark and dim with a flickering star here and there. The air just seems to make everything sticky, but there is no relief in site.

Inside of Clara's home the stove has been left -off-. Why? Who wants to add more heat. And what's the solution to dinner then? Take out! Muggle style. It's easier after all, and no cooking to be had plus can all be thrown away. Bonuses in her books. And poor Kingston, the dog has been sweltering in the heat for days and found refuge in the bath tub countless times to cool off.

Clara hears someone knock on the door and goes to answer, handing over the muggle money and taking the take out in her hands. Turning she kicks the door closed with a foot. "Well, hun, this will be better than my cooking any day I'm sure. Plus in this heat.." With full arms she moves to the kitchen and fetches her glass of wine, what's a hot night without a glass of wine. "Can you get the plates, I can't reach." This, she calls out to Dominic.

There was a light laugh from the living room as Arla calls out that the food being served would be better than hers. "Oh, I do not mind not having cooking happening in this place at the moment." Dominic called out, making his way towards the kitchen. Soon, he came into view, currently wearing a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up nicely and a pair of crisp black slacks. He appeared to of decided to go without a set of robes as it was just too hot. "Not a problem, dear." Dominic says with a smile, a glass of firewhiskey in hand. Setting it down he slips open the cupboard and begins pulling out the plates, before moving for the cutlery.

She moves to the coffee table. No need to be fancy tonight! The boxes are put down and she goes to start to open them, around a few good sips of her wine. But why didn't she pick a cold beer? Maybe the wine is stronger and on a night as hot as this it helps to forget the constant penetrating heat. Sitting back on the couch she has opened the food up but doesn't go to dig in quite yet. "I'll cook again, in the fall, when it's not to hot to burn the house down too." A grin is given to her man and she pats the couch beside her. "I still need to make dinner for your mother, too." And that, makes her shudder, a bit.

Dominic is quick to follow after her, sitting down on the couch at her side. "I do not mind, it keeps the place ever so slightly cooler." he said teasingly, grabbing some of the dishes and placing them on his open plate. Then at her shudder he would give a soft laugh, "She is really not so bad, when you get to know her." he said with a glance to her, "And your cooking is improving…" he added teasingly.

Clara would put her head on his shoulder, but it's hot, and guys do tend to give off a lot of heat. Instead she shuffles up a little closer, but not so much that they both would suffer. Taking a plate her drink is put down and there is a casual shrug. "I get it, you want me to like your mom. I'll try, I promise, I just don't know what it will take for her to like -me-." It's true, his mother hasn't seemed overly fond of her since day one. Going to dish out some food she grabs a fork and pokes at it a bit. "I'll make sure to knock the blueberry pie out of the park, given that that's her favorite, right?"

"She will learn who you are, and will enjoy you just as much as I do." Dominic says with a wide smile to the side. "And if you nail the blueberry pie, I definitely think that she will forgive all past aggressions." he adds teasingly. Then he takes a few bites of the food, washing it down with the firewhiskey, just enjoying the company.

Clara eyes him a moment, and then takes a bit of her food. There is a chuckle and a shake of her head. "Past aggressions? What, her being pissed off that I got hurt?" Now she doesn't mean to sound snarky, but she really isn't the aggressive type to people. Unless it's an April Fool's joke, and even then it's probably a glitter bomb! Seeing that her cup is empty she sighs a bit and puts her plate down. "Need more whiskey hun? I'm going to go refill my glass.." And so, she gets up, to head off into the kitchen, where she can still hear is reply.

"Right in one." Dominic said with a light laugh of his own, he knew it had angered Carla..but that was his mother. He lifted his fork once more taking a bite, just before she rose and asked her question. It was once she was in the kitchen that he was able to reply, "Please, and thank you, darling." he called, placing his fork down while he enjoyed the meal.

At first, it may feel like nothing. Nothing is different. Just.. a slight shake. So slight it probably didn't exist. While that happened Clara had been pouring herself another glass of wine while humming, in a very out of tune way. But whatever. The bottle is put down, alone with her glass and she turns to grab the whiskey. And that's when it happens..

Things shake again. This time in a more violent fashion. Her glass and the bottle come tumbling to the ground with a crack, along with whiskey that she was reaching for. And just as quick as that happened BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, more thunderous crashes and this time the whole house shakes, yawns and the ceiling tumbles down. There is a flash of light that filled the house before it crashed in on them in a thundering heap of materials.

Dominic was seated on the couch when those rumbles began, and then came the explosions that lit up the skies. It came in almost an instance, nothing out of place until everything was coming down around them. As the roof came crumbling in, Dominic would move to dive out of the way. Immediately he would slip his hand to his pocket to draw his wand. "Carla?!" he calls out, looking to where the doorway to the kitchen once was, which now was hidden by a large amount of rubble.

Looking up one would, on a typical day, see the ceiling. It was a lovely ceiling too but shall not be one anymore. It's open to the sky above, to the planes flying, to the screams of people as bombs fell. The air was clear but now, it's a layer of dust and heat and some odd smell from the bombs. Everywhere is rubble, and no sound from Clara. There is the sound of barking, some of the layers of house shuffle, Kingston, who seems to be okay, is trying to push his way out. And as he does BOOM, there is another flash, another sound of thunder, everything shakes again and this time it seems like the rest of the building is going to come down atop of them.

"Carla!" Dominic would scream once more through the screams of planes and people and explosions that filled the air. "Carla can you hear me?!" he yelled again. Then came the bark and the shift, and Kingston made his way out into the open. "Oh, Kingston! Come here, boy." he said, patting his leg before looking back to the kitchen as the building gave another shake. "Carla, if you can hear me stand back!" he called out before directing his wand at the large amounts of rubble by the kitchen, "Depulso!" But, it seems the explosions and screams have the healer rattled, causing only a couple small pieces of the roof to fly off to the side, but still leaving large sections of the roof.

The screams fill the air. It's children, women.. even men. As the building as fallen, one can easily see the street, which has turned into rubble now. Sirens fill the air, as in warning of the attack. And Kingston manages, though he is a bit cut up, to wobble his way to Dominic. And if there is a sad fearful look a puppy could have, that'd be the expression on his face. The rubble gets only a little shift, and even from the inside. It's as if it -tries- to push up, but nothing happens. Could be a sign that Clara is alive, but otherwise that's all.

Breathing with frustration, Dominic would lean to pet the puppy, who's tail was firmly between his legs and shaking with fear. "I'll be ok boy." he says, and just as he looks up he sees that gentle shift of the rubble, his wand pointed at the ground. Kingston lets loose another loud bark as Dominic stands once more. "Carla!" he screams, and directs his wand once more at the rubble, "Depulso!" he calls out. And this time, it seems to work. A large block of rubble tumbles to the side, allowing another and another to tumble, providing a human sized hole. Running forward, Dominic looks through, looking for Carla, "Are you ok? We need to get you out here, grab Kingston and get to my place…NOW!" he calls through the hole.

It's dark under that pile of rubble. But at some moment, it's lighter. Slightly. Now Clara can't really see through it, but she can hear. And it's Dominic! There is something good in all this, he isn't killed. But outside of that one can hear the yelling even more. People are scared, the sirens are going off, people are hurt. People are running for their lives. The German's have attacked. Kingston goes up to Dominic's side, so scared he can barely move. "Oh —-" But words are cut short, she takes a breath and goes to push at the stash of house atop of her, some gives, and falls away, letting not so fresh air in. "I — " There is another shake, the ground moves, another bomb has fallen. And a chunk of house rumbles down, right atop of Dominic.

Dominic gave a soft sigh of relief, unheard over the sirens, screams and explosions. "Come on Carla." he insits through the small hole. He was not even paying attention to himself at this point, only wanting to get her and the dog and disapperate somewhere safe! That was when the rumble came crashing down. Dominic glanced up, and with literaly a second to spare he dives, grabbing Kingston and rolling over a few sharp peices of rubble, causing deep cuts to his body, but…at least he had not been crushed!

Unable to really see what's going on, all Clara can do is hear a crash. Dominic seems to be gone, and with some room to grab her wand, she points it to the rubble and blasts it away. There is a space open enough for her to get through, and after a second to manage her way out it can be seen that her head is cut, and bleeding well. There are slices over her body, her ankle may not be good (not broken, sprained) but otherwise unharmed. "Dominic!" She calls out, trying to see him through the dust of the most recent fallen debris. "Hun!" It's a scramble to get out and crawl across the stuff to find him, her own hands getting more cutup. But like she cares.

Dominic stumbles slowly to his feet from the floor, his torso and both arms now both quite cut up. But, finally she was in the living room, and they could get out! "Carla!" he says full of relief, slowly moving to take her close to him. "Lets get Kingston and get out!" he calls over the continuing explosions and screams. Where he might usually run to the sound of screams, hoping to offer help, all he wanted now was to know Carla, heck even Kingston, was safe. Reaching out he grabs Kingston and then holding the two close to him, he spins on his heel. It was a few seconds, which felt like hours, until the three of them stopped in his living room with a loud POP!

He was okay. Clara couldn't feel more relief! But they were still in a war zone, until Dominic had zapped them away into his home. And that's where things are calm. It's a strange feeling, going from the noise, the fear, the chaos.. the bombs, to a place quiet and safe. Sure, her head is covered in blood, she is cut up pretty good, but nothing that can't be fixed up. Shaking in fear, and even with a few tears she goes to just, hold Dominic, to make sure he is alive and safe, and here. "I was so scared something happened to you.." She whispers.

The ghosts of the screams, explosions and planes echo within Dominic's head as he now finds himself in complete silence. As Carla come up, holding him and whimpering, he cannot resist. He reaches out, pulling her close, "I thought you were gone at first." he says softly in return, "I never want to lose you." he says softly, holding her in a tight hug, not letting go. Kingston on the other hand seemed to be shaking, but finally realizing that he was in no danger, his tail slowly coming from between his legs.

She trembles, it may be a good while before that goes away. In one resounding boom their lives changed, and in second a home had been destroyed, a city had been cut to pieces. But they -are- alive, which is the biggest bonus out of this. Clara holds onto him tightly, removing all the fear of possibly losing him. A few tears do fall down her cheeks, which are dirty and smear with the water. "I never want to loose you either." Whispers the woman in return, burning her head into his shoulder a second, just over the moon to be able to be holding him after what just happened.

"And hopefully you never will." Dominic whispered back. Slowly he moved, kissing her lightly on the forehead, still shaking slightly from the intense fear that had flooded them both, "I love you, Carla." he finally says, his hug tightening ever so slightly, moving to rest his head against hers.

The kiss to her forehead brings about a small bit of peace, but really what gets her is.. that. When he says it. And she grins, then sniffles a bit, tears run down those dirty and bloodied cheeks - for the side of her head was cut. "I love you too." Replies Clara, going to give him a soft kiss, and hold him all the closer, if possible.

And that is where the two would stay for a few more minutes, Dominic returning her kiss and then holding her close as well. It seemed everything changed in the last hour, feeling like everything would be lost, only to find that they had more then they started with. Kingston had made himself at home, moving to hide under the couch to ensure his safety.

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