(1940-09-02) New Term Reflections
Details for New Term Reflections
Summary: Samira and Abraxas have a quiet conversation curled up by the fire in the Slytherin Common Room. The pair reflect on the recent summer and what lays ahead during the new term.
Date: Wednesday, September 2, 1940
Location: Slytherin Common Room

The first full day back at Hogwarts was a long one. Students have long since started trickling off to bed, but Samira remains lounging on of the low-backed leather armchairs close to the roaring fire. Her head rests on one arm while her legs hang over the other. A white floofy cat approaches her and settles down. It stares intently with keen blue eyes. "Mrawr?" Samira laughs softly and lifts a hand in invitation. "Mew," she confirms in an excellent imitation of a kitten sound. The cat hops up at once and curls up upon her belly.

Abraxas comes back in from the dungeons, extinguishing the light charm on his wand and tucking it away. "Prince." he says, nodding to Samira. "How did you find your first day as a NEWT student?" He goes over towards his usual chair and then plops down.

Samira glances over as Abraxas approaches. No doubt the cat is the only one who might sense her slight tension. It watches Abraxas with unblinking care. However, Samira just smiles and rests her head back again. "Mmm… Exhausting. To be a healer? So many classes." She glances back over at him. "And you?"

"It goes well. Interesting how perspective changes when you get closer to actually getting out in the 'real' work and doing something." Pulling over an ottoman, he puts his feet up, not taking to curling up in the chair like his ever-so-flexible friend.

Samira shifts onto her side to face Abraxas, slow enough so that the cat can simply adjust and curl up in the curve of her waist and hip. Its tail flicks as it continues watching Abraxas. "Mm. That's true. Exciting though… to have the freedom to really /do/ something. They hold us back so much as students."

"Yes. Rather bubble wrapped. But after yesterday, I think I can understand why. I can't believe in Ward would be so foolish. Then again… never mind. I can believe it." Abraxas remarks, with a shake of his head, "I'm sorry we didn't get to spend more time together during the summer."

Samira gently strokes the fluffy cat resting on her. Its tail twitching quickens and it glances off from Abraxas. Nodding slightly, she says, "More time would have been nice. But, at least we are house mates, yes?" She grins over at him. "I remember last year, wondering on the train which house would be mine."

"Yes. At least that. And at least we can manage to sneak some time together on the Hogsmeade Weekends. So long as they last, given what Dumbledore said." Abraxas opines, interlacing his fingers beneath his chin.

Samira shifts slightly under the cat, curling up tighter as she watches Abraxas. "Mhm. I'd like that." She pauses. "That centaur, though. It seemed to fixate on you in particular. Did you sense that?"

"I doubt that is true. It was probably only because I was the one standing up." Abraxas says, looking at her intently, and in a way that means something to one who knows him as well as her. "I don't think he would have fired were it not for Ward."

Samira smiles over at him, but looks off towards the fire. "Mm. Or perhaps, I'd have gotten to remove an arrow and practice a patch-up spell." She glances back over at him. "Be sure to take me along to Hogsmeade… I'd hate to miss such a chance."

"Unless it hit me in the head, or the chest, or something like that." Abraxas says, with a little smirk, "Then I might be dead, and that would be a great loss to the wizarding world." He raises a single finger, and says, "I wouldn't dream of leaving you behind…"

Samira maintains a soft, relaxed smile as she watches him. "Thank you." But, glancing off at the fireplace once more, she sighs and slowly sits up. "Time for sleep," she says rubbing at her eyes. With languid grace, she rises to her feet and streeetches, arching back before relaxing with a content sigh. With one last smile at Abraxas, she says, "Good night." And with that, she slinks off towards the Girl's Dormitory.

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