(1940-09-05) Some Field Day Aftermath
Details for Some Field Day Aftermath
Summary: Some of the students injured in the skirmish with the centaurs get patched up and talk about the events of the day.
Date: 1940-09-05
Location: Hospital Wing, Hogwarts Castle
Plot: Centaur Civil War
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Having been helped up the stairs by Elspeth, Madeline gratefully collapses onto one of the cots. She sits on it - her miniature bow set beside her, and both hands wrapped carefully around the spear to stabilize it. That's a looooot of blood dripping down her leg - isn't it? Has she ever lost that much blood? She doesn't think so. And, oh gosh, does this hurt. Her breathing starts to pick up in pace - before she focuses in on it, and forces it to slow down. You're alright, she tells herself silently. Just fine. Madame Spleen's patched up lots worse.

Landon helps Cillian to a nearby bed to rest before he himself is guided to another. He flops down upon it not looking at his shoulder or well the arrow sticking out of it. The fifth year looks over instead to the other who was with them Madeline though yes she'll be alright he doesn't think he did a good job keeping people safe like he should have.

Gabriel's eyes go wide as he sees two of the Pirates walk in with injuries. As soon as his duties permit he comes over to Madeline's bed, "What happened out there? Are you two OK? Here, take this!" He hands over a pain killer potion and waits for her to drink it, "After it takes effect I'll pull out the spear and bandage it up until Madam Spleen can come patch it up."

"I'm keeping the spear. It's mine," Madeline declares - taking the potion and downing it without anymore prompting. "I went to help that girl and get her behind cover - only she wouldn't go because she said she needed to help - even though she's a first year and couldn't possibly help! So when she finally went to go find cover, I went to help, because I told her I would if she went, and so I started shrinking weapons so they couldn't hurt each other, only one of them threw their shrunk spear at me and to me! And the Cap'n was making 'em dance, but then one of them danced right on top of him! And Longbottom was…" What spell had Landon been using? She didn't see. "He got shot with an arrow!"

He chuckles at the declaration from the younger student. Landon is able tor relax a bit more as if she's thinking about keeping the spear then it must be okay. The fifth year looks over when she speaks about him getting shot with an arrow. "I went to help, as well he missed me the first time but the second arrow.." well its obvious given its still there and the like.

Gabriel leaves Madeline for a moment to give Landon the same pain killing potion he gave his fellow Pirate. "Drink it down, it'll make the pain go away so we can work on you." He watches Madam Spleen bustle around taking care of the various injuries that have come in after the confrontation with the centaurs but after a moment he returns to Madeline. "OK Maddie. This shouldn't hurt now." Putting a hand on her thigh, right at the base of the miniaturized spear, he grabs it firmly with his other hand and just yanks. Once the spear is out he grabs some bandages from the little rolling table that he's pushing around with him and bandages the wound, "You know this'll go back to normal size and they won't let you keep it then, right?"

Despite the pain-numbing potion, Madeline winces when she spear is pulled out. It's supposed to hurt - even if it doesn't. She just for a moment, she can see a dramatic increase in the amount of blood gushing out. "Yeah, but… there's got to be a way to make it stick!" she insists. "I got it - from the centaurs. It's mine!" 'Got it' might be a strong way of putting it. "…I'm not losing too much blood, am I? It seems like a lot. You press on it - to make it stop. Right?"

Landon takes down the potion not being able to feel his shoulder will be a good thing at least for the moment until the arrow is removed and the wound is patched up. "Cheers." he comments and will let the potion take effect. He looks over though "You'll be alright Evans." he says calmly though he is sitting waiting for the pain to leave him or at least lessen a good bit from its current amount.

The answer to Madeline's question about applying pressure comes non-verbally in the way Gabriel tightens the bandage to what would be a mildly uncomfortable level if Maddie could feel pain, And she can definitely feel the pressure. Her other question he answers with, "No, you're not even close to loosing a dangerous amount yet. And well, Professor Pettigrew might be able to make it permanent for you. But it takes an awefully powerful cast to make it happen." As he speaks he's bustling over to Landon and preparing to remove the arrow from his shoulder, "So we're lucky here. The arrows are not barbed so this is going to be…" YANK! "…simple. There we go, now I just have to bandage it until Madam Spleen can come over and heal it." Putting action to words he starts wrapping Landon's shoulder, making the bandages tight enough to stop the bleeding.

"Yeah… okay, if you're sure." Madeline does seem reassured by both Landon and Gabriel's words. When Gabriel goes away to tend to Landon, though, the girl reaches up to roughly brush the back of her hand over both eyes, though. Now that she's sitting, and in an infirmary, it's starting to hit her - just how scary, and dangerous, and possibly stupid everything had been. Is she going to get in trouble with the Professors? But it was important - it was protecting people! Right?

He goes wide-eyed when the arrow is yanked by besides a gasp he doesn't show much of anything of the pain or extreme pressure he did feel when that happened. "Thanks." he says with slightly gritted teeth, but the thanks is meant though he will be able to at least lean back on the bed now and wait to be patched up.

Gabriel pats Landon on the shoulder and smiles at him, "You probably felt some pressure but any pain right now should be imaginary. The potion should have taken it all away. The bandage will stop the bleeding until Madam Spleen can heal the wound but it was nice and simple so it shouldn't even leave a scar." He goes back once more to Madeline's bed to make sure she's OK, "Need anything else Maddie?" before going back to help everyone else.

"No. I, umm, I'm fine," Madeline answers Gabriel - giving him a brave smile. "You should make sure the Cap'n's alright. I mean - that centaur stepped on him. I'm around horses enough to know how dangerous that is." She really hopes he doesn't have bleeding - inside.

Landon looks up from his now relaxed position on the bed and nods "Pressure, think it was more shock of seeing the arrow come out made it hm. More real perhaps when i'd been trying my best to ignore it." He knows this doesn't make much sense but its the best explanation he's got. "Yeah he's hopefully not hurt too bad maybe just bruised up a bit and all?"

Gabriel is about to go look at Cillian when Madam Spleen beats him to it. Having seen the fourth year Gryffindor pass out she bustled over to figure out exactly what is wrong with him. Since she hasn't called him over Gabriel stays out of her way, letting her work without interruptions on his friend. Instead he goes to get a large pitcher of water and going around the occupied beds filling up bedside glasses.

"Yeah… hopefully," Madeline answers quietly - her gaze going towards Madame Spleen and Cillian. When Gabriel comes to her table with the water, she smiles gratefully and takes it, drinking down several good gulps. "Guess I would have been better off staying in the potions room! Huh?"

Its nice to be able to relax against the bed though he props the pillow up so he's more seated up than laying all the way down. "He'll be fine Evans." Landon says turning so he can look to the other "Was some good spell work today with the shrinking spells, been practicing?" he says to keep her mind from focusing too much on one thing for too long.

Alicia was a little out of breath when she came into the hospital wing. Alicia had scurried over as soon as she heard that Madeline was in trouble. Well, she /did/ stop long enough to pick some flowers into a makeshift bouquet, not knowing if she'd even be allowed to give them. Alicia also made it a point to grab Lissie and bring her too, figuring it'd be a good chance for Lissie and Maddie to make up. Alicia wasn't afraid to drag Lissie along, if she had to! "I-I'm here," Alicia panted!

Lissie looks like she'd rather be anywhere but here. Her eyes are rather red and she is looking at the ground more than anything. She is holding a handful of flowers too, hastily plucked. She doesn't say anything.

"Umm, well, as much as I could. I mean - not allowed to do magic, over the summer, obviously. I have to practice Transfiguration a lot, though," Madeline explains, murmuring quietly. As Alicia storms in, she brightens a little - greeting her with a smile - until her eyes lock onto Lissie. The smile immediately lapses into a guilty expression. "Oh, umm… I… hi," she mumbles softly.

Gabriel smiles a little as he watches the reactions of everyone involved as Alicia and Lissie come in. But he makes sure to hide his smile and just keeps on working, letting things play out without his interference.

Alicia rose to her feet and 'ahemed' as she straightened herself up, trying to go back to her usual "stoic" self. "I heard you got hurt. We brought flowers," The bookish girl said as she gently pat Lissie on the back to signal her to walk further into the wing with her, "I had to make sure you were still with us. I don't think Gryffindor would be the same without you, Madeline." Alicia hoped her dry humor would lighten the mood, even though it very rarely did. She did send a side-ways smile to Gabriel, glad to see that Madeline was in (at least in Alicia's viewpoint) capable hands.

Lissie sighs softly, then walks over to Madeline. "M'sorra y'got hurt an' hope y'get weel soon, an' thankee fer tryin' tae keep me oot o' danger," she says, her Scots burr very thick this time. She walks over to the bed and lays down precisely half the flowers on the cover. She has to separate them, as if this wasn't the original intent. Then she scurries over to put the other half on Landon's bed, before backing away to look at the floor again.

"Oh, well, umm, the spear is out now, and Gabriel gave me a potion, so it doesn't hurt anymore - though I guess it might still be bleeding - but Madame Spleen'll take care of that, soon," Madeline blathers uneasily, her gaze repeatedly flicking to Lissie, and quickly away again. "And, umm, thank you for the flowers. Both of you." Abruptly she adds, "I'm sorry, you know. I mean- I know there's got to be loads of stuff you're good at, and you're not a little baby or anything like that, but you don't know anything about magic, and centaurs are just too big for any of us to fight without it! I- I mean, I know some magic, but… but I don't know how to stop of deflect things, not as big as a spear, and then that centaur got mad at me and started to throw a spear and… and the only thing I knew how to do was shrink it!" she explains, tears springing to her eyes as she can't help but remember how frightening that moment had been. "…and it couldda been a lot worse if I didn't know how to even do that," she adds quietly.

Landon nods to the talk of practice "Well you've done something right obviously." He chuckles though its a bad idea for his shoulder and it cuts off quickly despite the pain potion he doesn't wish to test the theory. "Thank you." he says for the flowers as they are set down. He looks about the place before back he's not trying to listen in but sort of cannot help it since he's stuck in the bed and all.

Alicia couldn't help but smile as she saw Lissie making good with Madeline. Alicia did the same as Lissie, moving first to give some flowers to Madeline and then some to Landon. "Centaurs are quite intimidating. That's why I stayed back and helped with the first-aid," Alicia said with a little sigh as she rubbed her forehead lightly, "I'm just glad you're alright, Madeline. And here I thought ghosts were the worst of our problems, aye?" Alicia then says, "At least it made everyone forget I right proper botched the broomflying obstacle course."

Madam Spleen wakes Cillian up, asks him a couple of quiet questions, casts some spells and feeds him a couple of potions then she's moving over to Landon's bed. Once she unwraps the bandages Gabriel has put in place to stop the bleeding she casts a spell that knits the hole in the boys shoulder back up, note even leaving the scar Gabriel said might be a possibility behind, "There you go Mr. Longbottom. Good as new. But please do practice your ducking skills." The last is said with a good humored wink then she's off to treat a different patient.

"A net in their path, hidden and then raised up…" Lissie sighs. "Wouldna hae done naught tae theer bows, but woulda tangled up theer legs." She rubs the ground with her foot. "I dunnae know much o' nothin'," she says. "'Cept Muggle things as no one cares 'boot much. But doesnae meen I'm bloody useless, all th'same." She bites her lip. "An' sometimes you gotta try, even so." Then she shakes herself, backing away. "Why did the centaur thank me for pulling down the ribbon? Was just a little thing they cound have cut."

That last comment does catch Gabriel's attention. Looking up from pouring more painkiller potion into small bottles he chuckles and says, "In the end sometimes its the smallest details that make the biggest differences, Lissie. You're Muggle born. I'm sure you know the story of the lion and the mouse, right?"

"You didn't have a net!" Madeline protests, reaching up to brush roughly at her eyes. "'n they thanked you 'cuz you were being kind. It was kind to want to help. And brave. But… but if there isn't much you can do, well, it isn't very smart." She lets out a sigh. "I'm Muggleborn too, you know. I care 'bout Muggle things. They're not useless. Muggles are clever - maybe even more'n wizards. But if you don't have the stuff, or the time to prepare… Magic is fast, and it's always with you, once you know it."

Alicia hmmed. "Yeah, what Madeline said probably," Alicia said, but had to shrug her shoulders. She didn't get /normal/ animals, let alone ones that could gallop at miles an hour and shoot arrows at you! Alicia kept quiet at the muggleborn talk, but pulled up a chair and sat down. "I need to do more studying," Alicia announced, "If I was alone against a centaur I wouldn't be able to make it out, no I wouldn't."

"Nae. I'm sayin, ift happens again, cannae someone conjure up a net fer that? It's something tae think of." Lissie shakes her head. "An' none o' this was smart. Why? Because war isna smart. It's stupid. It's always always always stupid, but sometimes people gotta be in the stupid because they can't just stand and watch, no matter how little they ken help. Because sometimes a hurt tae th'arm or leg or the lot… isna th' worst y'ken hurt. An' I get tha' noow. I dinnae when my brothers left for th' war, but I see now. Sometimes watchin' people bein' hurt…. an' doin' naught…." She goes to stand by a window and looks out. "Aye. Know th' story o' the mouse an' th' lion. But I dinnae do even that."

Gabriel nods soberly at the young girl's words, "Of course you did. Yes, the could have cut the ribbons. And that would have been an invasion and they would have immediately placed themselves as enemies of Hogwarts. But by asking, and getting permission from a resident of Hogwarts, you, the herd then became our friends and gained sanctuary. So you started all that with one tiny gesture."

"I wouldn't be able to make it against a centaur," Madeline answers Alicia softly. "If I was alone. They're real strong. If the Professors hadn't come… i-if Professor Pettigrew hadn't jumped on that one…" She lets out an uneasy breath. "I hope they don't come back." She shifts uneasily, then looks at Lissie as she brings up an entirely different pain. "I got family out there too. I bet we all do," she murmurs, looking at Gabriel for confirmation. "A cousin in the RAF. Others in the infantry. Uncles fighting. One of them's, umm, got a medical discharge already." On account of what happened to his foot.

Alicia sighed solemnly. "Well, there's not much that we can do about that," Alicia said as she awkwardly scratched the back of her neck, "What's done is done as they say? All's well that ends well, tomorrow is another day." Alicia then looked at Lissie, "Gabriel is right you know. One-hundred percent right." Alicia then looked back at Madeline and smiled, "Beside, this will be a fine chapter in the book of "The Tales of Madeline, Jr. Auror.""

Gabriel is usually willing to talk about anything and everything but the talk of war makes him cringe and clam up. All he says is, "We're all going to loose something because of this. We have to be strong and help where we can." The look in his eyes before he turns them back down to his potion bottles is the look of someone that has already seen too much.

"Thank you. Yes ma'am." Landon moves his shoulder now that it's fixed he can sit up and swing his legs off the bed. The day had been much more eventful than he'd previously thought given he'd decided to join the outside activities and then all that happened after. He looks towards the other group catching up with what they are speaking of.

"I hae seven brothers, an' theer all out there." Lissie's accent is softening, so perhaps she is less upset now. "My da' keeps tryin' tae join up, but he's fifty…. erm…. fifty-somethin'. Right now they say he's too old." She looks at Gabriel and…. something clicks, and her expression softens. She walks over and reaches into her pocket and holds out a carefully-rationed quarter of a chocolate bar. "So it wasna' like th' fairy stoories where they couldna gae into the field until they was invited? They coulda, but would have been…. erm. It was sym… symbol… symbolicness?"

Alicia chewed her lip at all the talk. It was hard for Alicia: The war has come close to her house, but she has yet to really lose anyone. "Symbolism?" Alicia suggested to Lissie. One thing Alicia knew was words and books. Alicia then looked at Landon and smiled politely, "It's good that you're up and moving again, already."

The offer of chocolate pulls a smile from Gabriel. He accepts it graciously, popping it into his mouth whole. Around the mouthful of chocolate he says, "Exactly! And let that be your first lesson here. Symbols are very important."

"My da' fought in the Great War," Madeline murmurs quietly. "Can't fight in this one. His lungs don't work well." She sighs and picks at the blankets on her bed. "I don't have any brothers," she adds. "Except Asher and Saul - and they're not my brothers properly, and they're much too little. But I'd feel just horrible if- I'm sorry. It's gotta be a lot worse than cousins and uncles."

"Thank you, its good to be able to move my shoulder again." Landon says he smiles in return though he does look both to Cillian and Madeline to make sure both are doing alright. The fifth year will wobble a little already clumsy he did lose a bit of blood. "Hm perhaps I should sit down a bit longer." He does this indeed and will remain silent for the moment.

Alicia nodded at Landon. "You should. I wonder if there's orange juice and crackers around? Hm…" Alicia said as she slowly rose to her feet. She liked the company, but the subject was getting too dreary with her. "All I know is, I'm thankful the worst injury I got today was a bump to the head — and that was my own doing," Alicia said with a soft laugh before saying, "I'll be seeing you in the halls soon, I hope."

"I… should probably be getting back to my studying," murmurs Lissie, finally looking up. Not only are her eyes red and swollen, but her cheeks are still tear-stained. I hope… hope you all get well soon."

"I'll be alright," Madeline promises. "And- and I am sorry- I didn't mean-!" she fumbles lamely, then just lets out a sigh. "I'll be alright," she repeats her promise. "See you both later!"

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