(1940-09-01) Hogwarts Carriage Ride 1940
Details for Opening Feast Carriage Ride
Summary: The Second through Seventh Year students take the horseless carriages from Hogsmeade Station to Hogwarts. But this year the ride isn't exactly smooth. (Note that most Year 2-7 students would be on these carriages, even if they were not online for this scene.)
Date: September 1st, 1940
Location: Hogsmeade - Carriage Caravan
Plot: Centaur Civil War
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The Road

The road here looks more like a grey clover pattern. Four rounding circles bud out of the main road that stretches to the south, to the Hogsmeade Rail road station, and off to the north towards Hogsmeade Village. Parked on the gravel circles are flat bed wagons. Each wagon hitched with a pair of thestrals, invisible to the eye of those lucky enough to have never witnessed a death. Further to the east of the road is a stable and barn, the Black Lake glittering behind the stables further to the east. To the west of the road is pure Scottish wilderness. No artist in all the world in all of time could ever capture the wild purity and majesty of the enchanted Scottish scenery.

The awaiting carriages have a somewhat ominous look in the darkness — all black, with only a pair of headlamps at the front of each to provide light. There are no horses to pull them. Though some rare, unfortunate few know the secret of their locomotion.

Felix dashes toward the nearest carriage, hopping up onto the side step and tossing a door open. He gestures in an inviting, gentlemanly fashion and dips his head. "This way, ladies."

Alicia bit her lip as Sierra brought up on the planes. Alicia had this thousand-yard stare she developed when she thought of it. "I try not to think of it," Alicia said curtly as she squeezed herself just a little more tightly. Alicia loaded her trunk into the carriage and hoisted herself in. With this many people it'd be a tight fit, but thankfully Alicia was on the lanky, skinny side and wouldn't take up much room. "I'm just glad to be back," Alicia said to everyone in general. She also smiled at Felix and said, "Thank you sir."

Stanley hopped up beside Felix and Maddie, grinning and holding out his hand to the other boy. "Hello, I don't believe we've met. I'm Stanley Longbottom, Gryffindor. Are you a friend of Maddie's too?"

"Heh… no," Amber replies to the question about her summer. Releasing Sierra from the embrace she offers an embarrassed chuckle: "You know I got myself grounded for what I did. Hardly got to do any more sailing after that - and no more traveling like that, again." A pause, and she shakes off the thought. Everyone is headed for the carriages, and she smiles, urging Sierra to hurry up.

Felix grins to Stanley, shaking his hand vigorously. "Course we've met, mate. You're in my house! You're Second Year, yeah? I'm Flitwix! Felix! Felix Flitwick!"

Madeline glances at the front of the carriages, frowns, then climbs up into the back, sitting with her friends. "Oh, I'd like to think most everyone's my friend," she answers brightly. There are a few noteable exceptions, though.

Alicia folded her hands over her lap and listened to everyone else's talking. "Oh, my. If not for Sierra I'd be the lone huffle puff?" Alicia said aloud with a soft laugh.

Samira heads for the carriages at a languid pace, in no rush to claim one particular carriage or another. She eavesdrops on various conversations as she passes, smiling with relaxed amusement. "I wonder if this year will be as interesting as last," she remarks softly to Abraxas. The two Slytherin students come upon an empty carriage on the end. Samira glances up at Abraxas with a grin before climbing into it with catlike grace.

"Yes, we should find a carriage. Somewhere near the end, I suppose." Abraxas says, as he steps away for a moment to get the second and third years, especially, squared away. "This way, this way…" Then he returns, wiping his hands, "Here we go again…" he says. "Another year begins. And I certainly hope not."

Gabriel was originally heading towards the same carriage as the rest of the Pirates but it fills up too soon. So instead he heads over to the carriage right behind the one they've taken over. Taking a seat in the corner he waits for the carriages to start the trip up to the castle.

"Here you are, here's a spot free," Susan makes room for a rather solitary second-year in an underfilled carriage, before joining one herself, and settling quietly into the corner of it.

Felix tumbles in after Josie and Madeline, landing halfway in Maddie's lap before getting himself properly situated. "Yeah, but I'm your best friend," he insists to Madeline, grinning broadly.

Once everyone's luggage is secured and the students have piled in, the carriages begin to move, rolling up the path seemingly under their own power.

"Oh, there's plenty of Huffs about," Sierra says a bit dismissively. She hesitates in climbing up into one of the carriages though - once she's on, she's stuck at the school again. But it is her last year, after all. "Well, here we go. Oh, umm. Hello," she remarks to the boy already sitting there.

"Sorry, Gabe!" Madeline calls back to her other friend as he finds himself without a place to squeeze in. Ah well - it's only a short ride, anyways. And then- well. Then they'll be seperated by houses. She's distracted from her thoughts, though, when she suddenly has a Felix in her lap. She gives him a playful push back out again. "One of my best, sure," she counters with a hint of teasing to her voice.

Stanley chuckles slightly and shakes his head. A character like Felix, he should have remembered his name! "Ah, yeah, of course! I think you do look familiar," he says with a nod and a small smirk. Yeah, he was joking the whole time! But inside, he was chastising himself. Good business was all about connecting with the customers. And that meant remembering their names. What a dolt he was!

Alicia smiles at Gabriel. "It was funny to see the first years, wasn't it?" Alicia said, scarcely a second-year herself, "I almost wish I could have gone with them — but it's going to be so fun to see them all being sorted."

"Hullo!" Amber also greets Gabriel brightly. Plumping down into her seat, the Gryffindor girl settles in for the evening ride up to the castle. For her part, she's trying to enjoy the experience more than usual, because she knows that she will never have another chance to share the ride with Sierra again. It's a sad thought, and one she doesn't like to dwell on. Besides, why dampen the mood?
"Did you get a good look at that one boy?" Amber asks abruptly, directing herself at all and sunder. She motions with her hands broadly, and widens her eyes. "I felt bad for him. He looked kind of frightened."

Gabriel waves out the window in response to Madeline's holler then turns to smile at Sierra. "Welcome to my humble… carriage. Well, that doesn't work well. Anyway, nice to see you all again." He chuckles in response to Alicia's comment before saying, "Me, I always look forward to the Hat's song. And that one boy is called Rubeus. I got the chance to meet him briefly on the train."

"The big one?" Sierra asks. "He did stick out a bit. He'll get used to things, though. And it's not like he couldn't stand up for himself - fellow like him." Well. As long as the people hasseling him aren't using spells.

Samira laughs with impish mirth at Abraxas. "Oh? You'd rather a dull year? Ah, but I suppose the sort of excitement at hand is a bit hazardous." A couple of other Slytherins from their year join them in their carriage before they set off for the castle.

Alicia nodded. "He caused a bit of a stir on the train. It was hard for him to get around. I felt bad for him, but they figured it out," Alicia said, having been on the scene there. Alicia then looked at Gabriel and said, "Oh, I didn't even think of that! I wonder what the song will be about this year? There's a lot going on, after all."

"Last year's excitement was a bit too toxic. But we've been over that over the last nine months or so. Obviously, this year will be different, and I expect that the opening feast will hold none of the same surprises." Abraxas says, as their cart moves along the trail. "I wonder how many students will have decided to go to the Continent, though. Or, their families, rather."

The path is normally ominously dark at this time of the evening. But the full moon above is helping the headlamps quite a bit. Still, the nearby forest remains as tenebrous as ever. The cool night air shivers with the sound of a long howl echoing through the trees.

Josie comments to Madeline, continuing from what was said at the train, "Real Hogsmeade weekends /are/ much better. You can go with everybody else and have more fun."

Samira arches a brow at Abraxas. "The continent? I thought that's where the muggles in the airships were coming from. If anything, I expect a lot of us have gone out to the country-side. Uncle Penzington stayed in London for the most part, but that's where he sent me."

Gabriel pokes his arm out the carriage window as he listens to the conversation in his carriage. When Alicia comments on the Hat's song he just shrugs a little bit, "Its hard to tell. There really has been a lot of stuff going on this year and the Hat seems to know a whole lot about things. So it might pick from any or all of it."

"Yes, the Minister of Magic said that anyone who was associated with the Army of Truth should leave and go to Grindelwald in Europe. So… at least some families did." Abraxas explains. His, of course, not so much, to the chagrin of some people, no doubt.

Alicia clicked her tongue a little as she looked out of the carriage and saw the ominous darkness. Alicia pulled her scarf on a little more tightly. "I wonder if any of the kids we met on the train will be sorted into Hufflepuff," Alicia said with a soft humm, "I could use some more pals at the common room."

"Rubeus, eh?" Amber muses the large boy's name. She gives Sierra a slightly skeptical look when she says that the lad can probably take care of himself. She hopes so. It was something about the anxious look the boy was giving on the platform that made her wonder if others might try to pick on him. Hopefully not…
"I get the feeling the hat's got a lot to sing about, this year." Amber then remarks with a faint smile. England isn't doing so well, right now - and it looks to be getting worse. Perhaps the hat will end on a hopeful note, though - whatever it sings.

Samira nods with a light, "Ah." Settling comfortably in her cushioned seat, she glances from Abraxas to the other Slytherin students who talk about their various cousins and other relations who /did/ join the Army of Truth on the continent. It's not as common to see open support for the Army these days, but among friends, the Slytherin students aren't quite so careful. Samira doesn't have much to add, just listening with impartial interest.
As the conversation lulls, Samira puts in, "So, will we be getting the same beds as last year? Or do you switch beds when you move up a year here?"

The howl pierces the air again, primal and despairing. A cacophony of birds bursts upward toward the sky through the trees. As the flapping of their wings fades distant, other sounds grow louder — the snapping of branches and rustling of underbrush…and hoofbeats. Many, many hoofbeats.

At the sounds from the forest, Sierra turns her gaze that way - and edges her wand out of her pocket, trying to conceal the action from Alicia. Seems a bit… too close for comfort, but not reason to alarm a second year on their first carriage ride. "Well. At least some of them will end up with us - no worries there, Alicia."

Josie jumps a little at the howl this time, no longer too busy chatting to miss it. Then the hoofbeats? "That doesn't sound good.

"No - it doesn't," Madeline agrees. "I mean - there aren't any wolves in England. But it could be… a dog?" she suggests. Ever the optimist, Maddie.

Samira blinks as the howl pierces the air. Rather tense, she clings tight to the seat beneath herself as she leans to peer out the window and up at the birds bursting into the sky. Glancing to Abraxas and the others in her carriage, she smirks with wry mirth. It doesnt quite hide the edge of apprehension in her eyes. "Seems like there might be a bit of excitement after all."

Alicia blinks a few times as she hears that howl. "Oh… it's a good thing I brought all those herbs to keep away werewolves," Alicia said in an oddly stoic tone. She didn't seem /that/ worried: Hogwarts was a safe place. Alicia then turned her gaze back to Sierra and smiled, "I'm sure. I can't wait to start earning housepoints for us."

Gabriel pulls his arm back into the carriage. His attention shifts from the people inside the carriage to intently watching the scenery slowly rolling by. "I wonder if there's going to be any special treats during the feast… Things have been… hard to come by in London lately. Treats would be nice."

Abraxas reaches into his robe, checks instinctively for his wand, and then sits back with great effort. "I doubt there is anything harmful this close to Hogwarts. Professor Dumbledore wouldn't have it otherwise." He, too, was listening to the stories of his classmates. He nods in agreement, "I heard Flint left the country, and so did his niece."

Felix arches an eyebrow at peers out into the darkness where the sounds seems to get ever closer. "Yeah…prob'ly jus' a dog. Nuffin' bad…" He puts on a bright smile for Josie and Madeline, but even fearless Felix cannot completely hide the concern in his eyes.

Face registering a certain level of quiet concern, Susan leans forward in her seat, sliding her wand out of a pocket and training her eyes on the forest. "Don't worry, you'll be quite safe," she tells the other students in her carriage; a mixture of third- and fourth-years, mostly. "Some of you are starting your new classes this year, aren't you? What are you all taking?"

"We'll get the housecup for sure, this year!" Sierra agrees, her eyes shifting to Alicia - as she tries to watch the forest beyond her. "Gryffindor doesn't stand a chance" she teases playfully.

Josie nods in agreement with Maddie, "No wolves, but there are werewolves. And the hoofbeats… the centaurs have been mad a while, haven't they?" She should be trying to reassure her friends, but there's just some excitement with the fear for her.

Madeline bonks her head back on the carriage wall behind her. "I wasn't going to mention werewolves, Josie!" she protests, then lets out a laugh. Oh well. Brave bunch of Gryffindors like them - they wouldn't be shook up by a little thing like a werewolf in the woods. Would they?

Samira settles back on her seat, but keep glancing off out of the carriage. The thundering of hooves is only getting closer. She keeps her attention focused beyond her carriage. Her response comes a bit distracted. "Ah, did she? Hm. It'll be interesting to see who else followed. Maybe the seats closest to the fire won't be so hard to claim at all."

Gabriel keeps his eyes on the forest around them but he does smirk a little at the talk about the House Cup, "I don't know… Ravenclaw has some pretty strong momentum coming in from last year. Almost 300 points ahead of everyone else and all."

"Despite your efforts!" Sierra counters, letting out a laugh. "Ohhhh, your Halloween costume last year… that was brilliant. Brilliant."

Alicia hummed as she considered what Gabriel said. "That's true. But Hufflepuffs aren't afraid of hard work," Alicia said, the pride palpable in her voice. "And if I have a say in it, we're going to get the Quidditch cup too," Alicia said. She was not afraid to dream big, it seemed. Alicia giggled when the Halloween costume was brought up.

THWIP! Something zips out from the treeline through the air and THUNKS into the side of Susan's carriage! One of the Third Years with her looks over the side and gasps, "An arrow!"

"What?" Even dreamy, distractible Susan Carmody is shocked by this information, and quickly she gestures to the other students in the carriage. "Keep as low as you can, please - if you have a book or anything of the sort, keep it over your head." She lifts her voice and a lilting Irish accent floats over the closest carriages. "Heads up, ladies and gentlemen! There may be incoming arrow-fire!"

Josie grins to Madeline a little sheepishly, "Sorry." Then she blinks as Susan calls out about the arrows, wand in her hand almost immediately.

Samira says something sharp under her breath in Arabic as something THUNKS into a carriage near theirs. Dark eyes gleaming with alertness, Samira draws her wand. As someone exclaims at the arrow, Samira blinks. "An arrow?" she repeats, glancing at Abraxas.

Gabriel chuckles at the reminder of his costume. Even with all the trouble it got him into he shows no regret. He opens his mouth just in time to be interrupted by the thunk of an arrow and Susan's announcement. Wipping his wand out he starts scanning the woods after sliding down in the seay=t so only his eyes and the top of his head are visible over the side wall of the carriage.

In an explosion of leaves and twigs, something large and hairy bursts out of the thick brush, stumbling onto the path before finding it's feet. As the beast bounds forth alongside the carriages, the foliage falls away to reveal what appears to be a massive wolf!

Alicia dropped to the floor and pulled out her wand to make her a smaller target. "OhmygoshwhatisthisamIgoingtodie" Alicia blurt out all at once. Her usual matter-of-fact, stoic demeanor sure did give way when the arrows started to fly. When she saw the wolf, she yelped, "I-I have herbs for this!" That'll help… right?

Sierra shoves Alicia aside - so she is between the girl, and the side where the arrow came from. She also lets out a few quiet curse words in Shelta. Where were the professors at? Surely even the centaurs wouldn't hurt carriages full of kids? Maybe the arrow was a misfire? But just to be certain… "Impervius Ferrus!" she declares - aiming the spell at the youngest person in their carriage.

"Adam and I were just saying how we wanted to see a werewolf…" Madeline breathes quietly, after the creature bursts into view. Now… well. Now she's not so sure. What can she do? What can she- "Do you think the Impediment Jinx would work?" she asks in a whisper - her wand out now, and ready to cast a spell if it looks like it's going for any of the carriages.

Moments after the wolf's appearance, a half dozen more creatures emerge from the treeline. Centaurs! Each one clad in a dark green wrapping and bearing a bow and a quiver of arrows. THWIP! THWIP! One after another lauches toward the wolf. But the carriages have not gone unnoticed, as a few of the centaurs level sharp gazes at the students, bows not quite pointed at the children, but at the ready.

Josie starts to raise her wand, but lowers it immediately as the centaurs arrive. "Oh, they're after the werewolf!"

Abraxas starts as an arrow comes thunking in, "Centaurs!" he says, immediately upon the announcement of an arrow striking a carriage. He stands and looks as they emerge from the trees, "Everyone sit still. Don't do anything stupid." It's only force of will that lets him remove his hand from the grip of his wand.

Susan half-kneels in the carriage, sticking up over the edge despite the warning she gave to the other students. Her hand is quite definitely on her wand, though, as she watches to see what the werewolf does - and what the centaurs do.

The wolf lets out a whimpering yelp as an arrow finds its mark, though the beast doesn't slow. At the loud sound, the carriages lurch, and begin to pick up speed. This draws the attention of more of the centaurs, two of whom aim bows more directly, one in Abraxas's direction, the other at a Seventh Year Hufflepuff.

Alicia was just in the process of trying to search through all of her bags when Abraxas tells everyone to sit still and avoid doing anything stupid. Alicia just sort of freezes in place on the floor of the carriage. "OhLord why is it always me? I just wanted to go to school!" Alicia whimpered quietly to herself. And yet she couldn't take her eyes off the action. It wasn't every day that you got to see a fight between centaurs and a werewolf. If she lives, this is going to be a fascinating entry in her notes!

Samira gasps sharply at the sight of the massive wolf. With a sharp exclamation in Arabic, she presses away from the open side of her carriage. But, at Abraxas' words, she glances to him and holds quite still, as do the others. The Malfoy Heir has quite the influence. Glancing back off towards the Centuars, her eyes widen as she sees an arrow pointed in /their/ direction.

Gabriel points his wand at the ground between his carriage and the werewolf, aiming slightly ahead of the vehicle. With a firm "Fumos." he sends a cloud of dense smoke out into the night only to grimace as the stream stops much sooner than planned, creating only momentary coverage. "Damn it…"

"I think this one is happening to all of us, Alicia," Sierra answers quietly. She's still now - her wand held at her side, but ready in case it's needed again. As Gabriel casts his spell, she gives him an uncertain frown. That might just catch it's attention! She hoped not.

Alicia watched tensely. She let out a soft whine when she saw that Gabriel's spell didn't have the desired result. "I-I think if we don't make them mad we'll be okay. I hope. T-That's what I read," Alicia blurt out.

Abraxas holds up his hands open, and doesn't move, as the carriages slowly rumble along putting distance between him and the centaur. He's looking directly at the Centaur pointing an arrow at him. It's only when he hears a spell being cast nearby that he glances sideways momentarily, one corner of his mouth drawing back in a grimace that is banished as quickly as it appeared.

The carriages moves faster and faster, keeping pace with the centaurs. The wolf darts between two carriages, narrowly evading another pair of arrows.

The centaur staring down Abraxas along the length of an arrow scowls, baring its teeth. But the incantation from Gabriel draws its attention, and it reorients the bow toward the Ravenclaw boy. The arrow lets fly…but just at that moment that his carriage lurches up. One by one, each carriage in the line lifts off of the ground, dragged into the air by some unseen force.

Susan gasps, but doesn't actually cry out, through some effort of willpower. Her gaze goes quickly to Gabriel, just in time to see whether he's got an arrow sticking out of him. Or not. Preferably not.

"Waaaaard-!" Sierra is just exclaiming warningly, as the centaur's attention shifts their way - but then the carriages are flying - she lets out a breath of relief. "Oh, wow. That's a bit more than we needed, I think. Alicia - you okay?"

Josie keeps her wand down, while the centaurs are there. "Gabe!" But, thankfully, the arrow misses her friend when they suddenly start to fly. "Yes! Cheers for the Thestrals!"

Madeline is watching everything with wide eyes - torn between fascination and self-preservation, her wand held down at her side. As the carriages start to fly, she lets out a gasp, and then laughs with delight. "Why don't we travel this way every year?" she asks.

As the centaur shifts his attention and let his arrow fly Gabriel flinches down to take full cover behind the carriage's side wall. It seems the little Ravenclaw caught the moevement out of the corner of his eye early enough to take cover, even if the take-off of the carriages makes the move unnecessary. "Well, that's a little more intense than most of the other carriage rides I've been on! Where'd the werewolf come from??"

Alicia nods a few times. "Y-Yeah I'm alright," Alicia said with a sigh as she looked up at Sierra and said, "Thanks Sierra. You keep saving my life, heh." She tried to lighten the mood with some humor. "God bless the Hogwarts carriages," Alicia breathed, figuring the height advantage would get them out of danger.

Stanley ducked down as the carriage suddenly lifted into the air, and he had to suppress a startled shout as he held his cap onto his head with wide eyes. He had never flown before! This was… Well, he didn't know what to think of it, but his heart was pumping so fast! It took him a while to regain his breath, but when he did, he just looked at Maddie and Felix and shook his head. This was a lot of excitement for the first day.

Samira grips her wand tight, ready to cast. But, for the moment she refrains from doing 'anything stupid' as Abraxas said. Her eyes narrow as the centaur bares his teeth. She lifts her wand, but before she can cast, the carriage lurches beneath them and- takes to the air? Samira blinks, but recovers quickly. Arrows can still reach them. "You alright?" she asks Abraxas. Her attention remains focused on the centaurs below, her wand lifted and ready to cast.

"I didn't do anything this time, either!" Sierra protests. Well - she did this time, actually. "Or - I mean, well, nothing flew your way, so it's not like anything I did changed things." She gives Gabriel a playful shove, adding, "Should have left it alone, Ward."

The flight isn't exactly smooth, and the students are jostled about a fair amount. Some bits of luggage are jarred loose and tumble down to crash on the ground below. A few students are going to be unhappy about that. But as rough as the ride is, it's fast. In very little time, the carriages are coming in for a bumpy landing right in front of the great doors of Hogwarts Castle.

It occurs to Madeline - a bit belatedly - to grab hold of Felix as they fly through the air. "Don't fall out!" she warns him. "Just sit!"

Abraxas pitches sideways and back into his seat as the carriage suddenly lurches into the air. Finding himself sitting, he looks in amazement as the carriages head towards the castle… through the air? They can do that?

The Campus Grounds

Gabriel grins at Sierra and Alicia, "Well, maybe. But the wolf wasn't going to leave it alone so I thought some cover wouldn't be amiss." And then they're there and Gabriel's climbing out of the carriage and gallantly offering a hand to the girls that travelled with him to help them debark.

"You can sit up," Susan tells the other students in her carriage, voice a smidge shaky, as they pull far away from the centaurs and their collection of projectile weaponry. "All's well now. Look, gather up your things, make sure you have everything together, it won't be long now."

Terrance made his way from the carriage, straightening out his school uniform and black school robes. As he looked around, glimpsing the other students, he couldn't help but smile as he took in the many turrests of the castle. "One last time, eh?" he said to himself, stepping forward towards the steps and the crowd of gathered students.

Samira handles the rough ride with a bit more grace than most, but even she squeaks when she almost topples over onto the girl next to her. As the carriage settles back on solid ground, she sits for a moment, looking ruffled. Glancing to Abraxas, she grins a bit. "Your quota for excitement filled for the year already?"

"Whoooooa! That was AMAZING!" The cheerful tones of Hogwarts own Morale Officer, Tasciovanus "Tash" Burke greet the children as they disembark. "How'd you get the carriages to fly?! They never flew when I rode 'em." The tall, moppy-haired former SCUMS professor jogs over to help some of the more wobbly kids down to earth.

Further down the line of carriages, Elspeth had encouraged her second years to duck down in the carriages, keeping an eye on the centuars. Her hand was on her wand, but when the carriages took off, she let go of it, encouraging the students to hang on tightly still, and keep down until they are out of arrow range. As some of the luggage begins to plummet, she pulls out her wand again, giving a couple swish and flicks, hoping to save a couple of trunks before they hit the ground, but it's not going to be easy with the pitching of the carriage and the speed of the falling luggage. She barely has time to remind the others to hold on, and pull down an overly adventurous second year who was trying to stand before they land in front of the castle. Settling her wand back into its place, she opens the door and lets the others out, taking a moment before she steps down to compose herself. "Thank you," she says to the front of the carriage, and whatever might be drawing them unseen, or whatever charm it is that makes them go.

Josie doesn't seem to care if any of her luggage gets lost. She might later, but for now she's happy everybody's alive. As soon as they're on the ground, she goes around to the front of their carriage to affectionately pet the 'invisible' animals pulling the carts, "Thank you so much. Knew you'd get us out of there."

Abraxas looks ready to spit nails, and he says, "I have a feeling it's only getting started." He hops out of the carriage, and heads directly towards Gabe's, "Ward! Did you not hear me when I said to sit still and not do anything stupid?"

"Tash!" Madeline calls out cheerfully, then pumps her fist into the air. "HOGWARTS!" After all - no Colton to start it this year. She hops to the ground, then makes a detour to the empty harnesses in front of her carriage. She reaches out to pat… nothing, and murmurs quietly, "Thanks for the lift." Then she's bouncing towards the steps. "Alright! Time for the Feast!"

Alicia let Gabriel help her out of the carriage. "Thank you," Alicia said to Gabriel before dusting herself off. "I guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?" Alicia said, trying to cheer herself up.

Samira alights from the carriage, but doesn't follow as Abraxas advances on Gabriel. Instead, she glances around, rising up onto her tiptoes as she seems to search the milling crowd of students.

When they had safely landed, Stanley hops out and breathes a sigh of relief. He loved adventure, but he wasn't so sure about heights. Solid ground was his friend! Jogging to catch up with Maddie and Felix, the boy has a distinguishable bounce in his step as his hands go into his pockets and his lips spread into a wide grin. Yes! He was back at last!

Susan climbs down from her carriage after the rest of the students in it, smoothing her skirt and robe for a moment before moving forward to gently corral the more unruly ones. "You'll want to sit with the rest of your house," she reminds a group of second-years who seem intent on sticking to each other.

Tasciovanus pumps his fist into the air in response to Maddie. "HOGWARTS! Okay, everyone, they're waiting for you inside the Great Hall. Head on in and I'll take care of the luggage. But someone better tell me later how you made these fly! That was so cool…"

"Now you're in for it," Sierra remarks to Gabriel, climbing down without his assistance. She does pat him on the shoulder, though, before going to stand near Alicia. "Well. I guess we go find our house table. Com'on," she encourages the girl.

Felix bounces down after Madeline, giggling. "That was amazing! It went, phewt! Then…rawr! Then we were like, WHOOSH, and AHHHHH! Best carriage ride ever!"

Alicia wasn't as enthusiastic about the experience at everyone else, but she didn't want to be a buzz kill. Before leaving she smiled and gave a "Thank you" to Tasciovanus. Always be kind to the staff, one of the rules of etiquette. Alicia then turned to Sierra and said, "Yes, let's."

As they are all given the go ahead, Terrance begins to make his way up the steps and through the large doors of Hogwarts. It was hard to believe this was his last year, but decided this would be even more reason to make it the best one yet.

"Invisible winged horses that eat meat, Tash," Madeline remarks in passing. "Can you check on Mischief for me?" she adds, walking backwards a few steps as she makes the request. Then she turns forward to start moving at her usual pace into the castle - a full tilt run. "Com'on, Felix!" she calls. "Last one in's a rotten egg!"

Josie grins to Tash, "What maddie says. They're brilliant." Catching up with her friends she heads inside.

Gabriel makes sure he's facing away from Abraxas when he smiles mischieviously at Sierra's comment/ Then, schooling his face into an expression of innocence, he turns to face the Slytherin Prefect, "Well, Malfoy. What with you in another carriage and all the growling, howling, tire crunching, and arrow thumping noises I can honestly say that while I did hear you I did not understand what you were saying. It was just so much more background noise." Stuffing his hands in his pockets he shrugs a little bit and adds, "I thought it would be smart to have the carriages hidden from the view of both the werewolf and the centaurs."

"Fine, Ward. We'll see what Professor Mopsus thinks of your wisdom - or lack thereof. Now get inside before we're late for feast." Abraxas says, rolling his eyes as if he clearly thinks its a fabricated answer. Then he turns to head inside himself.

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