(1940-09-06) Silas Meets the Hippogriffs
Details for Silas Meets the Hippogriffs
Summary: Morgana invites Silas to the Fawley Farm to meet the hippogriffs and try to bring him and Lucian closer together.
Date: 6 September, 2015
Location: Fawley Farm

It is a Sunday afternoon, and just as Morgana promised she invited Silas to come and meet the hyppogriffs. She did however warn to leave Adelade at home, because they pack might think her to be prey. She does promise to make it up to the ferret later! For now she's waiting at the end of the gravel road to lead Silas in, since it is a very large property. She's dressed in dark pants, a loose fitting shirt that appears to be saved for days at the farm and a black cloak, even despite the warm weather. She's a little excited, and also nervous, since she's bringing not only Silas to meet her favorite animals, but Lucian as well.

Silas had chuckled at the instructions — his experience with the larger creatures may be very limited, but they are predators, and proud creatures. He knows it's bad enough they he'll smell of prey — it can't be avoided with the animals he, himself takes care of. Still, an opportunity is an opportunity.

He walks up the path in subdued robes and leathers, greys and browns, without the typical frippery he's known for. Shoes and gloves match, of course, and there's a smell of earth to him — he was working up until the point of his departure.

Lucian can be found already at the hippogriff paddock, finishing up feeding them a lunch of…yep, ferrets. But the timing is deliberate, as full bellies lead to calmer hippogriffs. One of the small hippogriffs bounds about, hopping excitedly to catch dead ferrets as they are flung to him. Apparently the calming effect isn't quite taking hold of this one.

Morgana has to smirk at Silas' attire, since this is probably the most dressed down she has ever seen him. Spotting him she'll wave her hand toward him and call out. "Afternoon! I'm glad you were able to make it! Lucian is just finishing up with the feeding right now, so by the time we walk down there they should all be content." The paddock isn't hard to miss from the location Morgana is at and she gesutres that way with another smile. "You did leave little miss at home right?" She says in a lower voice.

"I do know a little something about creatures of this sort, Ana," Silas responds, matching her sotto voice, albeit with a touch of amusement added to it. "She's currently terrorizing a few of my owls, if I'm any judge as to her antics." There is a raised eyebrow at the mention of calming, "Alas, am I missing feeding time?"

That smile broadens, however, as the two come into view, enough time to see the younger one bounding after a ferret. Silas' eyes light up as he watches, just the slightest glint in them. No fear in this one.

Lucian sighs, displaying the empty bucket to Bounder, who shoves his beak into it as if expecting to find some hidden ferret carcass inside. "I told you, there are no more. If I had more, you'd grow fat and wouldn't be able to fly." The excitable hippogriff bounces back, stamping his rear legs petulantly. But a sharp squawk from the largest of the 'griffs — an enormous, steel-grey beast — cows Bounder and the young one dips its head obediently. Lucian smiles and offers a bow to Bounder. "I'll bring more tomorrow. I promise." When a snow white female rises suddenly from a cuddle pile deeper in the paddock, Lucian perks up and turns to see Morgana and Silas approaching. The white 'griff is at the fence well before Lucian can reach them, craning her neck toward Morgana expectantly.

"Well it never hurts to double check!" Morgana smirks and shakes her head. "No, she's far to innocent to do something like that." She replies before they get close to the fence. Seeing Silas' reaction does cause her to smile, but soon her eyes are on the snowey white hyppogriff. She bows, as she always does, since despite how great friends they are, it never hurts to be respectful. Of course, once that formatily is over, she'll walk over to hug Tulips neck and give her some well needed scritches. "Tulip, this is a good friend of mine, Silas. He's come to visit today." She figures that Silas at least knows what to do from here. To Lucian however she laughs, seeing how Bounder is just as exciteable as always. "He hasn't taken your arm off yet, has he?"

Silas' full attention is on the hippogriff who approached the fence, and when Morgana bows and approaches, he stops, his eyes directly on the snowy-white beast. Indeed, he must know something of the protocol, as he does not approach with Morgana, instead standing where he is, not breaking eye contact, and waiting until he is introduced. Once Morgana introduces him, he looks to Morgana, "She's beautiful," and then, eye contact back with the beast, he bows, not even blinking, "May I approach?" The question is clearly not aimed at Morgana.

Lucian smirks at Morgana. "Not for lack of trying. He nearly ripped the bucket right out of my hand earlier. If Dragon weren't here to keep him in line, I'd probably be in pieces by now." He gives Silas a quick nod, but simply waits as the other young man ritually greets Tulip.

The snow white hippogriff regards Silas for a moment, lifting her head proudly on a long, slender neck. She takes a step back, putting a little space between herself and the fence between them, but then cants her head to the side in a curious gesture.

"He wouldn't tear you to pieces, that would mean he wouldn't get anymore food at all. Well unless he went and caught it himself." Which she figures isn't Bounders sort of thing to do. However Silas is making his own introduction to Tulip and she of course steps back to give them both room. "I told him about you Tulip, and he told me that he was jealous that I had such a fantastic friend, and wanted to meet you." She says in her best, please don't eat him voice.

First impressions with hippogriffs are everything, Silas is quite aware, and so, as Tulip tilts her head, Silas stays there, waiting, letting her take the first move. As she had stepped back, that was her first move, and he stays put. Eyes remain on hers, and his body is still. No more words, no more statements, his body rigid in the bow, until she either dismisses him, or allows him to approach. As such, the banter between Morgana and Lucian goes un-remarked.

Tulip's eyes shift from Silas to Morgana, then back to Silas. She lets out a delicate peal of sound, so much softer than one might expect from a hippogriff. Finally, she bows her head.

Lucian chuckles, hands on his hips. "I think Tulip is a little jealous, too. Alright, climb over. Should be safe now." He glances back to the large steel-grey hippogriff, just to be sure. But Dragon simply watches from afar for the moment.

"Jealous? It's not like I can sit on Sy's shoulders and fly!" Morgana says in a light tone, but once Tulip bows she lets out a breath she didn't know she was holding. "Thank you." She says to Tulip and with practiced ease she climbs over the fence to the paddock, geturing to Silas to join her. "The hard part is done, well, one part of the hard part." Morgana as well is weary of Dragon and what he's doing, but seeing that he is content to stay where he is, she'll not pressure him to make any sort of decisions.

He may have permission, but Silas is still respectful. The bow is completed, and then he slowly approaches, coming to the fence for a moment, following the gazes of others toward dragon. A respectful bow of the head is given in the direction of an obvious authority. Slowly, he too climbs the fence.

"Aye, but if she has to compete for your attentions, how could she not be a touch jealous?" Silas offers back to Morgana, before turning his attention back to Tulip, "I assure you, beautiful lass, you've naught to concern yourself over with me. Indeed, she talks about you quite a bit, thus my own jealousy." A smile, and then he holds a hand up, palm up and open, in offering for scent, should the young female wish it, although it's held at a distance enough that it's not forceful.

Lucian steps over to greet Morgana with a quick hug and a kiss to her temple. "Tulip is a gentle soul. She isn't likely to hurt you, even if she felt slighted. But Dragon might take issue. He's her sire, and the head of this herd. He's very protective." Silas doesn't seem to need much instruction, but a warning about Dragon bears speaking aloud.

Tulip warbles softly, craning her neck toward Silas's hand, then pressing her beak into his palm in a show of acceptance.

Lucian perks up at a holler from some of the other farmhands across the farm a ways. "Bollocks. Sounds like that nogtail's back. I've got to go. Morgana, introduce him to Dragon. Make sure the big guy's alright him. Sorry about this." He gives Tulip a respectful nod, then turns and leaps the fence, chasing off after the other hands.

"Compete for my attentions? She knows that the whole reason I'm with Lucian is because it gives me easy access to see her." Morgana jests, having waited to say that until Lucian arrives. She'll lean into the hug, but she is keeping her eyes on the exchange between Silas and Tulip. When the connection is made she smiles, but turns to Lucian as he is called away. "Again? Didn' you just take care of that last week?" However he is off and she's left to do the introductions with Dragon. "Perhaps we shoudl have saved some of the ferrets." She says lightly. "I can take you over when you're ready, but I think Madam here might want some attention first."

Morgana's statement is enough to elicit a chuckle from Silas, who, when the hippogriff finally nuzzles his hand, moves to offer choice scratching near the side of the beak, "How could you not, considering? It's a fair enough trade." His eyes still focus on the beast, a look Morgana likely hasn't seen other than watching him sketch, the intensity of it. "Wonderful people, hippogriffs. Intelligent. Brave. Bold. All the best attributes we wizards and witches can only hope to come close to…"

Silas' thoughts are stopped by Lucian's sudden departure, "I thought the Ministry's albinos were here just a few weeks ago to chase off the infestation. I'll have to let the Orpingtons know they're back. If there's one, there's more… and we don't need a blight right now." He then looks back to Morgana, never for a moment leaving off his attention to Tulip, "I'm sure we'll be well. He's clearly a protective sire, and will see the respect I give his daughter."

"That's the last thing we need here." Morgana says in response to the situation, however her attention is back toward Silas and the Griff. She'll come over on the other side and lightly stroke her fingers down the back of Tulip's head. "She has a face that you can't say no to, so does Bounder when he's trying to be charming. I'm hoping that next spring she'll find herself a mate, but that's all up to her, isn't it?" No pressure, Morganna just wants to be an honorary god-parent, to a creature. "There are times that I am sad I missed out on the Creature classes, but I feel like my out of school education is far more hands on."

"He is very protective, however he did allow Lucian and myself to camp out when the most recent egg hatched. That's Drake over there, I helped name him." He is the smallest 'griff out there, however he seems far more calm compared to Bounder who appears to be a few years old. "Isn't that the way to any fathers heart? So I hope this serves as a worthy birthday present."

Tulip is soaking in all of the attention, and it seems that Silas' flattery is not falling on deaf ears. She tilts her head toward his hand, allowing him further access to the side of her head. She does streach out her mighty wings, showing their full extent as she is being pet on both sides of her head.

It likely doesn't that Silas is actually being honest. Slowly, he shifts slightly, moving to the other side of Tulip, hands sliding along her neck, ruffling gently under the feathers. He's careful, though, to not actually disrupt or harm any feathers. As she extends her wings, he smiles, "Would you look at that wingspan?" he asks Morgana, "I can see why you're enamored of her. Tulip her is a fine example of her species.." Then, he looks to Tulip, "Aren't you?"

"Isn't it beautiful? She has great strong wings, perhaps later I will show you how well they fly, saldy I think you'll have to stay on the ground." Since there are regulations ruling the farm. "I believe her breeding has a lot to do with that." Yes she's already stroking Dragon's ego from afar. "She gifted me with one of her feathers once, it is still my favorite quill to use." She'll let Silas continue on examining Tulip before nodding toward Dragon. "We should get over there before we overstay our welcome."

Tulip is obviously showing off for Silas, and she doesn't seem to mind her feathers being touched especially since he is being so gentle with her. As if to reply to his question, she trills at him, but she leans over to Morgana to give her a quick nuzzle.

"I would be pleased to see it; she must be an absolute beauty in the air." Silas places his hand then on the hippogriff's shoulder, and looking over at her sire, "Yes… I do think you have a point. Proper obeisance and such should be observed. Anything I should know about him directly?"

"I will be sure and fly for you then. I should have thought to have you bring your sketch book, I think she would make an excellent subject. My grandmother brought her camera and took pictures of her, I have them on my desk at work, so she's always with me." She says as she pets Tulip again. When she is asked about Dragon, she nods her head. "What Luican said is the best advice. He is very protective, we're going to be very careful and let him call all of the shots. Keep your eyes on him and for the moment ignore the rest, they're going to judge you off of his reaction. If he doesn't seem to agree, than we'll slowly back away and leave the paddock." She gestures to where they came in. "Now we'll let Tulip lead the way, and once Dragon raises his head, we'll pause.

At this, Silas once again nods, looking over again to Dragon, nodding to him deferentially. He then looks back to Morgana, "Memory will suffice, I think, for now. Doesn't mean there won't be another chance." He then looks down to Tulip, "Dear heart, will you introduce us to your sire?"

"You are after not that far from the farm after all. I am the one who has to do the commuting." Once Silas asks Tulip for the escort, Morgana takes the opposite flank and starts walking slowly. Ther rest of the 'griff asre gathered not far from Dragon. They vary in age, size and color, but it seems that only Tulip is pure white.

Once they get close, Dragon gets to his feet and stands between them and the rest of the pack, even Bounder seems contained, yet curious to the new person in their paddock. It is here that Tulip stops and warbles once again, and Morgana lets her hand fall from the creature's side, and curtseys in front of Dragon. "I have brought a friend Dragon, he wishes to visit." She keeps her curtsey low, but her eyes on Dragon, and trusts Silas to follow suit.

Unlike Morgana, Silas does not presume to leave his hand on Tulip as they walk toward the patriarch. Instead, he puts his hands to his side, palms up, and keeps his gaze at the older male. He can't help his smile, however, which broadens as they get closer. Again, there is something about this species that draws him. "Strength and majesty," he mutters as they close in, "ferocity and deadliness, while graceful and beautiful. Astounding."

Silas takes his cue from Morgana as she pauses. He does not speak, and once again offers silence reverence as she addresses the male. He, too, bows after her request, but this time adds another gesture: his hands, palms out and in a bowl-shape before him, supplication almost.

"They are." Morgana responds to his quiet words and some part of her is happy to share this with him. However she keeps the rest of her thoughts to herself, because they are at the hard part of the day. The Sire of the group is very large, and it is easy to see that his wingspan puts Tulips to shame. At his full height he regards both Morgana and Sy carefully, and after a moment it almost seems like he isn't going to grant them permission. At this point the younger white 'griff takes a few steps back, letting the two humans do thier ritual.

Finally after several minutes, Dragon lets out a noise and slowly bows his head. Thoug he doesn't approach them, it seems that they have both been given the blessing to remain in the paddock. Morgana didn't end her bow first, she waits for Dragon to straigthen back up.

Silas' response is much the same, his head still bowed, and his tongue completely silent, while he waits for the male to straighten out. His eyes, however, glint happily. Finally, when he does straighten, Silas slowly does so as well, "Thank you, sire."

He then looks to Morgana, "I will follow your lead from here."

"Thank you Dragon." Morgana says polietly, however she does keep her distance. "I've always found it's best to let him come to me, but I'm usually not in here on my own. Lucian and Dragon have a bond they're very close." When he mentions following her lead, she'll gestures to a nice grassy area. "Why don't we just… DUCK!"

Since Dragon has vetted the new person, Bounder bounds his way over to the two new people, and while he does stop short of tackling them, he is excitedly investigating Silas, for treats.

"Do lead on," Silas says, nodding once again at Dragon, before the two begin to walk away. He turns with her, a hand reaching out again to stroke Tulip behind an ear. "I can imagine — that would have to be a strong bond. He is… amazing." The tone is kind.

However, at Morgana's warning, he does just than, narrowly avoiding what is doubtlessly what got the younger hippogriff its name. Silas laughs, careful not to offend, as the younger hippogriff investigates, and very likely will the hidden pocket that has been magicked not to let the scent of the dead rats hidden within.

"He is, and he leads the pack well. They all used to belong to Lucian's father, but they were not… well for a lack of a better word, well taken care of. Lucian helped bring them here, where they are far better off, and I believe their bond formed there. There is always the worry that he'll find some sort of loop hole and take them back. I'm working on that." Morgana says in a tone that suggests that she isn't saying that lightly."

While Bounder is earching for any hope of a hidden treat, Tulip settles in on the grass and Morgana sits next to her, leaning up against her side while she watches with some amusement. "Bounder. Silas is not food, nor is he your personal chef." Morgana after all doesn't know about the secret dead rats.

The younger 'griff's eagerness continues to amuse Silas, and he does his best to remain respectful, whilst trying to ward off the questing. Eventually, he does manage to take a seat near Morgana, although this also means he'll be even more at the younger creature's mercy. Addressing Bounder directly he says, "Young sir… if you can reign in some of that energy," he can't help the catch of barely-contained laughter that punctuates his words here, "there will be a treat in it for you. Come… sit with us, will you?" Silas continues to speak to them as he would any human.

Morgana smirks at Silas and Bounder, shaking her head just a bit. "While food is a big motavator for him, I am not sure even that will get him to calm down." She says as she leans against Tulip, who makes adjustments to be a proper back support for her favored human. Tulip keeps her eye on bounder, knowing how is energy is likely to bother her relaxation. Bounder, having heard that food might be on the table, gets a little excited. He tries to sit, but his hind legs are not allowing him to do so, so he instead decides to show off how high he can jump, and how fast he can run. It's a miracle this 'griff ever sleeps. "ORginally, Lucian wanted me to train on him when I training for my riding license."

"You can't deny them their true natures, Ana… but they're just as intelligent as you or I. I'm sure he'd be a fine one to train on with the right patience and understanding." Okay, sure, Silas may be right to a point, but he also evidences quite a bit of self-assuredness that comes from more book learning than practical experience. Considering, he reaches into the hidden pocket, pulling two full-size rats from it, placing one close enough to Tulip to take or ignore at her leisure, to make the point that she had earned it… although the second one likely will not last long enough to /be/ offered at this rate…

"Sometimes I think they know more than we do, but that could be their enhansed senses. There are times that envy their hearing and sense of smell. But no, I wouldn't change his nature for anything, I hope he always has this exhubrance." Morgana tilts her head at her friend as he pulls rats out of his cloak, and raises a brow. Tulip however does look at the rat with a smiliar tilt of her head. She leans down to sniff it, just to make sure it is what she thinks it is, and makes a trilling noise once she accepts the snack. She takes the rat to go and eat it as daintly as she can with her beak. Bounder however bounds back in front of Silas once he notices the rat and stops still in front of him, sitting as he was asked, though his eyes are keen on the treat while he waits.

Silan nods approvingly at Bounder, the smile he offers genuine, "But see, they listen, they understand. Excellent form, young sir, my thanks" he addresses the last bit directly to Bounder, before flipping the rat up in the air (and to the side, away from the two, to prevent a namesake action from landing the creature on top of him). "You don't have to change who and what they are… just ask. And, like us, if we're lucky, they listen."

Lucian's part in the nogtail chase ended with him face-first in the dirt, much of which he is still wearing when he comes through the gate to the hippogriff paddock. He's got a scrape on his forehead, but otherwise seems unhurt. "I love all beasts. I love all beasts," he chants to himself as he approaches. "Even bloody, pain-in-my-arse nogtails…" Seeing Lucian's state, Dragon trots over to greet Lucian. The two exchange bows, then Dragon nuzzles Lucian's shoulder, roughly knocking him about. Lucian is giving the mighty hippogriff's neck a rough rubdown as they reach Silas and Morgana. "Everyone getting along?"

"So far so good. Silas didn't mention to me that he brought bribery, I would have opened up with that." Morgana gestures to Bounder who has snatched that rat out of the air and trotted off like he caught caught a large beast and is going to have his feast. "They're good about listening, just as long as whatever you say is respectful. I've only had one mistep, and that's when Bounder got confetti on him, upon my urging. I had to do a bit a groveling for that."

As Lucian approaches, Silas nods, offering a respectful, longer bow of the head to Dragon as the two approach. He watches Bounder take off with his treat, and chuckles once more at the thought, "Well I'm glad, then, that he chose to forgive you. I… just figure that it's best to treat them as you would any other person whose opinion and favor you desire. Truthfulness and respect, and all that." He smiles, patting his sides, doing a bit of inventory. "I didn't bring much, and figured it would be less appropriate to do in front of so many, as I do not have enough to share with the entire family, as it were."

Silas looks then to Lucian, "How could we not, with such wonderful company?" Then a slight tilt of the head, "So was it the nogtails again? I thought I'd been told they'd been driven off by the the Ministry's albinos a few weeks ago…"

Lucian grumbles and shakes his head. "We've had one particularly stubborn and intelligent one. Sneaky little git, too. It keeps slipping back in. We think it's figured out to slip away before the dogs come in." Seeing that Lucian isn't truly hurt, Dragon gives a snort and trots back over to his mate and foal, Princess and Drake. Lucian lets out a sigh, watching Dragon with his offspring. "Merlin, Drake is hardly a foal anymore. He's already larger than Bounder. He'll have his own herd one day, for sure."

"Bounder got a little over zealous, but yes all was forgiven. Respect has always been what I've used, but every once in a while Tulip will let me vent my emotions on her, and she doesn't hold it against me." At least she hope it doesn't. When Lucian brings up Drake she nods her head. "Yes, I am sure he will. I'm still waiting for Tulip to find a mate, I would have to play second fiddle to someone, but I think she'd enjoy it." Like she mentioned to Silas earlier, she just wants a tiny Tulip baby. "He did grow a lot this year, I was surprised."

"No need to rush her, though," Silas offers, looking over at Tulip before offering a hand to lightly stroke along the beak if she allows it. "A lady needs a proper pairing, one she'll approve of just as much as those around her. She'll find a good one, if allowed to."

Silas then looks back to Lucian, "Frankly, if it weren't for the threat of blight they bring, I would love to study one. I'm certain there's much to be learned from them, and their habits. Such with all the greater, magical beasts… Still, I really think I'll have to let the Orpington's know to keep an eye out. Where there's one…?"

Finally, he looks over to where Bounder went off with his treat, holding a hand out now to the young beast, beckoning it over with a smile.

Lucian grins, tucking his hands into his pockets. "You should have seen Tulip teasing Skywise earlier." He gestures to the speckled silver and bluish-white hippogriff presently trotting around the paddock proudly, fluttering his impressive wings. "I think something might be starting there." He nods in concerned confirmation to Silas about the nogtail problems. After all, if they've been driven from one farm, they'll likely find another to latch onto.

"I wouldn't dream of it, but I can't say that I am not excited for the prospect. I just hope she knows that I will be sure to help her pick someone who is worthy." Though hearing that Tulip was teasing another 'griff, Morgana does sit up and inspect him. "Hrmm. Perhaps. I'll have to have a talk with him if she chooses him." ANd if Dragon allows it, because she's sure it'll have to go through him first. "I hope their farm is fine then, I would hate for both of you to have to deal with htem non stop." Sadly she doesn't have the creatures knowledge that they both have, about these annoying creatures.

Bounder takes a moment to eat his prize and he's not as dainty as Tulip is with his eating. Once he's finished he'll trot back over to Silas puasing for a second to see if there are more treats to be had, because those are more important than anything else of course. However there is the offer of pets to be had and he'll come over, lightly sniffing at Silas before he allows for some scritches, with the threat of full on floppage to fully enjoy them.

Tulip allows the attention nodding her head toward Silas before she lays it down in front of her. She's tryig to ignore any talk about Skywise, as to not to give away her actual feelings for the other 'griff.

"Should be safe While annoying, they're much easier to deal with if you know they're around, than if they are able to sneak in and mix with the livestock." Silas offers over at Morgana, chuckling at her mother-hen statements.

"Thank you, by the way, Lucian, for the opportunity to come out and meet them here. What little exposure we had at Hogwarts was hardly enough… and, well, children and offense and all." As Bounder approaches, he offers the same gentle sorts of affection he'd offered Tulip, and much like meeting a cat for the first time, lets Bounder himself set the boundaries for what sort of attention is desired. Of course, at some point, once floppage does occur, an additional rat might seem to appear out of nowhere for the rascal.

A pleasant way to wind down an afternoon, to be certain.

Lucian arches an eyebrow at Silas, and for a moment he stares, doing a poor job of disguising how he is assessing him. "Yeah…of course," he says, with just a hint of reluctance. "You obviously know how to handle yourself around them. I wouldn't trust most people this close without a lot more training. Maybe…uh…maybe we should get you properly certified. To go flying, I mean. If you want to."

Bounder rolls around for Silas, seeming to guide his hand to different areas that need stratching, he's almost dog like his his behavior but he seems to enjoy it. When Lucian suggests that Silas get certified she nods her head. "You should. It's nothing like flying a broom, and they're very intuitive and careful of their riders. No pressure of course. I'm sure one of these fine 'Griffs would love to learn with you." At the word fly, Tulip raises her head and looks at Morgana expantantly.

"I wouldn't presume to impose, of course," Silas offers quietly, giving much of his attention to Bounder at the moment, "but I would certainly not be against the opportunity, either. My thanks again." A smile, then, escapes him once more, as he redoubles in his ministrations to the eager young hippogriff.

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