(1940-09-05) Hogwarts Field Day
Details for Hogwarts Field Day
Summary: To welcome students back with a morale-boosting event, Tash and Madam Hooch have put together a Field Day! Maybe, just maybe something unexpected will happen….
Date: 5 September, 1940
Location: Grassy Knolls, Hogwarts
Plot: Centaur Civil War







It's a Field Day! The grassy knolls are full of activity and colour. An enormous section of the field is rings in silvery ribbons. Numerous physical activities are going on: footraces, an obstacle course, a climbing wall, a broom flying course through hovering (and sometimes moving) hoops, and so on.

For the less overtly athletic, there are also a number of carvinal-style games, such as balloon-popping, pixie-racing, and even a life-sized game of Wizard's Chess (with protective charms to prevent participants from actual harm.

A large pavilion, striped with red, gold, green, and blue dominates the center of the field. Inside, Prefects are handing out ribbons and small magical trinkets as prizes for accomplishment in the activities.

Alicia was there, of course. The fact there was a broomflying course sealed the deal. Alicia had her trusty, second-hand broom slung over a shoulder as she took a deep breath of the fresh air and let out a nice little sigh. "This is a lovely day to fly," Alicia observed around, to anybody nearby.

Samira stands in the line-up for the obstacle race. Hands clasped behind her back, she rocks back on her heels, waiting for the game to begin. A broad, relaxed smile lingers on her lips. Under her pleated skirt, she wears a pair of leggings. Her blouse is comfortably untucked.

Mr. Tasciovanus "Tash" Burke, Hogwarts Morale Officer, struts around the field with a broad, toothy grin. His robes look a bit like the pavilion itself, bearing the primary color of each house with an enormous Hogwarts crest on the back. He caps it off with a tall top hot. The entire ensemble is charmed to sparkle in the sunlight. As students pour in, he repeatedly pumps his fist into the air with a bellow of "HOGWARTS!"

Wearing a pair of comfortable black trousers that have been cut off under the knee and fray a bit, and comfortable in his sleeveless shirt, feet bare, there's Cillian, with his scarlet and gold bandanna holding his hair out of his face. Eyepatch in place, he's been having a ball really, his belongings (IE: satchel stuffed with god knows what) over where people's belongings are and he's over by the climbing wall, cupping his hands around his mouth to echo 'Tash''s cheer of Hogwarts.

It was a day outside and though he's not sure what sort of events he'd take part in. Landon is glad to be outside enjoying the day all the same. He's dressed down as well in his weekend clothes quite comfortable. The fifth year has mostly been walking among the others just looking at all the things going on.

Up in the air Erica Stainwright is on her broom giving a shriek of panic every time that she goes through a hoop. The reason for this is the wake of wobbling knocked off course hoops slowly floating back to where they should be behind her. At least she giggles when she finally lands. "Well Summer certainly didn't help my flying skills…"

Alicia smiled and lifted a hand into the air. "Woo, Hogwarts!" Alicia cheered loudly. She was always one for school spirit. The young redhead was in the process of mounting her broom. She was a touch nervous: a year ago she could barely fly, and she spent the whole summer practicing. This was going to be the first time people actually saw the new and improved Alicia Rowle flying. "Don't worry," Alicia called out to Erica, "This is a good time to work out the kinks, aye?"

Augusta isn't playing at anything, she is gossiping with some of her friends. They are still trying to convince her that a werewolf fascinator wouldn't be the fashionable hit Augusta believes it would be. There is a small duck and a wince when Tash 'Hogwarts' right behind her. "Must he still do that!?"

OVer the last couple of years Gabriel and the other pirates have gifted each other with various pirate-theme articles of clothing. Today all of Gabriel's are on display as he joins the field day. On his head is aleather pirate's hat, on side bent up around the shat of a large, fluffy, Ravenclaw blue ostrich feather. Crossing his chest over a white poet's shirt is a leather bandoleer that ends in a sheath for his wand. And his slack are tucked into the tops of black leather boots.

Once he arrives at the field and responds to Tash's fist pump with one of his own paired with a loud "Y'arrrrrr matey!" he starts to wander around looking at the activities on offer as well as looking for the other members of his crew.

Amber - the odd little black sheep of the Rowle family - is more than pleased to be enjoying the great outdoors on a day like today. There is so much to choose from, and so much to do. It's hard to decide what to do, first. After hearing Erica's screams, the girl looks to Alicia, and calls out jovially: "Get up there and show 'em how, sis!" As for herself, she's going to nip over to the obstacle course. That looks like fun!

Upon approaching Samira and the others, Amber flashes a bright, warm smile: "Hullo!"

Erica gives a self-mocking laugh and a little shrug at Alicia, "Or it could be said that it's a sign that I should just quit torturing my broom and own self and hang it up?"

Samira glances over at Amber with a bit of a grin. "Hi there. Ready to go?" The shrieks coming from Erica on the broom course distract most of the participants on the obstacle course. However, Samira spares Erica barely a glance, and so when the signal goes off to start, she darts forward like a shot. She dives under the floating barrels, expecting to climb over them would involve a lot of falling over.

Although she spent some time with her brother when they both first arrived at the festivities, Melody has lost track of him in the crowd as he went off with his group of friends. If he wants her, she'll be easily enough found just by virtue of her trusty wellies, charmed in bright Hufflepuff colours for the day out. Not that it's raining, but she'll use any excuse to wear those boots. Her attention is currently on the pixie races as she nibbles at the foot of a chocolate pirate that she'd been saving, but it does wander often to scan the rest of the students.

Hooch uses her wand to help the hoops get back into place after Stainwright's run and blows her snitch shaped whistle with fluttering wings when it blows to signal the all clear.

Cillian's hands don't lower from his mouth as Cillian calls out. "Oi! Nobody told me it was formal dress Gunny!" He lifts his hand and waves a hand to Gabriel and flashes a grin as he is waiting his turn for the climbing wall, idly rubbing his hands together and squinting at the wall thoughtfully.

Alicia kicked off the ground and went up in the air. Ah, that feeling of air in the face! This must be how Icarus felt. Hopefully Alicia doesn't plummet skyward after getting too close to the sun. The redhead waved down at Amber in a 'look mommy I'm flying' sort of fashion before giving a quick wave to Gabriel as well. The young Hufflepuff looks over at Erica and calls out, "Quitting isn't the Hufflepuff way. I won't let you do it, ma'am." The bookish girl was in a rather outgoing mood today.

Gabriel laughs and pulls his hat off to wave it in the air at Cillian. After a quick wave he jams the hat back on his head and jogs over to the Cap'n starting to speak once he's closer, "It wasn't supposed to be. But I didn't have a chance to wear my things at all during the summer, except when we were on the boat, so I couldn't help myself." Looking over behind him he adds, "So I can't decide. The broom hoops or the obstacle course. What do you think?"

Felix Flitwick finds himself upside-down, dangling by an ankle tangled up in a net of ropes on the obstacle course…again. "Um…hehe! I, uh…could use some 'elp? Anyone? GAH!" The ankle starts to come loose from the ropes, dropping him a few inches.

Erica's attention is drawn by her housemates wellies and like a moth to flame the neat freak hops over muddy spots in the grass to approach Melody. While she moves she cups her hands around her mouth to call back to Alicia, "Hufflepuffs are about making sure to take care of their fellows. It's for the good of all. It's not quitting. It's doing the best for all." She was careful not to say 'for the greater good!' Once she's woven through the crowd she beams at Melody. "Are they inchanted? They are lovely where did you get them?"

Amber crouches slightly and rests her hand on one knee. The sparkle in her eye is answer enough to Samira's question. Ready, Steady… Go!

Diving under the barrels seems a good bet - especially if one would rather save some time - and so, Amber dives and rolls. Once she has scrambled onto her feet, she very nearly loses her footing on the next part of the course where the ground has been made to go all spongey-like to make the going tougher. But, it's all in good fun, and she quickly adapts to it by bouncing from foot to foot.

The call for help up ahead causes the Rowle girl to falter again. Squinting, she catches sight of Felix dangling from the ropes. "Might've known…" she murmurs, breathlessly. "Hang on, Felix!" Can't leave a fellow Gryffindor hanging, now can she?

Alicia hummed as she considered Erica's roll. Darn, Alicia was going to spend the whole night considering the philosophical ramifications of that. Alicia hovered in the air and looked about, "Does anybody mind if I go next on the broomflying obstacle course…" Alicia then paused and looked down at Felix, "Um, also someone save that poor fellow in the ropes!"

Samira scales the rope wall with little regard for Felix' predicament. "You'll be fine!" she calls with a bright smirk. Reaching the top, she jumps onto the slide which does a full loop. If a student doesn't pick up enough speed, it's likely they'll fall onto the extra large pillows below.

"Yeah, 'angin on is all I got!" Felix giggles in spite of his predicament, waving frantically at Amber to hurry to his rescue.

Hooch helpfully is ready with her wand and with a quick spell the rope around Felix's leg tightens up like a boa constrictor. This allows some other student to save Felix without having the young albatross cracking his head open in the meanwhile.

Cillian purses his lips, hands going to his hips as he tilts his head back and just looks thoughtful for a few moments before giving Gabriel a nod. "Definitely obstacle course. I'll even do it with ye'. It'll be good practice, ye know. For when we 'ave to run randomly through a course or weird tings for us to crawl, hop, and jump over. But ye'll 'ave to lose the hat. Didn't ye bring yer bandanna?"

Melody's smile brightens as Erica speaks, the pixies forgotten for the moment. "Ta, Stainwright." She can't help but look down at her own feet, as if she's forgotten what the wellies look like. "Mummy bought them for me, years ago." Remembering the chocolate in her hand, Mel offers to her housemate, "Would you care for a leg?" She's already reaching to break the other one off, should the answer be a yes.

Amber watches Samira take the lead, and a pained expression passes fleetingly over her face. She's giving up the race for this… but she can't leave Felix dangling like a fish on a line. And so, biting her lip, she scales the ropes, edging toward him. "How do you always end up like this?" She asks, laughing good-naturedly.

With Hooch casting a spell to keep the boy from hurting himself, she calls over: "Thanks Ma'am!" before getting to the work of unbinding Felix's ankle. "You'll be right as rain in a second. Just… there!" She exclaims, pulling the rope free.

Gabriel peeks around the climing wall in response to Felix's yell, "Yipes! Crew member in danger! But it looks like rescue is on the way." Without taking his eyes off the little scene he digs in his pants pockets and pulls out a blue and bronze bandana to show Cillian. "Never leave home without it."

"AHHH!" The loosened rope hastens Felix's descent, but thankfully right into Amber's arms for a gentler landing. "Well, I…uh…" Girl. Girl touching. Felix feels a lump forming in his throat and a crooked smile forms on his lips. "Uh…I dunno…life just likes to keep me on me toes!"

Samira is well ahead of Felix and Amber, but neck in neck with a couple of other Slytherins who have sprint after her. She darts into a field of bludgers, twisting this way and that out of the way. While one of the Slytherins might not be as elegant as Samira's dodging, theirs is more effective and thus pull ahead.

Landon moves over to try and get into the action he'll move to the station a game of skill. He will accept the the items to toss at the targets precision training. He will throw them through the hoops a bit of quidditch simulation perhaps. He doesn't do horribly but not really great either he will move on to look at the larger group. "What's going on here? I mean activity." he asks politely wondering.

Alicia heard no objections to her going next, so she leaned forward on her broomstick and… take off! At first everything went well. The first couple hoops were easily threaded. There was, however, a particularly hard s-shaped curve between some of them and Alicia, contrary to her usual cautious nature, tried to thread the needle. There was a loud bonk noise, followed by a loud "OUCH!" from the Hufflepuff. She stayed on her broom, but was rubbing her head as she accidentally bonked her head on a hoop. Icarus flew too close to the sun.

Cillian's glance follows Gabriel and his eyebrows raise a bit as he tilts his head back and smiles slowly as Felix's rescuer…rescues. "I…tink he's out of trouble and bein' charmed by a beautiful princess. He'll probably hate it iffen we get involved." A pause. "So. Yeah, lets get involved." He raises his hands to call out. "Oi! Cannonball! Greeeat aim! Isn't it Gunny?" He starts to jog over. "Look at him, savin' fair maidens already!"

Erica's eyes sparkle in delight at the offering of the chocolate. "Ta!" She plucks a handkerchief from her pocket and places it in her opened hand for the amputated leg. Neatly the hanky is folded around the chocolate so she can't get her fingers dirty while nibbling on it, toes first. "This is very good. Thank you. They look good as new." She lowers her voice next, like she's revealing something Top Secret(tm), I've been working on a potion that will coat any surface and after it has been coated, nothing will stick to it. Keeping it clean forever. Would you like me to try it on your wellies?"

Madeline had been caught up - working on a potion she'd been dying to try most of the summer, under the watchful eye of a Ravenclaw Prefect who saw nothing wrong with a student wanting to work with potions on the first Saturday of the school year. After two attempts, however (the second of which filled the potions room with one of the vilest smells she'd ever experienced) she dashes out into the fresh air and sunlight to get the smell out her head.

The odd thing about physics is that they don't work in your favor sometimes. This is one of those times.

In loosing Felix from the net, the sudden movement jostles her footing so that she slips and falls to the ground about a second before Felix does.

"Ooph!" Amber gasps, tumbling backward from the force of the landing. No one is hurt, but it certainly knocked her off her feet so that both she and Felix land momentarily in a heap. She takes a moment to peer ahead and realize the race is well and truly over for her - this time around.

Giving Felix a look, the girl smiles wryly and shakes her head. No comment needed.

"C'mon, the race is over for us this time around. Can always try again, later." Amber grins, scrambling to her feet and dusting herself off. At least she's good-natured about it all.

Felix swallows hard and nods. "Yeah…uh…you okay?" Felix himself is made of rubber, but he can't assume the same for everyone. Dusting himself off, he catches the teasing from Cillian and Gabriel and his cheeks glow red. "Oi! I ain't rescuin' nobody!" Because girls are gross…or something.

Alicia finished her course, but her error cost her many precious seconds. "Aw, man," Alicia grumbled to herself as she hit the ground running. Alicia slapped herself on the forehead a couple times to scold herself. Then she saw Madeline was entering the scene. Alicia waved at Madeline, although she was just a little teary eyed after colliding into one of the hoops.

Samira sprints after her competitor once clear of the bludger field. The final obstacle is a harmless little flower bed. The Slytherin ahead of Samira darts right through, trampling the flowers and bowling for the finish line. But, at once, vines shoot out fromt he flowers and pull him down. Samira skids to a stop and watches intently. Someone comes running past her, hoping to dodge past the vines while it's got the first one down, but more vines come out for him. After a moment more of consideration, Samira begins to carefully edge out. Moving quite slowly, not trampling any of the flowers, no vines come out for her. Bit by bit, tiptoing through the tulips, Samira makes it to the other side. And WINS!

Hephaesta Mulciber comes in to a gentle landing at the end of the broomflying course, not long after Alicia's run. Her grace on the broom hasn't been seen for a while, since she voluntarily left the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. But she welcomes any opportunity to get aloft instead of hobbling around. But hobble she must, as the broomwork is limited to the course. She turns just in time to witness Samira's victory, and breaks into applause. "Well done, Sami!"

Melody happily rends her pirate asunder to share with Erica, then resumes her own nibbling on the remaining leg. "This is one of the chocolates from that ship that was left by that group of Pirates." She doesn't really know anyone from the Pirates, but she might eventually notice Gabriel, in his obvious garb. Her dark eyes widen, a nod coming quickly, "That would be brilliant, if you would. Seems I'm always having to charm new dirt off them." A jerk of Melody's head that shifts her blonde hair into her eyes, tucked hastily back behind her ear again, indicates the attraction she was watching. "Have you seen the pixies racing? It's incredible how fast they can go."

Cillian offers a polite bow to Amber and is still laughing softly to himself before tsking softly to Felix. "Aye, however…its our jobs to be rescuin' them or them us dependin' on how the story goes." He glances over towards Madeline, lifting a hand to wave towards her before looking back to the other pirates as he claps for Samira when she wins and he bounces a bit. "Now, lets get this set right in our heads…we've been stranded on a desert island." He goes into story mode. "There's a thick jungle and lots of traps and such in our way between us and the water where there be a ship waitin' for us if we can just make it." There's hand gestures too as he speaks, crouching down and stretching up and reaching out as though something is just beyond his reach. "We cannae get stuck here, no! For to be stuck on the island will drive us mad." His eyes cross, really, but he only has one showing so ya know, it does look a bit funny.

Madeline waves cheerfully to Alicia - then seeing a group of Pirates together at one part of the obstacle course, she jobs that way. "I couldn't get it work," she tells Gabriel - apparently haven't chatted with him about the potion she was trying to learn. "I can always try again next weekend!"

Hooch hums 'tip toe through the tulips' as she applauds Samira and gestures her towards the prize tent. "Well done!"

The pixies might not be the only thing attracting young ladies to the races, as they are being run by Professor Silvanus Kettleburn. The handsome Care of Magical Creatures Professor waits for his student aide to finish taking "bets" on the next race before releasing the pixies once more into the caged course. Caged, and heavily enchanted to keep the pixies contained, because losing control of a dozen Cornish Pixies is trouble only Peeves could enjoy.

Samira's bright smile widens at Hephaesta's applause. With a flourish the bows gracefully. "Thank you! Thank you, ya habibti!" She laughs and bows as well to the others adding their applause. Clasping her hands behind her back, she nods to Madam Hooch, then turns to watch and see who might come in second place and then third.

Erica licks a bit of chocolate from her lips and looks towards the pixie racing. "Are you going to go try? I'll watch and cheer and hold your chocolate for you. I promise I won't nibble on anything more than my leg." She slides a finger in a 'X' over her heart, crossing it.

Alicia couldn't help but be a little jealous of Hephaesta Mulciber as she watched the other student land so gracefully. Alicia decided she would try and get more practice. The redhead wiped her eyes with a hankerchief and decided she'd get more practice after the pixie races. For now, Alicia slung her broom over her shoulders and moved on over to Kettleburn and his pixies to place a bet.

Gabriel claps Felix good naturedly, if a bit hard, on the back. Seems the summer growth spurt has the poor boy a bit off his game when it comes to controlling his own body, "Its a good Pirates duty to save and provide opportunities for saving!" Whatever that means.

Then he listens to Cillian's story, nodding the whole while before answering Madeline, "Too much flobberworm slime maybe?" as they walk towards the begining of the obstacle course.

"That might have been it," Madeline muses as she walks. "It smeeeeeeelled something awful," she complains. "Hope I don't make that mistake again."

Samira soon looses interest in who will come in second and slinks off to stand with Hephaesta Mulciber. With an affectionate smile, she slips her arm around behind at her friend's waist. "I missed your flying. Did you win?" she asks with a slight tilt of her head.
Landon has reconnected.

Hephaesta shrugs, leaning into Samira. "It's not really a race, but I scored well. Let's go get our prizes. I hope mine is something I can take apart." She giggles, smiling brightly.

There's very likely almost no correlation between the fact that Professor Kettleburn is in charge of the races and Melody being enthralled in them. The older girl grins at Erica and shakes her head slightly, "No, I couldn't. I'd rather just watch." Then she counters with the same Hufflepuff encouragement, "Would you like to try? I think you'd be smashing, likely you'd win a prize." She has no illusions that she herself would be winning any prizes.

Alicia is distracted by a sound off in the distance. She looks left and right, trying to see the source of the sound. "How queer," Alicia murmurs to herself as she holds her broom closer. Alicia looks at the others near Professor Kettleburn, Melody and others, as if to see if they noticed the sounds.

Samira gives an impish laugh as she squeezes her friend. "Ah! Well, if mine is, we can trade. Let's go." Thus, she begins to leave her leg-braced friend slowly off to the prize tent. Blinking, Samira pauses, head lifted. "Do you hear that?" she asks Hephaesta. She rises to her tiptoes, looking off towards the woods.

Madeline had been walking and talking with her friends - but she pauses, her gaze going towards… the forest. "There's something in there," she says quietly. "Lots of somethings, I think." But nothing ever comes out of the forest! Does it? As long as you don't go in, it's fine!

Hephaesta arches an eyebrow at Samira. "Hear what?" The whole Field Day is such an overwhelming assault on the senses, she doesn't know what to pick out to listen to.

Landon misses the sound perhaps he's otherwise occupied with trying to figure out the game, though he does notice when people start to stop what they are doing and look over towards something he moves over closer to the group. "What is it?" he wonders while he looks about to the others now.

Cillian turns to head towards the start of the course with his compatriots. Then he opens his mouth and stares off into the distance. He's got limited vision but…it just means he has sharper hearing and such as his head cocks to the side with a slow blink. "Gunny. Cannonball. Did you hear that?"

At about the same time Madeline stops Gabriel does as well, trying to peer through the constantly moving bludgers in the bludger field they are walking by, "I can hear something but I can't see anything out there. Maybe its just normal animal noises a bit too close to the edge?" Turning away from the forest he starts heading towards the starting point of the obstacle course again. "So Cap'n? What is it about the island that drives people crazy?"

Erica hmmms in consideration and then shakes her head, "I think I've had enough excitement for one day." She is pretty oblivious to the sounds coming in the distance. Maybe it's just part of one of the carnival games? "Maybe chess? I'm quite excellent at chess. I beat my father at it quite often." She is fibbing about her skills, but it's a harmless white lie.

Felix tilts his head, nodding vehemently to Cillian. "Yeah! Um…hear what?" He shrugs to the other Pirates, looking to anyone else for a clue.

Alicia idly drums her fingertips over her broom handle. "I wonder if I should get aerial and see if I can see something," Alicia said aloud, to nobody in general. She seemed to decide against it, though. Alicia did not want to get into more trouble, so she found herself gravitating more towards the center of the group. In particular, she tries to stay near the Pirates, somehow figuring that they're the safest group to be near.

"But… do animals go… whoop?" Madeline asks in an uncertain tone. "It's sounds more like… people don't it?" Her gaze is still fixed on the forest. "It's definitely coming from over there."

"Do you?" Melody questions Erica, clearly impressed and never for a second questioning the statement. "That's…" Her thought breaks off, something not unusual for Mel, but the frown that furrows her brow isn't often seen. She looks toward the Forbidden Forest, pausing for a moment, eyes narrowing as if that will help her heading. Without excusing herself to Erica, Melody turns her attention back to Professor Manly Man, boldly stepping toward him, reaching a hand out without actually making contact, but in an attempt to draw his attention. "Professor Kettleburn, I think something isn't right. Do you hear…" But she's not sure exactly how to describe it, pointing instead.

"This be the first sign of goin' mad I tink…the 'earing tings." Cillian replies softly to Gabriel before shaking his head and looking between Felix and Madeline, marking their reactions before taking a deep breath as he raises his voice. "Sometime people in me Da's pub whoop when watchin' sometings exciting.." But he's just scanning for the nearest teacher, perhaps Tash or Hooch. "Excuse me, are we expectin' any special activities or such like a whooping contest or someting or ya know…how loud ye can be? From that direction?" He gestures in the direction Madeline is staring.

Professor Kettleburn has been gently explaining to Rubeus Hagrid why he can't take one of the Cornish Pixies out to pet it. But when Melody addresses him, he looks away from the half-giant lad to listen. "Hm? I don't he-…oh, bollocks. PREFECTS!" He bellows suddenly.

But before Kettleburn can deliver instructions to the Prefects, the sound of hoofbeats overtakes the noise of the carnival atmosphere. The ground rumbles faintly with the vibrations of many heavy hooves pounding the earth. As eyes turn toward the direction of the sound, the Forbidden Forest, the treeline suddenly bursts with activity. Dozens of centaurs, all clad in green, pour of the forest, spilling onto the open fields of Hogwarts' grounds. In the distance, the lumbering figure of Ogg the groundskeeper can be seen trying to wave the herd off, but they pay him no heed, speeding past before he can reach them as they angle toward the grassy knoll.

Augusta has been rather transfixed on the pirates, Gabriel in particular as the friends around her continue to gossip.. "Excuse me, inspiration has struck." She is without her design sketch book and so she heads back to the castle. The wander turns into a frightened run when the centaurs trample, "They're trying to kill us! Like the werewolf!" It seems Gryffindor courage fails her when it comes to being trampled by Centaurs.

Samira shakes her head, gazing off towards the forest. "I hear something… Hoofbeats." Her arm tightens around behind Hephaesta's waist. As the centaurs come into view, she says something sharp under her breath and draws her wand. She doesn't expect that she and Hephaesta can outrun them.

Alicia hears hoofbeats. Instantly, she grips her broom with both hands, getting ready to fly away if she needs too. When she sees the centaurs her jaw drops. "Okay. Okay. Okay Alicia, just stay calm, remember last time, don't antagonize them," Alicia says, giving herself a prep-talk in a panicked sort of voice as she waits to see what happens. She also looks around to see if there's anyone in trouble — with her broom, she could potentially rescue somebody if things went really bad.

Gabriel hasn't made it more than a few steps away from his group when it becomes clear the noises are not just animals, "Ok Maddy, maybe you were right." Spinning around he rejoins the Piratesand points at the climbing wall while he pulls his wand out of its 'scabbard'. "The wall! It'll be good cover from arrows!"

"The centaurs!" Madeline gasps. "What're they doing?" Her hand goes for her wand, though she lets it point at the ground, as she starts backing way from the creatures, looking around for the younger students. The first years won't know any spells, yet! As Gabriel points to the wall she adds, "Well, get the firsties there, then!" She starts hearding the youngest children that way.

Cillian's hand moves to tug his wand from the mysterious place that boy wizards can keep it down the back of their pants and there's a twirl of his wrist as he holds it at the ready but down as he exhales softly and opens his mouth and then nods as the Pirates read his brain and he doesn't have to give any orders. He nods to Felix aka Cannonball. "If ye see any Firsties runnin' the wrong direction, ye chase them back towards the wall, got it?" And then he's nodding to Gabriel as he takes off running, towards Augusta. "Alright, fair maiden, iffen ye'll just come this way, we 'ave protection waitin' for ye behind uh the wall, which be a clever guise for our ship…."

Tasciovanus runs forward, eyes boggling wide. "Oooooooh, eff-word. Yes! Maddie's right! Get the Firsties under cover! Five points to Gryffindor! Can I do that?" He hurries to usher the students behind the wall and other obstacles to get them out of direct danger.

Landon looks on as the burst of centaurs from the forest line. The fifth years eyes go wide a moment at the sight but though he's known to be clumsy and kind of quiet, but he is a Gryffindor for a reason and so he will begin helping the younger students who are moving back towards the castle he nods to Madeline's words about the younger students moving though to help out more students though wondering how fast the centaur's are looking about though he eyes Samira who seems to be standing her ground. "Can I help at all?" he calls over."

Felix nods and salutes, smacking his forehead. "Aye aye, Cap'n!" If there's one thing Felix has on his side, it's speed. Not compared to the centaurs, but certainly compared to most First Years. He darts off to play shepherd to the Firsties.

Lissie has been wandering about, rather too shy to try any of the carnival games. Not yet, anyway, though she has been eyeing the pixies with a sense of wonder. She is at the edge of the knoll, enjoying the outdoors, content to be here. Yet the sound of hoofbeats draws her and she moves towards the sound, rather than away. "Horses," she breathes at the familiar sound. Then her eyes widen as she sees the centaurs. There isn't any sense of fear in her expression, but rather an overwhelmed awe. She takes a couple of steps forwards, then drops to her knees, her mouth open in a round O. "They…. Oh!…." she breathes. "They *are* real! They are! And so…. beautiful…."

Ealisaid trills out a war cry as she takes up behind her herd. She is already pierced by a few arrows and her face is sprayed with blood. While her equine legs gallop after the herd her human form twists at the hips and in rapid fire launches as many arrows as she can back into the forest. When her hand reaches to the quiver and finds it empty her bow is passed off to another in the herd rushing by and she skids to a halt. Turning back around to face the forest she pulls her leather and wood shield from her back and draws an large axe from her belt and stands her ground glowering at the forest and shouting in the language of her people towards it. One does not have to speak Centaur to gather what she is saying is most likely challenges and insults.

Gabriel peels off from the crew in a completely different direction from Madeline and Cillian, so as to cover the most ground possible as quickly as possible. "First years, come on over to the climbing wall. Make sure you keep it between you and the centaurs, just in case they get frisky. Go, go, go, go!" Coincidentally it takes him in the direction of Samira and Hephaesta. When he's near them he adds an offer of help to Landon's, asking as informal as ever, "'Phae!? Do you need help getting under cover?"

Hephaesta takes her wand in hand, standing firm with Samira. "Sami, go get under cover. I'll be o-okay." She swallows hard, eyes wide and hands trembling, but trying to sound as brave as she can.

"Real and dangerous!" Madeline tells Lissie - trying to latch onto the girl's arm, and haul her up to her feet. "Com'on! They have arrows - get under cover!" she orders the other child.

Alicia shivered when she heard the war cry. Alicia watches Ealisaid with awe and terror. "They're shooting back into the forest? I don't think they're after us," Alicia said with a sigh of relief as she makes a dash for the wall, using the opportunity to grab one of the nearby first years to help them along to safety.

With her flaming red hair, Lissie is kind of hard to miss, and she's been kept in Melody's peripheral attention for quite some time now. As the Centaurs appear, Melody first moves to step in front of Erica, not really thinking about it, as she reaches down, bending to get her fingers around the wand in her boot. As she straightens she focuses on her youngest housemate, gasping in shock. "No!" Again, without thought, she moves to start toward Lissie, faltering steps turning into a run that stops with a skid when Madeline proves to be closer to the young girl. There's a moment of relief before Mel realizes she's put herself closer to the danger now. "Bother," she breathes, backing away and hoping not to be noticed.

At a careful, measured pace, Samira leads Hephaesta towards the wall where the first years are gathering. She arches a brow at Hephaesta. "Me? I want to see what they'll do up close," with a big of a grin, a contradiction of the tension in her form. "There's no rush. I'll just keep you company until you're hidden." Glancing off towards Gabriel, she gives a small nod as he offers his help. She glances off towards the centaurs and blinks to realize one is already bright with blood. She narrows her eyes and nudges Hephaesta towards Gabriel. "Why don't you get him safely to where the other children are. I'll be right there."

A dozen or so powerful looking centaurs form a line beside Ealisaid, the blonde centauress, all with weapons drawn and facing the forest. Then the forests's edge explodes a second time, this time spewing forth another herd, all clad in much darker green, howling and hollering war cries and brandishing spears and bows.

Cyrene gallops at the head of the herd, along with several other centaurs surrounding a central figure — a much older centaur. As the herd nears the ribbons ringing the festival grounds, the dark-maned centauress lifts her bow over her head with both hands. "Help us! PLEASE!"

"Let go!" Lissie shakes her arm away from Madeline, though she does get to her feet. "Look." Then she speaks louder. "They're shooting *into* the for…. oh my. Maybe they're protecting us." Then she hears the she-centaur. "There! See? They need help! We can't just watch them kill each other!" She pulls out her wand, though goodness knows what good she'll do with it.

Cillian is kneeling near Augusta until she decides to run towards the wall and such and his eye is lingering on the centaurs, studying their movements carefully before he takes a deep breath and looks around warily before eyeing his wand and then eyeing the forest and he huffs softly. "I just /had/ to forget me sword…" He does however, bow deeply when they near closer, trying to be respectful as he's scared crapless, but he reeeally trusts his pirates to do the rounding up of peeps. "Mad Maggie." He intones when he hears Lisse's comments. "Let 'er know we'll do everyting we can to 'elp…the teacher's would deduct points if we didn't."

Gabriel offers Hephaesta an arm as Samira encourages her to come with him. But then he freezes for a moment, taking a few seconds to take in the full scene as the second herd appears. Then he hollers in his best gunnery seargeant voice, "The first group is just defending themselves! They're not attacking us!" Before starting to move again, helping his housemate as best as she allows since there's still the possibility of arrows flying their way, regardless of if the professors decide to help the embattled herd or not.

Alicia made sure the first year she was helping was behind a wall. It seems that.. the centaurs need help? Alicia blinked. But pulled out her wand. Someone needed help, and she knew that centaurs weren't /bad/ creatures. She knelt down, ready to burst into action if one of the older students gave the go-ahead. That little voice inside her head was yelling at her to stop, but she knew she couldn't just /ignore/ a cry for help…

"You don't even know how to use that thing yet!" Madeline tells the girl, tugging at her arm. "Gosh - why aren't you a Gryffindor - come on! Leave it for the Prefessors and older students!" she insists. "…please? The other centaurs are gonna start firing our way soon!"

Erica is Melody's shadow and clings to her older friend in an attempt to keep them both safe. Tears of fright are in her eyes but she points towards the form of the littler Abbernathy through the crowd. "Is that him?"

Hephaesta clings to Gabriel's offered arm, accepting what help she can get to move a little faster. His words cause her to look up and reexamine the situation. "Merlin…you're right. Do…do we trust them?"

Landon stops when his help isnt heard or needed perhaps. He looks back to the centaurs and spots the second group. He hasnt retreated far enough that he can still hear the lady centaur's pleas though also the first year. "Arrows dont know friend from foe. Get to saftey with the others. His own wand is brought to hand now though also quite unsure what all he can do to be of any help really.

Samira makes her way to the edge of the field, having entrusted Hephaesta to Gabriel's care. Holding her wand with care, she observes the two sets of centaurs with care, not yet taking any further action. Though her posture is tense, her expression seems more curious than anything else.

"What does nae bein' a Gryffindor have a thing to dae wi' it?" Lissie asks. She starts backing away from the fight, though it is a hesitant, irresolute movement. "My mum said I ought ne'er tae turn awa from someone as needed help. Is nae why theer's a Hitler?" Her brogue comes out thickly, and then she starts spesking in animated, distressed Scots Gaelic. She can't help it. Frustrated tears run down her face as she wavers between a sense of duty and self-preservation.

The first herd, in the purple wraps and sashes, spreads out and slows to a halt as they reach the ribbon border, none crossing it. Cyrene, the female centaur with the tendril-like hair, casts her bow to the ground. "Please," she begs to the nearest humans she sees, which happen to be Lissie, Madeline, and any other students nearby. "Our Chief is hurt. We come in peace. Please!" She raises her voice in panic, glancing back at the conflict arising between the pursuing herd and the handful of warriors engaging them.

Melody backs right into Erica after only a half step, and she spins to face the other girl. She looks shocked, a momentary pause before her eyes follow Erica's pointing finger and there's a second of relief as Mel sees her brother Eoin hurrying to safety with his second year friends. But in a second she realizes that not only is she rather in the open, but Erica is as well. "Stay behind me," she hisses as she turns back toward what are now two Centaur herds. "Oh Merlin."

Ealisaid shouts to her left and shouts to her right at her fellow warriors. The axe in her hand twirling in agitation and intimidation towards the enemy herd. Every other warrior that is aimed with a bow about face so their strong back legs are able to buck anything that comes out, with their bows pointed the same direction. Staggered between them facing the forest chuffing and gnashing their teeth and belting out war cries are those equipped with more short ranged combat weapons. When the enemy war party comes bursting forth from the forest hooves, arrows, clubs and blades all flurry. Ealisaid rears up and the sharp brambles woven around her front hooves like deadly socks strike out at a centaur twice her size. With a snarl she takes a heavy blow from his club to her shield. The crunching shock wave loud and rattling. But she only buckles a moment and as she rights up she swings her axe is a slash upwards that strikes her enemy in the belly and he goes tumbling back towards the forest his human portion trying to hold closed the opened wound.

"Yeah, unless you really can't help!" Madeline insists. "Would you expect a toddler to fight Hitler? You don't know how to use magic, and you don't have anything else to fight with! Faster! Live and learn and next time you can help!"

Gabriel motions Landon over and when the older student is close enough he explains how to make an 'arm-chair'. Once their arms are linked in a square Gabriel encourages Hephaesta to sit so that they can just carry her to safety, "Don't run too fast. My legs are shorter than yours and we don't want to drop her. I think the pixie's booth is closer cover than the climbing wall right now!"

Alicia bites her lip and decides it's time to go. Alica emerges from behind the wall and has her wand at the ready, and her broom for that matter. "What can we do?!" Alicia calls out in the general direction of the two centaurs.

Cillian looks around warily before looking back to Cyrene, biting his bottom lip and bowing again as he takes a few steps forward. "Ah, kind Mistress, I am Captain Cillian Peele and I can tell ye that if ye 'ave a hurt chief, I'm sure all of us would be more than honored to 'elp ye, however we can." He glances over towards the real…commotion and his eye widens, he's seen stuff like this…in his dreams and he takes a deep breath, focusing on Cyrene. He doesn't swear out loud though. But he almost did.

Samira glances off towards the teachers and prefects, most of whom have their hands full wrangling the younger students. She approaches to stand closer with Lissie and Madeline and faces Cyrene. "I can patch her up until she gets to a proper healer, if you need," she offers.

"I know first aid, though!" Lissie shakes her head. "Though only Muggle first aid, and not much of it. I know the parts of a horse, which you're not, not at all, but I know th' bottom parts, if I'm makin' any sense. I'll do what I can. I will. Until a proper healer comes." She looks at the older students. "We've just got to help. Even if I'm considered a useless toddler."

Erica reaches to take Melody's hand, so she's easily led. "What should we do? Should we go get Nurse Spleen!? I can go get Nurse Spleen if you want to go take care of your brother?"

Landon nods to Gabriel he gets the idea at least and he will make the motion so they can begin helping carry the other to saftey. He will keep an even pace though he keeps taking a look back towards the battle and the centaurs in need of help. "What can we do to help them they are in danger too." He speaks mostly to himself perhaps but thinking it all through.

Madeline is looking more and more put out by her intractable first year charge. "Look - I might be able to help some if you could just get to cover! But I can't help them until I've helped you - because they can look after themselves better'n you can!" she shouts at the girl. "Get behind the wall!"
What could she do, anyways? Shrink the other centaurs' weapons, maybe. That'd be kind of funny, actually.

Samira arches a brow and stares at Lissie as if she had offered to juggle purple apricots to heal the centaurs. It's obvious Samira considers her a useless toddler, shaking her head before looking back to Cyrene.

As they jog towards the pixie booth Gabriel answers Landon, even if he was just talking to himself, "First we protect our own, then we help them any way we can." As the jog past Madeline he can't help but call out to her, "He Maddy!? She remind you of anyone!?" Finally reaching the pixie booth he helps Landon settle Hephaesta back down on her feet, now safely under cover.

Ogg seems to have found a club…which may have recently been a small tree. He comes rushing in to join the line of purple-clad centaurs, swinging his club wildly and batting back several centaurs with unexpected strength.

Cyrene nods to her fellow centaurs, and they part a tight circle of them to reveal the one they've been protecting: a hulking, powerful looking centaur with faded ginger-and-gold hair and shrewd water-blue eyes. He is pierced with a half dozen or so arrows, and by the amount of blood on him, it's a miracle he's still standing. He does so with the support of a pair of strong, younger centaurs on either side of him. "May we pass?" Cyrene pleads, gesturing to the flimsy ribbons between the herd and the humans.

All this time Melody had been holding onto the remains of her chocolate pirate with the hand not gripping her wand. Now she immediately drops the sweet, and threads her fingers with Erica's. "Eoin will be alright, he's smart and will stay with the others. Let's go get Madame Spleen." She nods to Erica quickly, then leads the other girl away, back to a run, heading for the castle while most attention is still focused elsewhere.

Samira blinks, catching sight of the thoroughly wounded centaur. The patch-up spell might not quite cut it. Glancing over her shoulder at the school, she shrugs and nods. "As long as you don't aim those arrows at any students? I expect so… I can try and slow some of that bleeding first though. Better chance that he'll make it to our nurse."

Lissie looks up at Cyrene, then darts forwards and grabs the ribbon in both hands. Fiercely, angrily she tugs it downwards to the ground. "Pass, please pass. It's all I ken dae for you." She bows her head, then turns away.

Leaving Landon and Hephaesta behind Gabriel runs over to the purple clad centaurs and comes to a sliding stop next to Samira. Whipping his blue-and-bronze bandanna out of his pocket he yells out to anyone that can hear, "Cloth! We need strips of cloth!" before talking to Samira in a more normal volume, "We need to stabilize the arrows. If we cut the ribbons off the pole we could ties them off so they move less…" while he speaks his head is whipping around, looking to see what else they can use to help at least stabilize the large centaur until a real healer shows up…

Cyrene nods firmly to Samira, furrowing her brow. "We are no enemy to humans," she insists. When the little First Year is the one to pull down the barrier, Cyrene smiles in endeared amusement. "Thank you, little one." She looks back to her people and says something unintelligible to human ears, and the herd begins to move forward, helping their Chief along.

Professor Kettleburn and Tash race across the fields to join the students speaking with the centaurs. They arrive just as the centaurs begin to cross the boundary into the field. "Merlin's beard," Kettleburn huffs, out of breath. "Right…take him to the pavilion. We'll treat him there. Prince, if you can help, come along."

Up above, Madam Hooch soars about on her broom, surveying the conflict below while staying out of arrow range (she hopes).

Samira glances to Gabriel, but before the Student Healers can offer any of their feeble assistance, she looks to Professor Kettleburn. With a nod, she follows along, grasping her wrist behind her back as her other hand keeps a firm hold on her wand.

Ealisaid regains her hooves when the warrioer next to her kicks with his back legs and uses his bow as a stabilizer with her to help her stand back up. A quick not of gratitude is given to the warrior and then a centaur in a green sash is right on top of the centuar that's just helped her. Her comrade screams and then is silent and crumples. Rage embodied Ealisaid adds to the pile by leaping on her enemy and just bashing down her broken shield down on the enemy. She bites, kicks and slashes at him in a wild whirlwind of attacks screaming in her tongue, «"Cowards! We don't have it! Fools!!"» The line is breaking and when she realizes she's literally beating on a dead horse her eyes wildly take in the surroundings and briefly check behind them all to check on the non-combatives making sure they aren't in any harm from the humans.

Alicia was out of sorts, to put it lightly. She wasn't sure what to do, but now it looks like the teachers are joining them and watching the scene. "Oh, gosh, twice in one week…" Alicia said to herself as she ran over to where Gabriel ran to and started to tear ribbons off of poles, handing a whole pile of them to Gabriel, "Is this enough?"

With Lissie finally moving towards the wall, Madeline breathes a sigh for relief. "Thank you!" she calls - just a hint of apology in that call. Then she turns and looks at Gabriel, sticking out her tongue at him. "You hush." She was never that-! …okay, maybe she was. Her gaze turns to the centaurs in green then, gesturing with her wand towards the bow one of them holds as she calls, "Reducio!" She'll shrink ALL the weapons if she has to! …if she can.

Landon sets the other down and nods that she's safe moving back now though what could be considered the wrong direction with his wand out. He is going towards the others who have wished to help the centaurs under assult. The fifth year isnt as quick as some so it takes a bit longer to get back to Samira's side and the other. "What can I do?" he looks to the teachers "Do.. we try and get close enough to help?" he asks.

"You're welcome." Lissie says this to Cyrene. She doesn't even turn to look at Madeline, instead staring down at the ground. She walks off at an angle, away from the herd to get out of their way, not really paying attention where she's going.

When she sees that her Chief is being taken safely to the pavilion, Cyrene turns her dark eyes back toward the conflict where her herdmates are in battle. Picking up her bow, she takes off at a gallop to join the fray, launching arrows at the enemy archers making things difficult for the warriors in purple.

Kettleburn and Tash clear away the prize tables in the pavilion to make room for the Chief. The massive centaur settles down on his knees, landing roughly as his strength begins to leave him. Kettleburn beckons over the students he knows have healer training, kneeling down by the Chief. "Apologies sir, but this will hurt. Alright, kids. I'm going to remove these arrows one by one. Think you can patch him up as we go?"

Hooch had disappeared from the sky for a short while. But if anyone is the rare folk not looking towards the forest and instead towards the castle they may spot Hooch coming out of the window of her quarters on a broom that for once isn't her Silver Arrow trademark. It's The Fambus Station Wagon Broom - a comfortable long distance travel broom for a family of six. She had it this year because she helped with getting students unable to take the Hogwarts Express to school here. With her bottom lip between her teeth and her hawk eyes narrowed with concentration she lands the broom at the climbing wall. "Should be able to fit more than six if they are all first years. Come on First years, first."

Cillian just steps back and aside and out of the way, hand moving to his head as it seems everybody else has things in hand and he opens his mouth and shuts it as he takes a deep breath, hand moving to his hip and his wand still gripped tightly as he looks past the purple centaurs to the conflict towards the forest, exhaling softly. Then he takes off running towards the forest, skidding to a stop towards the back of the herd as he sings softly to himself, "As I was a-walking down Paradise Street, To me way-aye, blow the man down. A pretty young damsel I chanced for to meet. Give me some time to blow the man down!" Just until he can get a good glimpse and he raises his wand when he can get a good view and he's taking a few steps backwards but his main focus is making sure the /bad/ centaurs aren't getting too close. He sees a flash of green and a bow and he's aiming for four legs. "Tarantallegra!"

Samira blinks, looking to Kettleburn. "I'm not sure a patch-up spell will be enough. But, I've got another spell from Egypt that can staunch the blood until something stronger is applied. This needs a wound-knitting spell, professor. Has someone gone to fetch Madam Spleen?"

Gabriel knows what he's doing in this situation and secure in this knowledge he's not really waiting for instructions. "If you're going to take them out cut the shaft and push it all the way through if its not near a vital organ. Don't pull them out! If they are near a vital organ I'll be right back with ribbons so we can stabilize them, don't try to remove those!" Going into what he calls his 'medic' mode he rushes towars the poles with their silver ribbons and, oblisvious to the danger of possibly taking an arrow himself, uses his wands to quickly cut lengths of ribbon long enough to tie around the Chief's torso. Once he has enough of them he starts running back towards the pavillion the staff has taken the injured centaur to.

"Cap'n!" Madeline hisses quietly as Cillian starts moving closer to the battle - and follows after him. He shouldn't be on his own out here. Better that they watch each others' backs. Right? Her heart thudding in her chest - she aims a spell at another of the green-clad centaurs. "Reducio!" she calls - more softly than she had from a distance.

Kettleburn nods to Samira. "Aye. But until she gets here, I need you two. Do what you can." Bracing a hand on the centaur's hide, he gives a tug and pulls the first arrow free with a sickening squelching sound. "Not an option for some of these, Ward." Indeed, many of the arrows are sticking out of either of the Chief's torsos, but not penetrating all the way through. "Prince, do it!"

Alicia stood around and watched Gabriel and the rest working. The process was fascinating, enough to where Alicia forgot that she was fearing for her life. She was still holding onto her broom, just in case she needed to zip away at light speed.

Landon gulps but nods moving forward he cannot simply sit and watch as others react and so he quickens to catch up wand raised "Impedimenta." he calls aiming the spell to slow one of he assaulting centaurs at least but the others sometime."

((At this point, the scene split into two. The battle continuing in another log.

Lissie finally looks up when she is sure she's out of the way of the herd. She hasn't made it to the rock, though, and instead has ended up near the caged pixie course. She sighs, looking around, then sits down on the other side of the cage from the battle. "You're right nuisances," she murmurs. "Pixies. But if they get close enough tae trample you, s'pose I'll give openin' the cage a go so's you doan die." She shakes her head, then buries her face in her hands to have a good cry where hopefully no one is watching her.

At the orders of the most senior warrior, Cyrene and some fellow scouts fall back to guard the knoll as a second line of defence, should the other herd break through. She stands with an arrow nocked, periodically glancing back to the pavilion where her Chief struggles to cling to life.

Samira fixates on the wound that Kettleburn leaves as he removes the arrow. It's far too deep for a patch-up spell to be effective. And thus, she executes a different spell. "Sanguinio," she says with an Arabic accent. A vivid red light flows into the centaur and although the wound doesn't close, not a drop of blood leaks from it.

On his way back to the healing tent Gabriel see both Alicia and Lissie sitting around doing nothing. So he deviates just enough to grab each girl by an arm and pull them along with him to the healing tent. Once they are there he rips off his baldric and his shirt then hands the shirt over to the girls, "Here! Cut this up into big squares. We'll need them to stop the bleeding until Madam Spleen shows up." Then he goes back to the Chief and hands Kettleburn and Samira the ribbons, "If those arrows are barbed you're going to do a lot of damage pulling them out. Us these ribbons to stabilize the arrows instead them pack the cloth squares the girls are cutting around them, putting pressure on them to minimize the bleeding along with using Samira's spell."

Alicia was more than happy to help out. Alicia blinked a bit as Gabriel tore his baldric off, but nodded and got right to helping tear the cloth apart. "Usually it's not /this/ exciting," Alicia said as an aside to Lissie.

Professor Kettleburn smirks at Gabriel, holding up the bloodied arrowhead. "Then it's a good thing I took at look at the arrows that struck your carriages, isn't it? Stone heads, no barbs. This isn't the first time I've done this, lad. Come along, lend your hands along with your tongue."

"I…. I know a little basic Muggle first aid, if't'll be of any use," murmurs Lissie, then repeats it in a somewhat more audible voice. She looks at Alicia, then clears her throat. "And make sure there's not too many threads poking out. They're not comfortable in a bandage."
You paged Melody with 'Sounds excellent. :)'

The burly Chief centaur groans as the next arrow is examined. "That one," he rumbles, "is deep."

Samira's attention is too focused on the centaur to pay Lissie's idiotic offer of Muggle first-aid any mind. "That should hold for a few minutes. I might need to cast it again." As Kettleburn prepares to extract the one the centaur warns is deep, Samira takes a deep, steadying breath and prepares to cast again.

Alicia nods and starts to work more carefully. "I'll try," Alicia said to Lissie before adding, "I sure am glad you two know all this, you and Gabriel, I feel like I have a lot of learning to do…"

When Melody and Erica arrive at the castle at a run, they find the alarm had already been raised by other students who were on the fringes of the excitement. As Madame Spleen rushes to the aide of Kettleburn and the students assisting him, other professors hurry to assist with the conflict. Trailing in the wake of Madame Spleen, making sure she knows exactly where to go, Melody then leads Erica to find Eoin and safety.

Gabriel doesn't need to be told twice. Hopping right on into the thick of things he waits for each arrow to be pulled and for Samira to cast her spell. As soon as that happens he quickly slaps a pad of ex-shirt onto the wound then uses a ribbon to tie it down, tightening the improvised bandages enough to make the centaur grunt slightly with each tug.

Samira gives Gabriel an appreciative nod as he applies those bandages. She waits until Kettleburn has pulled out that second, deep arrow before she casts her spell a second time. "Sanguineo!" The bright red light shoots into the wound, staunching the bleeding, but not closing the wound. Catching Madam Spleen's arrival out of the corner of her eye, she smiles with relief. "Madam! I've stopped the bleeding, but it won't last."

Madam Spleen strides into the tent with purpose, fortunately already having been advised that her patient is a centaur. "Very good, children. Thank you, Professor," she nods to Kettleburn. "I'll take it from here. Miss Prince, focus on your spell, this may take a moment." She kneels down beside the Chief, incanting "Vulnera Sanentur", and waving her wand over the open wound. As she continues the motion, it begins to stitch itself together, but the process is not instantaneous.

"I don't know all about anything," answers Lissie. Rip. Rip. "More like I don't know much of anything. Except how tae rip things." She is still crying, though she makes sure to keep the wet off of the cloth. "Leastways at home I was o' some use tae someone."

Alicia smiled. "Well, it's better than nothing," Alicia said.

A large shadow looms over Alicia and Lissie, but it isn't a centaur. Rubeus Hagrid fusses over them, finally finding his voice. "Can I help?" He points meekly at their scraps of fabric.

Once Madam Spleen arrive Gabriel takes a step back to give her space to work. That's when he catches a snippet of Lissie and Alicia's conversation. Taking a few steps over to them he leans a hip against the table they're working on and smiles at the firstie, "This is a whole new world for you, Lissie. And I know how you feel, I was in your shoes three years ago." Smiling a little wider he pats her on the back, "Just buckle down, study for your classes and pay attention to what's going on around you. You'll get the swing of things soon enough. Things happen a lot differently here than where we come from."

Samira keeps close at hand, even after Madam Spleen returns. "Yes, ma'am," she says with a nod. She smiles as the wound closes so elegantly. Her blood flow hex holds just long enough. The effect of her additional casting has even caused what glistening blood has escaped to crawl back into the wound just as it closes.

Lissie looks up at the half-giant, then hands up some of the un-torn cloth. "Dunnae if they even need it now," she murmurs. "But if y'want, ken join us in the tearin'." She shakes her head, shrugging her shoulder away from the touch on her back. She doesn't respond, merely bowing her head lower.

Gabriel smiles at Rubeus and nods, "Any help is welcome." before leaning down a bit to murmur so only Lissie can hear, while he points at the work going on with the cnetaur's wound. "Like that. Back home we'd be using needle and surgical thread to fix that. The spell fixes it faster and make infection almost a non-issue." His attention is fixed on the work too and he's ready to jump back in if Madam Spleen needs him for anything.

"Ward, we're not done with you." Madam Spleen says sharply. "Do not forget that a Healer must tend to a patient in both body and soul. Comfort him. Gather information I might need."

Rubeus nods and settles beside Lissie with a heavy THUMP. He picks up some of the cloth, and tries to delicately tear it the way he's seen the girls do it. "I saw you pull down the ribbons ter let them in," Rubeus says softly to Lissie. "I think tha' was really brave."

Gabriel pushes off the table immediately in response to Madam Spleen's instructions. Walking up the the centaur chief he says, "Hello there. My name is Gabriel Ward. I'm sorry we're having to cause you pain. Is there anything you can tell us that we might be missing in treating you? Or anything we can do to help you feel more comfortable?" Finding the right questions to ask is a bit hard, after all, the young healler-want-to-be has never thought about studying centaur medical needs before…

Samira steps back to let Madam Spleen and Gabriel work, but as Kettleburn prepares to remove another arrow, she lifts her wand, ready to renew her hex if necessary.

"It is good… healing like that," murmurs Lissie, nodding to Gabriel. She hiccups, then nods. But it is Rubeus who makes her smile. "Brave? Me? Nae…. was only what had tae be done. The *right thing*. I was closest, so I did it. But… thank you." She, too, hears Madam Spleen. "Comfort. Comfort. Aye, an' tha's a thing that doesn't need magic," she adds to herself in a whisper. Then she begins to sing softly. It isn't so loud as to make it hard for anyone to hear the centaur speak, but a lilting, gentle undertone. "Oh, the summertime has come, and the trees are sweetly blooming…"

The thickly built centaur arches a bushy eyebrow at Gabriel, then begins to chuckle, a deep rumble that gives way quickly a wince of pain. "Good lad. Tell your elder that I have faith in her skills. The omens favoured this meeting." He lifts a heavy hand to rest on Gabriel's shoulder. "I am Torrigan, Chief of the Starchasers. You are a curious little wizard, applying your hands to heal instead of magic. You heal like a cent-…nggh…" He grits his teeth as another arrow is pulled free, Gabriel's bandages quickly applied along with Samira's spell to staunch the blood loss.

Rubeus shrugs his broad shoulders. "My Dad says tha' mos' people ain't brave enough ter do the righ' thing." He gives Lissie a warm, chubby-cheeked smile of encouragement.

Samira glances at Lissie with irritation as the child starts singing softly. It's a bit distracting, but as Kettleburn yanks out another arrow, she refocuses lifting her wand. She is ready to cast if needed. For a moment, the wound gapes, but no blood flows from it. But then, the effects begin to fade. A single drop eases out. "Sanguineo!"

As Samira casts the Blood Flow Hex yet again, Professor Kettleburn glances up at her with a discerning eye. "When this is over with, you're going to have to let us know just what that spell is." A stern look from Madam Spleen silences him for the moment, but even she casts a look of concern to Samira.

Gabriel smiles at the centaur as he applies another bandage, "well met, Torrigan of the Starchasers. It is an honor to be able to help you." in a lower volume he adds, "To tell the truth I'm hoping to be able to combine multiple ways of healing but for now I am focused on learning the Wizarding way." Unlike Samira, Gabriel glances momentarily at Lissie with an encouraging smile and a wink, perhaps catching on to what she's trying to do with her singing.

"Your da' sounds pretty smart," whispers Lissie between verses. "Dae y'see anythin' else tae rip about this weight?" She continues the song, then, picking up the pile of the cloth they've torn and walking it over to Gabriel. She smiles and holds it out, switching to a soothing hum instead of words.

Samira smiles in satisfaction as the renewal of her spell holds even with the irritating singing of the little Hufflepuff. Glancing up to Kettleburn, having caught his words, her smile brightens. "Of course, professor. I'd be glad to."

Alicia can't help but whistle along — she does love music, after all!

From the castle a small mob of professors speed through towards the Forest.

Rubeus tries to whistle along as well, chuckling and lamenting, "I wish I had my flute."

With each new arrow, it's the same story. Pain, controlling the bleeding, and Madam Spleen sealing up the wound. The gathered centaurs look on in astonishment at the miraculous healing abilities of the witches and wizards. At last, Madam Spleen wipes her brow and lowers her wand. "He's going to need a lot of rest, and I'd like to apply some restorative potions. We'll need to get him to the hospital wing. I can't properly tend him out here."

Kettleburn hops to his feet. "I'll fetch my cart." More than once he's needed to move a larger animal that was unable to move on its own.

Gabriel thanks Lissie for the pile of strips and starts to fold them into pads, "Good job, Lissie. And thanks for help comfort our patient." Turning to Torrigan he asks, "I know they are not comfortable and they have to be tight but are the bandages too tight? You seem to have some very high pain tolerance so its hard to tell if I'm tightening them too much."

Samira steps back looking more pleased than she ever has. Tucking her wand away, she clasps her hands behind her back. Only now does she shift her attention to the rest of the centaurs, taking in each of them with keen interest.

Torrigan grunts and nods to Gabriel. "You've done fine work, Gabriel. You are a credit to your name." He sighs heavily, shoulders slumping in exhaustion.

More than a few of the other centaurs are also wounded, though none as gravely as Torrigan, it seems. Madam Spleen sees to a few more as she waits for Kettleburn's cart, and the centaurs themselves see to their own wounded.

Cyrene soon appears in the pavilion, casting her keen gaze around. "He lives?" Seeing her Chief without the arrows protruding from him, she breathes a heavy sigh of relief. "Blessed stars." She gestures outward, toward the forest. "More wizards have joined the fight. The Swift Arrows will surely fall back soon."

Samira follows after Madam Spleen, tending to the minor wounds so that Madam Spleen can busy herself with the deeper ones. While not nearly as skilled as the school nurse, she proves herself fairly competent, healing split lips, broken noses and whatnot. As Cyrene approaches the pavillion, Samira glances over at her, watching her with interest.

"Is theer anything else I can do?" Lissie looks up at Gabriel, then over to the centaur. She licks her lips, then bobs her head to him in embarrassed respect. She glances over at Kettleburn and Spleen, avoiding Samira's gaze. She does, though, turn to smiole at Alicia and Rubeus.

Gabriel nods to Samira as the work on the chief is finished, "Excellent work. If you're willing I would like to learn that spell. It was very useful." Then, realizing there are other wounded he starts making the rounds helping where and how he can until told to do otherwise. Every now and then he glances wistfully towards the forest. He chose to be a healer rather than a fighter this time around but clearly he wouldn't mind being part of the action either.

Alicia smiles at Lissie. "You did good, Lissie," Alicia said in between whatever she was working on.

In between it all he does take a moment to answer Lissie, "Walk around. Do what you clearly know how to do well and welcome them, make them feel at home and try to help calm them down."

Samira looks at Gabriel with a bit of a smirk. "Ah, you wish to know such a spell? It is ancient magic… not even practiced at St. Mungo's, I think," she tells him before continuing on, mending the minor hurts. As Lissie continues to avoid her gaze, Samira ignores her completely.

Cyrene looks down at Lissie, tilting her head at Gabriel's words. "You granted us safe passage, little witch. On behalf of my herd, I am grateful to you. If not for your kindness, this meeting might have gone very differently for us."

"I…." Lissie blinks, then nods. "Water. Or… weel. Something tae drink. An' maybe a wee bite for eatin' too. My da' always needed a drink when he were in a sweat, an' somethin' in his stomach after a hard day wi' th' sheep. Dae we hae' any food or drink here? An'…." She nods again, then smiles, wiping her sleeve over her eyes. She walks over to the other centaurs, then looks up at Cyrene. "You needed help. It was th' right thing tae do. You needed help an' y'asked. Thank you…. but I couldna do nothin' else…" She bobs her head. "Theer's room tae rest an' such here, an' those wi' more skills will be healin' those who need it. If theer's anything else needed, I can let the others know so they can get them…"

Soon Kettleburn has returned with his cart. With the aid of the centaurs, Torrigan is loaded into it, and the centaurs themselves insist on pulling it. The faculty ushers the students back to the safety of the castle, promising that they'll have more opportunities to speak to the centaurs if Headmaster Dumbledore allows it.

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