(1940-09-01) Hogwarts Express, 1940-41
Details for Hogwarts Express, 1940-41
Summary: The Hogwarts Express chugs along toward Hogwarts for the 1940-41 school year.
Date: September 1, 1940
Location: The Hogwarts Express
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Riddle has sequestered himself off with the rest of the Knights of Wahlpurgis in a car for most of the trip. But feeling a bit peckish he has exited the car alone for once because the rest of the Knights were in mid-conversation. After sliding the door closed the young Slytherin wanders down the corridor trying to track down the snack trolley. In one hand is a jotted down list of requests from the rest of the Knights and in the other is a small purse of coins filled with the pooled donations from the more well-to-do fellows.

Terrance made his way from his compartment, already dressed in his school robes. It was going to be a fun year, he thought to himself as he closed the door behind him before turning to head up the hallway towards the snack trolley, deciding it best to get his treats now rather then settle for the left-overs later. But, it seemed even this plan had a snag as when Terrance found the trolley it seemed to already have a customer in the young Slytherin.

"Oh, la la!" Amber says with a subdued giggle that is directed at her younger sister, Alicia. It would seem that seeing Riddle walking the aisle with a sizable list elicited her exclamation of feigned surprise. "I guess Riddle's got quite the appetite, today."
Mirth sparkles in her eyes as she ushers the youngest Rowle into her allotted car compartment. She then busies herself with a small bag. She doesn't mean any harm, but she is an oft-times irreverent girl, prone to teasing.

Riddle steps back a bit and gestures with a courteous smile to Terrance, "Please go ahead, I have quite the list." He only peeks towards the compartment hearing his name and the 'mirth' tone that comes with it. But his smile holds and he patiently waits for Terrance to have his order placed.

Alicia found herself feeling just a touch out of place. Although she was excited to go to Hogwarts, she didn't really have a niche to fit in too: A part of her envied Riddle and his club, as Alicia didn't really have a group she fit in with. But, she did have her sister Amber. "I can't blame him. The snack trolley is quite divine," Alicia said in her usual, matter-of-fact tone of voice. When Riddle looked over, Alicia gave him a smile as if she were trying to non-verbally say 'Don't mind Amber, she didn't mean anything by it.' Alicia looked at Amber and said, "I'm going to get some chocolate frogs. Do you want anything?"

Having deposited her younger brother in a compartment with some of their Hufflepuff housemates, Melody has decided to have a bit of a wander to say hello to, well, whoever she can find, really. She stops to peek in every compartment she passes, sometimes waving through the window with a bright smile, sometimes poking her head in to say hello. Meandering toward the stopped snack trolly, the new 7th year frowns lightly at a comment that she happens to overhear. She's personally had her fill of teasing and bullies after the events that started last school year, but as the target of the teasing doesn't seem to give it much mind, Melody doesn't either. Her smile is back at once as she spies a familiar yearmate, the greeting as she steps over going out generally toward anyone around, "Nice to be back on the train, isn't it?"

Terrance offers a kind smile in return to Riddle, adding a light nod, "Well, thank you." he said, stepping to the front. A handful of chocolate frogs, a couple cauldron cakes and a licorice wand and his order was filled. Pulling his small purse out he paid in sickles and knuts before gathering all his goodies into his arms. "Thank you again." he says to Riddle. Then, just as he turned to head back to his compartment he heard the familiar voice, and turned to spot Melody, "Ah, that it is, Abernathy!"

Druella has been ensconced in a compartment with a number of older students for awhile, but finding their discussion of Quidditch players to be slightly dull, she extricates herself and slides out into the aisle, looking both ways before eventually queuing up at the snack trolley. "Hullo," she smiles brightly at the boy in front of her. "What are you getting? I'm rather too thrilled to eat anything heavy."

Alicia caught sight of Melody, having seen her here and there over the break. "I'm glad to be back," Alicia said with a soft sigh, "I was getting a little stir crazy, to be honest." The young redhead tucked her hair behind her ear and handed over some coins for a handful of chocolate frogs. She was hoping the chocolate frogs would eat the butterflies in her stomach.

Riddle looks extremely unaffected by what was said by Amber and Alicia receives a little 'it's fine' smirk and he waits for Alicia to place her order. Staying where he is to the side with his hands patiently clasped together with the pouch and list still held in each hand. "Hello Druella. If you'd like to go ahead as well, do feel free. Have quite the list, but it's a nice escape out here isn't it?" Tom doesn't know Druella particularly well, but she is the little sister of one of his friends, so they've had enough 'in passing' meetings that he is friendly and familiar enough with her. "Chocolate Frogs are quite the tradition, if you don't want the card I'm sure Cal would have it." He also makes a gesture that Melody can cut in line before him but after her, "I'm afraid if I keep letting people cut before me, we'll be at Hogwarts by the time I have gotten the treats." It's a way of apologizing to anyone else who is going to come up behind him.

"You look all set for our last year, Green," Melody chirps brightly back at Terrance. She actually takes a step back as well, as Riddle motions to her as well as the others. "Ta, but we've got egg salad sandwiches." A staple for the Abernathy children when they travel, but to decline a chance at sweets for egg salad? Not many besides Mel would. Her smile then goes to the two younger girls, one a housemate and the other unknown but still addressed as a friend, "We'll be to school before you know it, and sitting down for a lovely dinner. I think Opening Feast is one of my favourite things." Although, she pretty much says that about every different occasion as it happens.

"No, that's all right," Druella declines Riddle's offer brightly. "You go ahead. I expect Calig and the other fellows will never forgive me if I make it so that you don't bring the bounty back before we arrive." Standing on her tip-toes, she peeks at the goodies the cart presents, considering all her options, before looking over her shoulder and smiling warmly at Melody.

While Rubeus had surely been spotted on Platform 9 3/4, the fact is that most of other students that didn't take a good look assumed he was someone's parent. But on board the train, the broad, rotund, six-foot-tall boy stands out much more as he squeezes from one car into the next. His girth fills the entire aisle as he tries to make his way along the car. "'Scuse me. Sorry. Pardon…oh!" His dark eyes light up at the sight ahead of him. "Is tha' the trolley?" He licks his lips as he shoves a hand deep into one pocket of his coat in search of coins.

Hattie says, "I can't tell," says Hattie a touch dryly, from where she is wedged in behind the stout… fellow. More helpfully, "But there's nothing else except the porter's cart that rolls on the express.""

Alicia gave Riddle a quiet "thank you" for letting her go first and then stepped back to let others get to the cart. There was a rush to the cart, but she'd have been crazy to say no. Alicia smiled back at Melody to be polite. Her eyes were obviously drawn by Rubeus. She blinked a bit: At first she thought Rubeus was a new teacher or something of that sort, until she got a closer look. "It is the trolley, and I do believe they are making a killing today," Alica observed to Rubeus.

Terrance smiled and nodded to the fellow seventh-year, "Quite ready. One more year, and then we are off into the real world." he said, his tone a bit teasing as if there would be no finer place to be. "Are you excited to get the last year underway?" he asks, before glancing to see just how cramped the aisle was becoming. "Oh, I might have to get back to my compratment, or else I might be trampled…" he notes, jokingly at first, before noticing the newest addition to the line..

For his part, Gabriel has followed his tradition of arriving early to the train and finding a mildly isolated compartment towards the back. Since his nose is buried in a book on magical first aid action around the treats trolley is nothing but background white noise to him for them moment.

Rubeus catches the voice behind him and turns a bit, his hip threatening to bump right into Hattie. "Oh, sorry 'bout this. I…uh…didn' think the train was so small." Not that it's small at all, except by comparison. He flashes a chubby-cheeked smile to Alicia, nodding. "Thanks. Um…maybe I should get outta the way…if someone wouldn' mind buyin' me summat?" He holds out a few knuts with a hopeful look to the students immediately around him.

Riddle rubs his chin as he looks over his list and finally gets to ordering the bounty of things the Knights are craving. He gives the order in spurts to allow the Harkiss's Express Vendor time to gather the last part into their paper bags. But of course this draws out the long process even further so the wait in line is lengthened. "New exchange student?" Tom extends a hand to Rubeus after the pouch is slide into the same hand as his list. "Tom Riddle. Where are you from? I don't mind adding you to the order. What would you like?" Tom is of course assuming the 6-foot young man is a seventh year transfer student.

Alicia smiled at Rubeus. She knew it was rude to stare, but it was starting to dawn on her that Rubeus was possibly a half-giant: She had read about them in her books, after all. The young Hufflepuff was about to open her mouth to offer to help Rubeus, but Riddle already took the initiative on that one. That worked for Alicia — as long as help was given to those who ask it, Alicia was fine. She stood against a wall and started to unwrap a chocolate frog as she watched everyone interact.

"Sure," Druella reaches out a hand smoothly to accept Rubeus' knuts with a friendly smile. "What would you like - Oh, Riddle's got you. Never mind, then." She seems to have no issue with the older boy handling the transaction instead, as it allows her to survey the enormous boy with interest.

Melody tucks her hands behind her back, clasping her fingers together and rocking on her toes in rhythm with the movement of the train. "Oh yes," she answers Terrance, "I think it'll be a lovely year. If you fancy some egg salad later, you should come join us. We're just over…" She pauses, looking first one way, then the other. Which happens to be blocked by the largest Firstie ever, but that doesn't seem to hinder her sense of direction as she waves vaguely, "There." If Terrance looks, surely he'll find them wherever they are. Her eyes return to the conversations bouncing around, actually holding on Riddle and Rubeus with a vague curiosity.

Hattie tries to get purchase behind her as well, to keep from getting shoved about. The look on her face comparable to that of a cat with a very long tail in a room full of rocking chairs. She wedges herself into the nearest compartment with room enough to house her sixth-year frame. "I don't think it is meant to -be- a small train," she opines, sotto voce.

Rubeus blinks his beetle-back eyes at Tom in surprise. "Exchange student? Whassat? I don' think so…? 'S my firs' year at Hogwarts." His massive hand wraps around Riddle's, but his handshake is gentle. "Pleased ter meet yeh, Tom. My name's Rubeus. Rubeus Hagrid. Um…I don' think I should jump the queue, though."

A loud grumbling gurgle coming from Gabriel's stomach reminds him its been some long hours since breakfast. Putting his book down for a moment he leans over to slide the compartment's door and peek out, looking from side to side. Spotting the carts and the crowd around it he pops back into his compartment only to slowly peek out again to do a double take. That is one /BIG/ student…

Lissie slips into the corridor, having settled in a corner of one of the back cars. In contrast to Hagrid, she's about four and a half feet tall, and hardly looks the necessary eleven. She's dressed in her school robes already — they're a bit large on her — and she has a cinnamon-colored ferret sitting on her shoulder. She pulls out a handful of change out of a pocket, counts it, murmurs softly to herself, then slips it away. "Just one thing won't be tae much," she murmurs.

Alicia turned her attention to the little girl that just came into the car. Alicia, a young redhead that's entering the second year, smiled at her. "Oh, those are famous last words," Alicia said, picking up on Lissie's murmuring, "It's hard to get just /one/ thing from the cart." Alicia smiled as she wrestled down one of her chocolate frogs.

Hunger might not have been enough to make him brave the crowd around the tolley but curiosity definitely is. Putting his book back into his knapsack he gets up and starts to make his way down the train's corridor. Once Gabriel reaches the line behind the trolley he takes his place in it, eavesdropping on Tom and Rubeus' conversation.

Riddle clears his throat genteelly and has finally collected the whole of his large order. "I meant Transfer, not Exchange, pardon. Yes, it's your first year at Hogwarts, I was curious where you were educated previously before you came to Hogwarts." Then smiling down to Druella he volunteers her, "Seems like you can take Rubeus order after all." It's time for him to get the order back to the car. One problem, Hagrid is between him and his destination. "Hmm." He steps further away from the trolley and simply waits by the window for the crowd around the trolley to thin and for Rubeus to have what he needs and be able to get around him. The Knights can wait, he's terribly curious about the New 'Seventh Year'.

Melody has inched away bit by bit from the crowd getting treats, but for some reason she's still lingering. Despite her continued presence, she doesn't appear to actually be paying particular attention to anything, except the curious flickering glances toward the very large young man that Riddle also seems so interested in. But her gaze never holds, shifting from face to face, seeing who is getting what goodies, and there's always the tremendous distraction of scenery flying by outside the window.

Tom's clarification doesn't seem to clear up anything for Rubeus, who continues to blink in confusion. "I…was educated by my Dad, I suppose?" Though the diversion to Druella is welcomed with a smile, and he offers what meagre coin he has to her. "If yeh don' mind? I'd like jus' abou' anythin' chocolate."

"Have a chocolate frog, then," Druella suggests to Rubeus, smiling. "That's what I'm having." Turning to the trolley-witch, she adds politely, "Two, please," handing over the appropriate number of knuts and taking the little pasteboard packages so she can slide (sort of) out of the way. "Here," she holds both packages out to Rubeus, one in each hand. "You pick, in case one of the cards is particularly good."

"Well, but I can't afford more than maybe one thing," Lissie tells Alicia in her softly lilting voice. "I have an allowance that has tae last me through to…. weel, through to October or better. But…" She looks up hopefully. "A wee bit o' chocolate woulna be amiss." She rubs her cheek against the ferret.

Somehow a fawn colored cat with overlarge ears has managed to find paw purchase on the upper sill of the windows along one side of the train car, and she paces daintily along… until she reaches Rubeus. She pauses, then reaches out a paw towards the huge shoulder nearest to her. There's a purr emanating from the feline, and her Seventh Year owner with a Ravenclaw tie and Head Girl patch on her robe watches where she's been slowed by the students stuck by the hulking new student at the cart. Elspeth's head tilts slightly to the side as she measures him with a slightly curious expression, her reddish-brown braid hanging down one shoulder.

Alicia smiled at Lissie. "Ah," Alicia said in understanding, having a few under-privilaged friends herself, "If you want you could have one of my frogs." Alicia said as she held out an unopened chocolate frog, "They're good — you just have to catch them first. Oh my, what is that?" Alicia said as she just now noticed the ferret, "Is that a ferret? She's a cute one. I've never seen a ferret before."

Gabriel looks Rubeus up and down from his place in the back of the line. After biting his lip for a few second to try to keep himself from barging into the conversation he ultimately gives up the fight and asks, "What year are you going into, Big Man?"

Riddle softly lets out another hmm, "You were home-schooled then? What changed that you decided to come to Hogwarts?" Since he seems to be staying around, at least until Rubeus gets his order, Tom folds open the bag on the top and pulls from it a licorice wand to bite at when polite within the conversation with Rubeus.

Rubeus beams happily at Druella. "Tha's kind of yeh, thanks! Um…tha' one there." He plucks up the packaged frog in her left hand, depositing the coins in its place. He turns to look for a path to get out of the way and let other students through. "Um…well, I got a letter," he explains to Riddle, glancing back toward Gabriel. "Me? 'S my firs' year!"

"Aye, she's a ferret, but I doan' have a name for her yet. She's right clever, though, and she likes tae snuggle. Soo." Lissie beams. Can hold her, if y'like. An'…." Her voice trails off, and she blinks. "Frogs? Catch them? You mean they're chocolate an' they move too?" She laughs delightedly.

Riddle's expression is one of a rising understanding of the situation. "I see. Welcome to Hogwarts in any case. To you as well. It's a wonderous place." He offers to the other seemingly first year. "Chocolate frogs only really have one good leap in them. It's a bit of fun to try to catch them in your mouth I've heard." The proper little gent he is… wouldn't dream of that level of silliness, but he's not above sharing the game either.

"Welcome," Druella beams back at Rubeus, half-squeezing herself into the entrance to a nearby compartment in order to make a little more room, while she unwraps her own chocolate frog, adroitly grabbing it around the middle before it can sproing. She seems to be in no hurry to disappear into another compartment, however, preferring to loiter and see what's what out here. Eventually she spies Lissie, and gives her a little wave, one eyebrow climbing when she spies the ferret.

Alicia looked over at Riddle and Rubeus. She was right! A first year half-giant. How interesting! "Oh, /usually/ they have one good leap in them but I've had some particularly troublesome ones before," Alicia said to both Riddle and Lissie in a playfully dramatic way. The redhead then turned to Lissie and said, "They're quite fun. Can I really hold her? She won't, um, bite me or anything would she?" Alicia has had… an interesting track record with animals.

"'S there an empty compartmen' anywhere?" Rubeus peers around, wincing apologetically at the growing number of students he's blocking. "I'm sorry. I don' mean ter be in the way."

The cat now decides for certain that Rubeus's shoulder is the perfect perch for her to view the entire car. She goes from an exploratory paw, to a light leap, landing near his ear and turning about to sit primly in place, tail curling around her paws. "Neko!" Elspethe calls with a light bit of exhasperation in her voice. Being on the far side from Riddle, Alicia and Lissie, she has yet to see the ferret or hear the chocolate frog conversation.

Gabriel's eye go a little wide as Rubeus informs the group he's a first hear student. After he recovers from the surprise he points down the corridor, "There's an empty one across from the one I'm using. Oh! And welcome to Hogwarts. By and large its a great place to be." And then he catches himself staring so he snaps his eyes down to the trolley and its selection of treats.

"Way down at the end," Lissie calls. "Isna' empty, but s'just me. Soo, if you'll leave a wee bit o' space for me, we should get along, no?" She offers a shy, but beaming smile to the huge boy. Then she nods her head at the Riddle boy. "Thank you too. I dunnae as I could eat it on the hop. Would make me feel like a cat gobblin' down th' live mice." She waves to Druella, then tilts her head over at Alicia. "I suppose she'll bite if she wants tae get free and you dinnae let her, but else she shouldn't do any. We had a long talk last night. We're learnin' each other." THen she looks over to Gabriel. "Oh. Empty near him. Right."

An expression of dismay flickers across Druella's features, and she edges away from Rubeus, putting some space between the two of them.

Abraxas makes his way down from the Prefects' car to see what all the fuss is about. He's still in his civilian attire, and seems to have a few coins in his hand for the trolly himself. The Malfoy, after all, has a known appreciation for a good iced pumpkin juice. "Hey there. What's going on here. Make way, make way, I say."

Alicia couldn't help but giggle at the idea of the very tall first year and the very wee first year sharing a cabin together. Alicia moved back a little to try and make more space for people, although she was already against the wall. The Hufflepuff then lifted a hand and carefully, slowly moved to try and pet Lissie's ferret. Alicia looked over as Abraxas came on. "Oh. Here comes a prefect," Alicia said, curious to see what would happen.

"They didn't build the Hogwarts Express with Half-Giant student in mind Abe. Stay there, I'll get you what you would like and I'm sure Rubeus will be happy to pass it to you." Tom calls to his friend and fellow Knight on the other side of Hagrid. "Iced Pumpkin Juice?" To Rubeus he points past the very large first year. "There was a mostly empty compartment I passed by earlier. I'm sure those within won't mind moving. Aberaxas could help organize the move. Can't you my good friend?"

"They didn't build the Hogwarts Express with Half-Giant student in mind Abe. Stay there, I'll get you what you would like and I'm sure Rubeus will be happy to pass it to you." Tom calls to his friend and fellow Knight on the other side of Hagrid. "Iced Pumpkin Juice?" To Rubeus he points past the very large first year. "There was a mostly empty compartment I passed by earlier. I'm sure those within won't mind moving. Aberaxas could help organize the move. Can't you my good friend?"

Rubeus whirls as he is startles by the cat landing on his shoulder. Of course, spinning his breadth in a tight space causes a bit of chaos as he bumps and pushes into other students. "Sorry! Sorry!" Eventually he just freezes in place, arms held tight to his chest, waiting to see what the cat does.

Gabriel groans as he hears Abraxas' voice. Focusing on the trolley he mutters, "and there's one of the reasons its just 'by and large'…" before raising his voice to a normal conversational volume and ordering a couple of Cauldron Cakes. Taking one he holds the other out to Hagrid, "Here, a welcome treat."

There's a sigh from Elspeth as her cat's move causes a little more chaos, and she turns to see Abraxas coming up beside her. "Malfoy," she greets, although she still stands in her place behind Hagrid, probably why Riddle and company can't see her. As for the cat, she looks back to Els, then purrs and leans down to rub her cheek against Rubeus's cheek, turning to nuzzle the top of her head along his temple.

"That's because half-giants aren't meant to be on the Hogwarts Express." Abraxas replies, a bit tartly, but tosses a silver in a lazy arc so that Tom can catch it, "Aye, iced pumpink juice and a lemon tart." He shakes his head, and finds a compartment full of firsties, "Afternoon, young wizards. I'm afraid we have a bit of a traffic jam. There's an empty compartment three back. Do me a favor and move." He urges them out to do just that, then says, "You, the one with your head in the rafters, what's your name, anyway? C'mon, I've cleared a compartment so you stop being a hazard to navigation." By Malfoy standards, he's being fairly polite.

Rubeus chuckles softly as the cat's whiskers tickle his cheek. "Aww, ain' yeh jus' a sweet li'l thing?" His surprise having passed, he reaches up and takes the cat into his big hands, cradling her every so tenderly. "Someone lose a kitty?" He turns to look for Neko's owner, but the commands from Abraxas jerk his attention to the Prefect. "Oh…sorry. I'm tryin'…um…I'm stuck. There's a lot of kids behind me." What few glimpses his body allow of the other side of the car suggest he's right. There's quite a backlog behind him, even for this year's lightly populated train.

But the trolley lady is kind enough to make way on the other side, temporarily moving the trolley into a compartment. "On you go, dear."

Rubeus meekly nods and, still carrying the purring cat, he carefully makes his way toward Abraxas and the empty compartments. "Er…'scuse me. Sorry." Squeezing past the Slytherin without squishing him will be another ordeal unto itself.

Riddle very softly chuckles under his breath. Everyone has at least one friend that says things most people find offensive, but they stay friends anyways. That is exactly the sort of amusement Tom is experiencing after he volunteered said friend. His tone friendly towards Rubeus after he steps closer again having backed far off when the burst of action happened. "There you have it, a little cave of your own. The trolley does patrol the corridor, so if you need it, it will eventually come."

Lissie listens, her eyes flicking from the half-giant to the prefect to Tom, as she unwraps the frog and catches it deftly with one hand. "Just like the chickens," she says quietly. Then she holds the frog for a few moments before it has mostly gone still, and then she pops it into her mouth. "Thank you," she tells Alicia. And she turns her head towards the prefect and frowns a little. "Oh. She likes the sides of her face rubbed. Just talk to her quiet-like."

Alicia smiled sympathetically in Rubeus' direction, knowing that it must be awkward for them. Kindness is a Hufflepuff virtue. "You're very welcome," Alicia said to Lissie. Alicia carefully, very, very carefully, used the tips of her fingers to brush the side of the ferret's face. Just a little bit, then she carefully withdrew her hand. Animals tended to dislike the bookish young woman, so she didn't try to press her luck: Even though she was sure that Lissie's ferret was just fine. "How exciting, though," Alicia mused aloud, somewhat unrelatedly, "We didn't have a part-giant when I was in first year."

Abraxas presses himself back against the corridor wall opposite Rubeus, "Merlin's beard…!" He tries to make himself as small as possible so as not to get squished. "Right, then. That's sorted. Maybe I can have my pumpkin juice now?"

Gabriel watches Rubeus go then retreats back to his own compartment, giving Abraxas a very curt nod along the way, mouth stuffed with A huge bite of cauldron cake, probably as an excuse not to have to great the Slytherin Prefect in a more polite manner.

Elspeth also moves a bit to the side to let Hagrid pass, and shakes her head. "No, it is being all right," she says to Rubeus about the lost kitty. "She seems to have found where she wants to ride for now." She grins to Ward as he passes, then passes on the pumpkin juice to Abraxas that started its travels before he ordered Hagrid off to the empty compartment.

Rubeus flashes Elpseth a grateful smile as he squeezes uncomfortably past Abraxas. "Sorry, sorry," he repeats. When he finally has a clear path to available compartments, he settles on an empty one, too red-faced with embarrassment to join anyone else and risk further blunders. At least he has a little feline to keep him company.

Riddle brings over Abe his Pumpkin Juice and Tart, holding it out a bit awkwardly as he also has the other Knight's treat orders in their individual bags in his fingers. "There you are now that the coast is clear. Would you like to help me carry a few of these back to the compartment?"

Abraxas takes a bag or two from Tom, along with his own, and nods, heading back to his cadre of fellows for at least long enough to poke his head in and say hello.

"Gracious," Druella remarks to nobody in particular as Rubeus finally manages to clear some of the congestion by relocating his rather enormous self. "Who'd have thought…" She slumps against the wall of the aisle, relieved now that the half-giant has beat a retreat. "Say, does anyone know how long this trip lasts? How much time have we got left before arrival?"

"It is being fine," Elspeth tells Hagrid, and continues on down the corridor to the opposite direction of Malfoy and Riddle. She doesn't appear to have any money for the trolley, and there's food of her own to get to in the basket she left under Eibon's care.

"That blonde boy made sure to embarrass the poor boy, though, while he helped, didn't he," murmurs Lissie, her voice very soft now. But there is a glitter in her eyes and a tilt to her chin, and a hint of red in her cheeks that show she is not altogether happy right now. She breathes a little quickly, then reaches up to pet the ferret once more. "Probably isna very exciting for him… he was just born like that. We can't none of us help who we were born to." She moves up in the queue, nibbling at the frog. "Is a verra goo' frog."

Alicia nods her head. "They do taste good, don't they? They're my favorite. I collect the cards that come with them," Alicia explained, "Each card has a famous wizard on it. I take it you grew up with Muggles?" She tried to shift the topic away from the plight of the half-giant, although internally Alicia was incredibly curious about him. She had never seen a half-Giant before. She had almost considered asking if she could sit with the firsties for a better look.

Gabriel catches Lissie's comment as he walks past her compartment on the way to his. He stops for a moment to think and finally pokes his head into the compartment to mutter to the people there, "/That/ woulod be Abraxas Malfoy. And as great as Hogwarts is he's one of the things that keep it from being perfect. Piece of advise? Stear clear of him if you can. If you can't don't give him a chance to use that Prefects badge of his because he'll stretch his power to the breaking point…" Catching on to what Alicia is trying to do he adds, "If you ever want something other than frogs, let me know. I know how to make animated chocolate animals. Taught myself last year to make some special Valentine's treats from the school."

"Aye. Well, my mum's a squib, so I guess bein' a Muggle's a bit hard for her. She tried to tell me about…. y'know, bein' a witch, bein' off away from th' Muggles. Be odd, but I've been looking forward to this for years. Da's none tae happy boot it, but then, it's that he'll be missin' me come shearin' time. I calm them, the sheep." Then Lissie looks at Gabriel. "So what you're sayin' is that he's a great manky git and I oughtn't tae worra my head boot him nae gi' him chance…." She licks her lips, swallowing the last of the chocolate. "A great manky git. Right. Thanks for th' warnin'." She cuddles the ferret. "So doan you go bitin' th' great manky git, neither, Miss Mischief."

Alicia looked at Gabriel and blinked a little. "You can /animate/ the chocolate animals? That sounds like quite an impressive charm," Alicia said. It was telling that she was more interested in the magic involved than the idea of chocolate animals. The second-year student was surprised to hear that Lissie's mother was a squib. Alicia looked like she wanted to ask further, but decided not to. Instead, Alicia looked at Lissie and said, "Mischief would be a good name for a ferret, I think."

Gabriel grins at Lissie and nods, still standing at the door of the compartment. "That's about the long and short of it when it comes to Malfoy, yes." Then he shifts his attention to Alicia, shaking his head a little bit, "Its not a charm actually. I thought it would be too when I started researching it but it turns out its a special potion you mix in with the melted chocolate before you pour it into the molds."

"If y'fed enough frogs tae a person, then, would the person be animated when he fell asleep?" Or could you pour it on daisies an' make them dance?" Lissie finally orders a pumpkin juice, and she takes a sip of it thirstily. "Ahh. This'll see me through to supper." She sighs, leaning against the wall. "So many, very many new things…" she whispers.

Druella strolls down the aisle, munching the remaining legs of her chocolate frog, and leans in the doorway of Alicia and Lissie's compartment. "Are both of you first-years?" she wonders, eyes glowing. "Only I've been wondering what to expect after we arrive. My brother won't tell me anything and anyway he's sitting up front with all those boys."

Alicia ordered herself a drink and absent mindedly sipped it. "A potion… I should have thought of that. I spent most of the summer working on gathering herbs to scare off Werewolves, myself," Alicia explained, "Well… and practicing Quidditch. I want to try out this year." Alicia turned her head to say something to Lissie, but it was then that Druella came in. "Ah, I'm not. I'm a second year," Alicia said with a hint of pride. Hey, for the first time she wasn't the youngest! "He probably doesn't want to ruin the surprise. It's quite marvelous, Hogwarts is," Alicia said before looking back at Lissie and saying, "You'll love it. It's a little overwhelming at first, but then you get used to it."

Gabriel arches an eyebrow a bit at Alicia's comment about scaring werewolves. But he lets it go for the moment as he needs to leans a bit away from the entrance to the compartment to give Druella some space to lean in as well. Once he gets a chance to his attention goes back to the curious comment, "Werewolves Rowle? are you afraid werewolves will attack Hogwarts?" Of Druella he asks, "Don't you like surprises? The first night at Hogwarts is so much more fun if everything is unexpected. It really is." he backs up his comments with a genuine smile as he thinks back to his first night 4 years ago.

"I don't think that's exactly the reason," Dru reasons, smirking a little bit as she wrinkles her nose. "Cal's probably hoping I'll burst into tears or scream or something. That's what big brothers are for, I suppose." She shoots Gabriel a sidelong glance through her lashes. "You're not just saying that, are you?"

"My brothers are off tae be soldiers," murmurs Lissie, turning her head to look out the window. "All seven of them, said was their duty or somethin'… Even Max, an' he's just come on eighteen…." She rubs the ferret, then shrugs her shoulders. "They dumped me in sheep dip two years ago…."

Alicia hummed when Gabriel asked her about Werewolves. "Not particularly," Alicia said in her usual, matter-of-fact tone, "Over the summer I met this little girl who was awfully afraid of them. So I thought I would make something to help. Or make them feel better, I suppose." Alicia then looked at Druella and shook her head, "It's really quite amazing. You probably won't burst into tears or scream. At least I don't recall anybody bursting into tears or screaming the last time…" It probably wasn't the most reassuring comment, but Alicia meant well. Then, seeing Lissie was upset, Alicia smiled at her and said, "They say everything works out at the end. I think you'll feel better once you're at Hogwarts and you get to meet all of your housemates."

Gabriel chuckles and nods in response to Dru's question. "Yep, I really do mean that. Both my parents are Muggles," at this point his voice gains a challenging edge which quickly disappears as he keeps talking, "so when I got here I knew /nothing/ at all. And it was so, /so/ exciting and fun."

His smile disappears as he gazes at Lissie for a long time before saying, "I really hope that they are all come back safe. My Dad is talking about joining to. He's a doctor and he says they really need him out there. Only reason he hasn't is because my Mom keep talking him out of it."

As an after thought he tells Alicia, "That was very nice of you."

"Oh, I'm sorry." With a dismayed look at Gabriel, Druella reaches over to squeeze Lissie's hand reassuringly for a silent, sober moment. "You're right, you know. I'm being silly, and you've got real troubles to contend with. I'm sure your brothers will all keep safe, and they'll be glad you're getting a good education in the meantime, won't they?"

"Weel, they doan exactly understand me and the…. things I do," murmurs Lissie. She reaches out her arms, as if she could embrace all of them. "But see…." She lifts her head. "I was in London when the bombs fell. So…. now I think I understand better. They want to fight so that children like me doan have tae cower an' worry about dyin' and all that. So tha' we'll not be worryin' about if theer's enough food on the table because o' the war. They…." She rubs her cheek against the ferret. "They might die or have bad things happen tae them. I suppose all war is a huge bad thing. But…. they fight because they can't be themselves and not fight for all of us. So it ain't a trouble an'…. She rubs roughly at her eyes. "I'm sure my brothers would like best of all knowin' that girls like us can only have tae worry about what mischief our brothers are up to. And I'm sure your Da just wants most of all tae help get all the bonny lads hame." Then she ducks her head, embarressed at the long speech from her own mouth."

Alicia scratched her own neck as she considered what to say. It was a heavy subject, for sure. "Well… things aren't good now, but they'll be sorted out eventually. Who knows? Depending on how things go, maybe we Wizards will be able to stop the war eventually," Alicia said, but didn't go much further into the politics of her statement: that'd be a whole new can of worms. Alicia looked between the other three and asked, "Would anyone like something else from the cart? My treat."

Gabriel cringes in on himself as the bombing of London is mentioned, a flash of real fear crossing his expression before he intentionally shakes is off. Putting on a brave face he nods grimly, "I was there for the bombings too. I even helped my Dad give first aid to some of the people that were hurt… They would only let me help with little things like scrapes and scratches but still." Regardless of how brave a face he's putting on the topic still clearly makes him uncomfortable and he grasps at the distraction that Alicia provides, "No, please, I'll treat! I'll have some pumpkin pasties."

"When I am grown up, when I have enough money, I am going to make sure that every student on the train can get anything he or she wants without worryin' about having t'pay," murmurs Lissie. She sighs. "I…. shouldn't. My Da said not never to take things and be beholden tae people. I'm not totally sure what he means, but probably this." Still, there is a wistful look at the cart.

Alicia smiled at Gabriel. "Aw, thank you, that's really kind of you," Alicia said to Gabriel. "I wasn't at the bombing, but there was an air fight over my house," Alicia said with a sigh and a shake of her head. The redhead then looked at Lissie and smiled, "That's a very kind sentiment. Who knows? You might end up in Hufflepuff."

Gabriel chuckles at Lissie, "Beholden means to be indebted to someone, to owe someone something. But, since this is a gift, not a loan, it doesn't put you in any debt which means you should be able to order something and still obey your father. What would you like?" At this point he's obviously ignoring any more talk of the war.

"Oh…. it feels a little like cheating but…" Lissie laughs. "But he isna here, is he?" She shakes her head. "I suppose a… pumpkin pasty, did you say? I'll try one of those, maybe? Thank you." She eyes the cart and then hugs herself. "A whole 'nother world…"

Alicia smiled. "A whole new world is right," Alicia said to Lissie before looking at Gabriel and saying, "A pumpkin pastry would be quite nice…" Alicia trailed off when she noticed her older sister was beckoning her over to her cabin. "Oh, I'm sorry. I have to go see my older sister. But I'm Alicia, Alicia Rowle," Alicia introduced herself to Lissie, "I'll be seeing you both at the feast, for sure."

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